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Kryptonite Instructions qxd



                     Reel System
                Installation Instructions

                  Remote and Keyswitch models

                For use with:-       Bubble Covers
                                    Thermal Blankets

Copyright (c)                    Kryptonite Reel System
                   Kryptonite Reel Installation
The Kryptonite reel system is designed to be used with bubble covers and foam insu-
lation blankets.

The maximum sizes for bubble covers is: 20ft x 40ft plus 5ft Roman End section (6m
x 12m + 1.5m Roman End section).
The maximum size for Foam Insulation Covers is :16ft x 32ft plus 5ft Roman End sec-
tion (5m x 10m + 1.5m Roman End section).

Kryptonite can be supplied with a rigid roller tube or with a telescopic roller tube and
with a Radio remote control or Keyswitch control.

It is necessary to install a cable from the plant room to the position of the motor sup-
port upright and it is advisable to run this cable in a conduit or trunking.

It will be necessary to drill the pool decking therefore you should ensure there are no
buried pipes or electrical cables in the vicinity of the support tubes footplates.

Copyright (c)                   Kryptonite Reel System                       Page 1
                   Kryptonite Reel Components

                       Motor               Outer motor
                   spacing Collar         spacing Collar

                                      Motor Tube

  Support Column
    (Motor End)       Inner motor
                       tube collar                                           Support Column
                                                                               (Static End)

                                                  Roller Tube
                                              Rigid or Telescopic

                                                                    Axle pivot

Copyright (c)                        Kryptonite Reel System                       Page 2
                        Assembly of Telescopic Tube
The Telescopic Reel consists of the following components. Centre Extruded tube Fig 1 - 1 off,
Outer Extruded Tube Fig 2 - 2 off, Large Slide/Lock assy Fig 3, Small Slide/Lock Fig 4, Tube
Clamp bar Fig 5 (fitted to one end of each Outer Tube). Slide all of the small Slide/Lock fittingsw
into the goove of the Centre Extruded tube prior to fitting the tubes together.

          Fig 2

                                                                                             Fig 4

                Fig 1

                                                                                         Fig 5
                                                                        Fig 3

Loosen the self tapping screws Fig 6 to allow the clamping bar Fig 5 to drop away from the inner
surface of the outer tubes. Slide centre tube into outer tube ensuring Clamp bar Fig 5 locates into
Vee slot of centre tube. If the clamp bar is too tight it will bind and not allow the tubes to slide
together in which case loosen the screws Fig 6 further.

                                                             Fig 6

                                                                      Fig 5

                 Fig 1

                                      Fig 2

Copyright (c)                        Kryptonite Reel System                             Page 3
                   Assembly of Telescopic Tube
Slide both outer tubes onto each end of the centre tube making sure that each outer tube is
equally spaced onto the centre tube.

When the correct length is reached, tighten up screws marked on page 6 Fig 3.

Copyright (c)                       Kryptonite Reel System                          Page 4
                  Fitting the Cover Towing Straps
Space the straps (quantity will vary by cover size) equally across the cover width and commence
fitting the straps as follows. Push the Plastic Rivets through the holes in both leaves of the strap
and through the cover. It may be necessary to pierce holes in the cover to accomodate the rivets

   Push the Plastic Rivet caps onto the shaft        Snap the rivet cap into place it is useful to
   of the rivet                                      use a suitable sized nut and tap down with a

Ensure both Plastic Rivets have been secured and the cover is firmly trapped between the strap
leaves. Snip the excess of the rivet shaft off flush with the top of the rivet body

Copyright (c)                        Kryptonite Reel System                             Page 5
                  Fitting the Cover Towing Straps
Adjust all the Slide/Lock fittings to corespond with the position on the mating short strap positions
fitted onto the cover.

Fit the screws from all the Slide/Lock fittings through the hole of the long straps and secure in
place by tightening the screws down. Ensure the straps are held securely without overtightening
the screws.

Float the cover onto the pool and clip the cover to the roller using the quick release fasteners.
Once connected together the individual long straps can be adjusted to length.
Copyright (c)                        Kryptonite Reel System                             Page 6
                  Installing the Support Columns
Place the support column footplates onto the pool deck outside the coping as shown in
Fig-A & B. Adjust the roller so it is square to the pool (see Fig C). Ensure that the centre line of
the roller will be positioned level with the nose of the end coping (For square corner copings for
curved copings see Fig D) and the uprights are equi-spaced across the pool width (see Fig C) A
and B

    Fig A                    Fig B                                                   Fig D

                                            The coping should be           Where curved corner
                                            dressed back locally (as       copings are installed the
                                            shown) to ensure the           roller must be positioned
                                            slats do not foul and can      farther forward to ensure
                                            run out and back freely.       the slats do not foul the
                                                                           curve of the copings.

                                                                   The stansions should be
                                                                   positioned such that they
                                                                   are entirely square to the
                                                     90o           pool.


    Fig C
Once the stansions are correctly positioned on the pool deck mark the four holes on each upright
footplate. Note: The holes should be marked accurately as any discrepancy will result in the roller
being out of true with pool which will cause the cover to roll and unroll incorrectly. Move the stan-
sions and drill 4 x 10mm holes ** deep and Push the fixings supplied into the drilled holes. Feed
the 24V cable from the control box into the column and pull it upwards and secure it temporarily
at the top of the column.
Copyright (c)                         Kryptonite Reel System                             Page 7
           Kryptonite Roller to Support Assembly
If the unit has a telescopic roller tube it will be necessary to assemble the roller prior to fitting it to
the motor. Telescopic rollers will be supplied with small (Inner tube) and larger (Outer tubes).
There are locking bars fitted to the large outer tubes which must be loosened to allow the smaller
tube to slide into the outer tube. Slide the tubes together and even up the overlap to each end
before tightening the screws to clamp the tubes together. Insert the motor and spacing collars
into one end of the roller and the axle spindle collar into the other end of the roller. Insert screws
through the roller tube into the collars to lock the assembly in place. See details Page 3 - 4.

                                        Cowel removed for clarity

                                     Rotate the motor so that the 2 adjustment screws are facing
                                     rearwards away from the pool. Locate the lower motor attach-
                                     ment spindle into the bottom hole of the support post bracket
                                     (As shown above), ensuring first that the plastic spacing collar
                                     is fitted to the shaft. (Axle tube omitted for clarity.)

                                  Cowel removed for clarity
                                                                     Plastic Clip Shown fitted.
                                                                     Note: Post removed for clarity

 Rotate the motor vertically to allow the attachment spindle
 to slide into the top slot of the support bracket. Once in
 place slide the packing support clip between the underside
 of the bracket and the top of the motor. Feed the motor
 cable through the hole situated beneath the motor attach-
 ment bracket.
Copyright (c)                          Kryptonite Reel System                                 Page 8
          Kryptonite Roller to Support Assembly
     Prior to fixing the non motor stan-
     sion firmly, slide the roller spindle
     into the fixed bush of the upright.
     Push the upright towards the roller
     and secure the deck fixings

                                             Once the footplate is fully
                                             secured fit the M16 nut to
                                             secure the axle spindle.

Copyright (c)                         Kryptonite Reel System               Page 9
                         Installing the Keylock
                                           Using a small screwdiver push the locking col-
                                           lar of the contactor block around to lock the
                                           contactor block onto the lock barrel. Connect
                                           the wires which are already secured to the
                                           contactor block to the power supply cables as
                                           shown in the wiring diagram.

     Installing the Cover and Adjusting the Motor

                           Motor to Axle        Motor Tube
                         attachment Boss

       Packing support

                                                       Travel limit

          Lower Spacer                                 Travel limit
                             Motor to Support
                              fixing Spindle
    Power Cable

Copyright (c)                  Kryptonite Reel System                         Page 10
     Installing the Cover and Adjusting the Motor
For the Radio remote control model connect the 24v DC supply cable directly to the motor cable
by means of the connector block supplied as per the wiring diagram on page 13.

For a Keyswitch model connect the 12V DC supply cable to keyswitch unit by means of the con-
nector block supplied as per the wiring diagram on page 14.

Power up the unit by connecting the 230V AC supply to the control panel and turn the supply on
via the isolator.

For the remote control unit press the reset button on the bottom of the control box, this will ener-
gise the motor which will inch rotate forward and backwards and return to its initial position.

Press the blue button on the back of the remote control unit which will initiate the remote and
also inch rotate the motor.

Press the Open button on the remote control - for the radio remote unit, or operate the keyswitch
- for the manual unit to drive the motors to its fully open position.

Note: The motor should rotate clockwise when viewed from the motor side with the pool basin to
your right.

If the motor revolves in the wrong diection simply reverse the two 24v DC wires in the control box
or in the support Stansion. The motor will stop as soon as it reaches its initial preset outward

Float the cover onto the pool water surface and attach it to the straps using the fixings supplied.

Operate the Close button of the remote control or turn the keyswitch on the manual model to
drive the motor and roller to its fully closed position. If the unit stops before the cover is fully
retracted or continues after the cover is fully wound on the roller then the limits need to be adjust-
ed by means of the + or - adjustment screws on the motor head using the supplied adjusting
tool. Note: Several full turns of the adjustment screws will rotate the roller approx 1 full turn.

The direction of travel and the limit is indicated by an arrow on the motor head.
Note: After adjusting the limit the motor should be rotated in the opposite direction for a short
while then stopped and operated in the adjusted direction of travel to check the new limit posi-
tion. Continue adjusting until the desired limit is reached. It should not be necessary to readjust
the outer limit!

Copyright (c)                        Kryptonite Reel System                              Page 11
                Electrical Control Wiring Diagram
                        Remote Operation

Copyright (c)             Kryptonite Reel System    Page 12
                Electrical Control Wiring Diagram
                       Keyswitch Operation

Copyright (c)             Kryptonite Reel System    Page 13
                Electrical Supply Requirements

     All Electrical connections must be undertaken by a suitably
          qualified electrician who should be Part P qualified
         to relevant parts of IEE regulations (Current edition).
The mains supply for the Bench Roller is 230V 50hZ Single Phase

The unit requires a Mains supply at 230V AC 50Hz and 12V SELV low voltage cables to be
installed from the Plant room or from the domestic consumer unit of the following sizes.

1.    Low Voltage Control Cable – 2 x 4mm2 for cable runs up to 15m
                                 2 x 6mm2 for cable runs from 15m to 30m

IMPORTANT: Mains cables should be installed in seperate trunking/Conduit to the 24v DC cables
to avoid interferance with the remote control radio transmission.

Copyright (c)                     Kryptonite Reel System                         Page 14
                             Unit G, Chalford Industrial Estate
                                        GL6 8NT

                                   Copyright (c) Aquamat
                  No part of this document may be copied in any manner
                including electronic means without the express prior written
                         consent of the copyright holder - Aquamat.
                                    Issue D - June 2008

Copyright (c)            Kryptonite Reel System                            Page 15

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