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          Information Sheet
           September 2007
The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid
dissemination of social science research and has a number of specialized
networks in each social science, including the Legal Scholarship Network.

Each SSRN network encourages the early distribution of research results by
publishing submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research
papers around the world. They have hundreds of journals, publishers and
institutions that provide working papers for distribution through SSRN’s
eLibrary and abstracts for publication in SSRN’s electronic journals.

The SSRN consists of two parts: an Abstract Database that contains abstracts on
over 133,100 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic
Paper Collection that currently contains over 103,600 papers in downloadable
full text PDF format. The eLibrary also contains research papers from a number
of Fee Based Partner Publications. Subscribers receive email alerts when papers
are distributed through the various SSRN networks.

To Subscribe:

Go to
Click Subscribe
Click on the network site license for Legal Scholarship Network
Click on “join an existing site” on the second line
Fill in your email address and SUBMIT
You will receive an email from SSRN with your User id and Password
Click on the link in the email to access the site
Enter your User ID and Password and SUBMIT
Check the Legal Scholarship Network and SUBMIT
You will receive an email from SSRN notifying you that your subscription has
been approved.

Submitting your papers on SSRN

Go to the SSRN homepage at and sign in, then link to My Papers
on the left side of your page, then on to “Start new submission” center top.

Instructions for posting papers on SSRN (adapted from information on the SSRN
You will need the following information to complete this process:
   •   Abstract
   •   Electronic paper as PDF format
   •   Names, contact information (email and postal addresses, voice and fax
       numbers), and affiliations for all authors not in the SSRN database
   •   Name of contact author and person to contact for hard copy, if different
   •   Journal citation (for accepted and forthcoming papers)
   •   The owner of the copyright for the abstract and the paper

You can begin to submit your paper/abstract and stop at any of the 7 steps noted
below. You must click the SAVE button at the bottom of each page to have your
information saved in your workspace in our system. You can then return to your
paper submission and complete it when you have the remaining information.

The SSRN Online Submission Module Process

The submission process proceeds in the following 7 steps:

       1. Abstract
       2. Reference
       3. Authors
       4. Paper
       5. Classification
       6. Review
       7. Submission

   •   The steps are represented in the "breadcrumbs" that run across the top of
       the windows of your browser.
   •   You must enter at least the title of the paper in step one and save it to have
       access to the rest of the submission steps.
   •   You can move through the steps by hitting the SAVE button at the bottom
       of each step or by selecting a breadcrumb at the top or bottom of the
       browser page.
   •   Each time you click on a SAVE button your work on that page is saved and
       you can come back to the submission process later to complete it.
   •   IMPORTANT: Your paper is not submitted for inclusion in the SSRN
       public library/database until you have completed all 7 steps and clicked on
       the "Submit to SSRN" button in the final submission.
   •   Once you submit your paper, you will receive a URL, and the paper will be
       downloadable from that URL.
   •   After you have submitted your paper, SSRN staff will review it for
       completeness. If you request that it be Publicly Available in the SSRN
       eLibrary we will also ensure it is part of the worldwide scholarly discourse
       and that it is classified for any relevant SSRN email abstracting journals.
       Then it will be searchable in the eLibrary. You will be notified by email
       when your abstract and/or paper has been approved and become
       searchable in the public SSRN eLibrary. If you request Private
       Distribution, it will only be available on your My Papers page and available
       to whom you give the URL.
   •   Please contact SSRN at or 877-SSRNHELP
       (877.777.6435) if you have not heard from SSRN staff within 7 days.

Additional Points

JEL classification: You will be asked to classify your paper – simply link
through the JEL hyperlink and choose the one you think is most appropriate, but
this is NOT required as part of the submission process. You may also elect to
have SSRN do this for you.

Copyright Permission: You must indicate that you as an author hold
sufficient rights to post the abstract and/or the paper (if it has been accepted for

Uploading the paper: It MUST be in PDF format and the filename should not
contain any spaces. Click the browse button to locate the paper on your
computer and click “save”.

Review all information carefully before submitting.

To select of change your subscriptions on SSRN:

From, sign in and link to Subscriptions on the left side of your
screen. Select the Network you want to join (Legal Scholarship Network) and
then select the journals you are interested in receiving via email.

To search for papers on SSRN

From the frontpage at link to “Search” at the near the top of your
screen. Search using either keywords in the title or the abstract or using the
authors name. Downloads are free.

Questions about SSRN? Contact Adeen Postar at or
Susan Lewis-Somers at

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