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					PRIMERGY ServerView Suite

  Update Management
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  Update Management
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1        Update Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

1.1      Overview of the Update Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
1.2      GlobalFlash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
1.3      PrimeUp     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
1.4      PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Update CD for Windows . . . 11

Update Management
1          Update Management
With the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite, you are assured of excellent support for
installation, administration and restoration throughout the life cycle of your
PRIMERGY servers. For the administration, products are available for
integration right through to the maintenance process.


          Integration                                         Management


Figure 1: Administration with the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite

The Update Management of the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite offers the
administrator a convenient option for updating various components of the
servers. There are various reasons why server components need to be
updated, including to provide new functions or services, to perform regular
maintenance, or to eliminate security/system problems. You control the
updating of the monitored servers and server groups centrally from a
management server. Even a very large number of servers can be kept up-to-
date, also remotely. The objective is successful, cost-effective updating of your
PRIMERGY servers, adjusted to your requirements and with minimum inter-

Update Management                                                               5
                                                             Update Management

The following are available for the maintenance process:
– GlobalFlash, for the initial installation of drivers and add-on products, and to
  update the BIOS, firmware, drivers, ServerView agents and GlobalFlash
  agents, see section “GlobalFlash” on page 9.
– PrimeUp, to update the driver software of servers, see section “PrimeUp” on
  page 11.
– Bootable Update CD (PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Update CD for
  Windows), to update the BIOS and firmware, see section “PRIMERGY
  ServerView Suite Update CD for Windows” on page 11.
– Download Manager, for automatic downloading of the information files and
  update files for system software components from the FSC Web server, see
  page 10.

Interaction with PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Asset Management
With the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Asset Management you can take
inventory of all server components in your network before you update them.
This module gives you information on the current status of your servers and
recommendations for necessary updates.
The following programs are available for Asset Management:
– Inventory Manager, to record and analyze server data,
– Archive Manager, to update server data.
Further information is provided in a separate document on Asset Management.

Availability of the documentation
The documentation on GlobalFlash, PrimeUp, the Download Manager and
Bootable Update CD, as well as further documentation on the PRIMERGY
ServerView Suite, is available on the ServerBooks CD and online at:

6                                                                Update Management
Update Management                                                   Overview

1.1       Overview of the Update Management
The following two tables give you a general overview of the Update
Management components. The first table contains information on how to install,
call up and operate the components, while the second assigns the update data
used and the updateable server components to the individual components.

Component              Installation       Operation          Called from
Download Manager       via ServerView     Graphical user     ServerView S2
                       installation       interface
GlobalFlash            via own            Graphical user     ServerView S2
                       installation       interface and
                       package            Command Line
PrimeUp                via own            Command Line       Command line
                       installation       Interface
Bootable Update CD              -         Selection menu     Boot from the
                                                             Update CD for

Update Management                                                            7
Overview                                            Update Management

Component           Update data used               Server components
GlobalFlash         Update and information files   Updates BIOS,
                    downloaded from the FSC Web    firmware, ServerView
                    server by the Download         and GlobalFlash
                    Manager, from PRIMERGY         agents, drivers
                    ServerView Suite Update CD
                    for Windows or Internet
PrimeUp             PRIMERGY Support Package       Updates drivers,
                    and PRIMERGY Update Set        ServerView agents
                    from the FSC Web Server or
                    the PRIMERGY ServerView
                    ServerStart DVD
Bootable Update CD On PRIMERGY ServerView          Updates BIOS,
                   Suite Update CD for Windows     firmware
                   (Bootable Update CD)

I The Download Manager provides update and information files from the
      FSC Web server.

8                                                      Update Management
Update Management                                                      Overview

1.2       GlobalFlash
GlobalFlash enables drivers and add-on products to be installed for the first time
and the BIOS, firmware, drivers, ServerView agents and GlobalFlash agents to
be updated.
GlobalFlash offers various processes which enable the system components of
PRIMERGY servers to be updated:
– Online Update
  You can use this process for the initial installation of drivers and add-on
  products, as well as to update the BIOS, firmware, drivers, ServerView
  agents and GlobalFlash agents on multiple PRIMERGY servers simulta-
  neously. It is controlled via a management server.
– Offline Update via Service Partition
  The updating of the PRIMERGY servers in the network is controlled from a
  central management server. When the operating system was installed, a
  DOS service partition was set up on the individual servers via ServerStart,
  in which the actual update process is performed.
– Offline Update via PXE Server
  The update of the PRIMERGY servers is controlled centrally by a
  management server in the network. A PXE server (normally one PXE server
  for all the servers that are to be updated) is assigned to the managed
  servers, and the servers then implement their PXE boot via this.
– Offline Update via TFTP Server
  This procedure is used to update PRIMERGY system components which
  cannot be updated using the update tools available under Windows, Linux
  or DOS either at all or only with great effort, or to update autonomous
  hardware systems on which none of these three operating systems runs.
  These system components and hardware systems are updated via a
  GlobalFlash agent of the type TFTP Server.
A graphical user interface (only under Windows) and a command interface
(under Windows and Linux) are available to you to implement the update.

Update Management                                                                9
Overview                                                   Update Management

Access to update data
For the PRIMERGY servers to be updated, the relevant update data must be
available in an update repository which GlobalFlash can access. This update
repository is located in two places:
1. In the download area of the Fujitsu Siemens Computers Web server.
     From this area you download the data either with the Download Manager
     (automatic download) or via manual download into a directory on the
     management server which will be accessed during the update.
2. In the Firmware directory on the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Update CD
   for Windows or the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Update CD for Linux, a
   new version of which comes out every two months.
     During the update, this CD can be accessed directly, so it is not necessary
     to copy the data onto the management server.
With the help of the Download Manager, you can automate the identification and
downloading of the latest data for an update with GlobalFlash. All you do is
define via a graphical user interface when and how often download tasks are to
be performed for specific servers. The necessary data is then automatically
stored in the update repository you have specified on the management server.

10                                                            Update Management
Update Management                                                        PrimeUp

1.3       PrimeUp
PrimeUp is an installation tool for unattended updating of driver software and
ServerView agents locally on the managed server.
The update data is provided in special PRIMERGY Support Packages on the
FSC Web server or the PRIMERGY ServerView ServerStart DVD. With
PrimeUp you first create a list of updates due for your server. The driver
software is then installed according to a generated installation list. The required
system reboots are performed automatically. As with GlobalFlash, the rollback
function enables you to return to the previous software status.

1.4       PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Update CD for
In addition to its previous function - as a data CD on which you can find the
update repository with the update data for the GlobalFlash - the PRIMERGY
ServerView Suite Update CD for Windows now has another function:
From ServerStart CD 5.506 you can boot a managed server from the Bootable
Update CD (PRIMERGY ServerView Suite Update CD for Windows) and use
an additional update function. The Bootable Update CD recognizes the type of
the PRIMERGY server and lists all updateable components. These components
can be updated locally on the managed server.
The Bootable Update CD enables the firmware for various server components
and the server BIOS to be updated locally on the managed server before
installing the operating system.

Update Management                                                               11

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