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In this edition…
      Whitsundays now most vi si ted Reef destination in Australia
      Barefoot Cruises launch Australia’s first golf crui se
      The great Aussie barbeque – now onboard Reef Odyssey
      Ashley Kerr recognized for outstanding contribution to the travel industry
      Where is that plane going?

                                                 Whitsundays now top Reef destination in
                                                 The Whitsundays region had the highest visitor numbers
                                                 to the Great Barrier Reef than any other Reef
                                                 destination, beating Cairns, according to figures from the
                                                 Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority* from January
                                                 to June 2006.

                                                 “This is the first time the Whitsundays has surpassed
                                                 Cairns in Reef visitor numbers”, said Barefoot Cruises
                                                 managing director Ashley Kerr.

“The Whitsundays has come of age as an international destination. Wholesalers and agents are
recommending it as the only Reef experience in their clients‟ itineraries,” said Ashley.

He says the Whitsundays is recognize d as providing a comprehensive Reef experience which
also includes the diversity and proximity of the islands and their fringing reefs for snorkeling and
diving, as well as beaches like Whitehaven, and the hikes and rainforest walks on the islands.

“Many people want an experience that genuinely explores the Reef and its environs – something
personal, intimate, educational, fun and relaxing, not quick and light weight,” he said.

The Great Barrier Reef is the most complex marine environment in the world. It‟s 2,300 km long,
one of the world‟s most important natural assets, and the largest natural feature on earth. It
deserves time for ex ploration, says Ashley.

“The overnight sailing and cruising experiences give you time to explore. You‟re able to immerse
yourself, literally, in the marine environment over three of four days; you get to know the tides, the
winds, and the stars,” he said.

“Exploring the water by boat and living aboard gives people another way of experiencing the
world, the way people have for thousands of years.

“We have an extraordinary environment in the Whitsundays with the Great Barrier Reef and the
74 islands covered by a World Heritage listing, which means it‟s protected and pristine. This
combination is very attractive to international visitors,” he said.

Barefoot Cruises operate three and six night adventures on mini cruiser Reef Odyssey (39 pax),
tall ship Coral Trekker (14 pax), and classic schooner Windjammer (8 pax) (pictured). They were
the winners of the 2004/5 Australian Tourism Award for unique accommodation.

*The Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority collects an Environmental Marine Charge (EMC) for every full or part day
visitor carried by a commercial operator. The statistics are based on EMC records.

                                   Australia’s first golf cruise launched in the
                                   tropical Whitsundays
                                   Arrive by cruise boat, play golf at one of Australia‟s top
                                   courses, snorkel and dive with spectacular coral and fish,
                                   cruise the Whitsunday islands, walk along pristine beaches
                                   and take 36 of your closest friends with you.

                                   “The Whitsundays golf cruise is designed for golf groups and
                                   clubs who want a unique golf holiday in a special environment”,
                                   said Barefoot Cruises managing director Ashley Kerr, who
                                   launched the new product recently.

                                   “This is an exciting development in golf tourism in Australia as
                                   it combines not only one of our top courses but blends it with
                                   this iconic World Heritage listed area, the underwater
                                   experiences of the region, the overwhelming beauty of the
                                   islands‟ and the fun of traveling on a small cruise vessel,” he

Over five days and nights, guests will live aboard mini cruise ship Reef Odyssey , and play 72
holes on three courses, including two island courses. The highlight of the Whitsundays golf cruise
is Australia‟s no. 1 public access course Turtle Point golf course at Laguna Whitsundays Resort

The Whitsundays golf cruise is available for private charter with a max 36 and min 26 guests.
Best time to come is June to August as the weather is warm and mild with temperatures
averaging 24 degrees. Itineraries can be tailored to suit the group‟s needs.

There is also a range of activities for non golfers including snorkeling, hiking, beach walks, and
massage and spa treatments.

Prices start from $2520pp twin share for five days and nights (Saturday to Thursday) including all
golf, meals and activities.
Cont act Barefoot Cruises for more information on 07 4946 1777 or

The great Aussie barbie – now onboard Reef Odyssey

There‟s nothing quit e like a cold beer, a great view and an Aussie barbeque. Adventure cruise
ship Reef Odyssey has just launched a new top deck bar and barbeque enabling guests to enjoy
dinner under the stars and drinks at sunset with the most spectacular 360 degrees of interrupted
Whitsundays wilderness.

“Feedback has been fantastic,” said Reef Odyssey captain Graeme Beggs.

“People head up to the top deck for sunset drinks every afternoon. It‟s magnificent when we‟re
out at the Reef – 360 degrees of oc ean. Then the smell of the barbeque makes everyone‟s
mouths water,” he said.

Reef Odyssey‟s barbies are cooking up a range of delicacies including treats like kangaroo and
freshly caught reef fish.

“Kangaroo tastes like very good quality beef fillet steak – tender, juicy and with a wonderful
flavour,” said Graeme.

                                                 Outstanding contribution recognized
                                                 by industry awards

                                                 At the recent Tourism Whitsundays annual
                                                 awards Barefoot Cruises managing director
                                                 Ashley Kerr was recognized for his outstanding
                                                 contribution to the industry over the past 20

                                                 Since 1988 Ashley has been a passionate and
                                                 vocal advocate for the Whitsundays at a
                                                 regional, state, national and international level.

                                                 His contribution to the development and
                                                 promotion of the Whitsundays has helped to
                                                 build it into an int ernational tourist destination.

Ashley with wife Cathie (pictured), pioneered overnight crewed charters in the Whitsundays.
Today their business is part of a multi million dollar industry.

Barefoot Cruises is now widely recognized as the benchmark in the industry. The company has
won many awards at a regional, state and national level in the categories of unique
accommodation and significant tour and transport operator.

Ashley has provided vision, passion and commitment and among other achievements was one of
the first to recognize and raise the profile of Whitehaven Beac h – now a world renowned
location. He is attributed as having coined the phrase “in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef”
which is now used in the Whitsundays‟ international marketing campaigns.

Barefoot Cruises also won the award for best unique accommodation at the Tourism Whitsunday

                                      Hey man where are you going??

                                      Snapped recently at Hayman Island by Reef Odyssey‟s
                                      „eye for the absurd‟ captain Graeme Beggs.

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