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					        Report on the 2006 Annual General Meeting – by Donna McLean
[The Gull and Silver Lakes Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting was held on Sat.
July 29, 2006, at St. Paul’s Church. This report or a version thereof will be presented at the next
annual general meeting for adoption of the minutes at that time.]

Jim Davis, President, opened the meeting and invited Mayor John Klinck (“MJK”) to address the
membership. Mayor Klinck addressed the meeting as follows:

Wharf Project
• Officially opened public sector part of the project on June 24th
• 2nd condo building under construction – approx. 70% sold
• Town has ended up with 1 km shoreline with 90 acres with a current fair market value of
  $3,500 to $4,500 ft.
• Original budget was exceeded because: Town had to remove 7,500 tonnes of substandard
  soils, 100 properties had to added to the Town sewage system, and an extensive, ‘leading
  edge’ storm water system was added to the project.
• Feels the improvements to the area have more than justified the higher than anticipated costs.
  The Town has now gained a safe and attractive Boardwalk, impressive children’s
  playground, multi-functional sports ground and environmentally friendly fish habitats.
• And finally the Town boasts about the Grace and Speed Boat museum, just voted as one of
  the top 10 new attractions in North America

Other Developments
• MJK very pleased with Ken Little’s efforts on behalf of the Gull Lake Condominium project.
   To date all dealings with the owners of the property have been friendly and co-operative;
   feels the development will be pleasing and welcomed by the community
• There has been a recent increase in the assessments of the off water properties – this should
   help narrow the gap between waterfront and off water property taxation
• TOG is very pleased that a private investor has come forward to invest more than $20 million
   in a new Muskoka Golf Course in the south end of Town which will involve the construction
   of additional residential units which are much needed
• The truck yard relocation for the Hwy 11 interchange redesign has been postponed to 2008

The Mayor then entertained questions from the members after which Jim Davis thanked the
Mayor for his attendance and comments.

Gravenhurst Official Plan the (“Plan”)
Keith Leithwood, who serves on a Committee of Lake Associations formed to monitor and
participate in discussion s with the TOG regarding the Plan, was invited to talk to the meeting
about the status of the Plan:
• the Plan sets the framework for TOG development over the next 20 years
• the current version is penultimate
• the Plan allows for the establishment of by-laws 1-2 years off
•   Committee’s main concern at the moment is the inadequacy of the TOG to enforce the letter
    and intent of the Plan – suspects that specific infractions will only be dealt with by complaint
•   Committee will continue to participate and advocate waterfront property position

Jim Davis then thanked Ken Leithwood for its continued efforts and his attendance at this
Gull Lake Condominium Development
The Executive invited Ken Little, one of the three owners of the Gull Lake property being
developed (the “Property”) to speak to the meeting about the status of this project:
• 16 units, freehold condos; 8-10 docking spaces
• sales and marketing have commenced
• sewage and water tied into Town
• extensive environment impact study done
• intent of owners to provide aesthetically pleasing, self-sustaining, non-invasive development
• undertook to keep Executive up to date on development status

Treasurer’s Report
• Jim Davis outlined annual financial results; membership fees to remain the same for 2007

Taxation Report
• Ontario Ombudsman recent report condemning MPAC flawed process highlights
   dissatisfaction of waterfront property owners
• WRAFT and lake assns. Pleased with 2 year assessment freeze but can’t relax because 2008
   assessments could still be horrific
• Members and others need to keep lobbying politicians to support need for overhaul of system
   – want predictability and affordability

President’s Report
• Water Quality Testing – Executive will publish results of this summer’s testing sometime in
   the Fall – levels of phosphorus basically unchanged – testing for 2007 will remain using the
   same number of test sites etc.
• Municipal Elections 2006 – Executive will interview candidates on hot issues and publish
   findings in Fall Newsletter – urge members to be vigilant about voting and understanding
   where candidates sit on issues
• Hwy 11 update – no progress ; still changing consultants – Executive continues to monitor
   and lobby for Assn input regarding noise, sale runoff, safety of pedestrians and environment
   impact of traversing old Town dump
• Executive Slate of Directors – all current Directors willing to serve for another year – no new
   candidates – on a motion made, seconded and carried, Directors acclaimed to serve until next
• Development in Narrows between Gull and Silver Lake – Executive continues to monitor
   development – frustrating because must deal with province, federal and municipal
   governments regarding environment impact etc.

Jim Davis then thanked those in attendance and declared the meeting terminated.