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									?Even though level term life insurance has emerged as a popular option, the original
form of life insurance is considered to be pure insurance protection, since it does not
build any cash value. The contrast between the permanent life insurance and the level
life insurance is not much and they function in a manner similar to most other types of
insurance. Hence this form of insurance satisfies claims against what is insured, only
if the premiums are up to date or the contract has not expired. The level term life
insurance is very similar to the annual renewable term insurance. This form of
insurance provides guaranteed level premium term life insurance. In such cases the
premium is guaranteed to be the same or static for a given period of years. Usually
this kind of insurance includes terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years and they remain
static through out the period.

Usually these level term programs have options for renewal and allow the insured to
renew the same with a maximum guaranteed rate. This is again applicable, only if the
insured period, is required to be extended. It is of significance here that the renewal
may or may not be guaranteed. Hence the insured should try and review their contract
to see if evidence or an understanding of insurability is required for renewing the
policy. Usually this clause is invoked only if the health of the insured gets worse
during the term and stops them from giving proof of insurability.

The Level term life Insurance includes a contract where the premium paid each year
remains the same, during the entire period of the contract. The total expenditure of the
insurance is based on the added cost of each year's annual renewable term rates. Some
of the costs, which are added here, include the time value of money adjustment, which
is made by the insurer. Hence it can be said that the longer the term the premium is
level for, the insured would get higher premiums. This happens because the older and
the more expensive ones to insure years are averaged out, into the premium.

Level term life Insurance is the term, which refers to term coverage where the face
value and premiums remain unchanged. This begins from the date the policy comes
into action and sustains till the date, when the policy expires. Since this insurance
policy stays level, the term level term life insurance has been used here. In a general
context, life insurance or term assurance is used for defining life insurance that offers
coverage for a limited period of time. This coverage is offered only during the
relevant term and once this is over, the insured can either drop the policy or pay
annually increasing premiums, which then continue the coverage. There are cases
when the insured dies during the term and in such contexts, the death benefit will be
paid to the beneficiary. This is one of the most inexpensive methods of purchasing a
substantial death benefit on a coverage amount per premium basis

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