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									Officers of the First State Corvette Club 2007             Don’t forget our fund raiser web site.
 President                     Brian K. Kisner             www.currentfun.com/frontpage.asp
 corvettebrian@verizon.net     678-8667

 Vice President                Marianne Callahan           Report   of   Officers   and    Standing
  info@patrickcallahan.com     492-3663                    Committees.

 Secretary                     Donna Ballard
 wasadear@msn.com              653-6850                    There w ill be an executive meeting at
                                                           6:30pm on Thursday Jan 11 th in
 Treasurer                     Bruce Ballard               Marianne      Callahan’s    office    at
 bb108tank@msn.com             653-6850
                                                           Harrington     Realty    across    from
 Officer at Large              Dick Kisner                 Greentree Shopping Center.
 CVT66@aol.com                 492-8115
                                                           President: No Report
 Club Historian                Rose Sturtevant
  Grubeck1@aol.com             653-0686
                                                           Vice President: Vice President Marianne
 Corr. Secretary               Sissy Cammisa               Callahan, substituting for the President,
 StingraySis69@aol.com         335-0222
                                                           welcomed everyone to a new meeting site,
 Public Relations              Art Matichak                33 West, and hoped everyone enjoyed a
                               398-0194                    good dinner. No meeting place has been
                                                           set up as of yet.
 Parade Chairman               Marianne Callahan
 info@patrickcallahan.com      492-3663
                                                           Secretary: No Report
 NCM Ambassador                Ed Marcelle
 Emarcelle49@msn.com           644-1967                    Treasurer: Submitted by Bruce Ballard.
                                                           Motion by Carole Kisner to approve the
The FSCC Meeting was held Wednesday, January 3rd,2007 at
33 West in Dover, DE Vice- President Marianne Callahan     report and approval unanimous.
called the meeting to order at 7:18 pm.
                                                               Beginning Balance
Reading and Approval of                                        Deposits
Motioned by Carole Ann Kisner
and approved unanimously.
                                                               Ending Balance

                                                           Public Relations: No Report
January 2007
Established 1970
Club Historian: Rose Sturtevant wanted              The committee includes Ed & Lori
everyone to know she remembered the                 Denkenberger, Dave & Helen Hall, and Brian
camera this meeting. She also had pictures          Kisner. A motion was made by Dave Hall to
from the Christmas Meeting.                         accept these amounts and go further into
                                                    getting advertisers. Motion Passed.
Corresponding Secretary: Sissy Cammisa
reported member Shelley Gorski having a             Sunday December 17 th – Longw ood
motorcycle accident but was attending the           Gardens The club had 24 persons attend
meeting, cast and all. Glad you’re doing so         the Longwood Gardens Cruise. We met at
much better Shelley.                                the Smyrna Rest Area – traveled to
                                                    McKenzie’s Pub on Route 202 in Chadd’s
Membership: No report                               Ford, PA where we had a great, friendly
                                                    late-lunch. Then on to Longwood where the
NCM Ambassador: Ed Marcelle mentioned               weather was great for roaming the grounds
that more club members should join the              and seeing the beautiful lights. Here are two
Corvette Museum. $50/ yr. Individual, $100/ yr.     members having a good time !!
Family, $250/ yr.Business, and $1500 for
Lifetime Membership. For information go to

Parade Chairman: Marianne thanked Lee
Moran and the Ballards for attending the
Smyrna Christmas Parade. Our three club cars
carried the Miss Dover’s – 4 girls.


Fund Raising A committee of Carole Kisner,
Rick Berry and Bruce Ballard will have their
first meeting on Wednesday, January 17th at
Noon at Giaccomo’s in Greentree.                    FSCC Car Show for 2007 – a committee
                                                    of Carole Kisner, Todd Hannah, Dave Hall,
Advertisement Space / Co-Sponsor:                   Jim McCarnan, and Don Hannah will meet
The committee has spoken to several                 on Wednesday January 17th at 6:30pm at
businesses that would like to advertise in our      the office of Patterson-Schwartz in the
newsletter and on our website, and they feel        Greentree Shopping Center. Anyone else
the following amounts are more than fair:           wishing to attend will be more than
Business Card - $20 per month/$240 year
Quarter Page - $40 month / $480 year                NEW BUSINESS
Half Page - $60 month / $720 year
Full Page - $80 month / $960 year                   Friday January 19th – Dover Dow ns
If the ad is paid in full for 1 year time period,   Comedy Club The club will go as a group
sponsor will receive 2 free months (Pay for 10      to the Christina’s Comedy Club at Dover
months, get ad for 12 months)                       Downs again this year. A signup sheet was
                                                    available at the January Meeting. Anyone
who did not get a chance to sign up can call      Night. The parking lots are big over there
Bruce Ballard at 670-0500 to add your name        and you have moving traffic in that shopping
or your guests names, prior to Sunday             center that would generate spectators, not
Jan.14th. The cost will be $12.00 per person,     like the Blue Hen Center, which is closed in
at the door. Tickets will be waiting under the    the evenings. Anyone with other
FSCC name and those that signed up can pick       suggestions should bring them to the next
them up and pay for them on your way into         meeting.
the show. Bruce and Donna will be having
dinner at the Garden Cafe at 6pm – and            Convertibles Needed - Ed Marcelle
anyone is welcome to join us. We are not          mentioned that Donald Tatman approached
having a number of seats set aside at the Cafe    him about having club convertibles to help
but they can accommodate us all.                  carry local Queens from the Miss Delaware
                                                  competition at the annual parade in Dover.
Saturday February 24 – Atlantic City Car          Donald Tatman has been carrying Miss
Show – Again this year the First State            Delaware for years with his Corvette and
Corvette Club will have a bus going to Atlantic   would like to see the club participate in the
City for the Car Show. Tickets will be $22 for    parade in late August or Early September.
bus only - $15 for show only, or $37 per          Anyone having a convertible and wanting to
person for the ride over and tickets to the       help out should contact Ed Marcelle or
show. This will be a casino bus so you will get   mention it at our next meeting.
$10-$15 back from the casino upon arrival,
depending on the casino. A signup sheet went      OTHER COMING EVENTS:
around at the meeting and you can still signup
until January 26th thru John Collison at          January 13 th, 2007 – CCND Holiday Party
284-0130.                                         at the Club House at Frog Hollow in
                                                  Middletow n, DE. $30 per guest includes
Membership: A suggestion was made by
Marianne Callahan to go thru the membership       February 4-11, 2007 – 14 th Annual
list and call all the people that were members    Corvette Lovers Cruise – Royal Caribbean
last year but did not rejoin this year. Maybe     Cruise Lines : 7 night Southern Caribbean
some just forgot, maybe some have issues and      Itinerary www.info@travelink.webmail.com
it would be nice to know why we lost them as
members. A list of these missing members will     May 19-26, 2007 – “The Cruisers” Bermuda
be brought to next months meeting and the         Cruise – Royal Caribbean Empress of the
club will discuss further action.                 Seas out of Norfolk, Virginia with buses to and
                                                  from Boscov’s at the Dover Mall. For information
                                                  contact Darlene Hurley of the FSCC or
Cruise Night’s for 2007: A question was
brought to the floor as to whether the club
wants to have Cruise Night’s in 2007. Dave
Hall mentioned that the Blue Hen Corporate
Center will be undergoing a face lift and he is
almost certain they will be redoing the parking
lots. That would be a problem with our having
Cruise Night’s at Jakes. Dave also mentioned
across the street, at Wild Wings, would be
another possible place to have our Cruise

         Trivia was won by
            Art Matichak                     The First State Corvette Club would like
         Congratulations !!                   to wish a Happy Birthday to all our
                                                      February Birthdays.
     No 50/50 at this meeting                    2/2    Rosemary Baltrush
                                                 2/2    Andrea Gula
                                                 2/3    Sam Cammisa
   Attendance for January 3rd:                   2/9    Jim Keller
                                                 2/15   David Murphy
                                                 2/20   Susan Swider
Bruce and Donna Ballard                          2/26   Ann Matichak
Rick and Linda Berry                             2/29   Tonya Hannah
 Patrick and Marianne Callahan
 Sissy and Sam Cammisa
 Chris and Christine Carlantonio             The First State Corvette Club would
 John and Debbie Collison                      like to wish a BELATED Happy
 John Cullen                                              Birthday to
 Ed and Lori Denkenberger                          Charlie Angione – 1/27
 Shelley & Frank Gorski                       who’s birthday was inadvertently
 G and Terri Gregoretti                        left off the January birthdays.
 John Gula
 Dave and Helen Hall
 Don Harding                                      Next club meeting
Carole Kisner
                                                       Smith and Company
 Ed Marcelle
                                                  249 North East Front Street
 Art and Ann Matichak                                      Milford, DE
 Jim and Nancy McCarnan                           on Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
 Lee Moran                                          Dinner 6:00 - Meeting at 7:30
 Bob and Tammy Mounts
 David Murphy and Donna Murphy               DIRECTIONS to Smith and Company:
 Cliff and Carolyn Nelson
William and Kathy Olechny                    Take Route 1 South to Milford. Do not take
Walter Ruebeck                               the Route 113 exit into Milford. The second
Fred Schatz                                  exit on Route 1 will be NE Front Street.
 Rose Sturtevant                             Turn right. Follow NE Front Street, cross
                                             over Old Rehoboth Highway and the
 A motion was made by Lee Moran to adjourn   restaurant will be on the right, in the
 the meeting.                                shopping center – opposite the Milford
                                             Police Station.
     Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 PM
       Respectfully Submitted,
            Donna Ballard
            FSCC Secretary

      Our Sponsor: Townsend Brothers Chevrolet
                Located at 1450 S. Dupont Hwy Dover, DE.
                Visit us online at www.townsendchevy.com


  1990 Corvette Convertible White w/Black Top & Black Interior
All original 56,000 miles 350 engine Auto Mint Condition $12,000
                  Contact Bill Hirst 302-239-0300

                 -For your club embroidery needs contact
                Jay & Penny Reynolds Signature Stitches
               29 W. Loockerman St. Dover, DE 736-6500

     SPECIAL THANK YOU to Carole Kisner at Patterson Schwartz Real Estate
                40 Greentree Drive Dover, DE 672-6016

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