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									The surgical masks are the main objective of preventing the spread of infectious
agents , protecting the patient and limiting the possibility of contamination.

They are designed to prevent the spread of microorganisms normally present in the
mouth, throat or nose. Offer protection to the surgical staff from contact with fluids
from splashing blood and / or potentially pathogenic in achieving cures and
interventions (endoscopy, suctioning, autopsies, timbering, major bleeding. etc..)

Besides " The mask prevents droplets of saliva or nasal secretions of
health contaminating the patient , should be used in patients in whom a plan is defined
droplet isolation. " as Dr. Daniel J. Sanchez Silva.

The surgical masks are the main barriers to protect the patient against possible
infection or contamination of exhaled microorganisms by medical personnel, and in turn
are a barrier to surgical personnel against possible splashing of fluids.

Dr. Michel Red Toledano, warns about the importance of surgical masks and its
responsible use, stating that "In the surgical mask surface material should be
considered contaminated and should be avoided contact even with gloved hands" .

The area covering the surgical masks s is vital and is one of the areas most exposed to
the possibility of contagion and contamination , inhalation or exhalation, therefore, its
use is without fault, to prevent any spread or contamination of infectious agents that
may impair the patient's health and cause infections in wounds.

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