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									The use of gloves by hairdressers and beauty salons

Currently, several studies have reflected that skin conditions are one of the most
common diseases among groups of professional workers. This is due to the large
volume of items that can cause dermatological problems, such as the handling of
chemicals, exposure to extreme cold or heat, the constant friction with tools or the
spread of fungi, bacteria and the like.
It is a problem that can affect multiple business sectors, but especially for medical
personnel, cleaning or hairdressing and beauty salons.

For professionals working in barber shops and beauty salons, the hands are a major
instrument and its care and protection should always be a priority.

The hands of a barber / a, are exposed for long periods of time to moisture and all kinds
of products that can be harmful to the skin and overall health.

CCOO indicates that there are thousands of chemicals associated with the work of
hairdressers that are present in dyes, bleaches and cleaning products, molded and
smoothed. Even common items such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can be
problematic in direct and prolonged contact with skin.

Such chemicals can cause skin irritation, allergies or severe dermatitis.

It is therefore important to be aware of the risks that can lead and take the necessary
precautions, which in this case begin to make responsible use of protective gloves. As
explained by the dermatologist Shelly A Sekula, "The risks would be virtually
eliminated if operators used disposable instruments, wore rubber gloves, employed
proper hand washing, and wear appropriate sterilization techniques."

Furthermore, the use of gloves prevents your hands are made aware and kept protected
over and better maintained.

Recently there have even developed a kind of special gloves to avoid accidental cuts in
some cases can be derived by haircuts and shaves.

So is wearing gloves is the best and easiest alternative to prevent any dermatological
problem and is highly recommended for use on the staff of hairdressers and beauty

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