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AHMAD MOUSA AYOUB Low current Engineer _Fire alarm-Gent_ BMS


									                              AHMAD MOUSA AYOUB
     Low current Engineer (Fire alarm-Ge nt, BMS Schneider electric, CCTV Sanyo)
                  Jabal Al-Qusor– Amman – Jordan-Middle east
                                 Tel: (+96264611348)
                             Mobile (+962 79 95 97 0 96)
                         KSA mobile :- (00966500091853)

Looking forward to have a chance in a company, this can utilize and
improve my skills in the fields of Low current systems or in instrumentation Knowing
that. I am a very hard worker, time punctuate and
a good team leader & player.

Personal information:
Place of birth:-Amman – Jordan
Date of birth: - 6th of June 1982
Nationality: Jordanian
Marital status: - Married

BSc in Communication and Electrical Engineering, Jordan University
of science and technology, Irbid, Jordan, 2004
Graduation project: - “cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna “
Other Projects (after Graduation): -
    1- "ECG PC Based Monitoring System".

Professional experience:

1- Basic electronics Co.
   (Gent by Honeywell distributor, Sanyo Agent, Schneider (TAC ) distributor,)

                                    From 10/2009 up to now

A good company in KSA for low current systems this company is the main supplier for
CCTV and Fire Alarm systems in AL-Rajhi Bank, Also installing King Khalid BMS
SACDA system.
Job Title: - Low current systems sales and design engineer

Job Discretion:-

      1- BMS sales and design engineer specially with BACnet BMS controllers (TAC
          Andover controllers).

      2- Gent fire alarm systems sales and design engineer.

      3- Sanyo security systems sales and installation engineer specially IP video
          surveillance system with Milestone server management software.

   2- ABUAISHEH ENGINEERING EST (4 years from 9/2004 up to 10/2008)

A good PC Based Data Acquisition, test and measurement, PC
based control, SACDA, aspiration systems( fire tracers) for smoke and
Gas detection (ICAM). Placed in Amman, Jordan.

Job Title: - Instrumentation Engineer

Job Discretion:-
1- Technical Supporter.
2- SCADA systems designer, programmer and supplier.
3- Interface circuits for sensors designer.
4- Very high accuracy fire detection systems installer.
5- Software Programmer for SCADA systems (using visual basic
Programming language).
6- Preparation and submission of training courses in hardware
Interface using
7- Preparing tenders for test, measurement, and control devices
(Pico technology, SCADA, R&S).
8- ICAM Fire tracer’s configuration, implementation and installation.
9- Supply and installation of wide range of sensors and transmitters (
flow, pressure, temperature…etc) .

Implemented industrial Projects in Abuaisheh Engineering: -

- Flow despising PC based Control System (SCADA)((Design,
programming and installation) – Sinokrot farms- using Amplicon PCI
- RO Monitoring system (Hartha-Irbid-Jordan)
- Environmental Monitoring system.
- Farm irrigation monitoring system.(mafraq)
- Test system of JATS aircrafts (Aviation style)
- PC based Test and data Logging labs
- Design and manufacturing of new sensors (Compatible with DrDAQ)
- Flow-up program of votes-year 2007(Database)
- Gas Chromatography interface monitoring software.
- Pressure RTU monitoring system with process indicators.
- Server Room monitoring and alarm system (ZAY)
- Submersible pumps SCADA system (Under implementation).

Student Projects:-

- ECG monitoring system
- Car Control system
- Engine troubleshooting system
- PC Based Smart house
- PC based Library system
- PC Based Medical Doctor
- PC Based Virtual Electronic Circuit lab
- GSM monitoring system
- TDS Monitoring system
- PC Based Gas analyzer system
- PC Based Soil moisture monitoring system and Control.


   1- Sales training in Schnider TAC andover BMS in schnider main office –KSA.

   2- Technical writing and communication skills, Jordan association, Amman, Jordan,
      18 hour, Dr-Tareq Rashed.

   3- Electric control, Arabic academy, Amman, Jordan, 20 hours.

   4- PIC, 18 Hours,(Albaheth center)

   5- Advanced programming (Abuaisheh Engineering).

   6- Siemens S200 series PLC programming and configuration(self

   7- DAQfactory SCADA Software (Self study).

   8- DAQ for instrumentation and control system (self study).

   B- Training Places:-

1- Queen Alia Airport, 2 months in FEDs, the training includes the
maintenance of the airport network and televisions.
2- Adel Shehada .CO, 18 days, installing and maintenance of the
elevator systems.

Programming languages:

1- Visual basic 6 (good).
2- 2003 (good).
3- 2005 (good).
4- 2008 (good).
5- (primary)
6- Matlab (good).

Design Programs :

   1- PCB design using Protel Design Explorer (DXP)(primary).
   2- Easy PCB (very good).

    IT Skills :-

_ MS-office including viso , MS Access and FrontPage 2003 and 2007
_ AutoCAD 2009.

      Professional membership:

   1- Jordan engineers association, Amman, Jordan.
   2- International Engineering Consortium (USA).


1- Arabic (Mother Tongue).
2- English (Writing: good, reading: good)

References: Available upon request.

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