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                                       Food or supply costs are included in the fee unless otherwise specified.
                                               Prepayment is required for all Cooking/Foods classes.
                     Available for most classes in this
                               When you be made to participant who cancels less than three business
                     section.Refund cannot register, check
                                     days prior to class date or otherwise noted in description.
                       to see if your class(es) qualify.
                 Appetizers: Quick and Easy                                                     Chocolate and More Chocolate
                 Create 20 or more appetizers that require less than 20 minutes,                Just in time for the holidays! Chocolate is great anytime of
                 start to finish. Serve them as a first course, snack, or as a                  the year. Create, taste in class and then take home many rich
                 complete buffet. Hot/cold, dips/spreads, hearty/healthy and                    chocolate treats. Recipes include: a cute mouse, coffee-
                 new ingredients to explore. Enjoy selections in class or bring                 flavored mousse, two decadently rich brownies, dipping

                     Instructors Wanted!
                 your samples home. Learn special tips to create an appetizer                   chocolate (for strawberries, apricots, pretzels and teaspoons),
                 party, too.                                                                    three superb hot fudge sauces, a cookie almost like Mrs.
                 Instructor: L. Severson                                                        Field’s chocolate chip cookies, easy truffle variations, Italian

                                       See page 13.
                 Course# 9996-F08DA                         Location: Highland Sr               ricotta cheesecake and Italian orange ricotta custard. You will
                 M Sep 22, 6:00p-9:00p                  Ses: 1             Fee: $33             also receive printed information about chocolate to help make
                   • No refund after September 18.                                              you an expert!
                 To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874             Instructor: L. Severson
                                                                                                Course# 1428-F08MA                                Location: Johnson Sr
                 Candy: Truffles                                                                Tu Sep 23, 6:00p-9:00p                     Ses: 1                   Fee: $33
                 Get a head start on the candy-making season. Learn all                           • Bring containers for your creations.
                            Check Out Our Web Sites
                 there is to know about making decadent chocolate truffles for                      No refund after September 19.
                                                                                                To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733
                 holiday gifts. Our plan is to make bittersweet, milk chocolate
                                   Saint Paul Public Schools
                 and white chocolate truffles, some enrobed (covered in
                 chocolate), and another with assorted coatings. Each recipe                    Cookbook: Create an Heirloom
                 makes about 40
                                           so there will be enough to take home.                A lost recipe is like a great short story lost. Family recipes can
                 Instructor: P. Kandakai                                                        be unique as well as the ingredients for a great story, a family
                 Course# 5141-F08MA Paul Public Schools            Location: Johnson Sr         meal, and having a fun time creating a cookbook. Recipes
                                    Community Education
                 Tu Nov 18, 6:00p-9:00p                     Ses: 1                   Fee: $25   are a reminder of our heritage and can touch our hearts via
                   • $25 supply fee, payable to instructor.                                     our stomachs. The instructor will help you understand all the
                 To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733   elements needed for your cookbook, as a family keepsake or
                                                                                                fundraising event.
                           Saint Paul Parks and Recreation
                 Chicken and More Chicken                                                       Instructor: H. Buchheim
                 Some classic, some quick, some spectacular for company but                     Course# 9450-F08OA                             Location: Como Sr
                 all healthy and delicious! There will be whole chicken, chicken                M Oct 13, 6:00p-8:00p                  Ses: 1             Fee: $24
                 parts and those versatile skinless-boneless chicken breasts.                   To register, call Community Ed. Sr. Program ........ 651-293-8733
                 We’ll use skillets and the oven to prepare and enjoy chicken:
                 cordon bleu, marsala with sage, Philippine-style adobo,                        Cookies: Classic International
                 strips with spicy honey-dipping sauces, with white wine and                    Have you yearned to learn the special techniques and to learn
                           Registration can be a snap!
                 mushroom sauce, crab-stuffed breasts, crispy Parmesan                          about any special equipment to make the famous international

                            Registration information
                 strips, Italian lemon, lemon kebabs, pineapple-raspberry                       cookies you see in beautiful photos or perhaps in upscale
                 nibbles, lime, and lastly, roasted with mushrooms and apples.                  bakeries? This is your opportunity to learn to make Norwegian
                                 is on page 90.
                 Three recipes are great as appetizers, and the entrées will
                 quickly become your favorites for family and friends!
                                                                                                Krumkakes made with cream, butter and cinnamon, then
                                                                                                rolled. Pizzelles – the flat anise-flavored cookie, Almond-
                 Instructor: L. Severson                                                        flavored Sandbackles – made in mini tart pans, Florentines that
                 Course# 4017-F08MA                                Location: Johnson Sr         are paper-thin, brushed with chocolate and rich with nuts and
                 Tu Oct 28, 6:00p-9:00p                     Ses: 1                   Fee: $34   candied orange; fragile Rosettes – deep fried and dusted with
                 To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733   confectioner’s sugar; Italian Biscotti – twice baked, crunchy

                                                                                                and loaded with nuts – drizzling with chocolate is optional;
                                                                                                delicate, cake-like Madeleines, Tuiles with golden edges,

                                    No Confirmations                                            Ladyfingers – great alone or used to make Italian Tiramasu,
                                                                                                and, time permitting, Hamantaschen – filled with prune, apricot
                                                                                                or poppyseed. Sample the treats in class and bring containers
                     Assume the class will be held at                                           to take some home.

                   the time and place indicated unless
                                                                                                Instructor: L. Severson
                                                                                                Course# 2139-F08DA                         Location: Highland Sr
                        you are notified otherwise.                                             W Nov 19, 6:00p-9:00p
                                                                                                  • No refund after November 14.
                                                                                                                                       Ses: 1             Fee: $33

        16                                                                                      To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874
Cooking: Thai

Discover where to purchase authentic Thai ingredients and
spices. Make flavorful and simple dishes: a noodle stir-fry and
appetizer, rice and curry paste. Ingredients will include meat,
pork, shellfish and peanuts. Vegetarian options will also be
Instructor: P. Kandakai
Course# 4524-F08MA                                Location: Johnson Sr
Tu Oct 7, 6:00p-9:00p                      Ses: 1                   Fee: $25
  • $15 supply fee, payable to instructor.
To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733

Czech Kolaches
Kolaches are one of Czechoslovakia’s national pastries.
Immigrants brought their passion and recipes for kolaches to
the Midwest as early as the 1860s. Kolaches are marvelous
egg-rich, slightly sweet yeast dough traditionally fiilled with
fruit mixtures such as apricot, cottage cheese, poppy seed or
prune. They can be shaped into small rounds, square “tied
packages”, or filled turnovers. We will make variations in
class and taste samples. Plan to take home an assortment to
share with family, friends or to freeze. You will also leave with
many recipes, tips and techniques to master these old world
Instructor: L. Severson
Course# 1078-F08PA                        Location: Conway Rec
Th Nov 6, 10:00a-2:00p                Ses: 1              Fee: $45
  • No refund after October 29.
To register, call Community Ed. Sr. Program ........ 651-293-8733

Deer Cutting
This class will teach you the basic skills to cut your own
deer. We will show you the proper care of the deer from field
dressing to skinning and cleaning of the carcass. Next we will
show you how to cut your deer from pulling the back straps for
                                                                               Italian: Cooking, Conversing and Culture
                                                                               Italy is truly a culture of food and eating. This class will give
chops, tip for roast or steaks, and trim for ground venison or
                                                                               you a taste of some basic food vocabulary, classic recipes
sausage. We will also learn the rounds to show you how to cut
                                                                               and cultural/culinary insights. A bit of Italian will be spoken,
it for jerky or steak and roasts.
                                                                               and students will learn pronunciation of menu and recipe items
Instructor: K. Swendsen
                                                                               along with some basic language skills. We will make a new
Course# 4391-F08MA                                  Location: Central Sr
                                                                               recipe each class.
W Oct 15, 7:00p-9:30p                      Ses: 1                   Fee: $43
                                                                               Instructor: M. Nilles
  • Fee includes a basic step-by-step book for quick reference.
                                                                               Course# 4342-F08MA                                 Location: Harding Sr
    Deer cutting supplies will be available for purchase. This
                                                                               W Oct 8, 6:00p-8:30p                       Ses: 5                   Fee: $63
    class will use a “road-kill deer” for hands-on experience.
                                                                                 • $15 supply fee, payable to instructor.
To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733
                                                                               To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733

French: Traditional Cuisine                                                    Italian: Southern Italian Family Style 2
Experience exquisite French classics starting with French
                                                                               Enjoy the bountiful flavors of Southern Italy starting with
onion soup topped with toasted croutons and Gruyere cheese,
                                                                               delicate green beans sautéed in olive oil with freshly-squeezed
browned to perfection; followed by “Coq au Vin”, tender breast
                                                                               lemon, followed by tantalizing garlic mashed potatoes to
of chicken sautéed with fresh pearl onions, mushrooms and
                                                                               which there is no equal. Next we’ll prepare and feast upon
bacon in a rich burgundy wine sauce served with a delicious
                                                                                                                                                               ADULT PROGRAMS

                                                                               tender breast of chicken sautéed in olive oil, garlic, red onion,
wild rice blend and green beans almondine. We’ll finish with
                                                                               mushrooms and capers in a light sherry-based marinara
“Crepes Suzette”, thin French pancakes served in a delightful
                                                                               sauce. We’ll finish with “Creame Brule”, a rich, creamy custard
butter, citrus and brandy sauce.
                                                                               baked with a crusty caramel glaze. Mangia! Mangia!
Instructor: J. Sandino
                                                                               Instructor: J. Sandino
Course# 2543-F08MA                                 Location: Harding Sr
                                                                               Course# 2542-F08MA                                 Location: Harding Sr
W Nov 12, 6:30p-9:30p                      Ses: 1                   Fee: $35
                                                                               W Oct 1, 6:30p-9:30p                       Ses: 1                   Fee: $35
To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733
                                                                               To register call Harding C.E. ................................. 651-293-8733

COOKING/FOODS    Lefse                                                                          Tea: Exploring the World of Tea
                 This wonderful Norwegian delicacy is made for banquets,                        Learn about loose leaf teas and bubble teas at The Tea
                 holidays, weddings and all special occasions. If you are                       Garden. We will be talking about and tasting several different
                 Norwegian and missed recording Grandma’s recipe, tips and                      teas, ranging from white to Pu Erh. This will be a social
                 techniques, this is the class for you. Learn the fine points in                gathering, questions welcome, bring your taste buds and
                 making, baking and storing the dough and how to serve lefse.                   thirst!
                 We will begin with real potatoes using a number of authentic                   Instructor: The Tea Garden
                 recipes and a modern version using instant potatoes. Plan to                   Course# 1692-F08OA                   Location: The Tea Garden
                 sample your fresh, warm creations with traditional fillings. You               W Oct 1, 10:00a-11:30a               Ses: 1              Fee: $12
                 will take home finished lefse and dough to bake and share with                   • The Tea Garden is at 1692 Grand Ave.
                 family and friends.                                                            To register, call Community Ed. Sr. Program ........ 651-293-8733
                 Course# 9950-F08EA                                 Location: Como Sr
                 M Oct 27, 6:00p-9:00p                   Ses: 1                   Fee: $38      Vegetarian Caribbean
                   • Bring an apron. No refund after October 20.                                Caribbean cuisine is an amazing melting pot of African,
                 Instructor: L. Pearson                                                         European and Asian influences. Join us as we make calaloo,
                 To register, call Como Park C.E. ........................... 651-293-8811      fried plantains, Jamdown curry, sweet potato pudding and
                 Course# 4237-F08MA                                Location: Johnson Sr         fruit punch.
                 Tu Dec 2, 6:00p-9:00p                      Ses: 1                   Fee: $38   Instructor: M. Stickel
                   • No refund after November 26.                                               Course# 1067-F08DA                        Location: Highland Sr
                 Instructor: L. Severson                                                        M Nov 3, 6:00p-9:00p                  Ses: 1              Fee: $28
                 To register, call Harding C.E. ................................ 651-293-8733     • $5 supply fee, payable to instructor.
                                                                                                    No refund after October 29.
                                                                                                To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874
                 Pierogi – Old World Favorite
                 Of all the Polish and Ukranian foods, Pierogi is a favorite.
                 You will learn the methods of rolling dough and stuffing this                  Vegetarian: Dim Sum
                 showcase dish with potatoes, cheese and fruit.                                 Enjoy Chinese Dim Sum, vegetarian style. Learn to make
                 Instructor: J. Schroeder                                                       pot stickers, Shanghai spring rolls, char sui buns, scallion
                 Course# 2137-F08PA                      Location: Conway Rec                   pancakes and sweet-filled wontons, using vegetable,
                 Tu Oct 21, 12:00p-4:00p               Ses: 1             Fee: $35              mushroom and mock-meat fillings, served with a variety
                   • No refund after October 14.                                                of dipping sauces.
                 To register, call Community Ed. Sr. Program ........ 651-293-8733              Instructor: M. Stickel
                                                                                                Course# 1070-F08DA                        Location: Highland Sr
                                                                                                M Oct 13, 6:00p-9:00p                 Ses: 1              Fee: $28
                 Soups: Classic Soups and a Famous Stew
                                                                                                  • $5 supply fee, payable to instructor.
                 Create some of the best hearty soups: New England clam
                                                                                                    No refund after October 9.
                 chowder, wild rice, pumpkin, split pea with ham, and corn
                                                                                                To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874
                 bisque with rosemary. Then top it off with the very famous
                 French beef stew in red wine (boeuf bourguignon). What could
                 be better for an easy meal during cold weather than soup,                      Vegetarian Indian
                 salad and some great bread?                                                    India has the world’s greatest vegetarian cuisine. Menu
                 Instructor: L. Severson                                                        includes pakoras, yellow rice pilav, rasam, tarka dhal, spiced
                 Course# 4288-F08DA                      Location: Highland Sr                  green beans and South Indian garlic curry.
                 W Oct 29, 6:00p-9:00p               Ses: 1                Fee: $33             Course# 1065-F08DA                        Location: Highland Sr
                   • No refund after October 27.                                                M Sep 29, 6:00p-9:00p                 Ses: 1              Fee: $28
                 To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874               • $5 supply fee, payable to instructor.
                                                                                                    No refund after September 25.
                                                                                                To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874


                 Learn where to shop, what brand to select, preparation of
                 the ingredients, assembly of the rolls and presentation. You
                 will create both the traditional rolled sushi (maki-zushi) and                                             ADVERTISING
                 the American California sushi. Start with the easy-to-make
                 seasoned sushi rice, then select and roll wonderful ingredients                                           OPPORTUNITY!
                 such as chicken, shrimp, smoked salmon, crab, mushrooms,                            Reach over 112,000 Saint Paul
                 eggs, carrots, avocado, spinach, ginger and more. No raw fish
                 will be used.                                                                     households through the Saint Paul
                 Instructor: L. Severson                                                            Community Education Catalog
                 Course# 9813-F08DA                         Location: Highland Sr
                 W Oct 8, 6:00p-9:00p                   Ses: 1             Fee: $33                           Contact Bernie Lancette
        18         • No refund after October 6.                                                       651-293-8811 •
                 To register, call Highland/Mac/Grove C.E............. 651-293-8874

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