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									                                       Choosing the Right Batteries

The advent of modern technology has been amazing to help people getting things done in twice the
time, and getting things delivered twice as fast. But what do we do when our technology fails us? What
happens when our techny clip-board dies? Sure you can smack it a couple of times but honestly this
solution will be short term and may end up only damaging your equipment. The best insurance that a
battery will last you a long time is using quality components and following all the instructions.

Battery life time varies greatly depending on a number of factors. Two important factors are the number
of applications and types of applications on the small appliance being used. If you want your battery to
last a long time, try not to run down the battery life by overusing the appliance. If it is necessary to run
multiple applications for an extended period of time, you may want to consider purchasing a larger
capacity battery (if available), or purchasing an extra battery so you will al ways have a charged battery
when you need it.

The “memory effect” is another factor you may have heard about that affects battery life. The memory
effect is a pattern seen in certain batteries that causes then to hold less charge. It occurs when a battery
is only partially used and then recharged to full charge. It is similar to voltage depression, a condition in
which the battery’s voltage level drops faster even though total charge power of the battery remains the
same. These effects are caused by repeated over charging of that batteries that leave electrolyte build
up on the battery. People have come up with several theories to overcome the memory effect, thought
most are just that, theories, and are difficult to duplicate in the real world.

Battery manufacturers have worked to develop more powerful and effective batteries. The newest and
most popular advent in battery technology is the Lithium Ion battery and it surpasses traditional
batteries in many ways. Li-Ion batteries charge faster and weigh much less. They are also more
environmentally sound because they do not contain toxic materials such as mercury. And most
importantly, Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect. The technology for Li-Ion batteries is
increasing every day.

So an everlasting battery may not yet exist, but we can be assured that engineers are working every day
to make the batteries that help us in our daily lives, faster, safer, and more powerful.

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