Long-Term Disability Insurance

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					Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

Long-Term Disability Insurance

As a result of Mutual of Omaha’s Social Security advocacy, more than 94 percent of our long-term
disability claimants who have been disabled for more than two years also receive Social Security
                                                                                         Mutual of Omaha GBS Statistics 2003

The Right Long-Term Disability Product                      Comprehensive Benefit Plan Features
Long-term disability (LTD) insurance helps employees        Our LTD features allow employers to design customized
protect their income during critical times, when it’s       benefit plans. Options include:
needed most. Most people wouldn’t think twice about         • Definition of disability – Regular occupation
insuring their homes and cars, but many overlook the          definition, plus additional options to meet specific
importance of protecting their income. LTD coverage           employer needs:
allows employees to maintain a portion of their income          • Own occupation/gainful occupation variations
during their recovery, and, when the time is right, helps       • Mutually Progressive 99 percent earnings test
them return to work.                                            • Occupation or earnings test
With Mutual of Omaha’s LTD coverage, employers                  • Activities of daily living
are better prepared to manage the risks associated          • Elimination periods
with an employee’s disability, and the potentially high     • Medical premium reimbursement rider
costs that can result. By providing solid benefit plans,     • No prudent person pre-existing condition
employers can help increase employee satisfaction and       • No maximums for vocational rehabilitation or
productivity, as well as enjoy a competitive advantage        reasonable accommodation
when hiring and retaining strong employees.                 • Floating work incentive benefit
                                                            • Travel Assistance services – provides assistance to covered
Mutual of Omaha delivers:                                     employees traveling outside of the country or over 100
A Dedication to Excellent Service                             miles from home
• Direct access to claims analysts who average 13 years     • Employee Assistance Program – Basic and
  of experience                                               Comprehensive options are available
• Litigation rate for LTD claims is less than 1 percent,
  well below the industry average1                          Helpful Online Services
• Seamless transition from STD to LTD programs              Online tools and resources available at
• In-house RNs, physicians and vocational rehabilitation    provide benefit administrators and employees the
  experts provide valuable clinical input                   information they need, when they need it.
                                                            • Online enrollment system – manage enrollment
Flexibility                                                   and eligibility data for employees
• A variety of flexible plan designs                         • View plan management reports, as well as current
• Employer-based and voluntary options available              and past bills
• Multiple options for claims notification and               • Access plan administration information, booklets
  submission – fax, online or mail                            and forms
Stability2                                                  • Wellness resources
• Mutual of Omaha began providing LTD
  coverage in 1964
                                                            Sources: 1 Mutual of Omaha 2003 Industry Benchmark Survey
• More than 11,700 clients nationwide                                2
                                                                       Mutual of Omaha GBS Statistics 2004
• More than $8 million in group benefits paid each
  working day

Product Overview
Policy Provisions
Definition of Disability – Regular Occupation Period     • 12, 24, 36 or 60 month Regular Occupation / Any Gainful Occupation thereafter
                                                        • Regular Occupational Period until end of Benefit Duration
Definition of Disability – Elimination Period            Total or Residual
Definition of Disability –                               • Gainful Occupation – An occupation that is or can be expected to provide the employee with earnings
After Regular Occupation Period                           at least equal to [60%/80%/85%] of predisability income
                                                        • Social Security Qualified
                                                        • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Qualified
Alternate Definition of Disability                       Own Occupation Test or Earnings Test
Benefit Percentage                                       • 50%, 60% or 67%
                                                        • Core/Buy-up and other options available
Maximum Monthly Benefit                                  Options ranging from $1,000 up to $20,000, subject to group size
Elimination Period                                      Options ranging from 30 days to 365 days
Benefit Duration                                         • Reducing Benefit Duration to age 65
                                                        • Other options available
Earnings Test                                           • 60% Own Occupation / 60% Gainful Occupation
                                                        • 80% Own Occupation / 60% Gainful Occupation
                                                        • 80% Own Occupation / 80% Gainful Occupation
                                                        • Mutually Progressive Partial – 99% Own Occupation / 85% Gainful Occupation
                                                        • Mutually Progressive Partial – 99% Own Occupation / 60% Gainful Occupation
Benefit Integration                                      Direct Primary & Family or Direct Primary Only, with other options available
Work Incentives Available
Child Care Expense                                      Up to $350 per month per eligible dependent child while employee is receiving partial disability
                                                        benefit payments
Family Care Expense                                     Up to $350 per month per eligible family member while employee is receiving partial disability
                                                        benefit payments
Work Incentive Period                                   • Allow up to 100% of partial disability benefit payment and work earnings for up to 12 or 24 months
                                                        • Lifetime Work Incentive (available with Mutually Progressive Partial)
Vocational Rehab Benefit                                 Monthly benefit increase of 5% or 10%
Trial Work Days                                         • Temporary recovery period is equal to one-third of the elimination period
(temporary recovery during elimination period)          • Temporary recovery period is equal to the elimination period
Pre-existing Condition Limitation                       • Options ranging from 3 to 12 months lookback / 12 or 24 months insured
                                                        • 3 months lookback / 3 months treatment free / 12 months insured
M&N, D&A, Self Reported Symptoms                        12 or 24 month limit – per occurrence or lifetime options available, limit is separate for each condition
Optional Provisions Available
Medical Premium Reimbursement                           • Benefit amount options range from $100 to $500
                                                        • Benefit duration period options of 12 or 18 months
Revenue Protection Benefit                               Protects a business by paying a monthly benefit to the employer for a specified number of months
Recovery Income Protection                              Provides additional benefit payments to an employee who has returned to full time work but has not yet
                                                        reached their pre-disability income level
Cost-of-Living Adjustment                               • Benefit payments increase by 3% to 5%
                                                        • Annual adjustments of 5 years, 10 years or for duration of payments
Minimum Indemnity Benefit                                Guarantees a minimum number of monthly benefit payments in the event of a covered loss
Retirement Income Protection                            Pension Supplement contribution options range from 3% to 10%, up to $2,500 maximum
Enhanced Disability                                     Benefit payments increase by 10% or 20% if employee cannot perform 2 of 5 ADLs
Automatic Increase to Maximum                           Provides an automatic increase to the policy’s monthly maximum benefit; annual adjustments for a
                                                        period of up to six years
Conversion                                              Employee can convert their coverage to an individual disability income policy
Optional Services
Employers Share of FICA                                 Pay employer’s share of FICA with or without reimbursement from employer
Travel Assistance Services                              Assistance provided for employees traveling outside the country or 100 miles from home
Employee Assistance Program                             • Basic Plan includes telephonic and Web-based services
                                                        • Comprehensive Plan includes telephonic, Web-based services, face-to-face visits and additional features
Cost Sharing Options Available
Non-contributory, Contributory, Voluntary and Section 125
This insurance plan overview is not intended to provide a complete description of coverage. Benefits may not be available in all states. Not all features apply to
voluntary products. Some exclusions, limitations and reductions may apply. Please contact your Mutual of Omaha representative for specific product details and
policy provisions.
Long-term disability insurance is underwritten by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company or United of Omaha Life Insurance Company.
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company is licensed in all 50 states. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company is licensed in all states but New York.
In New York, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company underwrites the plan. Policy Form Number: 7000GM-MU-EZ 2001.