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					                                             HR UPDATE
  A periodic electronic newsletter providing managers with a brief update on initiatives being udertaken by HR practitioners
            across the ANU to support Colleges and Divisions and to ‘support ANU staff to achieve excellence’.

                                        Global Financial Crisis           Indentifying Key Talent
          April 2009                                                      To assist Managers to identify and develop talent to fill key
                                        HR Impacts
          Contents                      As the impact of the Global       positions HRD has developed a set of Succession Planning
                                        Financial Crisis (GFC)            Guidelines (
Global Financial Crisis                                                   Supervisors_and_Managers_HR_Toolkit)
                                        becomes clearer around the
Health Benefit Program                  world many employers have
                                        already started to take actions   The guidelines suggest a broad approach to this crucial task
Identifying Key Talent                  which have impacts on their       and provides a suggested template to help assemble relevant
                                        people.                           details of possible successors for key roles.
Online Training - Pulse
                                        A recent report from the US       The process will help assess whether areas have an adequate
Mentoring @ ANU
                                        based HR Leadership               pool of possible succesors for key roles or not. Managers can
Fair Work Australia                     Council (https://                 then plan development or recruitment action in anticipation of
                                    likely future needs.
Shared Services                         outlines the range of strate-     Contact: Ron Watts, Director - Human Resources
                                        gies being adopted by many      
Workforce Planning
                                        companies. These include
                                        short-term cost cutting; a
 broad review of costs without cutting jobs where possible;               Have you checked your Pulse?
 developing the new generation of leaders able to operate in a            All staff are now able to access a new online training system
 non-growth environment, and ensuring that staff communication            Pulse. Pulse provides a range of self-paced, flexible
 is given high priority. It is pleasing to see a trend towards reduc-     learning options for staff free of charge. Online training is a
 ing staff as a last resort.                                              fantastic way to further professional development.

  At this stage within the ANU we are adopting similar approaches         Currently a suite of Information Technology (IT) learning
  in terms of ensuring we prudently manage expenditure and                programs are available. These programs include: Microsoft
  increase revenue without adversely affecting staff.                     Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, FrontPage 2000, Project
                                                                          2000, Type IT (touch-typing), Dreamweaver plus a range of
  We will continue to ensure our focus is on retaining jobs and           other IT programs.
  hence ensuring our capability to deliver our desired research
  and education outcomes.                                                 Coming soon are a suite of programs called Ready 4 Work
                                                                          including titles such as: Business Communications, Time
  Contact: Ron Watts, Director - Human Resources
                                                                          Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Customer

                                                                          Service and many others.

                                                                          To access Pulse and begin your training visit:
  Health Benefit Program                                                  learning-system
  Another first – ANU Corporate Health Insurance Plan                     Contact: Simone Sharples, Senior Consultant -Staff Development
  ANU has now signed a contract for an ANU - BUPA Corporate              
  Private Health Insurance Program. This plan will be launched in
  May 2009, and will offer competitive corporate health insurance         Mentoring @ ANU
  rates and benefits to ANU staff (excluding casual/sessional staff)      HRD recognises the need for mentoring and have already set
  – In addition, ANU is also providing a 10% fee rebate to all staff      up webpage which provides information and guidelines for
  that join through payroll deduction.                                    both the mentor and the mentoree.

  During the launch BUPA representatives will be on campus to             Mentoring forms part of the ANU’s Leadership Program.
  assist staff with plan details and the joining process. Full details    For further details go to
  will be announced shortly.                                              Training_and_Development/mentoring-at-anu
  Contact: Karen Bail, Senior Consultant - Workplace Strategy             Contact: Carole Brown, Manager - Staff Development
HR Update                                                                                                                   April 2009

 Fair Work Australia
 On the election of the Rudd-Gillard Labor Government it was            ·    the provision of high quality services as close as possible
 provided with a mandate to abolish Work Choices introduced                  to the staff we support;
 by Howard-Costello Liberal Government. Since the election              ·    greater capacity to manage service delivery demands
 the Government has taken a number of steps laying the                       during periods of staff movement and leave;
 foundation of Fair Work Australia, an independent umpire that          ·    the strength of HR consulting skills; and,
 will replace the functions undertaken by a number of                   ·    the career development and succession planning
 government agencies.                                                        opportunities for ANU HR practitioners.
                                                                    Contact: Paul Stewart, Associate Director, Employment Services
 The new powers will be administered through new bodies:          
 Fair Work Australia, the Fair Work Ombudsman and new                        Nadine White, Manager HR Advisory & Changes Services
 Divisions of the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal      
 Magistrates Court.

 On 20 March 2009 the Parliament passed a comprehensive
 and detailed Bill, the new Fair Work Act 2009.

 The Government still needs to pass legislation ‘the Fair Work
 (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Bill
                                                                    Workforce Planning - Having the right people at the
 2009’ abolishing the Workplace Relations Act and a                 right time!
 consequential Bill amending 70 Commonwealth Acts and               A new website (, has been
 dealing with State referral powers.                                launched to provide managers with tools to improve workforce
                                                                    planning. It includes an HR Planning Guide and Toolkit, annual
 From 1 July 2009 Fair Work Australia will be open for              Workforce Planning reports, Universities HR Benchmarking
 business and from 1 January 2010 it will be fully operational.     Reports and aids to the extraction and interpretation of ANU HR
 As a consequence, before 1 July 2009 ANU will need to              data.
 review its policies and practices to ensure compliance with
 the new provisions. HRD will be analysing the likely impacts       In the coming months HRD will release new reports about local
 and will provide advice on any key issues to emerge over the       staffing profiles, focusing particularly on staffing ratios within
 coming months.                                                     organisational units below the College level.
 Contact: Bradley Beasley, HR Advisory Services
                                                                    The current HR Health Check report will be developed as a pivot
                                                                    table of data that will allow the user to drill-down below the Col-
         Paul Stewart, Associate Director Employment Services
                                                                    lege level. The next HR Health Check will be released in July,
                                                                    based on the first 6 months of 2009 data and bi-annually after that.
                                                                    Contact: Kathryn Cole, Senior Workforce Planning Consultant
 Reviewing the HR Model:                                          
 A Shared HR Services Approach?
 The HR Division is keen to explore alternative HR models to
 improve the provision of quality and consistent HR services
 across the campus.

 The Division, in consultation with Colleges, has commenced
 a multi-phased review of HR Services across the campus.
 The initial phase of the review will report on the current model
 and arrangements, including work locations, key functions,
 and benchmarking. This initial report will be distributed by the
 end of April for further clarification and consultation.

 The secondary phases of the review will include an analysis of
 the current model and its implications, along with alternative
 approaches and recommendations for future changes.

 The objective is a discussion paper, or series of papers, to
 consider how we might best invest in, and model, HR services
 for the future to improve: