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									             www.nvatu.org • The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited • February 2005

                                                                        WHAT’S COMING OFF
                                   Shad Fishing on the Potomac
                                                                When, Where, and How
                                       Newell Steele                                                                               Spawning
                                   and Grizzly                                                                                 occurs in both
                                   promise to tell us                                                                          tidal and non-
            WHEN                   about the fun                                                                               tidal freshwater
Thursday, February 3               (and challenge)                                                                             tributaries, and
                                   of shad fishing                                                                             spawning
            TIME                   on the Potomac                                                                              migrations
7:30 p.m. Meeting
                                   River and reveal                                                        www.landbigfish.com
                                                                                                                               correspond to
6:45 p.m. Fly tying                the right rods,                                                                             favorable river
demonstration                      lines, and flies needed to get the job done. They      water temperatures (55 to 61 degrees F).
                                   will lead a session of fly tying before the program,      Shad spawning runs in the Bay usually extend
                                   emphasizing shad flies, of course.                     from the middle of February until early June,
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post          Whether you fish from a boat or prowl the          although in Virginia, spawning generally begins
8241, 1051 Spring Hill Road
McLean, Virginia
                                   banks, these experts will tell you what you need       in mid to late March.
                                   to know to find and catch shad. In addition to            The hickory shad, Alosa mediocris, is similar
     GETTING THERE                 the fishing hints, Newell and Grizzly will review      to but smaller than the American shad, tends to
From the Beltway, take the         the special safety precautions required for            arrive in larger numbers earlier than the American
McLean exit to Dolley              Potomac waters.                                        shad, and is more likely to be caught in our local
Madison Blvd. (Rt. 123) and            The American shad or white shad, Alosa             waters.
continue eastward to Old
Dominion Drive. Turn left at       sapidissima, is the best known of the six species         For anyone who doesn’t know, Newell Steele
the traffic light and proceed      of shad. This shad is a handsome fish, with a          has owned and operated the Angler’s Lie fly shop
to the Spring Hill Road            metallic blue-green back that lightens to silver       for about 15 years, and fishes for everything
intersection. Turn left at the     along the sides and has a black spot at the            from trout to tuna. Grizzly has been manager at
light, and left again
immediately into the VFW           shoulder, with several smaller spots trailing          Angler’s Lie for seven years, and also builds
Post 8241 parking lot. From        behind. The American shad can reach a length           bamboo rods and pursues nature photography.
Vienna, take Maple Avenue          of 30 inches, and is the largest—and considered           The Angler’s Lie web site is
north until it becomes Dolley      the most delicious to eat–of all the shads.            www.anglerslie.com, phone (703) 527-524. You
Madison Blvd., and follow the
directions above.                      The anadromous American shad is indigenous         will find the shop at:
                                   to the Atlantic coast from the St. Lawrence River
  FEBRUARY PROGRAM                 to Florida, and spends most of its life at sea in      The Angler’s Lie
Newell Steele and Grizzly          large schools. It only enters the freshwater river     2100 N Glebe Road
from Angler’s Lie On Shad          in which it was born to spawn. As the shad             Arlington, VA 22207-2219
   ALSO IN FEBRUARY                migrates from salt water to fresh, its color dulls
5: Fishing Trip to Little Stoney   from blue-green to brown.
Creek (Va)                             During an average life span of five years at
10: Board Meeting                  sea, the American shad may migrate more than                   Our February meeting
26: Fishing Trip to Big Spring     12,000 miles. It enters the Chesapeake Bay from                 place has changed!
Creek (Pa)                         January to June between the ages of four and six              Be sure to note the new location
                                   to spawn in the fresh water to low-salinity                   on this page and map on Page 3.
                                   tributaries as far north as the Susquehanna River.
                                                         FISH WITH A MEMBER TRIPS

                                         solstice, and the effect will be quite     larva that imitates the abundant,          Big Spring has an enormous
                                         noticeable by February. Even if it         free-living Rhyacophila larva. A        population of midges. You can find
   Little Stoney                         is cold, when the days are longer,
                                         especially if the sun shines, you
                                                                                    #16 would be about right for this
                                                                                    time of year. The most effective
                                                                                                                            some hatching just about every day
                                                                                                                            of the year. The hatches were
       Creek                             won’t feel it as much. Water warms
                                         and cools slower than air or land,
                                                                                    flies are tied in a much brighter
                                                                                    green that you see in the naturals.
                                                                                                                            worked out in great detail by Don
                                                                                                                            Holbrook and are included in the
        VIRGINIA                         so don’t expect the trout to respond       Maybe this fly is so effective          book he wrote with Ed Koch,
When: February 8                         as quickly to changes in the               because it functions as an imitation    Midge Magic. I suspect the closing
Depart: Contact George Paine             weather. Any activity they do show         and as an attractor at the same time.   of the hatchery altered the hatch
or check the NVTU web site               will likely come in the warmest            In any case, it works. For those who    chart considerably, but I haven’t
Return: Whenever                         part of the day. If we’ve had several      eschew imitations and prefer Wooly      had anyone that fishes the stream
Meet: Galyan’s Fair Lakes                warm, sunny days before the trip,          Buggers, I suggest you have along       regularly confirm this. Holbrook
parking lot                              there might even be a slight               some dark ones, perhaps black or        has only one pattern listed for the
                                         increase in water temperature. All         purple, and some real bright ones,      fourth week of February: it is a #22
          By Mike Daly                   of this notwithstanding, the water         say chartreuse. Keep them fairly        midge pupa tied with an underbody
                                         is still pretty cold, the fish are not     small and fish them slow and deep.      and head of iron gray Uni-Thread
   The first trip will be to Little      terribly active, and the fishing                                                   and an abdomen of #295A Coats
Stoney Creek on February 5. I’m          consists mostly of slow and deep                                                   & Clark Dual Duty Plus #200
gloating a little about having written   presentations of nymphs or                                                         sewing thread. This is a very pale
about fishing in flood conditions
last month, even though the highest
                                         streamers. There will be enough
                                         water so that you don’t have to
                                                                                          Big Spring                        yellow. You will need to taper your
                                                                                                                            leader to 6X or 7X to fish this fly.
water came after the trip to Passage
Creek. The truth is that my crystal
                                         resort to your most delicate
                                         presentations with your finest
                                                                                            Creek                           I demonstrated some of Holbrook’s
                                                                                                                            patterns at a chapter meeting
ball isn’t any better than yours. The    tackle. Anything up to a six weight          P E N N S Y LVA N I A                 sometime within the past year of
production schedule for Troutline        should be fine. If the water is really     When: February 26                       so. If you fish Big Spring much,
necessitates that these words be         up and you need to use a lot of lead       Depart: Contact Dan Kelly               you should buy his book.
written about a month before the         to bounce bottom, you might even           Return: You decide                         The most abundant critter in the
actual trips. The editor gets            prefer a six weight over some of           Meet: Vienna Volunteer Fire             stream is probably the cress bug.
downright surly if he doesn’t            the lightest rods. Hip boots will          Station Parking Lot                     I’ve concocted dozens of patterns,
receive his material in a timely         suffice, but if you want to wear                                                   but none have yielded results
fashion, and, having held his job        your neoprene waders, you might               The second trip will be to Big       significantly better than Ed Shenk’s
for many years, I don’t blame him.       find them quite comfortable.               Spring Creek, near Newville, PA.        pattern. Below the Ditch, the stream
(My bark is worse than my bite.             The little (#18), black, winter         A light rod is best for the small       used to hold fair numbers of a
Ed) What this means to you is that       stoneflies are active at this time of      flies that work on this stream.         caddis in the Glossosoma genus.
I don’t have a clue as to what the       year. I always have a few of the           Length is a matter of choice, but       They build a pebble case, which is
weather conditions will be when          nymph patterns in my mountain              my nine-footer has always served        stuck on the side of a rock. The
you go. I have hunted grouse in          trout box. On a real nice day, you         me well. Hip boots generally            larva inside (which I did not
early February when I had to put         could even get lucky and run into          suffice, especially at the upper end,   examine on Big Spring) is a very
my jacket in the rucksack and hunt       some surface activity caused by the        known as the Ditch. Since the           pale pink with a darker head. These
in my shirt sleeves. On the other        adults. I think this is when they are      closing of the hatchery, fish have      larvae are unable to enlarge their
hand, we could have a blizzard. If       ovipositing rather than when they          been moving further downstream.         cases, so when they outgrow them
the weather is foul, you should          hatch. On a few occasions (very            Your neoprene waders may keep           they abandon them and build a new
check with the trip leaders before       few) I have seen them buzzing              you comfortable and give you a          one. As a result, periodically good
you go to make sure the trip is still    around the surface of the stream           sense of security if you choose to      numbers of the naked larva can be
on. Their phone numbers are listed       and trout actually rose to them. You       do a little exploring. Big Spring is    found in the drift. You can’t predict
in this newsletter. George Paine         want a high floating pattern for this      a classic spring creek. The             when this might be, but if you are
leads the Virginia trips and Dan         that you can dance around on the           temperature is relatively stable        on a stream containing
Kelly leads those to PA and MD.          surface and mimic the activity of          throughout the year, especially at      Glossosoma, you should have a
   All right. Let’s focus on what we     the naturals. All you really need is       the upper end, which is very close      few larval patterns along. The best
do know. I can say with absolute         some black hackle palmered over            to where the water comes up from        pattern for this larva is a #18, pale
certainty that Virginia fishing          a #18 hook, perhaps with a few             underground.                            pink Honey Bug. Add a turn of
licenses expire at the end of the        hackle fibers for a tail. I tied some         When the hatchery was open, the      black ostrich herl for a head if you
calendar year. You need one for          small versions of LaFontaine’s             water treatment system never really     insist.
2005. I’m told you can even buy          Dancing Caddis for this situation,         worked and fish poop was getting
them on line, but I haven’t checked.     but I never had a chance to try them       washed into the stream. You could          Fly of the Month
Little Stoney flows through the          on some real active fish. It is a little   smell it coming out of the culvert
George Washington National               early for the brown winter                 from the hatchery. This stuff settled     This month our speakers, Newell
Forest. You need a national forest       stoneflies. They are a bit larger,         in the gravel, rotted, and depleted     and Grizzly will demonstrate a
stamp to hunt or fish in the national    about a #16, and they could be out         the oxygen. Immature insects and        variety of shad flies which they have
forests. If you bought one to hunt,      if the weather has been warm.              fish eggs could not survive in the      developed. I was at Anglers Lie and
it may still be good. I advise you       That’s about all you might see on          oxygen-depleted streambed. The          Grizz showed me a few, and they
to check. TU is not the AAA. We          the surface. It would be a good time       only part of this stream, once one      have real sex appeal. Join them
don’t provide bail bonds.                to try any of your favorite nymph          of Pennsylvania’s finest trout          around 6:45 and learn to tie some
   The daylight hours have gotten        patterns, but the best fly will            streams, that was worth fishing was     of the best patterns around for the
a bit longer each day since the          probably be the bright green caddis        “The Ditch.”                            subject of this month’s program.

PAGE 2                                                                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2005

    Chapter Banquet is                                                                                                                        only come for an hour or two, that’s
      Coming Soon!
   Our all-important fund-raising
banquet will be held Saturday, April
                                                        New Chapter                                                                           OK too. We mostly help young kids
                                                                                                                                              and their parents set up their new
                                                                                                                                              fishing rigs and guide them to spots
2nd, 2005 at the Westpark Hotel in
Tysons Corner. Doors will open at
5:00 p.m. and dinner will be served
                                                        Meeting Place                                                                         where they have a chance to catch
                                                                                                                                              some fish. I’ll man a table under
                                                                                                                                              the park’s awning to pass out hooks,
at 6:45. This year banquet tickets             Beginning in February and continuing for the next year the                                     bobbers and bait to those who need
will cost $45.00 each.                        monthly chapter meeting will be held at Veterans of Foreign                                     it.
   The chapter needs you. Your                Wars Post 8241, 1051 Spring Hill Road, McLean, Virginia.                                            Trout Stockings: 3 volunteers
attendance will help to pay the cost                                                                                                          (they always seem to have more
of the banquet; your participation              From the Beltway: Take the McLean exit to Dolley Madison
                                                                                                                                              people than they need) on
in the auctions and raffles will be             Blvd. (Rt. 123) and continue eastward to Old Dominion Drive.                                  Wednesday the 16th and Saturday
fun for you and will provide the                Turn left at the traffic light and proceed to the Spring Hill Road                            the 19th of March 2005. 5:30 to
resources the chapter needs for its             intersection. Turn left at the light, and immediately left again                              8:00 a.m. Bring a flashlight, as it is
stream projects. Bring a guest!                 into the VFW Post 8241 parking lot.                                                           still dark when we start stocking.
   The Banquet Committee is also                From Vienna: Take Maple Avenue north until it becomes Dolley                                  Waders are not necessary, but they
looking for help in planning and                Madison Blvd., and follow the directions above.                                               will keep you warm and dry. For
administration of the banquet, even                                                                                                           the Saturday the19th, plan to stick
if you can’t commit to full-time                                                                                Dranesville                   around to help out on the “Kid’s
participation as a committee                       Belleview                    Georgeto
                                                                                                                District Park                 Opening Day” if you can.
member. Plenty of assistance will                                                       wn Pike                                                   To volunteer, call me, e-mail or
be needed the night of the banquet                                                                                                            sign up at the NVTU meeting in
during the live auction, to sell bucket                Meeting               Ol d                                                             February or March.
raffle tickets, and to assist in many                   Place                       D om
                                                                                           i ni o n                   495
other ways.                                                                                           Dr.                                       John Hadley
                                                               Hill Rd

   Donations are especially needed,                                                                                       West Langley          5650 6th St. N
and soon. Donations may be                                                                                                                      Arlington, VA 22205
                                                                              ille Rd.
                                                   N                  Lewinsv

services from community                                                                                                                         703 528-1828 (h)
businesses, artwork you may already                                                                                                             703 933-6629 (w)

                                                                                                                           l Rd
have, or anything else of value. We                                Odricks Corner                                                               email: jhadley@jjma.com
                                                                                                                          Hil      Blvd
need them now. If you donate                                                                                                  ison

                                                                               267                                                               Environmental News
something, please specify its value                    Dulles Toll Rd.                                               ey
and state that nothing of value is                                                                               Doll                            You have access to a wealth of
                                                                                                                             Gary Visgaitis
received in return; the donation will                                                                                                         information on environmental
be fully tax-deductible under IRS                                                                                                             matters affecting your favorite trout
Regulations (Section 501(c)(3)).                ONLINE: MapQuest map and directions at www.nvatu.org                                          streams on the Virginia Council web
Please provide Donna Hicken with                                                                                                              site: www.vctu.org. Click on the
a description of your donation; she       including one in the fall that will                         Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout      topic “Public Policy” and note the
will provide a receipt. Donna may         be devoted to planting live stakes                          Unlimited to help Arlington County      many items available for download
be reached at                             in the banks and a vegetative barrier                       Department of Parks and other           as well as links to other sites of
donnahicken@mris.com.                     along portions of the stream.                               service groups, such as the Boy         interest.
   A bigger and better written               Our next step is to write a draft                        Scouts, clean up the main stream of
program is planned, for which             agreement between the Chapter and                           Four Mile Run flowing through the          Falmouth Flats Fly
advertisers are needed. Members           the HOA that will lay out our                               middle of Arlington. We then will        Fishers Schedule 2nd
may wish to advertise; or they can        obligations and govern our fishing                          help the Arlington Park personnel       Annual Fly Fishing Show
take the new rate booklet around to       program in the new area.                                    plant trout in Four Mile Run starting      Mark your calendar for the show:
businesses they know and patronize.                                                                   at Bon Air Park (Wilson Blvd.)          March 26th, 2005, Hours: 9:00 a.m.
Coupon offers are a great way to             Publicity/Marketing                                      downstream to just past where           to 5:00 p.m. at the National Guard
get new customers in the door.                Chairman Needed                                         Walter Reed Drive crosses the creek.    Armory, Fredericksburg, VA.
   Please talk to Donna Hicken, Jay          An expansion of the duties of the                        Finally we will assist parents and         The Falmouth Flats Fly Fisher’s
Lovering, or Jeff Rainey and offer        Publicity Chairman requires a                               kids with fishing on opening day. I     2nd Annual Fly Fishing Show will
your help.                                dedicated volunteer for this                                need volunteers on the following        have slide shows, equipment
                                          important job. Increased outreach                           dates:                                  vendors, fly tiers, fly casting
     Big Spring Creek                     to Northern Virginia communities                               Stream Clean up: 5 volunteers,       demonstrations, Virginia Dept. of
    Extension Adopted                     is planned for fund raising and                             Saturday, 12 March 9:00 a.m. to         Game & Inland Fisheries, Coastal
   The Chapter has decided to             expanded educational efforts. Please                        noon, (we usually finish by 10:30).     Conservation Association, Friends
pursue the adoption of an additional      see Jay Lovering if you have the                            Bring boots and gloves, and dress       of the Rappahannock, fly rod raffles,
section of Big Spring Creek that          talent for this position and are                            for the weather. I’ll provide a pick    and silent auctions. Guests speakers:
runs downstream from the bridge           willing to contribute to our board                          up stick and a hot drink to help you    Beau Beasley and King
at Twin Maple Lane. After                 meetings                                                    warm up after the clean up.             Montgomery and featuring Lefty
discussions with the President of                                                                        “Kid’s Opening Day”: as many         Kreh, world renowned fly caster,
the Big Spring Homeowners                 Four Mile Run Scheduled                                     volunteers as can come, Saturday        fly fisherman, fly tyer, photographer,
Association (HOA), we identified           for Clean Up, Stocking                                     19 March, 9:00 a.m.– 1:00 p.m.          and author.
a series of sites in need of              and “Kid’s Opening Day”                                     Meet at the green and white awning
improvement. We anticipate holding                   By John Hadley                                   in Bon Air Park, just off Wilson
about 3 work days this year,                I will lead teams from the                                Blvd., and Lexington St. If you can

FEBRUARY 2005                                                                                                                                                              PAGE 3
                             CHAPTER OFFICERS                                              CONSERVATION CALENDAR 2005
PRESIDENT: Jay Lovering, (703) 734-1558, jrlovering@aol.com
VICE PRESIDENT: Jeff Rainey, (703) 759-2350, jeff.rainey@hebinc.com                 Unless otherwise noted:               Antietam Creek (Pa)
TREASURER: Terry Lowe, (703) 476-3978, terryalowe@aol.com                         • Chapter meetings: Veterans of
SECRETARY: George Paine, (703) 860-0862                                           Foreign Wars Post 8241, 7:30 p.m.                     JUNE
                                                                                  • Board meetings: Hudson Trail          2: Chapter Meeting
                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                  Outfitters, Fairfax Circle, 7:30 p.m.   4: Fishing Trip to Piney River (Va)
George Brandon, 703-534-4656, gbrandon@kiplinger.com
                                                                                                                          9: Board Meeting
Bill Cartwright, (703) 255-3540, dichb@aol.com
                                                                                              MARCH                       25: Fishing Trip to Big Hunting
Mike Daly, (703) 754-8954                                                                                                 Creek (Md)
                                                                                  3: Chapter Meeting
Tom Guffain, (703) 620-9734, tguffain@email.usps.gov
                                                                                  5: Fishing Trip to Rapidan River
Dennis Heretick, dennis_heretick@hq.dla.mil                                       (Va)                                                 JULY
Suzanne Malone, (703) 768-8175, flyfishgrl@aol.com                                10: Board Meeting                       7: Chapter Meeting
Dave Swenson, (703) 435-6584, dgsofva@comcast.net                                 26: Fishing Trip to Mountain            2: Fishing Trip to N. Fork
Burt Weisman, (703) 255-2579, d-bweisman@erols.com                                Creek (Pa)                              Shenandoah River (VA)
                                 COMMITTEES                                                                               14: Board Meeting
Banquet: Donna Hicken, (703) 830-3207, donna.hicken@c21nm.com                                  APRIL                      30: Fishing Trip to Big Spring
Education: Bob Hughes, (703) 573-1397, bob_hughes@hotmail.com                     2: Banquet                              Creek (Pa)
Fish With a Member: Dan Kelly, (703) 221-7292, danwkelly@aol.com                  7: Chapter Meeting
  George Paine, (703) 860-0862                                                    9: Fishing Trip to Staunton River,
Financial Resources: Bert Brehm, (703) 887-6202, bertbrehm@cox.net                Lower Rapidan (Va)                      Trout Unlimited
Legal: Dave Hill, (540) 898-5932, davidhill68@yahoo.com                           14: Board Meeting                       web site:
Legislative Issues: Doug Penn, (703) 400-6254, dpenn@cox.net                      30: Fishing Trip to Conewago            www.tu.org
Membership: Dave Swenson, (703) 435-6584, dgsofva@comcast.net                     Creek (Pa)
Newsletter/Publicity: Dick Davies, (703) 425-2503, Richard.E.Davies@verizon.net
                                                                                                MAY                       Virginia Council of Trout
Outreach: Suzanne Malone, (703) 768-8175, flyfishgrl@aol.com
                                                                                  5: Chapter Meeting                      Unlimited web site:
Refreshments (Events): Dennis E. Suddarth, 703-941-6920, suddartd@yahoo.com
                                                                                  7: Fishing Trip to Jeremy’s Run         www.vctu.org
Refreshments (Meetings): John Newton, 703-753-9196
Social: Jay Lovering, (703) 734-1558, jrlovering@aol.com                          12: Board Meeting
Stream Projects: Burt Weisman, (703) 255-2579, d-bweisman@erols.com                                                                         Richmond
                                                                                  28: Fishing Trip to East Branch
Webmaster: Michael Wine, 703-368-2282, mdwine@comcast.net
Youth Programs: Bob Betts, (703) 494-0623, vasurfers2@comcast.net                         Printed by Middleburg Printers, Middleburg, VA
                                                                                                           Recycled and Recyclable

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