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									                                                                         Curriculum Vitae

Xiaojuan Ma
   Work Address:      Department of Computer Science, 35 Olden St., Princeton NJ, 08544
   Email Address:     xm@cs.princeton.edu
   Phone:             (732)322-7158                    Fax:        (609)258-1771
   Homepage:          http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~xm

   PhD Candidate:     Computer Science, Princeton University         Sep. 2005 ~ present
   Advisor:           Perry Cook (Computer Science and also Music)
   MA:                Computer Science, Princeton University                   May 2007
   BS:                Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University     July 2005
   Minor:             English, Tsinghua University                             July 2005

Research Interest
   Visual languages and visual communication; audio analysis and applications in
   communication; visual/audio perception (empirical studies, statistical analysis); assistive
   technologies and related mobile/web applications; Image and Natural Language Processing;
   Machine Learning; Computer Vision; Computer Graphics

Research and Projects
   1. Subject:    Using Icons to Cross Language and Cultural Barriers in Medical Care
      Advisor:    Prof. Perry Cook and Prof. Marilyn Tremaine              Feb. 2009 ~ Present
      Work:       Investigated how people perceive iconic and animated illustration of medical
                  terminologies, and developed a web-based popup iconic medical dictionary.
   2. Subject:    SoundNet: WordNet Extension with Non-speech Audio
      Advisor:    Prof. Perry Cook and Prof. Christiane Fellbaum          Sep. 2008 ~ Present
      Work:       Investigated the potential of conveying concepts with non-speech audio,
                  built SoundNet, sound-enhanced WordNet. Assessed the possibility of
                  common words as expressed by audio, automatically generate standardized
                  soundnails. Part of Online Multimedia Library Application (OMLA) research.
   3. Subject:    AphasiaFox: online Popup Pictorial Dictionary & Multimedia Library
      Advisor:    Prof. Perry Cook                                       Jan. 2008 ~ Sep. 2008
      Work:       Designed, implemented, and evaluated a web-based browser extension
                  application that provides visual dictionary support for web browsing, for
                  people with language disability or other language learning requirements. In
                  addition, a sidebar multimedia library allows users to customize the
                  application, share resources, and expand the dictionary.
   4. Subject:    Aphasia Project: Visualizing Verbs with Videos for Communication
      Advisor:    Prof. Perry Cook                                      Mar. 2007 ~ Sep. 2008
      Work:       Created a video database illustrating most frequently used verbs to support
                  daily communication for people with aphasia. Assessed the effectiveness of
                  such video representations in comparison with three other visual stimuli,
                  analyzed possible influential lexical properties and embedded visual factors,

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                                                                        Curriculum Vitae

                  developed guidelines on creation and modification of verb representations.
                  Part of Online Multimedia Library Application (OMLA) research.
   5. Subject:    Aphasia Project: Visualizing Nouns (Images versus Icons)
      Advisor:    Prof. Perry Cook                                       Aug. 2006 ~ Mar. 2007
      Work:       Explored the efficacy of different visual representations (web images versus
                  stylized icons) for different parts of speech, mainly nouns, to assist
                  nonlinguistic communication for people with language impairment. Part of
                  the research on Online Multimedia Library Application (OMLA).
   6. Subject:    WordNet Project
      Advisor:    Prof. Dan Osherson and Prof. Christiane Fellbaum        Jan. 2006 ~ May 2007
      Work:       Designed ImageNet, an extension of WordNet by associating images with
                  synsets. Applied image information to WordNet for measuring semantic
                  similarity. Used WordNet for document matching.
   7. Subject:    Aphasia Project: ESI-Planner II
      Advisor:    Prof. Maria Klawe                                      Sep. 2005 ~ Aug. 2006
      Work:       Developed LgLite software on computer and ESI Planner II software on PDA.
                  Desktop-PDA system to help people with aphasia create and manage
                  appointments on a PDA.

Professional and Teaching Experiences
   1. Guest talk                                                                    May 2009
       “When Words are not Enough --- Online Multimedia Language Assistant for People with
       Aphasia” at the Computer Graphics Seminar in University College of London
   2. Planning Committee                                                      September 2008
       New Jersey World Usability Day 2008
   3. Presenter and volunteer                                                 September 2007
       New Jersey World Usability Day 2007
   4. Student supervisor                                               June 2008 ~ Sep. 2008
       Summer Programming Experience, for freshmen with little programming practice:
       “Non-Speech Audio Feature Extraction, Classification, and Visualization.”
   5. Student supervisor                                                Jan. 2008 ~ May 2008
       Undergraduate Senior Independent Work: “AphasiaFox: A Firefox Extension of a Popup
       Pictorial Dictionary for People with Aphasia.”
   6. Summer Research Internship                                       June 2007 ~ Aug. 2007
       In the Department of Psychology and the Department of Computer Science at the
       University of British Columbia: “Visual Verbs for Young and Old Adults.”
   7. Internship                                                       Sep. 2006 ~ Mar. 2007
       In Educational Testing Service (ETS) User Experience Group
   8. Teaching Assistant                                               Feb. 2007 ~ May 2007
       COS333 Advanced Programming Techniques
   9. Teaching Assistant                                               Sep. 2006 ~ Mar. 2007
       Human-Computer Interface Technology
   10. Computer tutor                                                  June 2006 ~ June 2007
       For senior people with cognitive disabilities

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                                                                     Curriculum Vitae

   1. Xiaojuan Ma, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Sonya Nikolova, and Perry Cook. Speaking Through
      Pictures: Images vs. Icons In Proc. ASSETS09 (to appear), ACM Press, October 2009
   2. Xiaojuan Ma. An Online Multimedia Language Assistant for People with Aphasia
      and Other Language Barriers ASSETS09 Doctoral Consortium (to appear), 2009.
   3. Xiaojuan Ma, Sonya Nikolova, and Perry Cook. W2ANE: When Words Are Not Enough
      – Online Multimedia Language Assistant for People with Aphasia In Proc. ACM
      Multimedia 2009, ACM Press (to appear), October 2009
   4. Xiaojuan Ma and Perry Cook. How Well do Visual Verbs Work in Daily
      Communication for Young and Old Adults? In Proc. CHI2009, ACM Press, April 2009
   5. Xiaojuan Ma and Perry Cook. Creating and Evaluating a Video Vocabulary for
      Communicating Verbs for Different Age Groups (Extended Abstract). In Proc.
      ASSETS08, ACM Press, October 2008
   6. Sonya Nikolova and Xiaojuan Ma. Mobile Communication Support for People with
      Speech and Language Disabilities. ACL-2008 Workshop on Mobile Language
      Processing, June 2008

Prizes & Honors
   1.   Best Undergraduate Student Award by the city of Beijing, China        July 2005
   2.   Best Undergraduate Student Award by Tsinghua University               July 2005
   3.   Beihai Guo Fa Company Scholarship by Tsinghua University         November 2004
   4.   Sony Scholarship by Tsinghua University                          November 2003
   5.   Wei Lun Scholarship by Tsinghua University                       November 2002
   6.   Best student Award in Electronic Working Technology Practice        August 2002
   7.   Second Place in National Physics Competition for University Students May 2002
   8.   Excellent Student Scholarship by Tsinghua University            September 2001

Social Activities
   1.   Member of GEA (Princeton Graduate Engineering Ambassadors)         2006 ~ present
   2.   Member of CSGC (Computer Science Graduate College) in Princeton 2005 ~ present
   3.   Volunteer for hurricane relief in Ocean Spring, MS                     March 2007
   4.   Student volunteer for Grace Hopper Conference 2006                   October 2006
   5.   Member of Water Watch in Princeton                           Sep. 2005 ~ May 2007
   6.   Vice president and group leader of a student community       Sep. 2004 ~ May 2005
   7.   Volunteer teacher for disabled and Homeless children in China   March ~ May 2004
   8.   Member of the Undergraduate Student Union of Class 2001, CS, Tsinghua University

Skills and Qualifications
   Programming Languages:
      C/C++, Java, Python, Matlab, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, XML, SQL
   Developing Tools and Evaluation Tools:
      Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, FrontPage, Matlab, MySQL, SPSS, R
   Language:     Mandarin, English, and Cantonese

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