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Sample SIPOC Diagram


									Resident Checkout Process High Level Process Map SIPOC               Version 4/13/10

Suppliers   - Housing Staff          - Assignment Staff              - Student                    - Student
            - Web site                                               - Desk Supervisors           - Desk Supervisors/Staff
            - Contract                                               - Assignment Office
            - Friends/Family                                         - Housekeeping Staff
            - Advisors/UW Staff                                      - Maintenance Staff
                                                                     - Access Control Staff
             - Knowledge of how                                       - E-mail to Student
            to make change                                           w/check out instructions
             - Dismissal Letter      - Request to Release Form        - COR Printed at Desk
             - Withdrawal Form       - Room Change Card               - Housekeeping &
                                                                     Maintenance Assistance
                                                                     (carts, transportation,
                                                                     storage, etc)
            - Priority Move E-mail   - Desk Generated COR             - Security Access added

                                     - Completed COR                 - Turner Office contacted    - Signed COR (signed by
                                                                     by Student (expanded         Student & Desk)

                 1) Student                2) Assignment                3) Student Moves            4) Desk Processes
Process       Initiates Change            Office processes               Out of Room &               COR & Notifies
                   in Room               Check Out Record                 Checks Out at                  Building
                Assignment                     (COR)                           Desk                     Supervisor

            - Request to Release     - E-mail Notification to         - Student contents out of   - Desk Supervisor E-mail
            Form                     Housing Stakeholders            room                         Notification to Housing
            - Room Change Card       - E-mail to Student w/check     - Signed COR (signed by      - Signed COR (Student &
                                     out instructions                Student & Desk)              Desk) in Building
Outputs                                                                                           Supervisor's Mailbox
             - Desk Generated         - Data Entered in               - Room Key left at Desk     - Key Core Change Work
            Check Out Record         Assignment Billing System       (or not returned, noted on   Order Request (if needed;
            (COR)                    (ABS)                           COR)                         entered in MARS)

            - Completed COR          - COR                           - Security Access             - Completed Checkout
                                                                     Removed                      Log

             - Student Appeal (if    - Housefellow Contacts                                       - Updated Room Roster
            requested)               Student

                                                                                                   - Updated Omega System
Customers   - Assignment Office       - Housing Stakeholders         - Desk Staff                  - Housing Stakeholders
                                     (current & new Hall)            - Student                    (current & new Hall)
                                      > Assignment Staff (P)         - Res Hall Desk               > Assignment Staff
                                      > Hall Desk Supervisors (P)/   - Supervisor (Hall change)    > Hall Desk Supervisors
                                     Staff (P) / Mgmt (S)                                         /Mgmt
                                      > Access Control Staff (S)                                   > Access Control Staff
                                      > Building Supervisor (P)                                    > Building Supervisor
                                      > Area Manager (S)                                           > Area Manager
                                      > Asst Fac Director (S)                                      > Asst Fac Director
                                      > Unit Res Life Coord (S)                                    > Unit Res Life Coord
                                      > Housefellow (S)                                            > Housefellow
                                     - Student (P)
                                     * For Sensitive issues:
                                     - Division Leadership
                                     - Campus partners:
                                     Academic Staff, U Health

                                                                           Page 1
- Building Supervisor             - Building Supervisor              - Housing Accounting Staff
                                  - Assignment Staff                 - Assignment Staff
                                  - Physical Facilities Staff        - Desk Supervisor                 - Assignment Staff
                                  - Desk Supervisor                  - Physical Facilities Staff       - Campus Mail
                                  - Key Shop                         - Campus Accounting               - US Post Office

                                  - COR                              - ABS Cancellation Data           - Facilities Invoice

                                  - ABS System                       - Cancellation Report             - Core Change Invoice
                                  - Completed Damage &               - Electronic Facilities Invoice   - Final Bill to Student
                                  Vandalism Form

                                  - Completed Core Change             - Electronic Core Change         - Refund Check
- Signed COR (by Student &        - New Keys Dropped at               - Financial Aid Information in
Desk) in Building Supervisor's    Desk                               ISIS
                                       6) COR & Other Charges
     5) Building Supervisor                   Processed                     7) Housing                      8) Student
  Inspects Room, ID's What's         - Assignment Office Enters
                                                                         Accounting Office                 Receives Bill,
  Needed to Bring to Move-in                COR into ABS
                                    - Physical Facilities (Turner)      Processes for Billing             Refund or Rate
      Std & COR returned
                                    & Desk Completes Invoices               or Refund                        Change
                                             (if needed)
 - Work Order Created in MARS                                        - Facilities Invoice (to
(for Maint & Trades)                                                 Assignment Staff for mailing)

- Verbal Assignment of            - Data entered in ABS              - Core Change Invoice (to
Custodial Work                                                       Assignment Staff for mailing)

- E-mail to Assignment Staff      - Room Ready for                   - Final Bill to Student (to
                                  Reassignment                       Assignment Staff for mailing)

- Additional Charges written on    - Electronic Facilities            - Refund Request to Campus
COR & COR placed in Campus        Invoice                            Accounting Services (check
Mail to Assignment Office                                            routed back to Housing
                                                                     Accounting, then to
                                                                     Assignment Staff for mailing)

- Completed Damage &               - Electronic Core Change           - Refund Funds Transferred
Vandalism Form & sent to          Invoice                            to Financial Aid or 3rd Party
Turner Office                                                        Payers (ex. Ath Dept,
                                                                     Exchange Pgm)
                                                                      - Updated ABS System
- Custodial Staff (S)             - Housing Accounting (P)            - Student                        - Student
- Maintenance & Trade Staff (S)   - Student                           - Assignment Office
- Assignment Staff                - Assignment Staff                  - Campus Mail (S)
- Turner Office (P)                                                   - US Post Office (S) (via
                                                                     Campus Mail Carrier)
                                                                      - Housing Accounting
                                                                      - Campus Accounting (P)
                                                                      - Financial Aid Office (S)
                                                                      - 3rd Party Payers (S)

                                                                                Page 2
Customers of the Resident Checkout Process

Primary Customers                     Secondary Customers
Student                               Hall Desk Management
Assignment Staff                      Access Control Staff
Hall Desk Supervisor                  Area Manager
Hall Desk Staff                       Asst Facilties Director
Building Supervisor                   Unit Resident Life Coord
Turner Office                         Housefellow
Assignment Staff                      Custodial Staff
Housing Accounting Staff              Maintenance & Trade Staff
Campus Accounting Staff               Campus Mail
                                      US Post Office
                                      Financial Aid Office
                                      3rd Party Payers

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