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									Coaching Dynamic Play in

         Pete Steinberg
     Game Development Officer
              Elite Player
Characteristics of Elite Players
• Physical fitness
• Mental toughness/confidence
• Technical skills
• Understanding of the game
• Decision-making
Decision-making is the key to playing at an
 elite level. It allows you to apply your
 technical skills at the right time. To be
 able to make good decisions you need to
 understand how the game of rugby works.
    Decision-Making Process
You are either making decisions and playing
 with PURPOSE or you are not thinking
 and playing rugby by accident.

     Recognition   Assessment   Decision   Execution
  Passing backwards creates unique structures in rugby

                                                          Offside line
   Possession                                             Gain line

                                                         Tackle Line

                                                          Attack Line
Principles of Play - Offense

               Go Forward

    Pressure                 Support

    The Smart Rugby Player
• Thinking during the game
• Understands how the game works –
• Willing to stretch – be risky
• Adjusts strategy on the fly
• Helps others recognize
• Challenges current strategies
          Goals of Continuity
• Retaining possession through each engagement
  with the defense in order to continue the attack.

• In the ideal scenario, one could avoid all
  defenders and score every time.

• Of course, the defense is playing too, so
  attackers need to develop skills designed to win
  the collision, keep the ball when challenged by
  the defense and CONTINUE the attack.
      Principles of Continuity
• Pass before contact if there is space and
• Put defender off balance – avoid shoulder
• Be dynamic – keep the ball moving
• Support needs to communicate
  information that helps BC make a decision
• Ruck/Maul is last resort
• Indentify the first two roles as a sort of two
  player attacking team :
   – Ballcarrier (runner with the ball)
   – Link (first supporter in close proximity)
• BC must attack space, be aggressive and
  athletic and present the ball perfectly.
• The Link helps the BC maintain forward
  momentum, penetrate the defensive line and
  retain possession.
• Linking encourages players to provide close
  support, looking for a pass and driving in
              Continuity Decision Tree                                        Support
                            No support              Ball Carrier              Space
                                                          Slow                               Pass Early
      Beat Defender                                       Support

                                                   Take Contact           High

    Support      Wrap Around             Slow                                      Power Step
                                         Support                    Slow Support                       Support
                                                                    Space                              Space
Pass in                 Late      Down and
                        Support                          Hit and                                           Hit and
Contact                           Pop                    Rip                            Late Support       Pop
                                                                                        No Space
    No support                                                                     Hit and
                                         No Space
    Space         Support
                                                                                   Set             No support
Pick and             Pick and
Go                   Pop                                    Ruck                                         Maul
                     Channel Game

This is a small sided game with limited numbers and space. Variations:
• Set-up with no more than 2 or 1 in a line – defenders cannot chase back
• Change how the game is started – throw the ball behind, roll it in front, kick etc
• Manipulate starting position of offense and defense (lying on floor etc)
                                Cycle Drill
      5        2                          5
                     1                                 2             1
           3                                    3
      4                                   4

     First player runs out and puts   After he puts the ball down he runs on
     the ball down                    turns and becomes the defender. Next player
                                      picks up the ball
                   2 1                    1     4
                         3                                         3
     5 4                                     5

  The ball carrier engages the defender       Whomever ends up with the ball runs on,
  and the attackers beat the defender         puts the ball down and becomes the next
  using the skill as designated by the        defender. Cycle repeats
You can ask the BC to execute a particular technique or you can give the BC freedom
and have the support react. More than one defender also will work with larger groups.
                   Channel Game 2

This is a small sided game with limited numbers and space. Variations:
• Defense can be set up in any orientation – if ball stops being dynamic, defense
can realign
• Attack must recognize the orientation and attack appropriately, support must
• Change how the game is started – throw the ball behind, roll it in front, kick etc
• Manipulate starting position of offense and defense (lying on floor etc)
                               Continuity Drill
 1.            2   1                           2.     4          2   1 3
       4                           3

     First BC runs towards the          He engages the defender and uses the
     defender with one supporter        technique as determined by the coach. The
                                        Other defender follows to reduce distance and
3.         4           2   3   1        and intensity.

The supporter gets the ball and turns     4.    4 2       3          1
and engages on other defender
                                           Step 2 is repeated.

               4                        You can build so there are 3 or 4 people
5.     2           3               2    rucking or mauling against 2 defenders.
      Step 1 repeated
                        Support Game


The coach rolls the ball out into the grid. The first attacker goes directly to the ball,
the supporters must run around the end cone. The defenders may come up when
the ball carrier has fielded the ball. If the ball is close to defenders the BC must buy
some time. If the ball is far then the BC has support and can play.
                  General Motion
This game is designed to introduce the three ways to attack:
• Around
• Through
• Over
It can be played with any number of players. Split the group into
    teams. Have the attack spread out facing away from the defense
    and then manipulate the defense into one of 3 formations:
• Grouped
• Spread out with depth
• Flat
20m by 60m grid with 2 teams of 10.
Kick the ball to the attack and let them choose the method that they
    would attack the defense. Play it grab to allow continuity.

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