Insomnia Have you ever found by agungsusanto99


									Have you ever found it difficult to sleep at night, when the time is so late and even early morning.
Maybe you've had insomnia. Namely disorder symptoms in a sleep or maintaining sleep, although there
is a chance for it.

Insomnia is usually caused by a disease or the presence of psychological problems.

Many insomniacs dependent on sleeping pills and other sedative substances to be rested. All sedative
drugs have the potential to cause psychological dependence form of assumption that they can not sleep
without the drug.

People with insomnia should remain calm and relaxed a few hours before bedtime and creating a
comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom, dim light, and not noisy.

Treatment of insomnia depends on the cause and severity of insomnia.

Parents who experience changes in sleep because of age, it usually does not require treatment, because
these changes are normal.

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