Tips for Managing Stress

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Stress levels increase during times of economic crisis.

 Personal financial worries
 Reduced staffing levels at work
 Reduction in funding for equipment & supplies
 Need to continually work at optimum levels
Stress levels increase during times of organizational

 Campus construction/renovation
 Implementation of ADP
 Changes to PeopleSoft Financials
 All of the other changes that affect a vital
 organization. Lack of change is stagnation.
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Reduce job stress by taking care of yourself
 Make healthy food choices
    Group B vitamins ensure healthy brain and neurological functionality
    Vitamin C helps to maintain a health immune system
    Small but frequent meals help maintain an even blood sugar level
 Get moving
    Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and releases helpful
    Exercise distracts us from stress
    Exercise helps maintain a healthy body, reducing stress susceptibility
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Reduce job stress by taking care of yourself
 Sleep and rest are essential
    We have genetically programmed sleep and rest patterns
    Technologies allow us to keep unnatural waking and working hours
    Your ability to handle stress is compromised if you are sleep deprived
 Fight through the clutter
    Take time to organize your desk or workspace
      To reduce the sense of losing control
      To improve your ability to focus on work
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Reduce job stress by taking care of yourself
 Mood Influencers
    Excessively negative or violent television programs can have a
     corresponding negative affect on your health and well-being.
    Violent computer games can produce a negative mental state.
    Humor has a beneficial effect on mood.
 Focus on Time Management
    Leave for work a few minutes earlier – avoid the stress of running late
    Prioritize tasks (and do the unpleasant things first)
    Take occasional breaks to briefly relax and recharge
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Reduce job stress….Addendum
 Be mindful of your emotional behavior

    Your emotions are contagious – the more you positively affect those
     around you, the less other people will negatively affect you.

    Angry/irritable people often fail to appreciate the negative physical
     and emotional effect they have on themselves and their co-workers.

    If personal issues are affecting your work performance consider
     taking advantage of the confidential Employee Assistance Program.
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Reduce job stress….Addendum
 Dealing with a difficult co-worker
    Realize that people who work with each other will have
     disagreements from time to time.
    Try not to respond to negative behaviors in the heat of the moment.
     Take time to cool off.
    Keep in mind that another person’s point of view is based on their
     own perception of what is needed. Try to identify common interests
     and discuss options that might be mutually agreeable.
    Use “I” statements, use body language, and ask clarifying questions.
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Reduce job stress….Addendum
 Stay in touch with your sense of humor

    (As long as your sense of humor isn’t offensive to your co-workers.
     Never make jokes at the expense of others.)
    People who work in environments where humor is part of the culture
     often report high levels of job satisfaction.
    Humor can play an important role in team building. Shared jokes and
     laughter can help build a culture of teamwork.
    When appropriate laughter is part of the workplace employees are
     less likely to miss time from work due to stress related illness.
      Suggestions for “Micro Office Workouts”

 Sit tall in your chair, stretch both arms over your
 head and reach for the sky. After 10 seconds extend
 the right hand higher, then the left.

 Desk push-ups – Standing, put your hands on the
 desk. Walk backwards, then do push-ups against the
 desk. Repeat 15 times.
      Suggestions for “Micro Office Workouts”

 Stand up and touch your toes
 Shadow box
 Run in place for one minute
 Get out of your office and walk around
 Take the stairs

 Add a reminder to your desk calendar or send
 yourself an email reminder to “Get Moving!”