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Lee Teck Meng
IT Architect
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
What is OpenSolaris?
OpenSolaris; The Distribution
Cool stuff in OpenSolaris
Sun xVM VirtualBox
What is OpenSolaris?
Some History ...
  Solaris is a proprietary UNIX system by
  Sun Microsystems
  Solaris is widely regarded for it's
  Open Sourced in June 2005 under the
  CDDL license as OpenSolaris
  Community at “"
  Extreme innovation

What is OpenSolaris?
A new operating system distribution, based on
the source code of Solaris

                      Releases: 2008.05, 2008.11
                      Open source
                      Free to use
                      Easy to try
                      Supported by Sun
                      Still rock solid, road tested
                      Solaris at the base

Easy to Acquire
    sti abl C
R edi rbut e  D
      Sol i 10                   ars
                          O penSol i

         6  D s              ngl C
                            Si e  D

                               r orSies
                             M ir   t
                         Sun  ow nl   C   er
                                   oad  ent

      D     oad  ent
   Sun  ow nl  C    er       l e      yw
                         A vaiabl Ever here

Easy to Install

    • Si plfed nst land 
       m ii i al       upgrade
    • Localzed  aphi  nst l  
           i  gr   cali aler
    • Aut at basi syst  
        om es             i aton
                c  em confgur i

Easy to Maintain
 Image Packaging System

  Easy to administer
  Easy to package
  for the developer
  Determine, control
  and resolve dependencies
  Rapid delivery of fixes
  Upgrade and rollback with ZFS snapshots
Easy to Use
 Familiar GNU user environment
 window system
 Built-in developer tools
 Optimized Web 2.0
 deployment packages

OpenSolaris Repositories
 Community              Sun            Subscription
                    Free Sun and 3rd        Bug
 Latest Releases     Party Binaries        Fixes
  3rd Party Open       Developer          Security
 Source Packages       Showcase           Updates
  Community Open       Partner             Back
  Source Packages     Marketplace          Ports
  Current Release                          Early
      Updates                             Access
Existing Repositories
   Stable OpenSolaris and supported Free SW
      updated every 6 month with new OpenSolaris release
      critical bug fixes
   Development builds of OpenSolaris
      updated every 2 weeks with new builds
   OpenSource SW contributed by the community

Feedback is always critical!
 .... because NOBODY writes perfect code
 Report or diagnose bugs
 Lookup and query bugs

Cool Stuff in OpenSolaris
Solaris ZFS                              File

    End-to End               Immense
   Data Integrity          Data Capacity

  64-bit checksums           World’s first
   Copy-on-write          128-bit file system

     Easier                   Huge
  Administration        Performance Gains
Pooled storage model–
 no volume manager      Especially architected
Move volumes between          for speed
Copy-on-Write and Transactional

                                                                                    Original Data

                                                                                      New Data

                       Initial block tree          Writes a copy of some changes

Original Pointers                                                                  New Uber-block

New Pointers

                Copy-on-write of indirect blocks     Rewrites the Uber-block
ZFS Snapshots

    ovi a ead­ y  nti tm e 
  Pr de  r                     offl syst
              onl poi ­n­i copy   ie  em
  Copy-on-write makes them essentially “free”
  Very space efficient – only changes are tracked
  And instantaneous – just doesn't delete the copy
Snapshot Uber-block                        New Uber-block

                                                r   a
                                            C ur entD at
Self-Healing Data
   can  ectbad  a  ng 
ZFS    det                       and 
               dat usi checksum s 
     ” he  a  ng t m r or copy.
 “heal t dat usi is  ir ed 
      i i
   Applcaton                  i i
                           Applcaton                   i i

      M r or
   ZFS  ir                   M r or
                          ZFS  ir                     M r or
                                                   ZFS  ir

  Detects Bad Data   Gets Good Data from Mirror   “Heals” Bad Copy
OpenSolaris Time Slider
The Power of ZFS in a New Intuitive User Interface

  Automatic backup of data on
  the same disc using the
  unique ZFS filesystem feature
  Browse and recover files from
  snapshot backups using the GNOME file manager
DTrace; “the One True Tool.”
                 Framework introduced in
                 Solaris 10
                 Dynamically interpreted
                 language allows for arbitrary
                 actions and predicates
                 Can instrument at both user-
                 level and kernel-level
                 DTrace is designed for use
                 on production systems
                 Problems solved in minutes
                 not days
                 No code changes required
What is instrumentation??
 Question: How do you typically do
 #ifdef DEBUG
  printf(“Value of Q: %d”, Q);

 Question: What do you need to do to add new
 Answer: edit, compile, link........

 What if you could do this dynamically, both on the
 system and on your own code??
The DTrace Revolution
 DTrace tightens the diagnosis loop:

    hypothesis → instrumentation → data gathering
    →     analysis → hypothesis ........

 Tightened loop effects a revolution in the way
 we diagnose transient failure
OpenSolaris Distro Constructor
  Create custom bootable images with your
  collection of software and settings
     Simple xml based software list
        Add SW using IPS,
        Add non IPS SW (SVr4 pkg format)
     Custom post install scripts
        Customize image with local configurations
     Creates iso and usb images

              #distro_const build slim_cd.xml

OpenSolaris – What else?
 Trusted extension
 GNOME 2.24
 Firefox 3.0
 Songbird 1.0.0 beta
 Open Office 3.0 *
 Thunderbird 2.0 + Lightning
 Pidgin 2.5.3
 Tracker 0.6.6
 XChat 2.8.6
 Ekiga 3.0
 Flashplayer 9/10
Sun xVM VirtualBox
Sun xVM VirtualBox
 It's a desktop
 virtualization tool
 Suitable for
 Developers or End
 Runs on many OSes
 Runs many OSes as
 VirtualBox is Free – go,
 download and try!
Sun xVM VirtualBox

             Guest Platforms

            Sun xVM VirtualBox

             Host Platforms

             x86 Hardware
Time for some demos
  Explore the learning opportunities
  Get the guides and videos
  Join the communities
  Make your mark; help shape
  the next generation of the Solaris OS
  Connect with Sun distinguished engineers
  and other leading lights of the OpenSolaris
OpenSolaris. Start It Up!
   Get It           Experience It        Install It

   Available          Live CD           Easy
   everywhere                           Graphical
                      See the best
   Smaller faster     in OpenSolaris,   Supported on
   download           risk free         ~1000 systems
                                        Runs in popular
    Take a Free OpenSolaris
Online course – Get a Certificate!
Get trained and certified!
 Get started with “How to” guides
 Get trained with
   at no cost in the frame of SAI

 ... or get trained for free
 Get certified

If you need help
 Mailing lists
 web forums

OpenSolaris: Get in NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

OpenSolaris: Get it. Use it. Learn it. Be Brilliant.
   Thank You.

Lee Teck Meng
IT Architect

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