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									Nitrile gloves are a synthetic latex high chemical resistance , is a very flexible and
suitable for all skin types and is allergy .

Although it is a synthetic latex , chemical and mechanical properties are different due
to the elements that comprise: Acrylonitrile, enhanceschemical resistance . The
butaideno, provides increased softness and flexibility and the carboxylic acid plus zinc
oxide, increase themechanical strength .

Nitrile gloves can produce different densities , from very thin to very thick, providing
excellent results for use in heavy labor involving physical risk or any work which may
handle chemical products so similar.

Nitrile gloves provide barrier protection and chemical resistance , making them
highly desirable for use in medicine and health. Especially suitable in cytostatic units
(primarily drug substances used in chemotherapy), and chemical industries.

They also have great puncture resistance , being more resistant to puncture than latex
or vinyl gloves and are lighter and cooler than other types of gloves. Its micro-
roughened surface, gives a high sensitivity and a good sense of touch and have an
excellent relationship flexibility and endurance.

Another great advantage is that it does not cause allergic reactions , as can happen
with other materials such as latex. The Spanish Association of Food and Latex Allergy,
found that "currently estimated that in Spain there is a 1% of population sensitized to
this substance"and recommends "Use synthetic gloves (vinyl, nitrile , neoprene)
appropriate to each task or Low latex protein allergens. " accu-rate, in nitrile
undetected chemical allergen levels, while also reducing the potential for irritation and
hipersensibilidade type IV.

 In conclusion, nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative to natural latex and is
also resistant to puncture and providing a protective barrieragainst infectious agents
and chemicals, high efficiency, without forgetting its flexibility and adaptability.

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