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									  Higher Grade
Physical Education
 Preparation of the Body

  Assessing Performance
Describing Your Programme
   Create a 6 week training programme

   Copy out slide on benefits of
    monitoring your training
       Assessing Performance
   Question
    • Describe or discuss a method of fitness
      assessment you undertook before
      implementing a training programme

   Add ons
    • Within the activity (TROS)
    • Out with the activity (standardised Testing)
    • Including your development needs (strengths
      and weaknesses)
    • Discuss how you assessed 2 types of fitness
   Define the activity and the role
   Relevant types of fitness for role
   Method of fitness assessment was
    Movement analysis- Time related
    observation schedules within the
    activity and Standardised testing out
    with the activity.
    Movement Analysis- Time related
        observation Schedule
   Describe the type of analysis this is.
   Describe How you completed it
   Describe the benefits of this type of analysis
   What did it show you?

   Movement Analysis

   General Analysis

   Video recorded my performance in an 11v11 game of football against a team of
    similar ability….
   I used this video to complete a movement analysis, time related observation
    schedule (TROS)…..
   This analysed how often I walked, jogged, mid paced run and sprinted throughout
    the game.
   The observations were broken down into 5 minute sections this allowed me to
   The observation schedule looked like…
   From the TROS I can see that…
           Speed Endurance
   Standardised Testing
   Describe how you completed the
    following tests..
    • 10,25,50m sprint tests    (speed)
    • KHS Derived Speed Endurance Test
    • Illinois Agility Test     (Agility)
    • See each of the observation schedules
      for help
    Cardio Respiratory Endurance

   12 Minute Cooper Run
   Multi Stage Fitness Test
   Illinois Agility Test

   See each of the observation
    schedules for help
          CRE                              SE
   Standardised Testing          Standardised Testing
     • 12 Minute Cooper             • 10,25,50m sprint
       Run                            tests (speed)
     • Multi Stage Fitness          • KHS Derived Speed
       Test                           Endurance Test
     • Illinois Agility Test        • Illinois Agility Test
    • See each of the               • See each of the
      observation                     observation
      schedules for help              schedules for help

   Benefits of                   Benefits of
    standardised testing           standardised testing
   Describe the benefits of standardised
    • See pages 34-37 text book
   Validity and reliability of data…
   Reliable assessments allows for
    accurate setting of programme of
    work at a realistic and achievable
    level and accurate comparisons when
    retesting at the end.
   It also allows for accurate target
    setting of progress and outcomes
Benefits of testing within the activity
   Time related observation schedule
   This is specific to the activity and my
    role within the activity

   Weakness
    • Game knowledge and skill level may
      influence what your movements are
      more than your fitness level
                  Add ons
   Remember you may need to refocus your
    answer at this point and discuss/ describe
    how you considered an extra part to this
   Add ons
    • Within the activity (TROS)
    • Out with the activity (standardised
    • Including your development needs
      (strengths and weaknesses)
    • Discuss how you assessed 2 types of
      fitness (why)
            Question B and C-

   Contents of a training session

   Add ons
    • Specific to a phase of training
    • Specific to a type of fitness
    • Specific reference to the principles you
   I’m in the Preparation/ pre season phase
    of my training year, this is where i…
   The most important aspect of fitness I
    have identified for the position of centre/
    right midfield is Speed endurance/ Cardio
    respiratory endurance
   I used Interval training to work on this
   Before I started my training
    programme I set targets for my
    improvement so that I would remain
    motivated and focused throughout
    my programme
   This also encouraged me to monitor
    my performance to see if my training
    was being effective, i.e. set at the
    correct level to reach my targets
   When designing my training
    programme I had to consider the
    principles of training to ensure my
    programme was effective.
   The first aspect I considered was
    specificity, I selected interval training
    to work on my CRE / SE as this
    allowed me to set a TP with Specific /
    accurate work to rest ratios to
    improve the fitness required for my
    activity and position (see page 51)
   I split my 6 week training
    programme into 3 x 2 week sections
    • Wk 1 and 2
    • Wk 3 and 4
    • Wk 5 and 6

   This allowed me to monitor my
    programme and add overload
    between each section
   During week 1 and 2
   I completed ….. (add in your

   CRE
   I monitored I was in my training
    zone by…
   The benefit of this type of training is
    that overload/ work to rest ratios are
    easily amended to ensure I was
    working at the correct level
   Progressive overload was implemented by
    increasing the intensity, frequency and
    duration of my programme.

   I increased the frequency of my
    programme by….. (working for 4 days a
    week during weeks 3 and 4 after only
    completing 3 sessions a week during
    weeks 1 and 2)
   I ensured I had alternate wok/ rest days
    to ensure I overcame fatigue and worked
    hard during my training sessions.
   During weeks 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 I
    developed the overload in my
    programme by increasing the
    intensity and duration, I did this by…
    give examples

   During the last 2 weeks my
    programme was difficult but was
    very game like. This is appropriate
    as I was close to the start of my
    competition phase.
   Any other ways you changed your

   Add ons??
   Read the answers you have been
    given from the 2006 paper for
    question 4. (Due 18th September)

    • Award these the mark you feel they are
    • Detail the strengths of the answer
    • Bullet point the missing content for each
    Study areas for September exam
   Aspects of fitness for successful

   Describing how you gathered data

   Describing how you created a
    training programme

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