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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ARAB TIMES, THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 2010
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    Keeper or changer?

Will Chelsea
retain name?
          By Leanne Italie

I s Chelsea a keeper or a changer?
  That’s what researchers call the
newly married once they figure out
what to do, if anything, about their
names. Now that the big Clinton-
Mezvinsky wedding is a wrap and
Rhinebeck, New York, is back to its
idyllic self, the question remains what
Chelsea’s choice will be.
   Loads of options lie before her,
                      from making up
                      brand new names
                      and          hybrids
                      (Clevinsky)       to
                      hyphenates       and
                      add-ons like mom
                      (Hillary Rodham
                      Clinton). Research
                      suggests       more
                      women than you
    Chelsea           might think — 77 to
                      95 percent — legal-
ly change their names when they
marry, including those who take the
time to make a switch but incorporate
their maiden names informally to pre-
serve their identities on the job.
   Jo-Anne Stayner, who provides
name-change             assistance       at, said the decision today
for many first-time brides is all about
the value of a woman’s digital foot-
print, along with her educational and
professional oomph. We’re not all
Clintons, but we still care about the
name game.
   “With most women establishing a
career before marriage (the average
new bride is about 27 years old), it
makes sense to want to protect the                                                            Aerial dancers from Project Bandaloop perform a dance as they rappel down the side of Thanksgiving Tower, Aug 17, in Dallas, Texas. (AP)
personal brand they have worked
14-hour days to create,” Stayner
   The question-and-answer site
                                                                                                                          Networking fields more than a million
queries every day on a variety of sub-
jects. In the last 30 days, three of its
top 25 questions covered marital
alphabet soup.                                                                                                                                                  ‘Capabilities increase & usage grows’
■ How long before a wedding do you
start planning for a name change?
   Once engaged, Ask’s experts rec-
ommend. Legal steps must usually
wait until after the ceremony, because
a marriage certificate is required as
proof of a name change. Gathering
                                                                                                        Social sites tailored for students
forms and researching requirements                                                                      LOS ANGELES, Aug 18, (RTRS):
can take time, so getting a prenuptial                                                                  Heading to a new university for Fall                                                    ‘Who’s posting trash about me?’
jump on the chore will help.                                                                            2010 and want advice from other stu-
Government agencies, banks, credit                                                                      dents? Looking for housing, textbooks,
card companies and employers have
their own procedures.
■ Whose last name goes first in
                                              Sixteen-month-old Kiara Robertson
                                              plays in one of the fountains at the
                                                                                                        knowledge about a professor or class, or
                                                                                                        simply a ticket to the weekend’s big
                                                                                                                                                        Woman wants Google to unmask cyber cipher
hyphenation?                                  Columbian Park Zoo, Aug 17, in                               Technology companies and your
                                                       Lafayette, Ind. (AP)                                                                             NEW YORK, Aug 18, (AP): A business              The postings caused Franklin “per-         cessfully sued Google in a state court
   The decision is usually based on                                                                     school may have answers on your com-            consultant wants a court to force            sonal humiliation” and hurt her profes-       in Manhattan last year to get the name
sound, alphabetical order or personal                                                                   puter or mobile phone, and it won’t cost        YouTube and owner Google to unmask a         sional prospects as she was job-hunt-         of a blogger who had published com-
preference.                                                                                             a thing — at least not yet.                     cyber cipher who posted what she says        ing after graduating from the Ivy             ments about Cohen’s hygiene and sex-
■ What percentage of brides takes                                                                          Colleges and universities across the         are unauthorized videos of her and           League business school in 2009, her           ual habits.
their husband’s name?                                                                                   United States are going beyond simply           online comments that hurt her reputation.    legal papers say.                                Cohen argued that the comments on
   Though recent research indicates                                                                     creating websites and pages on Facebook           Carla Franklin, a former model and            The video clips were innocuous but         the site were defamatory. The blogger,
a range spanning well over half, Ask                                                                    for students to “friend” or “fan.” They are     actress turned businesswoman, said in        unauthorized, and she found it creepy         ultimately identified by court order as
cited one study done at Indiana                                                                         working with technology companies to            a legal petition filed Monday that she       that someone had unearthed the film           Rosemary Port, said her privacy was
University last year estimating 80                                                                                                                      believes a Google user or users              and posted pieces in an apparent effort       violated, and she had a right to her
                                                                                                        build their own social networks and inte-       impugned her sexual mores in com-            to make her uncomfortable, her lawyer,        opinions.
percent, with 70 percent of                                                                             grate them into campus life to boost
Americans surveyed saying brides                                                                                                                        ments made under pseudonyms on a             David M. Fish, said Tuesday.                     Franklin’s petition, also filed in state
                                                                                                        admissions and retain students.                 Columbia Business School website.               Anonymity is a cherished and               court in Manhattan, cites the Cohen
SHOULD take their husband’s last                                                                           One new app from San Francisco-              Franklin says someone also posted            staunchly defended refuge for many            case and argues that Franklin, too,
name. A recent study out of the                                                                         based Inigral, Inc allows colleges to cre-      unauthorized YouTube clips of her            Internet users. But a growing number          was defamed by postings that “called
Netherlands indicates women who                      Sturgis                   McMillen                 ate social networks within Facebook,            appearing in a small-budget independ-        of people and businesses have tried to        into question her chastity.”
use their husbands’ surnames earn                                                                       while a mobile technology from                  ent movie.                                   force blogs, websites and other online           Google’s statement noted that the
an average of about $1,150 less a                                                                       Foursquare gives students the ability to          Google Inc said in a statement that it     entities to disclose who’s trashing           online giant scrutinizes all court orders
month than those who keep their                        People                                           walk into an event, check their phone           doesn’t discuss individual cases to pro-     them, and some have succeeded.                for compliance with “both the letter and
maiden names. Name-changers were                                                                        and find other students.                        tect users’ privacy, but it follows appli-      In one case that grabbed headlines,        the spirit of the law” and can object or
generally older and had less educa-                                                                        Like many apps from technology               cable laws.                                  Vogue cover model Liskula Cohen suc-          ask to have such orders narrowed.
tion.                                         JACKSON, Mississippi: Another teenage                     start-ups, these student-oriented ones
   Presidential daughters over the last       lesbian is suing a rural Mississippi school dis-          currently are free for users, but the own-
four decades have either left their           trict, this time over a policy banning young                                                              Inigral, called “Schools on Facebook.”       school-specific profiles and keeps them       Zanders.
names alone or pushed them to the                                                                       ers see the potential to make big profits         “We want to meet them there in a           separate from personal accounts.                Alicia Castro, a sophomore majoring
                                              women from wearing tuxedos in senior year-
middle.                                       book portraits.                                           in the future as capabilities increase and      secure way, and in a way that feels             When a student signs up, he or she         in interdisciplinary studies at Arizona
   At 30 with an advanced college                Ceara Sturgis’ dispute with the central                usage grows.                                    authentic to our school’s culture, and the
                                                                                                           “We want to be able to find prospec-                                                      gives Facebook permission to add the          State University, said the app helped her
degree and some work experience               Mississippi Copiah County School District                                                                 (new) product gave us an unusual way to
                                              started in 2009, well before a student in anoth-          tive students where they are, and it is                                                      app, and school information is then           land a free textbook.
to her credit (as an investment ana-                                                                                                                    do that,” Monroe said.                       waiting for them upon their first login.        “I found a friend who had taken a
lyst), Chelsea’s a pretty average             er Mississippi school district, Constance                 clear to us that Facebook is the dominant
                                              McMillen, found national attention in her                 source,” said Columbia College                                      App                         “We use the data given by the students     (communications) class that I was going
bride, other than her dad being a             fight to wear a tuxedo and take a same-sex
former president, her mom secre-                                                                        Chicago’s executive director of admis-            The app, called “Schools on                and the school to introduce them to other     to take, so I asked him for his book,”
                                              date to prom.                                             sions Murphy Monroe, whose college              Facebook,” allows colleges to form pri-      students like them,” said Inigral’s direc-    Castro said. “I thought that was pretty
tary of state and her pricey nuptials            On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties
dubbed the latest wedding of the              Union filed a federal lawsuit for Sturgis,                recently adopted the new app from               vate communities that give students          tor of interactive communications Tony        convenient.”
century. She is off on a top-secret           claiming the Copiah County district discrimi-
honeymoon           with      no     name     nated against her on the basis of sex and gen-
announcement yet.                             der stereotypes. Her photo and name were              a statement Tuesday.                              boys and girls should look like without any    McMillen, who drew inspiration from Sturgis     year.
                                              kept out of her senior yearbook.                         “It’s unfair and unlawful to force students    regard to who they actually are as people.”    in challenging Itawamba County school offi-        “I inspired her to do what she did and now
   Consider Samantha Saephan, 29, of             The ACLU first contacted the district in
the San Francisco Bay area in                                                                       to conform to outdated notions about what            The ACLU attorney also represented          cials about McMillen’s plans for prom this      we are friends,” Sturgis said.
                                              October 2009 about the issue, but officials said                                                                                                                                                          But Sturgis didn’t face the same hostility as
California. She is a public relations         they would adhere to a school policy. By the                                                                                                                                                           McMillen. Sturgis said her classmates and
manager for a large communications            time Wesson Attendance Center yearbooks were                                                                                                                                                           teachers were supportive, but she hopes hop-
company and soon will dive in to a            released this spring, school officials had made                                                                                                                    PlayStation 3                       ing the suit will help other gay teenagers who
name change after getting hitched to          clear Sturgis’ photo in a tuxedo wouldn’t be                                                                                                                                                           feel they must conceal their gender identity.
Sean Thai. Of ethnic lu-Mien origin,
her parents are from Laos and named
                                              included. But Sturgis was surprised to see even
                                              her name was left out of the senior section.                                                                                                             More memory eyed                                 “There are students who are hiding it their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     sexuality,” Sturgis said. “They have come up
her Meuang Ay Saephan. She chose                 “I guess in the back of my mind I knew that                                                                                                                                                         to me and told me they are. I had already
Samantha for her public self in mid-          was going to happen, but I did have a little                                                                                                             LOS ANGELES, Aug 18, (RTRS):                  decided what I was going to do, but it just
                                              hope. I cried. I put my head down and put my                                                                                                             Sony’s PlayStation 3 will feature             took a little while.”
dle school but remained Meuang Ay             hand over my face,” Sturgis said Tuesday.                                                                                                                higher-capacity hard drives in North             While she finished her senior year, Sturgis
legally and at home.                             The suit challenges the district’s policy allow-                                                                                                      America this fall to let consumers            was living last fall with her grandparents in
   “I already knew that I wanted to           ing male students, but not female students, to                                                                                                           download more games and enter-                Wesson, a town of about 1,700.
change my last name so I would have           wear a tux for senior portraits. The suit alleges a                                                                                                      tainment,     the     company       said         The students took their yearbook portraits at
my husband’s last name,” she said.            violation of Title IX, the federal law prohibiting                                                                                                       Tuesday.                                      a studio and Sturgis tried on one of the
“It’s a little bit of being old fashioned     discrimination based on gender.                                                                                                                             The game console will come with            “drapes” that females students are required to
and traditional, and also further down           Sturgis, who has worn masculine clothing                                                                                                              about 33 percent more storage                 wear.
                                              since ninth grade and begins classes at                                                                                                                  capacity than previous versions, but             “The thought of a portrait of her in the
the line when we do have children I’d         Mississippi State University on Wednesday,                                                                                                               at least one analyst said that it is not      ‘feminine’ clothing as a representation of her
like to have the same last name as my         said she felt as if she was being punished “just                                                                                                         likely to be a major selling point for        senior year embarrassed her, and she began
kids.”                                        for being who I am.”                                                                                                                                     consumers.                                    crying,” the lawsuit states.
   Saephan wants to preserve part of             District Superintendent Rickey Clopton                                                                                                                   “In the greater scheme of things, it          Sturgis later put on the tuxedo and was pho-
her past, a decision made easier by           didn’t immediately return a call seeking com-                                                                                                            means nothing. Every year the price           tographed.
her lack of a middle name. “I’m going         ment.                                                                                                                                                    of storage goes down so the aver-                School officials informed Sturgis’ mother,
back and forth on what part of my                Sturgis graduated with a 3.9 grade point                                                                                                              age storage in any given device               Veronica Rodriguez, early in the school year
birth name I should leave as a middle         average and participated in numerous                                                                                                                     goes up,’’ said Daniel Ernst, analyst         that the tuxedo photograph wouldn’t be
                                              extracurricular activities, including band and                                                                                                           with Hudson Square Research.                  allowed, according to the suit. At the time,
name so I’ll still have something tied        soccer, her attorneys said.                                                                                                                                 Sony said the new models of the            Clopton said federal court decisions supported
to my birth name.”                               “Inclusion in the senior yearbook is a rite of     In this photo provided by Steve Newton of Wake County Emergency Management via                     Playstation 3 will include one with 320       the school’s policy.
   On the table are “Samantha                 passage for students, and it is shameful that         the News and Observer, Charles Weatherly, past president of the N.C. Beekeeper’s                   gigabytes of memory in the PS3                   The lawsuit names the school district,
Saephan,” “Samantha Meuang Ay                 Ceara was denied that chance,” Christine P.           Association collects bees while Wake County Deputy Brandon Jenkins sits inside the                 Sports Champions Move bundle, with            superintendent Clopton and school principal
Thai” and “Meuang Ay Thai.”                   Sun, senior counsel with the ACLU Lesbian,            police cruiser. Weatherly lives near where the incident happened on the Smithfield                 a suggested retail price of $399.99.          Ronald Greer. It seeks unspecified damages
                                              Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Project said in                                       Road exit on US 64. (AP)                                                                                           and attorneys’ fees.

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