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					                                         IMDA Irish Community Resources list
                                                                                                   January 2010
                                                 Compiled by the Irish Music & Dance Association; last updated Jan. 27, 2011.
                                         For the most recent resources or information on the Irish Music & Dance Association,
                                                                        please go to www.IMDA-MN.org or call 612.990.3122.
                                         To list your group or update your information please contact us through our website.

      IRISH DANCE PERFORMANCE GROUPS                                       IRISH DANCE SCHOOLS (Continued)
Biddies Galore                                                     McKenna School of Irish Dance
―3 women who can‘t stop dancing‖                                   "It's all about the FUN of learning Irish Dance!"
St. Paul, MN                                                       Classes in Eden Prairie, MN
Sheila Jordan, (651) 488-1494                                      Therese McKenna Nahorski, (952) 949-9008
Sheehy77@earthlink.net                                             McKennaSchoolofIrishDance@gmail.com
Green Fire Irish Dancers
Old Style, Sean Nos, Modern Step and Set Dancing,                  North Star School of Irish Dance
Céilí dancing in period costumes                                   “Offering a joie de vivre approach to Irish Dance
Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN                                         for all ages.‖
Edward Koehne, (612) 927-9615                                      Classes in Minnetonka, MN.
Greenfire@usfamily.net                                             Beth Pitchford, Instructor
www.usfamily.net/web/greenfire/                                    Children's classes: Deanne's Dance Studio,
                                                                   (952) 473-3903
Knocknagow Irish Dancers
                                                                   Adult classes: Beth, (612) 840-6633
Step, Set and Céilí Dancing
St. Paul, MN
Betsy Wing, (651) 646-3661                                         Northfield Dance-n-Fitness
jbpgmb@yahoo.com                                                   Classes in Northfield, MN
                                                                   Colleen Day, (507) 663-7814
Mooncoin Céilí Dancers
Céilí, Set and Step dancing since 1976
Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN                                         O’Shea Irish Dance
Kim Keeler, (651) 295-5257                                         "Director Cormac O'Se,
red_dragon36@hotmail.com                                           Original Cast Member of Riverdance"
www.mooncoinceili.com                                              Cormac O'Se TCRG & Natalie O'Shea, (612)722-7000
Trasna na dTonnta
―Across the Waves‖ – Spreading the céilí tradition
                                                                   Classes for preschool thru adults at the Celtic Junction,
Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN
                                                                   836 Prior Ave. St. Paul
Suin Lowary, (612) 618-0766
                                                                   Rince na Chroi Irish Dancers
              IRISH DANCE SCHOOLS                                  ―Irish dance classes for children and adults with an
                                                                   emphasis on performances and teamwork!‖
corda mór irish dance                                              Classes in St. Paul, MN
Classes in Edina, MN, Fauna Gille TCRG                             Katie Stephens Spangler, (651) 645-4292
fauna@cordamor.com                                                 katie@rincenachroi.com
www.cordamor.com                                                   www.rincenachroi.com
Emerald Isle Irish Dancers                                         Saint Paul Irish Dancers
Classes in Wyoming, MN                                             ―Providing a Gateway to Irish Culture through Dance‖
Sheila Jordan, (651) 488-1494                                      Classes in St. Paul and the surrounding Metro area
Sheehy77@earthlink.net                                             Eileen Dahill, (651) 603-1839
Escalate Irish Dance
Classes in Maple Grove, MN
Escalate Dance & Theatre Studio                                    Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance
Erin Cooney, ODCRN, (763) 416 -1299                                "An acclaimed competitive and performance dance school
escalatedance@embarqmail.com                                       offering group and individualized instruction"
www.escalateirishdance.wordpress.com                               Classes in Bloomington, Eagan & Richfield, MN
                                                                   Rachel Jones TCRG, (952) 891-8540
Flanagan Irish Dancers
Classes in Winona, MN
Kate Flanagan TCRG, (507) 454-3956
www.mnfolkarts.org/flanagan/flanagan.html                                           IRISH DANCE CLUBS
                                                                   Lóma Mór Irish Dance Club
                                                                   Set, Céilí and other styles of social dance
                                                                   Classes and dances in St. Paul, Minneapolis & Northfield
                                                                   Karen Cieminski, (651) 501-0113

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         IRISH SET DANCE INSTRUCTION                            TWIN CITIES IRISH SOCIAL DANCING (cont.)
Set dancing is a particular form of Irish social dancing      Regular weekly set dancing
done in a set of four couples in a square (but you don't        Every Thursday – Ivy Building for the Arts
have to come in couples!)                                       2637 - 27th Avenue South in Minneapolis, right along
Every Thursday – Ivy Building for the Arts                      the Midtown Greenway. Set dances are taught and led
2637 - 27th Avenue South in Minneapolis, right along the        by Tim McAndrew, with the Twin Cities Céilí Band
Midtown Greenway. Set dances are taught and led by              providing the music. Dancing from 7-10 pm, year-
Tim McAndrew, with the Twin Cities Céilí Band providing         round. $7 per person.
the music. Dancing from 7-10 pm, year-round. $7 per           Several other céilís are held around the Twin Cities
person.                                                       during the year, with two huge dances every year on
                                                              St. Patrick‘s Day. There are evening dances and hourly
        SEAN NOS AND OLD STYLE DANCE                          lessons during the day at Irish Fair of Minnesota
                INSTRUCTION                                   (www.irishfair.com) on the 2nd weekend in August.
                                                              Sign up for céilí news via e-mail by sending a note to
Twin Cities Sean Nós
                                                              irishdancetc@yahoo.com. Updated information on Irish
Classes, workshops and performances in sean-nos,
                                                              social dance events, including directions and maps, is
Cape Breton and Irish step dance with Danielle Enblom
                                                              available at: www.lomamor.org.
and Anna Lethert.
tcseannos@gmail.com                                                    CÉILÍ AND SET DANCE TEACHERS
                                                              The following people teach Irish social dancing in a
                                                              variety of settings and are available to teach and call
            CÉILÍ DANCE INSTRUCTION                           dances for your special event.
Céilí dances are made up of groups of dancers –                 Karen Cieminski – karenski@usfamily.net
sometimes couples, or groups of 3, 6, 8 or more. You do         Linda Doran – midledoran@gmail.com
not need to bring a partner. Come by yourself and make          Súin Lowary – lady4ceili@yahoo.com
new friends, or bring a friend or several. It‘s a whole lot     Tim McAndrew - tadhg1734@yahoo.com
of fun, it's great exercise, and whichever of these places      Paul McCluskey – paulmcc@usiwireless.com
you choose, you'll be dancing with a lot of really nice         Mike Whalen - mpw4883@yahoo.com, (651) 645-9506
people.                                                         Ann Wiberg – (651) 776-7184

Wednesday night Irish céilí dance classes                        TRADITIONAL MUSIC INSTRUCTION
Learn the basic steps, and then join in the dances.
                                                              The Center for Irish Music
They all run year around, they are open to all ages, and
                                                              Dedicated to teaching traditional Irish Music
all are free:
                                                              to all ages at all levels.
  Conway Recreation Center - 2090 Conway,                     (651) 815-0083
  St. Paul. This class is held in a park and rec gym, and     at The Celtic Junction, St. Paul, MN
  is taught by a trio of fine dancers/instructors, Ginny,     Irish.music@comcast.net
  Becky, and Dan, who will provide plenty of special          www.centerforirishmusic.org
  attention for your particular level of experience. The      Katie McMahon
  class runs from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Free.                      Former Riverdance singer and harpist teaches beginning
  Dubliner Irish Pub - 2162 University Av., St. Paul.         and intermediate Harp & Voice in Minneapolis, MN
  Learn Irish dancing in a genuine Irish Pub with a           (612) 850-3159
  wooden floor that has known a whole lot of dancing          KMcSinger@mac.com
  feet. Steps and dances are taught by Súin Lowary.           www.harpandvoicelessons.com
  Basic beginning steps are taught from 7:30, followed        James Plattes
  by advanced lessons and dancing until 9:30 pm, with         Beginning through Advanced Irish Fiddling, Mandolin, to
  more dancing afterwards to live music. Year-round;          all ages, in his Southwest Minneapolis studio.
  no children, and must be of legal drinking age tor          (612) 861-2954 or (612) 616-4343
  remain past 9:00 pm. Free.                                  james@wildgypsy.com
                                                                          IRISH MUSIC SESSIONS
Regular monthly Céilí dances                                  There are many Irish traditional music sessions regularly
Whether you've learned the steps and dances at any of         held around the Twin Cities. Date/Time may change so
the above classes, or are a complete novice, you are          please contact the venue before heading out.
welcome to join the fun with live traditional Irish music     (See ‗Venues‘ for location and phone #).
provided by our very fine local musicians. Each dance we
do is taught by the caller, and there are always plenty of    Instrumental Music
experienced dancers to help newcomers along.                  Sunday 4 pm (beginners) – Keegan’s Pub, Minneapolis
                                                              Friday evening – Merlins Rest, Minneapolis
  First Saturday Afternoon Céilí- Dubliner Pub, 2162          Sunday at noon – Kieran’s Pub, Minneapolis
  University Av., St. Paul, 2 to 5 pm. Dances taught and      Sunday 6 pm (advanced) – Keegan’s Pub, Minneapolis
  called by Paul McCluskey. $3 suggested donation.
                                                              Unaccompanied Singing (Traditional Singers’ Club)
  Third Saturday Night Céilí with the Twin Cities             Last Sunday of the Month, 2 - 4 pm - Keegan's Pub,
  Ceili Band - The Celtic Junction, 836 Prior Ave. N., St.    Minneapolis
  Paul, 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Dances taught and called by
  Mike Whelan with Irish dance music by the Twin Cities
  Ceili Band. Admission $5 per person, $20 maximum
  per family.

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         MUSICIANS – BANDS & SOLO                                        MUSICIANS (continued)
Barra                                                       The Dirty Hurlers
Traditional Irish Music with Fiddle, accordion, guitar,     A blend of traditional and contemporary Irish music,
flute, vocals, octive mandolin, hurdy gurdy, bodhrán.       ranging from the Dubliners and Clancy Brothers to
Saint Paul, MN                                              Flogging Molly and the Pogues.
Deborah Martin, (651) 357-0400                              Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Tin Whistle, Drums, Bodhrán
barrairishband@gmail.com                                    Morehead, MN
www.barraband.com                                           John Rian, (218) 939-1038
Black Rose Roisin Dubh
Traditional Irish, Scottish and American folk music done
with a flair for the modern audience and with a taste for   Doon Ceili Band
the theatrical. (And a few eclectic covers thrown in for    Irish Traditional Music, specializing in old traditional dance
variety's sake.)                                            tunes, 3 Fiddles, 3 Flutes, Button Accordion, Piano
Minneapolis/St. Paul MN                                     St. Paul, MN
Royce Lerwick, (612) 819-2412                               Paddy O'Brien, (651) 698-2258
blackroseroisindubh@comcast.net                             paddyobrien@qwest.net
www.myspace.com/blackroseroisindubh                         www.doonceili.com
                                                            Double Fiddles
Blackbirds                                                  Spirited fiddle music, pipes and song from Scotland, Cape
Banjo, bouzouki, guitar, fiddle,                            Breton and County Donegal Ireland featuring Iain
clarinet, tin whistle, accordion, vocals                    MacGillivray Chuck Butler on fiddles, and Sue Spencer
Paul Wehling, (612) 788-3262                                and Jim Ofsthun on vocals.
www.blackbirdsceltic.com                                    Duluth, MN
Booley Band                                                 contact@doublefidles.com
Traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales,              www.doublefiddles.com
Northumbria on accordion, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, tin     Kate and Jode Dowling
whistle, recorder, bodhran and vocals                       Irish music for weddings, dances for any occasion,
Tom Sullivan, (651) 303-0374                                on fiddle, flute and whistle.
Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band of St. Paul                      West St Paul, MN (651) 493-2022
Irish/Scottish Bagpipes                                     fid.dler@yahoo.com
St. Paul, Minnesota                                         www.myspace.com/jodetunes
Andy More, Booking/Band Manager, (763-222-4703)             Dunquin
manager@brianborupipeband.com                               Traditional Irish instrumental music
www.brianborupipeband.com                                   St. Paul, MN
Chulrua                                                     Sherry Ladig, (651) 644-4779
Irish Traditional Music, Button Accordion, Fiddle,          ladig-dunquin@msn.com
Guitar/Vocals                                               www.sherryladig.com
St. Paul, MN – tours nationally and internationally         The Durty Nellys
Paddy O’Brien, (651) 698-2258                               Uptempo Celtic Rock band playing covers of such bands
paddyobrien@qwest.net                                       as U2, Cranberries, Van Morrison, Pogues, Flogging Molly,
www.chulrua.com                                             originals, jigs and reels, and more!
Clairseach                                                  St. Paul, MN
Ann and Chuck Heymann                                       Dave Phipps, (651) 402-5663
Wire-strung harp, cittern, accordion,                       thedurtynellys@yahoo.com
guitar, whistle and vocals                                  www.thedurtynellys.com
(507) 647-3333                                              The Eddies
heymann@means.net                                           The one-of-a-kind great singers of shanties and other
www.clairseach.com/                                         upscale songs of life.
Curtis & Loretta                                            Phil Platt, (612) 625-1442
Celtic harp, mandolin, mandocello, guitar, vocals.          theeddies@earthlink.net
Ballads, instrumentals, and more                            www.eddiesontheriver.com
Minneapolis, MN                                             Erin Rogue
Loretta Simonet, (612) 781-9537                             Irish and beyond... playing traditional Irish music in
curtisloretta@att.net                                       untraditional ways.
www.curtisandloretta.com                                    Twin Cities, MN
Tom Dahill                                                  Robin Brown, (763) 753-6542
Uilleann pipes, vocal, fiddle, guitar                       robinsnest1966@comcast.net
St. Paul, MN                                                www.erinrogue.com
651-334-2880 (preferred)                                    Forty Shades of Green
www.tomdahillmusic.com                                      Traditional Celtic vocal/instrumental music; fiddle,
                                                            whistles & flute, guitar, bodhrán, bass
                                                            Twin Cities, MN
                                                            Kevin Carroll, (651) 983-6384

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            MUSICIANS (continued)                                          MUSICIANS (continued)
Gaelic Tribe                                                   Hounds of Finn
Whistle, fiddle, guitar, vocals, flute, bodhrán, Traditional   Celtic Folk Rock
Irish and original compositions.                               The Hounds are a 4-piece acoustic group that perform
Rochester, MN                                                  Irish folk-rock and roots music from around the world,
Harmon Pierce, (507) 356-8912 [day: (507) 253-2911]            along with original material — topped off with traditional
info@gaelictribe.com                                           Irish and Scottish tunes.
www.gaelictribe.com                                            St. Paul, MN
                                                               Contact: Pete McCauley (651) 558-6290
The Gaels                                                      www.houndsoffinn.com
fiddle, whistle, guitar, bodhrán, vocals                       houndsoffinn@gmail.com
The Gallivanteers                                              Lively traditional Irish and Scottish dance music,
Irish, American Irish, American folk music                     interspersed with a few ballads.
St. Paul, Minn.,                                               A high energy band featuring bouzouki,
Pat Gallivan, (651) 552-9306                                   multiple winds (flutes, whistles and Renaissance pipes),
bill@conlan.com                                                bodhrán and guitar.
www.gallivanters.net                                           inishmohr@yahoo.com
Giggin Siles                                                   www.inishmohr.com
Traditional and not so traditional tunes                       Irish Brigade
sung in English and Gaelic                                     Vocals, guitar, flute, whistle, bodhrán
Kia Cashman, kia@gaelminn.org                                  (651) 480-8483
Siles/156389824484                                             The Irish Minstrels
                                                               Music, friends, family and fun are what
Great Northern Irish Pipers' Club                              the Irish Minstrels Band is all about.
Devoted to promoting the playing, construction, and lore       Spring Valley, MN
of the uilleann (Irish) pipes.                                 Melissa Schmidt, mmschmidt@centurytel.net
St. Paul, MN                                                   www.irishminstrels.com
Tom Klein, (651) 227-3367
info@gnipc.org                                                 Tom Klein
www.gnipc.org                                                  Performance on the uilleann (Irish) pipes for all occasions
                                                               St. Paul, MN (651) 227-3367
Greenwood Tree                                                 adeletom@bitstream.net
Hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, guitar,                     www.gnipc.org
 mandolin, bodhrán
St. Paul, MN                                                   Sherry Ladig
Stu Janis, (651) 402-3252                                      Pianist, composer, arranger (all styles)
hdulc@greenwood-tree.com                                       St. Paul, MN
www.greenwood-tree.com                                         ladig-dunquin@msn.com
Handful of Fun
Eclectic Irish Folk                                            The Langer's Ball
Minneapolis, MN                                                Good. Irish. Music.
Judith Clancy, (612) 702-0429                                  St. Paul, MN
siobhanmac@visi.com                                            (651) 485-8090
Heritage                                                       www.thelangersball.com
Traditional music of Ireland and Scotland on fiddle,
guitar, mandolins, tin whistles, Scottish small pipes,         Legacy
bodhrán and vocals                                             Traditional music for dancing & listening
Minneapolis, MN                                                Rosemount, MN
Kathleen Green (612) 869-3316                                  Kevin Carroll, (651) 983-6384
evan0135@yahoo.com                                             www.legacycelticmusic.com
www.tennessen.com/heritage.html                                Bob Lies
The HiBs                                                       Great Highland Bagpipes
Traditional Irish dance music on fiddle, flute and whistles,   Dance Piper and Soloist
bouzouki, bodhrán and more.                                    Twin Cities, MN
West St Paul, MN                                               boblies@msn.com
Jode Dowling, (651) 493-2022                                   (651) 276-2655 (cell)
thehibs@comcast.net                                            A Little of the Ready
                                                               (Skiffle, Irish, Folk Rock!)
The Hibernians Band                                            We play a mix of folk, classic rock and original material
Playing popular Irish tunes                                    all flavored with the taste of Ireland, an handful of
Twin Cities, MN                                                energy and four part harmonies.
Chris Kalogerson, (952) 935-9065                               Twin Cities, MN
www.kalogersonmusic.com                                        Leslie Rich, (952) 297-4093

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            MUSICIANS (continued)                                     MUSICIANS (continued)
Locklin Road                                              Night Scotsman
Traditional Celtic and original music played in updated   Traditional Scottish music
folk style                                                St. Paul, MN
Minneapolis, MN                                           ladig-dunquin@msn.com
Sheri O’Meara, (763) 516-1443                             www.sherryladig.com
sheriomeara@comcast.net                                   Northern Gael
www.locklinroad.com                                       Flute, whistle, pipes, concertina, fiddle, guitar & bodhrán
Laura MacKenzie                                           Laura MacKenzie Laura@lauramackenzie.com
Wooden flute, tin whistle, concertina, Scottish small     or Ross Sutter rosssutter@mac.com
pipes, border pipes, Medieval great pipes, voice          Paddy O'Brien
Twin Cities, MN (651) 398-5055                            Button Accordion
laura@lauramackenzie.com                                  St. Paul, MN
www.lauramackenzie.com                                    Paddy O'Brien, (651) 698-2258
Chad McAnally                                             paddyobrien@qwest.net
Irish Wire strung harp for all occasions                  www.paddyobrien.net
Minneapolis (612) 968-4222                                O'Rourke's Feast
chad@rumgumption.com                                      Irish Traditional Music, arrangements of jigs, reels,
www.ceadach.com/                                          hornpipes, clan marches, slow airs, 3 Fiddles, 2 Flutes,
Patrick McCormick                                         Button Accordion, Piano
Bagpipes                                                  St. Paul, MN
(651) 353-1612                                            Paddy O'Brien, (651) 698-2258
patmccormick3@aol.com                                     paddyobrien@qwest.net
Mag McDermott
Fiddle performance and lessons
                                                          Mike & Patti McLoughlin, (218) 483-4227
Twin Cities, MN (612) 743-0698
                                                          Hawley, MN
McInnis' Kitchen                                          Norah Rendell and Brian Miller
Fiery Irish twin-fiddle music from Mark Monroe and        Traditional Irish Music and Contemporary Folk, vocals,
Chuck Butler and song by Sue Spencer and Jim              flute, guitar.
Ofsthun in the spirit of Newfoundland, Ireland and        St. Paul, MN
Cape Breton.                                              Brian Miller, (651)-245-3719
Duluth, MN                                                dadgadguy@gmail.com, www.norahrendell.com
contact@mcinniskitchen.com                                Ring of Kerry
www.mcinniskitchen.com                                    Traditional Irish instruments and lots of voice
Katie McMahon                                             playing a high energy blend that is animated,
The Original Voice of Riverdance                          ruggedly beautiful and fun.
Minneapolis, MN (612) 869-1444                            St. Cloud, MN
Katie@katiemcmahon.com                                    Paul Cotton, (320) 251-0601
www.katiemcmahon.com                                      http://www.ringofkerry.us

Todd Menton                                               Ross and MacKenzie
Vocals, guitar and mandolin                               Ross Sutter and Laura MacKenzie, offering concerts
(612) 824-2789                                            and family programs of Scottish and Irish music.
www.toddmenton.com                                        Twin Cities, MN (651) 398-5055
                                                          Ross Sutter - rosssutter@mac.com
Brian Miller and The Lumberjack Ballads                   Laura MacKenzie - Laura@lauramackenzie.com
of Early Minnesota                                        www.rossandmackenzie.com
Songs and tunes from Minnesota's early Irish and
Scottish immigrants; voice, guitar, fiddle
                                                          Traditional Scottish and Irish music and traditionally
St. Paul, MN
                                                          rooted new music
Brian Miller, (651)245-3719
                                                          Minneapolis, MN
                                                          Shawn McBurnie, (763) 913-8189
Minnesota Police Pipe Band                                www.rumgumption.com
Competition and performance pipe and drum corps
                                                          Spring-Heeled Jack
Minneapolis/St. Paul MN
                                                          Traditional Irish / Celtic Rock
Sally Gordon, Band Manager, (612) 280-5351
                                                          Fiddle, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals
                                                          Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
                                                          Mark Donovan 612-860-8704
The New Pearl Button Players                              springheeledjackband@gmail.com
Civil War-era American music (instrumental and songs)     Daithi Sproule
St. Paul, MN                                              Traditional songs in English and Irish,
ladig-dunquin@msn.com                                     Guitar, Gaelic language
www.sherryladig.com                                       West Saint Paul, MN, (651) 757-0115

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             MUSICIANS (continued)                              IRISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION
Daithi Sproule & Laura MacKenzie                          Gaeltacht Minnesota
Music of Ireland and Scotland                             Irish language groups and instruction.
Twin Cities, MN                                           Free classes on Monday nights.
Laura MacKenzie, (651) 398-5055                           Also, language workshop opportunities.
Laura@lauramackenzie.com                                  info@gaelminn.org
www.sprouleandmackenzie.com                               www.gaelminn.org
Andrea Stern                                              The Celtic Junction
Celtic Harp                                               Irish language classes for children, teens and their
(612) 722-9790                                            parents, using songs, rhymes and stories. The instructor
andrea@andreastern.com                                    is Tom Jeffers, Dublin native and Irish Gaelic Teaching
www.andreastern.com                                       Assistant at the University of St. Thomas. Fee.
Ross Sutter                                               info@thecelticjunction.com
Vocals, guitar, button accordion, bodhran                 www.thecelticjunction.com/classes
Children‘s programs & school residencies
Minneapolis, MN (612)-331-1968
                                                                      IRISH ORGANIZATIONS
rosssutter@mac.com                                        Ancient Order of Hibernians - MN Office
www.rosssutter.net                                        thomas_joseph_radke@yahoo.com
Sweet Colleens                                            The Celtic Junction
Fiddle, accordion, guitar, drums, bass, vocals            ―Weaving the traditions of Dance, Music,
(612) 821-0454                                            Art and Language‖
www.sweetcolleens.com                                     A Center for the Arts with classes in Irish Step Dance;
Tara Hill                                                 Traditional Irish Music; Ceili and Social Dance; Irish
Button accordion, banjo and fiddle                        Mythology and History; Celtic Spirituality; World Art and
St. Paul, MN (651) 773-9703                               classes in the Irish language for children and adults. Visit
Peter Tritz, ptritz@prodigy.net                           our Public art gallery displaying local artisans of pottery,
                                                          painting, and instrument making. Come to our Concerts
Tim Malloys
                                                          and Hooleys! Space available for event rental
Vocals, whistle, guitar, bodhrán
                                                          (performance space, dance studios, classrooms, music
                                                          area and lobby.)
Thistledown                                               off I-94 & Cretin/Vandalia
Scottish and American music                               836 Prior Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104
St. Paul, MN                                              (612) 722-7000
ladig-dunquin@msn.com                                     www.thecelticjunction.com
                                                          Center for Irish Studies
Twin Cities Ceili Band (TCCB)                             New Hibernian Review
Traditional Irish music for Irish social dancing          University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Twin Cities, MN                                           Jim Rogers (651) 962-5662
Tom Lockney, (651) 917-9071                               www.stthomas.edu/irishstudies
lockney@law.und.edu                                       jrogers@stthomas.edu
Two Tap Trio                                              Children’s Program of Northern Ireland
Traditional Irish Music, vocals, fiddle, flute, guitar,   The program brings children 10 to 11 years old from
also available with Irish dancers.                        Northern Ireland to Minnesota and surrounding areas for
St. Paul, MN                                              5 weeks in the summer. This is a cross community
Brian Miller, (651) 245-3719                              program bringing Protestant and Catholic children
dadgadguy@gmail.com                                       together. The children learn first-hand that diverse
www.twotaptrio.com                                        people can and do live in harmony.
Wild Colonial Bhoys                                       (651) 405-1108
Irish Acoustic Rock                                       cpni@cpni.org, Karol@americangrouptours.com
Adam Coolong                                              www.cpni.org
                                                          Emerald Society of Minnesota
                                                          PO Box 4423St.Paul, Mn.55104
Willow Brae                                               www.emeraldsocietymn.org
Celtic harpist Andrea Stern and traditional wind
                                                          Friends of St. Patrick-MN Chapter
player/singer Laura MacKenzie, offering concerts
                                                          Building positive and on-going relationships between
and community programs.
                                                          Minnesota and Northern Ireland. Affiliated with the
Twin Cities, MN
                                                          Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.
Laura MacKenzie, (651) 398-5055
                                                          Sponsors of the Young Ambassador Program, a program
                                                          for young adults to travel to Northern Ireland to learn
                                                          about the country's history, cultures, and reconciliation
                                                          (612) 396-7703

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     IRISH ORGANIZATIONS (continued)                                           PUBS / VENUES
Great Northern Irish Pipers' Club                             Celts Irish Pub & Grill
Devoted to promoting the playing, construction,               14506 S. Robert, Rosemount, MN
and lore of the uilleann (Irish) pipes.                       (651) 322-7995
St. Paul, MN                                                  Charlie's Irish Pub at the Water Street Inn
Tom Klein, (651) 227.3367                                     101 Water Street South, Stillwater, MN
info@gnipc.org, www.gnipc.org                                 (651) 439-6000 - www.waterstreetin.us
Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the USA                        Claddagh Irish Pub - Maple Grove
(952) 449-5213, lisa@ieg-us.com                               7890 Main Street, Maple Grove, MN
www.iccusa-mn.org                                             (763) 773-7400 - www.claddaghirishpubs.com
Irish Genealogical Society International                      maplegrove@claddaghirishpubs.com
1185 Concord Street No, Suite 218                             The Cooper
South S. Paul, MN 55075                                       1607 Park Place Blvd, St. Louis Park, MN
Questions@IrishGenealogical.org                               (952) 698-2000 - www.Cooperpub.com
                                                              Cork's Irish Pub
Irish Fair of Minnesota                                       Embassy Suites Hotel
836 Prior Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104                             175 E. 10th St., St. Paul, MN
952-irish 11 (952-474-7411)                                   (651) 224-5111 - www.corkspub.com
www.irishfair.com                                             Dubliner Pub
Irish Music and Dance Association (IMDA)                      2162 University Ave. W (at Vandalia), St. Paul, MN
Celebrating Irish traditions since 1983                       (651) 646-5551 - www.thedublinerpub.com
236 Norfolk Ave NE, Elk River, MN 55330                       Half Time Rec
Lisa Conway, (612) 990-3122                                   1013 Front Ave. –St. Paul, MN
info@IrishMusicAndDanceAssociation.org                        (651) 488-8245 - www.halftimerec.com
                                                              Jake O’Connor’s Public House
Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Association                     200 Water Street, Excelsior, MN
763-234-7111, mplsstpats@aol.com                              (952) 908-9650 - www.jakeoconnors.com
                                                              Keegan’s Irish Pub
The Minnesota Feis                                            16 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
An Irish Dance & Music Competition                            (612) 252-0880 - www.keeganspub.com
Held in September at the St. Paul RiverCentre.
                                                              Kieran’s Irish Pub
                                                              600 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Irish Cultural Center (MICC)                        (612) 339-4499 - www.kierans.com
Working to create a nonprofit Center dedicated to the         Kip's Irish Pub and Restaurant
study, preservation and celebration of Irish culture in all
                                                              9970 Wayzata Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN
of its many forms. A potential site has been identified,
                                                              (952) 367-5070 - www.kipspub.com
and fundraising is underway.
www.MnIrish.org                                               The Liffey
Kevin Carroll, Executive Director - k.carroll@mnirish.org     175 West 7th, St. Paul, MN
or (651) 983-6384                                             (651) 556-1420 - www.theliffey.com

St. Paul St. Patrick’s Association                            The Local
katymulrooney@yahoo.com                                       931 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN
(651) 592-8977                                                (612) 904-1000 - www.the-local.com
www.stpatsassoc.org                                           McGarry’s Irish Pub & Eatery
Traditional Singers' Club                                     5189 Main Street East, Maple Plain, MN
Supporting and encouraging involvement and excellence         (763) 479-4031 - www.mcgarryspub.com
in Irish and related singing traditions                       Merlins Rest
Twin Cities, MN                                               3601 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
singersclub@gmail.com                                         (612) 216-2419 -www.merlinsrest.com
                                                              O’Donovan’s Irish Pub
Twin Cities Feile                                             700 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN
Irish Music & Dance Competition                               (612) 317-8896 - www.odonovans.com
Sponsored by Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance              O'Gara's Bar & Grill and O'Gara's Garage
www.twincitiesfeile.com                                       164 Snelling Avenue N, St. Paul, MN
Twin Cities Robert Emmets Hurling Club                        (651) 644-3333 - www.ogaras.com/
infotcre@gmail.com                                            O’Malley's Irish Pub
http://twincities.northamerican.gaa.ie/                       1775 Radio Drive Suite A (City Centre East)
                                                              Woodbury, MN
                     NEWSPAPER                                (651) 578-7007 - www.omalleysluckyirishpub.com
The Irish Gazette                                             Paddy Ryan's Irish Pub
An Irish Cultural Newspaper                                   709 Rodeo Circle, Hudson, WI
Publisher: Jim Brooks                                         (715) 381-8205 - www.paddyryans.com
www.theirishgazette.com                                       Shamrock’s The Irish Nook
                                                              995 W. 7th at Randolph, St. Paul, MN
                                                              (651) 228-9925 - www.crnook.com

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                   IRISH SHOPS                                          IRISH SHOPS (continued)
Celtic Threads Embroidery                                    St. Patrick’s Guild
Irish dance team and solo dresses                            1554 Randolph Ave.
Logo wear and Gifts                                          St. Paul, MN 55105
mary@celticthreads.net - www.celtic-threads.com              (800) 652-9767 - www.stpatricksguild.com
Celtique Creations                                                              IRISH TRAVEL
Cathy or Rosemary Paulson
White Bear Lake, MN 55110                                    These local travel professionals can help you plan
(651) 653-9165                                               the perfect visit to Ireland.
                                                             Celtic Journeys
                                                             Personalized group & individual travel to Ireland arranged
Irish Blessings                                              by an Irish native. Exceptional journeys with outstanding
Saints, Shamrocks and More                                   service.
The best in Irish and inspirational merchandise.             maria@celtic-journeys.com
    Mall of America,124 North Garden                         (651) 291-8003
    Bloomington, MN 55425 - (952) 854-4534                   www.celtic-journeys.com
    Rosedale Center, Lower Level, near Macy's                Northern Ireland Travels
    Roseville, MN 55113 - (651) 633-5532                     We specialize in personalized, self-guided trips to
                                                             Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has something for
Irish Indeed!
                                                             everyone -beautiful coastlines, great golf courses, lively
Irish Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, and Irish Gifts
                                                             cities and sheep-covered hills. We can create a
A one stop shop for Celtic Wedding Bands,
                                                             memorable, one-of-a-kind visit!
Claddagh Rings, Family Coat of Arms, Belleek China,
                                                             (612) 396-7703
and other Irish Gifts.
Please visit us on our website - www.IrishIndeed.com
Irish on Grand
Irish on Grand is very much a community hub – a place        Terry Flynn Tours
to buy the best of Irish goods from Kerry Gold butter to     Terry Flynn Tours has 45 years experience welcoming
Galway Crystal, but also a place to drop by for a chat,      American travelers to Ireland. Whatever you want to see
check out the newest books, find out what‘s happening        and do in Ireland, we can provide you with everything
in the Irish community or just to see who you might          you need to ensure a great vacation.
bump in to on a Saturday morning!                            (651) 436-5652
1124 Grand Avenue                                            info@terryflynntours.com
St. Paul, MN 55105                                           www.terryflynntours.com
(651) 222-5151 Toll Free: (888) IRISH-55

                                             IMDA Membership
     Want to know what’s going on in the local Irish scene? Interested in music, dance, theater and
     culture? Become a member of the Irish Music and Dance Association and receive the IMDA
     Newsletter each month. It's a mere $20 annually for an individual membership and $25 for a
     family or corporate membership.
     Name:                                                                                   Today’s Date:
     Membership Type: (circle one)
     New?                  Gift?        Renewal?                  Corporate?                 Family?
     Interests: (circle all that apply)
     Music                 Dance        Theater                   Gaelic                     Volunteer
     Where did you hear about the IMDA Newsletter?

     E-mail:                                                      Phone:

     We will send your monthly newsletter electronically via e-mail, unless you tell us that you would prefer to
     receive it by U S mail. (Faster delivery and full color photos!)                        Prefer U S Mail ____
     Just cut out this form and send it with a check made out to “IMDA” to:
                                           The IMDA Membership Coordinator
                                           400 Macalester Street
                                           St. Paul, MN 55105

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