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					       Spaghetti with Italian Sausage

        This is a great spaghetti dish that I have used over the years, and I change it up

every now and again to keep it interesting or depending on what’s in the pantry.

Sometimes I add a dash of Cabernet or Port wine, or use just Basil or Oregano, but if you

are a spaghetti lover, try some of the suggestions here to lighten up and liven up your

own spaghetti. Prep time in my pasta dishes is important. I have better things to do than

to sweat over a hot stove! The Italian Sausage recipe is one that I modified from Sandra

Woodruff RD’s book, The Best Kept Secrets of Healthy Cooking. You can also skip this

five-minute miracle for a store bought version of Turkey Italian Sausage. You will have

to monitor the salt and fat content however, and this varies from store to store. The

homemade version is so much better, and so simple that it’s a waste of time, money and

taste to buy the already made, store bought version. The only time I use store bought

turkey Italian sausage is when I am serving an Italian style hot dog with marinara sauce.

Just to make things lively.

 Spaghetti                               with                   Homemade

Turkey Italian Sausage

Turkey Italian Sausage recipe

MIX: 1 pound ground breast turkey (or 1 lb 96% lean ground beef)
   3 cloves fresh crushed garlic

   1 Tablespoon fennel seed

   3-4 Tablespoons oregano, less if fresh

   3-4 Tablespoons basil, less if fresh

    1 Tablespoon paprika

   Pinch salt

   This makes enough for 4 spaghetti dinners or lasagna, so for this recipe use ¼ of this

mix and freeze the rest. Alter the spices from time to time just for fun. Use basil and sun-

dried tomatoes for a different kind of sausage.

Sauté 1 clove garlic in 1 tablespoon olive oil

Add chopped onion, or less, until translucent

Add sausage, ¼ pound, brown

Add chopped green pepper

Add chopped black olives, about 8

Add chopped mushrooms, 4

Add tomato sauce, one 12 ounce can (low sodium if directed by health care practitioner)
Add tomato paste, one 6 oz can

Add diced tomatoes, one 12 ounce can

Add 1 Tablespoon red table wine, or Port, more if desired, but count the calories!

Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Serve over prepared whole wheat noodles. One

serving is 1 cup meat sauce over 2 ounces of cooked whole wheat noodles. Serve with a

salad and a slice of broiled garlic toast. For a lower calorie or vegetarian version, skip the

Italian sausage or the bread and increase the olives and mushrooms.

Calories: 287 gm

Fat: 6.0 gm

Fiber: 9.0 gm

Protein: 13.5 gm