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					                        ISTITUTO PROFESSIONALE DI STATO

                                “ LUIGI EINAUDI”

Eyuboglu Egitim
Kurumlari-                                                              Zespol Szkol
Turchia                                                                 Ogolnoksztalcacych
                                                                        nr 6- Polonia
Liceo Tecnologico-
Friesland College                                                       Escola Secundária
Technolyceum Olanda                                                     Vitorino Nemésio-

 “ROMUVOS”                                                              Sint-Vincentius
GIMNAZIJA                                                               Belgio
                                Seminario di disseminazione
                                  progetto Comenius az. 1
                       “an on-line magazine for transversal policies”
                              8 Maggio 2007 - 9,30 - Palermo
                                       Palazzo Steri
                The Objectives
• Involving students and teachers in a learning project
  based on the usage of multimedial technologies within
  the framework of the European programme
• Favouring the interaction with the local territory on the
  basis of the topics to be discussed and the comparison
  with different cultural realities.
• Favouring the process of integration for both students
  and teachers into European community.
• Improving the ability to communicate in foreign
                         THE IDEA
• An on-line magazine
• to get experience in the use of newspaper language and get
  acquainted with the usage of multimedial technologies

• for transversal policies
• Pair Opportunity- Environment-Disability- Family- Youth
  expectations- Voluntary service allowed the interaction with the
  local territory and the comparison with other partners’ realities.
• in English language
• To give the opportunity to practice the language both for writing the
  articles and as a means of communication with the partners,
                   THE IDEA BECOMES A

“Speculum “an-on line magazine for transversal policies.

in February 2004

we found out some partners on the net by e-mail contacts
  and after discussing the idea as a coordinator country,
  we applied for a Comenius action one project.
             THE RESULTS
• Over a three years period we:
• edited the 6 issues of the magazine as we had
• We published them on-line since the first issue
• We organized 8 project-meetings in any country
  of the partnership
• We moved 102 teachers and 92 students
• We presented the project to local newspapers
  and TV.
          The Speculum Recipe
• Take a hospitable Italian coordinator
• add a good hearted Belgian partner,
• a sensible Dutch partner
• a wise Lithuanian partner
• a reliable Polish partner
• a thougthful Portuguese partner,
• a diligent Turkish partner.
• Mix with professionalism.
• Flavour with joy, friendship,warmth,
  ardour,cheerfulness, love and a little piece of
• The result is: