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•   Define
•   Fairtrade around the world
•   Some impacts of unfair / fair trade
•   Fairtrade in the UK
•   Fairtrade in Wigan Borough
•   Fairtrade in Wigan Council
•   Fairtrade and the Cultural Exchange Group
The Fairtrade Mark
        Fairtrade around the world

• 1m members and workers in 540 Small Producer Organisations and
  206 Hired Labour Organisations around the world
• Over 7m people directly benefit from £1.6bn annual global spend on
  Fairtrade certified products
• Total Fairtrade “Premium” benefit (2007): 32 million Euros
    • 50% re-invested in Fairtrade businesses
    • 26% invested in health, education or environment
    • 24% invested in local community projects
• Wide geographical distribution of producers: 58 developing countries
• One olive producer from Palestinian Occupied Territories
• Coffee is the no. 1 product (400,000 farmers), then tea, cocoa, cotton
Fairtrade around the world
         Some impacts of unfair trade

•   Domination of markets by trans-national companies due to unfair trade rules
•   Drive to cut prices overrides environmental, social and health concerns
•   Poor market access for independent producers > fail to cover production costs
•   Many farmers forced off land > into cities (often slums) > urbanisation / overcrowding
•   Some farmers switch to drug-growing to support themselves > crime / violence
•   Communities lose control of their own lives and environment > destabilisation
•   Overuse of chemical pesticides damages human health and wider environment
•   20% of male banana workers in Costa Rica are sterile
•   Twice average rates of leukemia and birth defects in women banana packers
•   “Sweatshop”, $-a-day working conditions common, including for children
•   Dissent or trade union activity often violently suppressed (killings in Columbia)
•   Low quality, cheap goods
           Some impacts of Fairtrade

•   Fair prices, steady wages > job security and control of own lives and communities
•   Decent working conditions and improved health and safety
•   Participation in life / accident insurance schemes and personal investment loans
•   Participation in democratic structures > social stability
•   Greater respect for and amongst people, including women and children
•   Less harm to environment and active investment in environmental improvements
•   Investment in social improvements (boreholes, schools, health clinics, roads)
•   Stewardship, rather than abandonment, of land
•   Less use of chemicals
•   Fewer drugs grown
•   Less potential destabilisation and conflict
•   High quality stakeholder-produced goods
                   Fairtrade in the UK
•   Estimated UK retail sales of Fairtrade certified products were £23m in 1999,
    £800m in 2009

•   70% of population recognise the Fairtrade Mark and 64% link the Mark to a better
    deal for producers in the developing world

•   The Fairtrade Foundation licences use of the Fairtrade Mark on products in the UK, in
    accordance with international standards set by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation

•   Key Fairtrade Foundation awareness-raising programmes: Fairtrade Fortnight
    (annually); Fairtrade Towns; Fairtrade Schools

•   www.fairtrade.org.uk

•   The Greater Manchester Fairtrade Group shares Fairtrade information from the 10
    districts - Bolton leads and has a thriving Fairtrade campaign
     Fairtrade in Wigan Borough

•   Wigan Co-operative Members’ Fairtrade Group
•   Wigan Fairtrade Directory
•   Wigan Fairtrade website
•   Fairtrade Fortnight events
•   Tastings, talks…
•   Promotion of “Fairtrade Schools”
•   “Fairtrade Town” auditing and reporting role
•   www.wiganfairtrade.org.uk
Fairtrade in Wigan Council

• Council Resolution
• Nominated support officer for local group
• Corporate Procurement Strategy
• Council meetings, offices and canteens
• Internal promotion / awareness-raising
• Departmental Fairtrade audits
• Reporting back to local Fairtrade group
• www.wigan.gov.uk/Services/Environment/
Can the Cultural Exchange Group help the
Wigan Fairtrade Group to achieve its aims?

 • To promote the concept of Fairtrade within the

 • To raise awareness of the Fairtrade Mark and provide
   guidance on buying Fairtrade goods locally

 • To achieve and maintain Fairtrade Town status for the
Can the Fairtrade agenda help the Cultural
  Exchange Group to achieve its aims?

The Cultural Exchange Group will :-
                                                                       The Cultural Exchange Group will
•   consider strategic means of engaging the BME community
                                                                       be accountable to the following :-
•   identify means of overcoming existing barriers to engagement
•   highlight indigenous culture as much as minority cultures          •Cultural Partnership
•   raise cultural awareness levels of public services                 •Building Stronger Communities
•   have a balance between strategy and delivery
•   developing a calendar of national, regional and local events
    that we could support and link in to                               •SHAPE Board
•   identify gaps in provision                                         •Hate Crime Group
•   identify high-level and meaningful targets to support the
                                                                       •Refugee and Migrant Workers Forum
    Cultural Exchange Group’s ambitions
•   identify and bid for funding to support the above aims             •Homeless and Vulnerable Team
•   be linked to significant local strategic partnerships and report   •BME umbrella group
    progress against agreed targets on an annual basis
•   support the achievements linked to the CAA and LAA process
• Buying (or even seeing) Fairtrade products links you directly to
  producers from many different cultures
• Experiencing commonly known (or comparing different) foods,
  flowers, clothing, cosmetics, toys, etc can help to promote cross-
  cultural understanding
• Food in particular can be one of the very best ways “in” to
  understanding a given country / culture
• Sharing food and drink is an age-old way of bringing people together
• Understanding Fairtrade issues can help to raise awareness about
  wider international issues
• Fairtrade celebrates self-respect, self-reliance and independence
• Borough’s own producers / farmers / allotment holders / gardeners?
• Links to Healthy Eating agenda ?