CCI Dissertations by pengtt


									 Titles of dissertations previously submitted for MA Cultural and Creative
                  Industries degree, King’s College London
   Year                                                Title
2004-2005 A critical analysis of the factors that contribute of the success of a film marketing
          campaign from production to presentation, focussing on the importance of pre-
          release film awareness
2004-2005 A critical analysis of the role of flagship cultural developments can play in the
          process of urban renewal
2002-2003 A study of contemporary constructions of history: Elizabeth the film and Elizabeth the
2005-2006 An analysis of the development stage of filmmaking in the UK
2005-2006 Archiving stills: the protection of photographic possessions under the existing legal
          framework and the role national libraries as prevationists of national heritage
2005-2006 Artistic and cultural education in schools in Greece
2005-2006 Artistic production and business sponsorship in Trinidad and Tobago
2002-2003 Artistic value revisited: artists and creative works in the mass media era
2002-2003 By addressing both the idiosyncratic and the collective, does sciart give a new role to
          the viewer
2004-2005 Can It Be All So Simple?: The Wu-Tang Clan and the Struggle of Flaying the W Flag
          in Mainstream Popular Culture
2002-2003 Can organisational co-operation drive the internationalisation of a brand
2005-2006 China's fashion in transition period: 1966-1992
2004-2005 Chinese Book Publishing Sector from 1994 to the Present: Marketisation in a Quasi
          Market Environment
2004-2005 City and Culture: The relationship between cultural policy and urban regeneration
2005-2006 Collecting in Britain and the democratisation of collecting
2004-2005 Constructing L.A.: The Contribution of Los Angeles' Natural and Manmade
          Aesthetics to its Cultural Identity
2003-2004 Corporate and marketing strategies in museums, the British model and development
          opportunities for French museums
2004-2005 Corporate Intervention within the Visual Arts Markets in the US and UK
2005-2006 Cultural diversity under threat from globalisation: how UNESCO and WTO differ in
          promoting cultural industries
2004-2005 Cultural Hybrids: American Hard-Boiled Fiction and the Literary Field
2003-2004 Cultural regeneration in central Manchester since the 1980s: the social and
          economic effects of the city's Gay Village
2002-2003 Culture Shock: commercialising dance and renegotiating its potential
2002-2003 Dali's representation of the female body
2005-2006 Do classical music and opera festivals represent the antithesis of the so-called
          Blairite/New Labour "arts-for-all" ethos. Discussions on elitism, and the continuous
          search of cultural identity in the European cultural arena
2003-2004 Does the commercialisation of theatre in London's West End threaten the creativity
          of the production company and takes away the show's credibility? Case study: Glynis
          Henderson Productions Ltd & Stomp
2005-2006 Dream a little dream of me: the role of film festivals in social inclusion
2004-2005 Education for some or learning for all? How far is a commitment to education
          integrated into the wider strategic vision of today’s public museum, and how far
          should it be?
  Titles of dissertations previously submitted for MA Cultural and Creative
                   Industries degree, King’s College London
   Year                                                Title
2004-2005 Entrepreneurship and the management of non-profit performing arts organisations
          since 1980s
2005-2006 Exploring postmodernist fashion, with special reference to the subculture of punk and
          to the fashion design, Vivienne Westwood
2005-2006 Fusion Music vs. Traditional Music in Bangladesh
2002-2003 Globalisation of advertising in China: a hybrid space
2003-2004 Gwangju: a new cultural capital for South Korea
2002-2003 How and why the British Council is using the Creative Industries as a tool for cultural
          relations an
2005-2006 How does film music contribute to filmmaking?
2003-2004 How far will Chinese art go? A critical review of the impetus of Chinese art in the
          global art auction market from 1993-2003
2003-2004 How has the idea of ancient drama informed the development of Britain's National
          Theatre and shaped its civic role
2004-2005 How traditional business courses can be used in the cultural sector: case study of
          the Clore Leadership Programme
2004-2005 Humanistic Olympics and the potential influence on Beijing's cultural sector
2003-2004 Is French state cultural policy effective at the Centre Georges Pompidou? Case
          study: the Sounds and Lights exhibition
2004-2005 It isn’t over until the fat lady sings: opera’s uncertain future in 21st century England
2004-2005 Italo Calvino’s treatment of urban space in Marcovaldo, Invisible Cities, and 'La
          Speculazione Edilizia'
2004-2005 Just ‘Like-Minded People’?: The Big Chill Festival and Its Supporters
2005-2006 Knowledge and power: cultural politics, traditional expressions of culture and the
          indigenous people in the Philippines
2003-2004 Literature on location: understanding public attitudes to readings and performance
          poetry in London
2002-2003 Means of communication: a critical evaluation of documentary photography of social
          issues: Three Gorges Dam project
2003-2004 NYLON culture: growth and evolution of the cultural relationship between New York
          and London (1990-2004) and the role of NYLON in shaping modern urban identity
2004-2005 On the possibilities of critical cinema: perspectives from Adorno's Critical Theory
2003-2004 Planning and developing a new product/service in the High-Technology marketplace:
          a case study of mobile music distribution in the United Kingdom
2005-2006 Politics, policy and practice: museum education and the social agenda - comparison
          of a decade of change and development in the UK and Ireland
2004-2005 Power Shifts, Supermarkets’ Influence and Changing UK Food Culture: the last 20
2005-2006 Privatisation of culture: a study of private sources of funding for culture including
          individual sponsorship, corporate sponsorship and art investment funds
2005-2006 Promoting old films to new audiences: the old films market through the case study of
          the BFI released film "The Innocents"
2004-2005 Public art and the image of the environment: the planning and public consumption of
          London’s South Bank
2004-2005 Public Service Television in the context of globalisation: the comparative analyses of
 Titles of dissertations previously submitted for MA Cultural and Creative
                  Industries degree, King’s College London
  Year                                                  Title
            European Union and Russian TV policies
2004-2005   Star Trek: A Creative Industry and a Cultural Phenomenon
2005-2006   Strategies of internationalism and nationalism: the development of the design
            industry in Singapore and its impacts on national identity
2004-2005   Structural Innovation Barriers in Viennese Contemporary Art Museums
2002-2003   Success versus Greatness: A re-appraisal of the career of W P Frith in the context of
            the Victorian art market
2005-2006   Supporting the creative business: to explore the effectiveness of Creative Industries
            Development Agency's (CIDA) role in supporting East London creative industries
2005-2006   Tackling the elitist perception of the opera house: access, audience development
            and social inclusion
2002-2003   Tamara de Lempicka's representation of women as reflections of modern female
2005-2006   The "Sun" in the shadow - analysis of the failure of China's "first real niche channel"
            Sun TV
2002-2003   The buzz is fantastic: the transformation of publishing industry
2005-2006   The Chinese Communist Party Press Industry: a study of the impact of the
            government reforms with particular reference to the Liaoning Province party
2004-2005   The curatorial aspect in the work of Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers and
            Jeremy Deller
2004-2005   The Development of Film Policy in the UK
2004-2005   The diffusion of word of mouth tactics through mobile and web technologies to
            market music
2004-2005   The Effectiveness of Museum Magazine in Museum Marketing and Communications:
            Case study of Tate Magazine, Royal Academy Magazine, and ICA Magazine
2004-2005   The effectiveness of product placements in films on West-end audiences
2005-2006   The evolving industrial art district: a comparative analysis of Hoxton/Shoreditch in
            London and the Dashanzi Art District (Art Factory 798) in Beijing
2004-2005   The expansion of branding within the arts sector. Case Study: Barbican-
            Repositioning and Re-branding
2003-2004   The Forbes collection of Victorian Art
2004-2005   The Hollywood Movie Business: It’s a biz, pure and simple
2004-2005   The investigation into the relationship between popular music and the advertising
            industry: The use of music in advertising and the effect this has had on both
2003-2004   The nature, characteristics & differentiation of contemporary theatre audience in
2003-2004   The reception of Caspar David Friedrich under the Third Reich: a critical analysis of
            fascist art from the point of view of its romantic heritage
2003-2004   The reception of contemporary French films in London cinema culture
2005-2006   The return of the Parthenon marbles the historical, political and cultural background
2002-2003   The rise and fall of Britpop & Cool Britannia
2004-2005   The role of marketing within a museum and gallery context
 Titles of dissertations previously submitted for MA Cultural and Creative
                  Industries degree, King’s College London
   Year                                               Title
2003-2004 'The role of the contemporary museum in destination marketing: what is the size and
          variety of the sector for the international export of UK museums expertise, and which
          organisations support this process
2003-2004 The significance of the individual, romanticism and urbanity in modernist literature
2004-2005 The State of Independent Music in Pittsburgh: Yesterday and Today
2004-2005 The Structural Change of the UK Art and Antique Dealer Market 1985-2005
2005-2006 The transformations of Chinese TV industry since 1970s
2004-2005 The Unique Marketisation of the Chinese television industry over the last ten years
2002-2003 The Woman and Water Subject Paintings in J W Water
2004-2005 Tourism, Globalisation and Cultural Change
2004-2005 UK government policy and [recent] television production trends
2005-2006 Unfolding Greek cultural policy: major institutions and projects since the 1980s
2002-2003 Wealthy Romans in the Country: the social significance of country villas around the
          Bay of Naples from the 1st century BC to the 2nd century AD
2003-2004 What cultural regeneration work has reshaped east Belfast in the past decade? How
          has this been influenced by regeneration projects across Europe
2004-2005 What factors affect sponsorship of London galleries?
2004-2005 What lay behind the Art for the People movement in Victorian London? What
          evidence of this movement remains in the work of the modern-day galleries? With
          reference to the Whitechapel Art Gallery and the South London Gallery.
2004-2005 Xinmin Evening News: From News Agency to News Group

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