HP LaserJet Series Maintenance Kit Instructions

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HP LaserJet P3005 Series Maintenance Kit Instructions Page 1

LJ P3005 Series Maintenance Kit Includes:
1 HP RM1-3740 or RM1-3717, Fusing Assembly
1 HP RM1-1508, Transfer Roller Assembly
1 HP RL1-0568 or RL1-0569, Tray-1 Pickup Roller
1 HP RC1-0939, Tray-1 Separation Pad
1 HP RL1-1370, Tray-2 Pickup Roller
1 HP RM1-3738, Tray-2 Separation Pad
1 HP P3005 Gear Kit

CAUTION: Fuser may be hot. Turn off printer, unplug it and allow it to sit for 20 to 30
minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Fusing Assembly Removal and Replacement
1. Remove Back cover:
a.) Open the face up delivery door and press the door down to disengage two door stops
b.) Remove the two screws just above the door stops
c.) Swing the bottom of the cover out first, and then the top
2. Remove I/O cover:
a.) Rotate cover to clear the tabs on right side of cover
3. Remove fusing assembly:
a.) Disconnect black cable above main power cord receptacle
b.) Disconnect two cables on left side of fuser
c.) Remove duplex inlet guide (below fuser) by lifting two locking tabs
d.) Remove four screws from each corner of fuser
e.) Pull fuser straight back
4. Reassemble in reverse order

Transfer Roller Removal and Replacement
1. Open toner access lid
2. Remove toner cartridge
3. Locate the white bushing on left side next to the white drive gear
4. Squeeze the tabs on the bushing and lift up
5. Repeat to the right side (black bushing) and lift out of printer
6. During installation make sure the spring fits securely into the bushing boss before snapping bushing into position

                                           Tray-1 Pickup Roller:
                                           Open the front door of the printer to access the roller & take the toner out.
                                           Spread the black plastic retainers on each side of the roller away from the
                                           roller (see picture to the left), then rotate the top of the roller off of the shaft
                                           and lift to remove. Now you must go to the next step and install the
                                           separation pad. After separation pad is installed, you can install your new
                                           roller. Note the orientation of the roller, and install the new roller in the same

HP LaserJet P3005 Series Maintenance Kit Instructions Page 2

Tray-1 Separation Pad Removal and Replacement
Manually rotate the Tray-1 pickup roller shaft until the cams on the ends of the shaft are pointing up and rearward (see
above picture). This will give you a bit more room to work. Now, push the separation pad arm down as far as it will go and
use a flat-blade screwdriver or pick to pry the old sep pad off of the arm. Do not remove the arm! It is very difficult to re-
install the arm after it has been removed. To install the new pad, just press it down onto the arm. Make sure it is fully
clipped in, on BOTH sides. Then Rotate the pickup roller shaft back to its normal position (cams down) and install the new
pickup roller.

Tray-2 & Tray-3 Pickup Roller Removal and Replacement
1. Lift printer off of optional Tray-3 (if installed) and remove paper tray
2. Unlock left locking tab and rotate forward until bushing slides off
3. Remove black plastic roller retaining bracket
4. Slide roller to the left until right shaft clears bushing
5. Lift roller out of printer
7. Place spring loaded end of roller shaft into the left housing
8. Slide roller to the right and rotate until roller locks into pickup shaft
10. Reinstall black plastic roller retaining bracket, left side first
11. Reinstall left bushing and lock into place

Tray-2 Separation Pad Removal and Replacement
1. Remove tray-2 and remove paper
2. Remove two screws on either side of pad and lift pad assembly out from tray
3. Reinstall new pad

If you have the additional Tray-3 you will need the get an additional roller and separation pad.

                                              RL1-1370                    P3005-Tray-3 pad

P3005 Gear Kit
If you don’t replace the gears at the same time you replace the fuser, your printer will eventually start to make a loud grinding noise.
The reason for this is that the gears have meshed with the old fuser and when you put the new fuser it the old gears are worn down.
Once you remove the fuser you will see the four gears that would need to be replaced starting from the furthest gear away from you.
This would have a white clip on the shaft. Remove the clip then the gear A, the next gear is B, this gear goes on before
gear A, then place the white clips into place. With the next gears closest to you the first gear (C) this has a tab that needs to be
released on the inside of the gear, remove gear C then you can remove the next gear D. We don’t have instructions for gear E & F.