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IN SEASON                                                               RECIPES
 8 What’s in season                                                     10 In season recipes ✤
   The freshest flavours for July.                                          Exciting and refreshing tastes – revel in summer’s bounty.
10 In season recipes                                                    20 The sweetest Italian treats ✤
   How to make the most of delicious seasonal treats.                      Italians are renowned for their sweet tooth – these delicious recipes
12 Gelatissimo                                                             show why. Ursula Ferrigno selects her favourite guilty pleasures.
   Everything you need for wonderful ice cream.                         37 Step-by-step: pasta frolla ✤
13 The source: fresh pasta                                                 This pastry is an integral part of the various goodies to be found in
   Our favourite filled fresh pastas.                                       Italy’s pasticceria – we make it simple.
14 In print                                                             42 Lidia’s favourite classic recipes
   Vegetable cook books and the latest releases.                           Renowned Italian-American chef Lidia Bastianich picks delicious and
14 My favourite things ✤                                                   representative recipes from her favourite places in Italy.
   Top chef Theo Randall on pecorino fresco.                            63 Step-by-step: jointing a chicken ✤
16 Glorious grissini                                                       Paul Pettengale shows you how to joint a chicken quickly and
17 Focus on Chianina beef                                                  efficiently – Italian-style.
17 Face 2 face                                                          67 Regional recipes: Puglia ✤
   Will they ever agree? Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi debate butchery.      Puglian cuisine is famed for its simplicity – let the ingredients take
18 Five reasons to visit Sardinia                                          centre stage in these hearty and delicious recipes.
   Anyone for whole roast suckling pig?                                 75 A twist on tomatoes
                                                                           Don’t waste the summer’s glut of tomatoes – you’ll regret it come
✤ On the cover                                                             November. We present four recipes in celebration of the fruit.

4 TasteItalia July 2007

22                                                                           73
                                                                             WINE AND DINE
33 Local hero: Poggio Lamentano                                              82 Puglia – poor no more
   Sarah Lane visits the idyllic setting where art and olive oil combine        Puglia’s wonderful produce, including its wines, is at last getting the
   to glorious effect.                                                          credit it deserves – salute the cucina povera.
52 Gourmet’s guide to Venice                                                 82 The wines of Puglia
   Learn to eat like the locals in Italy’s most beautiful city. Sarah Lane      Twelve of the region’s best wines.
   discovers the delights of bacari and cicheti.                             84 Top ten wine producers of Puglia
79 WIN! five nights in glorious Umbria ✤                                         Brian St Pierre selects some of the finest winemakers of the area.
   Tenuta di Montalvino, a sumptuous boutique hotel set in 64 acres          87 Restaurant reviews
   on the Tuscan border, invites two lucky readers to stay.                     The best places for Italian food in the UK and Italy.
                                                                             91 Deli listing
EVERY ISSUE                                                                     Where to get hold of your Italian ingredients.
 6 Recipe finder
 7 In the mail
50 Ten of the best ✤                                                         Subscribe
   Top-notch espresso blends for the ultimate Italian coffee.                Subscribe to Taste Italia,
                                                                             save money AND get a
74 Back issues
                                                                             free copy of the fabulous
78 Questions & answers                                                       Gennaro’s Italian Year

97 Next month
98 The last word
   Restaurateur Alvaro Maccioni on Italian food and drink.

                                                                                                                                 April/May TasteItalia 5

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