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February Issue                                                                         2009/2010

                       Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010---6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
                                 Polk School Cafeteria

      Children and parents are encouraged to attend.

      Children attending 5 sessions during the evening will receive a no-homework pass.

We will be collecting used eye glasses to be donated to the Lenscrafters Outreach Program.

We will be collecting cell phones to be donated to the Shelter for Battered Women.

                                            A few of the Presentations:
                                                Dr. Kronfol will discuss childhood
                                                 obesity and prevention.
                                                Lenscrafters will be here to
                                                 adjust, tighten and clean glasses.
                                                Environmental Services will discuss
                                                 energy conservation and recycling.
                                                EPCC will have a cooking/tasting
                                                 demonstration of healthy food.
                                                El Paso Police Dept
                                                   PRINCIPAL’S M ESSAGE
Page 2                      Dear Polk Parents,
         FROM THE COACHES           Welcome to February! Love is in the air.
                            As parents, we have such a deep and endless love
                        .   for our children. Hugs, kisses, and smiles from our
                            children brighten our days and make our hearts
                            full. There is nothing more rewarding as parents
                            than watching our children learn and grow. The
                            hearts of educators are similar to those of
                            mommies and daddies. We celebrate successes
                            each and every day, and feel so fortunate to work
                            in a profession where we can truly make a
                            difference in the lives of children. Thank you for
                            trusting us with your most precious gifts.

                                     I would like to encourage you to utilize the
                            EPISD parent portal if you have not already done
                            so. You may be thinking, “What is the parent
                            portal?” It is a tool to help you monitor the
                            progress of your child on a regular basis. The
                            portal provides parents with online access to
                            information on their child’s grades and attendance.
                            The parent portal provides information on student
                            assignments, quizzes, tests, and overall academic
                            progress. Monitoring how your child is progressing
                            between grading periods can be beneficial in the
                            overall academic success of your child and can
                            facilitate better communication with teachers. You
                            can also monitor the status of your child’s
                            absences and easily keep track of how many
                            absences your child has. Good attendance is
                            essential, and this year has been especially difficult
                            due to the H1N1 virus. To register for the parent
                            portal, log on to and click on the parent
                            portal link with the yellow star on the left side of the

                                     We are still hosting our Lundy friends as
                            their move in date has again been extended.
                            Everyone has a room to call home at Polk, and
                            Lundy is hoping to open their doors sometime in
                            March. Our painters have been working very hard
                            to make our campus look nice. They are doing a
                            great job, and our teachers and students have
                            been very flexible. I want to thank Mrs. Hackett,
                            our librarian, who has been very accommodating to
                            the classes as they are having their rooms painted.
                            We hope to see you at our annual Health Fair
                            which will be held on February 9. We have
                            enclosed a copy of the most recent 2009-2010
                            school schedule in this newsletter which includes
                            many changes to state TAKS testing days. Please
                            note these important changes.

                                                Your Principal,    Micaela Varela
                                                                               Page 3
SPEECH & LANGUAGE NEWS                                              NURSING NOTES
                                    We are officially into the Winter Season. Colds,
Linda Ellison M.S., C.C.C./ SLP   Seasonal Flu, and Strep Throat are the usual
                                  diseases that are contracted during this time.
                                  Another issue that becomes a problem in the
                                  winter is head lice. They tend to live in the hair
                                  and are spread from one person to another by
                                  hugging, touching heads, sharing combs, hats,
                                  and scarves.

                                     Lice lay eggs which hatch within seven to ten
                                  days. The eggs look like white particles on the
                                  hair shaft. They will not flake off like dandruff or
                                  dried hair gel. The only way to remove them is
                                  with a fine tooth comb or with one’s fingers. A
                                  special medicated shampoo must be used in order
                                  to kill the lice and the eggs. This can be bought at
                                  any pharmacy, including Wal-Mart.

                                     Please check your children’s hair periodically. If
                                  you notice that they are scratching their heads a
                                  lot or complaining of itching in the scalp, please
                                  take a look! The sooner the problem is recognized
                                  and taken care of, the easier it is to get rid of it!
                                  Head lice are a fact of life that is not pleasant;
                                  however, it doesn’t mean your house is dirty or
                                  that you have poor hygiene.

                                     As the school nurse, I do periodic checks of the
                                  children by classroom. I ask for your assistance in
                                  helping to keep our school lice-free. If you should
                                  find that your child has head lice, please notify me.
                                  This information is kept confidential, but it enables
                                  me to keep a watchful eye on the other children in
                                  the class.

                                                                    Ellen Negrete, RN
 Page 4                                                The Watch D.O.G.S. will be having their third
                     ACCELERATED READERS
                                                       annual Doughnuts With Dads. It's a great time to
Congratulations to the “Race for Hot
Chocolate” Contest winners:         2C (Mrs.           spend the morning with your kids. Come enjoy a
Sizemore), 3A (Mrs. Little), 4A (Mrs. Alvarez),        free doughnut with your kids. All Dads, Grandads,
and 5A (Mrs. Kovan). Thank you, students and           brothers, and father-figures are invited. Mark your
teachers, for your participation!                      calendars: February 16th at 7:30 A.M.

Congratulations also to the following students who
reached their grade level goals (awarded) coupons)                 ENVIRONMENTAL POSTER CONTEST
by Jan. 22, 2010.
                                                               It’s time again for the Texas PTA
                    Second Grade:
Michael Aguirre Magana, Jacqueline Barrios,            Environmental Awareness Program. The theme
Rosalyn Conry, Elise Ehrlich, Julianna Esparza,        for this year is “100 Years From Now”. The
Adriana Mendoza Gonzalez, Melanie Munden,              deadline is February 15, 2010
Alfredo Provencio Jr, Fabian Ramirez, Isabel Ward,             In order to conserve paper, entry forms are
Victoria Fernandez, Danielle Gonzales, Madai           available from teachers and can also be found in
Morales, Analina Uribe, Sara Barton, Hannah            the school office.        Your completed form and
Bokal, Brent Bowden, Emerald Davis, Nia Duran,         project shall be left in the box located in the school
Sophia Flores, Sergio Lopez, Mark Munden,              office.
Tomoka Ohnuma, Natalie Peck, Viviana Ramos,
Andre Raynal Aria Rodriguez, Brianna Sano,
Brandon Schaeffer, Heavyn Soriano, Diego Soto                                       JOIN T HE PTA TEAM
Quezada, Mia Stills, Sebastian Webb, Noah                      Our year is just starting, but we have to
Boncser, Josue Leanos, Natali Marcus, Jenna            think about next PTA year already! We need to
Murphree, Alisa Pitchkolan, Victoria Rios, Andrew      set up a nominating committee to find officers for
Bristol, Srija Chintalapalle, Alyse Erekson, Antonio   the Executive Board for next year. We need
Gallegos, Sarah Meza, Emily Palomo, Amelia             someone with a child in K-2, another person with a
Reyes, Sasha Sias, Maxon Morales                       child in 3-5, and two other at large people to serve
                     Third Grade:                      on this short lived committee whose job is
Emily Erekson, Disha Ganjegunte, Cecilia Garzella      completed by early March. If you are interested in
                    Fourth Grade:                      being on this committee, please contact Mina
Ashley Chang, Sheridan Crenshaw, Alberto Rico
                                                       Alvarado at or
                     Fifth Grade:
Mercedes Chavez, Rodrigo De La O, Michael              581-1131.
Lowenburg, Sai Muthyala Venkata, Emily
O’Rourke, Taylor Allen, Evan Ferguson, Joseph                 If you are interested in serving on the PTA
Furr, Emily Gerald, Alberto Urueta, Scout              Executive Board next year (president, one of the
Gonzales, Julian Hernandez, Ximena Posadas             vice      presidents,     secretaries,    historian,
               100 Point Club Members:                 parliamentarian, or treasurer) please contact Mina
Taylor Allen, Evan Ferguson, Joseph Furr, Emily        Alvarado at or
O’Rourke, Sai Muthyala Venkata, Emma Washburn          581-1131.
               200 Point Club Member:
Ryan Block

January was the best month so far for AR
points. Keep reading! All the AR points that
are accumulated for the whole school year can
be used at the BOGO Book Fair in May.

       Robin Garner-Langford, AR Chairperson
                                                               WACK-ALIVE AND GOING STRONG
          POLK NIGHT AT ANDRE’S PIZZA                     The Write A Check Campaine is still alive
       The second Wednesday of every month         and going strong. We are always accepting
is Polk Night at Andre’s Pizza. When you           donations and every cent you give goes toward
                 place your order and identify     programs and activities that benefit our students.
                 yourself as a Polk parent, 15%           If you are interested in making a tax
                 of the proceeds of that           deductble donation, please make your check
                 evening’s total will go back to   payable to “Polk PTA”. Thank you for all of your
                 the Polk PTA. Our next pizza      support.
                 night is on Wed. Feb. 10th.                          VALENTINE GRAM DELIVERY
                         Pizza Dates to Place
on your Calendar. February 10, March 10,                  Balloons, candy and floweres from the
April 14, May 12, June 9.                          Valentine Gram sales will be delivered to studens
                                                   on Friday, Feb. 12.

                                                                        SPIRITWEAR SPRING SALE !

      Starting in February, current year spirit wear short sleeve teeshirts will be
discounted to $8 each, including tax. What a deal! In the fall they were $11 each.
You might not have gotten one then, or perhaps you’ve outgrown or stained your shirt.
      Spiritwear will be on sale after school on Wednesdays (3:00-3:30) starting
February 10 th. While you’re here, visit our Polk Paperbacks in the cafeteria that day,
and purchase an ice cream to support the fifth grade end of year activities.
      OR you can send in a check made out to Polk PTA with your child in the amount
of $8 per shirt, and tell me the size you’d like and your child’s section or homeroom
teacher. Please enclose a phone number where I can reach you with questions. The
sale is limited to shirts we have in stock.
As of now, here is what we have. Short sleeve, unless noted.

         Youth sizes                         Men’s sizes                    Women’s Sizes
      YXS – 9 ($8 each)                     NO Men’s XS                 Women’s XS – 8 ($8 ea)
                                     Men’s Sm – 4 gray($8 ea) &
      YS – 35 ($8 each)                                                 Women’s Small – 1 ($8)
                                      5 last year’s red ($5 ea)
   YM – 49 gray($8 ea) &
                                     Men’s Med – 7 gray ($8 ea)            NO Women’s med
   2 last year’s red ($5 ea)

    YL – 12 gray($8 ea) &
       2 last year’s red                   NO Men’s Large                 NO Women’s Large
   LONG SLEEVES ($7 ea)
                                                        Women’s X large –
NO YXL gray but 3 last year’s                            2 gray ($8 ea)
                                NO Men’s Extra large
red LONG SLEEVES ($7 ea)
                                                       Women’s 2XL – 1 ($8)

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