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									                                                                                Leslie C. Wood

Leslie C. Wood, Writer
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer/Business
                                                         Strong technical writing, business
Writer/Editor/Communications Specialist with              writing, editing, corporate
over 20 years of experience. Areas of expertise:          communications, and instructional
user guides, software and hardware                        design expertise including software
documentation, case studies, white papers,                documentation for: banking, endpoint
training materials, educational courses,                  vulnerability management, e-mail
functional specs, operations manuals, internal            monitoring, database auditing and
and external articles, process documents, web             reporting, measuring and reporting on
site content, and marketing materials.                    internal controls and procedures, risk
                                                          assessment, security systems, database
                                                          and application monitoring, database
Education                                                 processing tools, healthcare network
        Bachelor’s degree in Business                    reporting systems, network compare
                                                          analysis, SAP R/3, and SAP-CRM
         Management and Marketing from Rutgers
         University. Served as editor-in-chief of
         the University's literary magazine and as       Adept at turning technical concepts into
         a staff writer for the University's              clear, concise copy that resonates with
         newspaper. Received two writing awards.          target audiences
                                                         Ability to quickly grasp complex subject
        Certificate in Web site Design and
                                                          matter and write content in a similar
         Development including courses in HTML            tone and style
         4, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop from
         Temple University. Completed all the            Experience with facilitating and
         core courses in Journalism and Public            managing processes to ensure that the
                                                          highest priority enhancement/changes
         Relations. Received a photography
                                                          are included in deliverables
        Completed courses in desktop publishing,
         graphic design, web site design, photography, and HTML from Moore College of Art and

Technical Skills
       MS Word            MS Excel             RoboHelp             DreamWeaver
       SAP R/3            SAP CRM              MS PowerPoint        Web Studio 4.0
       MS FrontPage       MS Publisher         QuarkXpress          PhotoShop
       Adobe PageMaker    Adobe Acrobat Pro    PhotoImpression      Windows 2000,XP,NT


UniQode                                                     Sept 2009 – Nov 2009
Web Site Content Writer/Editor
        Created web site content for an international software localization firm.

Leslie C. Wood, Resume                                                   lcw@writer4u.com
www.writer4u.com                                                             215-563-0220
                                                                             Leslie C. Wood

DJK Associates, Inc.                                       June 2009 – Aug 2009
Web Site Designer
      Created a nine page web site for a Boston, MA based Traffic Engineering and
       Transportation Planning firm. Responsible design, layout, graphics, and content.

MioSoft Corp.                                               Oct 2008 – Aug 2009
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
    Create user guides, quick start guides, and training materials for various software
       applications specializing in distributed and parallel data systems, data processing tools,
       and data services.
    MioSoft is an industry leader in providing reliable and cost-effective Software as a
       Service (SaaS) data solutions.

Neat Receipts                                              Jun 2008 – Sep 2008
Technical Writer/Communications Specialist
      Created web-based video scripts and storyboards for proprietary software applications
       and the hardware used to access the software.

M. Davis & Co.                                           Mar 2008 – Present
    Edit and rewrite healthcare, transportation, consumer, and business-to-business
       marketing reports and studies a national marketing research and consulting firm.

Consortium Health Plans                                    May 2008 – Sep 2008
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer                    Dec 2007 - Feb 2008
      Created software documentation for two proprietary software products for a leading,
       market-responsive organization targeting the health care industry.
      Created white papers and product briefs.

Walker Parking Consultants
Web Content Specialist                                     Mar 2008 – May 2008
      Created web site content for a leading architectural and engineering firm.

TeleSciences                                               Feb 2008 – Apr 2008
Communications Specialist/White Paper Author
      Created white papers for a leading provider of integrated data analysis software for the
       telecommunications industry.

SAP America                                                Aug 2007 - Nov 2007
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer                    Jan 2005 – Mar 2005
                                                           Nov 2001 – Feb 2002
      Developed e-learning courses for various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
       modules including SAP-CRM.

Leslie C. Wood, Resume                                                 lcw@writer4u.com      -2-
www.writer4u.com                                                           215-563-0220
                                                                            Leslie C. Wood

InGrid, Inc.                                                Jun 2007 – Aug 2007
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
      Developed user and installation guides for a wireless, digital, home security system.

Ripple Technologies, Inc.                                   Mar 2007 – May 2007
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer                     Sep 2007 – Dec 2007
      Created software documentation for a database and application monitoring solution as
       well as an enterprise solution for protecting the integrity of enterprise data.

SoftTree Technologies, Inc.                                 Jan 2007 – Mar 2007
Technical Writer/Editor
      Developed case studies for a New York-based technology company specializing in the
       development of database auditing software.

Independence Blue Cross (IBC)                               Mar 2006 – Mar 2007
Communications Specialist/Technical Writer                  Nov 2007 – Dec 2007
      Developed corporate communications materials for a corporate-wide, multi-million
       dollar technology initiative. Responsible for gathering all project requirements.
      Created an Underwriting user guide.

Franklin Electronic Publishers                              Oct 2005 – Feb 2006
Technical Writer/Editor/Instructional Designer
      Developed functional specifications for handheld eBooks including a Japanese/English
       device designed for Japanese speaking professionals and a Spanish/English device.
      Wrote functional spec for new OS. Responsible for gathering project requirements.

Jupiter Media & Internet.com                                Jan 1999 – Present
Technology Columnist
      Write a monthly emerging technology column on a freelance basis.

Faulkner Information Services                               Jan 1999 – Present
Technology White Paper Author
      Contribute technology based white papers on a freelance basis.
      Faulkner provides in-depth technology information services to public and private sector
       organizations worldwide.

Bentley Systems, Inc.                                       Jul 2005 – Oct 2005
Technical Writer/Editor/Instructional Designer
      Developed content for SAP-CRM end-user training guides and documentation. Worked
       with SMEs to prepare instructor-led courses in SAP-CRM.
      Created documentation standards and taxonomies.
      Bentley provides software for the lifecycle of the world’s infrastructure. The
       company’s comprehensive portfolio for the building, plant, civil, and geospatial
       verticals spans architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and operations.

Leslie C. Wood, Resume                                                lcw@writer4u.com         -3-
www.writer4u.com                                                          215-563-0220
                                                                           Leslie C. Wood

Aetna, Inc.                                                Jun 2004 – Dec 2005
Technical Writer/Editor/Communications Specialist
      Assisted in the planning, development, writing, and editing of technical white papers
       and PP presentations.
      Created and maintained content standards and taxonomies, prepared work plans,
       developed templates and style guides.

Fiberlink, Inc.                                            Jun 2004 – Jun 2005
Technical Writer/Communications Specialist
      Developed and wrote technical white papers, case studies, sell sheets, software
       documentation, release notes, user guides, and online help (using RoboHelp).
      Created various marketing materials including press releases, brochures, sell sheets,
       and presentations.

Philadelphia Inquirer                                      Oct 1998 – Nov 2004
Technology/Business Writer
      Contributed business & Technology articles as well as book reviews on a freelance basis
       for a major newspaper.

Right Management Consultants, Inc.                         Aug 2002 – Oct 2002
Technology/Business Writer/Editor
      Developed and wrote business management case studies.
      Right Management develops and delivers career transition services, and provides human
       resources consulting services.

CIGNA                                                      Feb 2002 – May 2002
Technical Writer/Communications Specialist
      Developed technical process documents. Refined existing training materials and end
       user courses. Created a corporate-wide Process Asset Library. Worked with SMEs.

New York University (NYU)                                  Dec 2000 – Jan 2002
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
      Created two Web-based post-graduate courses in e-business and training corporate
       trainers. Worked with an object- oriented Web-based authoring tool.

Research for Better Schools (RBS)                          Dec 1999 – Sep 2001
Technology Writer/Communications Specialist
      Developed Web site content, created and wrote monthly newsletter and magazine,
       contributed articles to external and internal publications, developed brochures, press
       releases, and presentation copy. Coordinated special events. RBS is a private, nonprofit
       educational organization designed to assist schools and other education organizations
       to improve student learning, teacher content, and operational effectiveness.

Leslie C. Wood, Resume                                                lcw@writer4u.com     -4-
www.writer4u.com                                                          215-563-0220
                                                                            Leslie C. Wood

Pro2Net                                                     Feb 1997 – Jun 2001
Technology/Business Writer
      Wrote two monthly columns titled Technology and Business Solutions. Developed
       industry case studies. Pro2Net is an online information resource center.

Philly Tech magazine                                        Oct 1998 – Apr 2001
Technology/Business Writer
      Wrote monthly articles on technology and business related issues.

Campbell Soup Company                                       Aug 1999 – Jan 2001
Technical Writer/Editor/Communications Specialist
      Created content for company-wide Y2K communications effort. Developed and wrote
       articles for internal and external publications as well as Web site content.
      Responsible for creating project processes and requirements. Developed marketing
       collateral to drive the sales process.

The BISYS Group, Inc.                                       Jun 1999 – Aug 1999
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
      Created software documentation for Data Connection, a Y2K-compliant proprietary
       software product for the transmission of payroll (MSC) and census data.
      Developed methodologies, standards, guidelines, and project requirements. BISYS is
       one of the nation’s largest leading independent life insurance brokerage companies.

Industri-Matematik International (IMI)                      Sep 1998 – Sep 1999
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
      Developed training manuals and educational courses for ERP modules. Created
       methodologies, standards, guidelines, and project requirements.
      IMI is an international provider of high-performance supply chain solutions for
       distribution-intensive companies within the retail value chain.

I/G OpenWare, Inc.                                          Oct 1998 – Jan 1999
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
      Developed software documentation and user guides for several applications including
       an e-mail and banking application. Developed methodologies, standards, instructional
       design reviews, and project processes.

UNISYS                                                      Aug 1998 – Oct 1998
Technical/Business Writer
      Developed marketing materials for newly created Unisys University.

CIGNA                                                       Mar 1998 – Sep 1998
Technical Writer/Communications Specialist
      Developed training materials and tools for various business divisions to ensure on-going
       communications concerning a distributed computing strategy/year 2000 initiative.

Leslie C. Wood, Resume                                                 lcw@writer4u.com     -5-
www.writer4u.com                                                           215-563-0220
                                                                                Leslie C. Wood

PriceWaterhouse Coopers                                         Feb 1997 – Mar 1998
Technical Writer/Instructional Designer
        Wrote, edited, and completed instructional design reviews for SAP R/3 computer based
         training CD’s. Developed assessment questions for all SAP R/3 modules. Developed
         methodologies and standards. Worked with proprietary authoring tool.

       Hank Gruenberg        Vice President        Tokyo Marine, LTD.   (646) 229-3456
       Terry Austin          Strategic Architect   Aetna                (215) 775-2386
       Tony Ruger            Systems Specialist    RippleTech, Inc.     (610)-862-4000 x315

Samples: Writing samples are available on my web site at: http://www.writer4u.com


Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences
Member of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Member of the National Geographical Society
Member of the Sierra Club
Member of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
* Resume Last Updated November 2009

Leslie C. Wood, Resume                                                    lcw@writer4u.com    -6-
www.writer4u.com                                                              215-563-0220

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