San Salvador, March 12th 2007

Presidents of the
North American, Central American
and the Caribbean Athletics Confederation (NACAC)

It is a pleasure for me to promote and invite you to the realization, in our country, to
the First Senior Athletics Championship of the North American Central American and
the Caribbean Area, The event will take place in July 13, 14 and 15 of the current year
at the Estadio Nacional “Jorge Mágico Gonzalez” with the participation of about 550
athletes, officials and leaders of the 32 Countries that that conform the NACAC

The Organizing Committee and our Federation’s Directive Board, which I am
honoured to preside, are working relentlessly so that you may have a delightful
experience when you visit and compete in my country.

We are counting the hours to the beginning of the competition, and to welcome you
with open arms so you can take with yourselves and to your home the great memory
of having been in your brother nation, El Salvador.

I expect you soon!!!

                             Dr. Jose Benjamín Ruiz Rodas
                                 Organizing Committee
                    First NACAC Senior Athletics Championship 2007

                             Pagina Web: www. indes.gob.s v/nacac2007/index.html
     Correos electrónicos:;;
               Edificio Fedeatletismo, 45 Av. Sur, Estadi o Naci onal Jorge El Mágico Gonzalez,
          Fax: (503) 2245-2407, Tel.: (503) 2298-0842, Apdo. 1362, San Sal vador , El Sal vador , C.A.
          IN ATHLETICS


   Estadio Nacional Jorge “Mágico” González
            San Salvador, July 13-15 2007
The North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC)
designated the Salvadorian Athletic Federation as the organizer of the I NACAC Senior
Championships in Athletics to be held on July 13-15, 2007.

1.1   NACAC Executive Council
             Lamine Diack (SEN)                   Honorary President
             Amadeo ID Francis (PUR)              President
             Keith Joseph (VIN)                   Vice-President
             Neville McCook (JAM)                 IAAF Area Representative
             Alfred Emmanuel (LCA)                Treasurer
             Samuel Maduro-Classen (PUR)          Secretary
             Guillermo Araya (CRC)                Council Member
             Robert Hersh (USA)                   Council Member
             Alain Jean Pierre (HAI)              Council Member
             Maria Antonieta Ocón (NCA)           Council Member
             Judith Simmons (BER)                 Council Member
             Abby Hoffman (CAN)                   Ex Officio Member
             Alberto Juantorena Danger (CUB)      Ex Officio Member
             César Moreno Bravo (MEX)             Ex Officio Member

1.2   Organizing Committee
             Lic. Jorge Hernández Isussi          Honorary President
             Dr. Benjamin Ruiz Rodas              President
             Lic. Rigoberto Hernandez             Vice-President
             Lic. Francisco Ferrer                Vice-President
             Ing. Ramon Rodriguez                 Vice-President
             Lic. Erick Vladimir Rivas            General Secretary
             Sr. Gilberto Dahabura                Treasurer
             Lic. Rigoberto Hernández             General Coordinator
             Lic. Raúl Leiva Navidad              Logistics Coordinator
             Lic. Mauricio Argumedo Q.            Technical Coordinator
1.3   Executive Commissions
              Lic. Rubén Quintanilla                  Competition Director
              Lic. Carlos Clemente                    Results
              Ing. Beatriz de Chacón                  Accreditations
              Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas                  Medical Services
              Ing. Rafael Amaya                       Transportation
              Prof. Eduardo Israel Flores             Ceremonies
              Sr. Ramon Huezo                         Security
              Lic. Walter N. Lovo                     Accommodation
              Lic. Hilma de Sura                      Volunteers
              Lic. Ana Patricia Ortiz                 Protocol
              Lic. Gerardo López                      Press
              Lic. Marco Flores                       Juridical

1.4   NACAC Delegates
              Amadeo ID Francis (PUR)                 Organizational Delegate
              Carlos A. Barrios Casasola (GUA)        Technical Delegate
              Dr. Francisco Amy (PUR)                 Doping Delegate
              Paul Francis (JAM)                      Area Technical Official
              Esther Maynard (BAR)                    Area Technical Official
              Dee Jensen (USA)                        Area Technical Official
              Mercedes Román (MEX)                    Area Technical Official
              Robert Bowman (USA)                     Area Race Walking Judge
              Jennifer Machado (PUR)                  Area Race Walking Judge
              Ricardo Servin (MEX)                    Area Race Walking Judge
              José Luis Vega (CUB)                    Area Race Walking Judge

1.5   Jury of Appeals.

The Jury will be designated during the Technical Meeting.
1.6    NACAC Member Federations

Anguilla (AIA), Antigua & Barbuda (ANT), Aruba (ARU), Bahamas (BAH), Barbados (BAR), Belize (BIZ), Bermuda
(BER), British Virgin Islands (IVB), Canada (CAN), Cayman Islands (CAY), Costa Rica (CRC), Cuba (CUB),
Dominica (DMA), Dominican Republic (DOM), El Salvador (ESA), Grenada (GRN), Guatemala (GUA), Haiti (HAI),
Honduras (HON), Jamaica (JAM), Mexico (MEX), Montserrat (MNT), Netherland Antilles (AHO), Nicaragua
(NCA), Puerto Rico (PUR), St. Kitts & Nevis (SKN), St. Lucia (LCA), St. Vincent & The Grenadines (VIN),
Trinidad and Tobago (TRI), Turks & Caicos (TKS). United States of America (USA), U. S. Virgin Islands (ISV).

1.7.   Host Country / City

      Name:                   El Salvador
      Location:               Situated on
                               the Pacific coast
                               of Central America
      Area:                   8,260 sq. mis.
      Population:             6,822,378 (2006)
      Language:               Spanish
      Currency:               US$ Dollar
      Electricity:            110-220 V.
      Water Quality:          Non-Potable
      Health:                 Vaccinations are not required.
      Telephone:              Country code: 503
                                      Capital:                                       San Salvador
                                      Population                                     1,791,700 (metro)
                                                                                      504,700 (city)
                                      Altitude above sea level:                      620 m.
                                      Maximum temperature:                           300 Celsius
                                      Average temperature:                           270 Celsius
                                      Minimum temperature:                           250 Celsius
                                      Average Relative Humidity:                     49%

Upon arrival each delegation should proceed to the Arrivals area of the airport. Once the
delegation has been processed through entry formalities and customs clearance they will be
welcomed by the attaché that has been assigned by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC).

Delegations should confirm the date, airline, flight and time of arrival on the forms provided
for this purpose by the LOC to ensure the appropriate reception.
The delegations will then carry their luggage to the transport provided for the
Championships. The LOC will help to carry the vaulting poles and provide any additional

All persons arriving in El Salvador are required to purchase a tourist visa upon arrival at a
cost of US$25.00. In addition, citizens of the following countries are required to have visas
prior to boarding their flights to El Salvador

Countries that need a Salvadorian visa: (See for further

      Anguilla             Cuba
      Aruba                Turks and Caicos
      Bermuda              Grenada
      Dominica             Dominican Republic
      Jamaica              Haiti
      Monserrat            Netherland Antilles

There will be two Accreditation Centers located in the lobbies of the team and the NACAC
hotels. These centers shall be open from 9:00AM until 8:00PM from July 12th to 14th. These
Centers will also serve as Competition Information Centers (CIC’s) where all accommodation,
transportation and competition related issues may be dealt with.

To facilitate the process of accreditation, each individual will be required to provide his
passport.       The accreditation card will indicate to which areas the individual will have
access, as indicated below:

 1                    VVIP Area                   7                 Warm up Area
 2                    VIP Area                    8            Hotel, Athletes and officials
                                                        Hotel, NACAC Family, ITO´s and special
 3                 Competition Area               9
 4                   Mixed Zone                   10              General Stairs/Seats
 5                  VIP Transport                 11                 Team Seats
 6                  Press Center                  12                  Transport

Loss of accreditation card        must be reported immediately to the relevant Competition
Information Center.
The NACAC family, VIPs, special g uests, athletes, coaches and delegates will be
accommodated at several hotels. The                       Hotel and Convention Center will be
the prime hotel for the 1st NACAC Senior Championships in Athletics. This is a 5 star hotel
located in the best commercial and
residential areas of the city at 89
Avenida Norte y 11 Calle Poniente,
Colonia Escalón, San Salvador Tel.
(503) 22570700, fax (503) 22570710.
Global reservation center 1-800-333-

Other     available   hotels   include   the
Holiday    Inn San Salvador, 4           star
category where athletes, coaches and
delegates will also be accommodated.
Urbanización y Boulevard Santa Elena,
near to the American Embassy, San
Salvador Tel: (503) 22444000, Fax
(503) 22414070

Technical officials, athletes, coaches and delegates will also be accommodated at the
“Albergue Olimpico” of the Institute of Sport and Recreation (INDES) with 4 star category,.
Final Calle la Sabana, Colonia La Sabana, Ciudad Merliot, Santa Tecla, La Libertad, Tel.
(503) 22891974 y 22891093, Fax: (503) 22891960.

On arrival at the hotels, one credit card from each delegation must be presented at the
reception or alternatively the hotel will request a cash deposit. None of the hotels will debit
the credit cards in advance; only in the event any of the delegation’s members leaves unpaid
extra charges (bar, laundry, telephone, pay TV, etc.) on departure.
Accommodations (and meals) will be provided to all accredited individuals by the LOC,
at no additional cost, from dinner on Thursday, July 12 th through breakfast on Monday,
July 16th (four days maximum). Teams (or individuals) arriving earlier than Thursday, July
12th or departing later than noon on Monday, July 16 th must make special arrangements with
the LOC.

On arrival, additional accommodation requirements must be paid for by each delegation in
cash or by credit cards (Visa or MasterCard). The charge per person per day in a double
room, with meals, is US$150.00 which includes accreditation and access to the other
services provided by the LOC.

4.3.   Meeting rooms for teams
Team delegations can use the athletes’ meeting rooms, which will be at their disposal in each
hotel. Team Leaders should contact the CIC for room availability and booking.

4.4    Attachés

One attaché will be assigned to each team, although this will be dependent on the number of
athletes and team officials. Small delegations will be asked to share an attaché.

5. - MEALS
All meals will be served in the athletes’ dining room at their hotel. It is essential to show an
accreditation card to access the dining room.

Meals will be served according to the following timetable:

            Breakfast:    from 06:30 to 08:30AM
            Lunch:        from 12:30 to 02:30PM
            Dinner:       from 07:00 to 10:30PM

6.1.   Prior to competition
The following schedule details the transportation service provided by the LOC for training
purposes on the 12th 13th and 14th of July. The LOC will not assume responsibility for
transportation outside of the scheduled hours.
       Date           Event             Schedule      Departure to Stadium     Return to Hotel
                Hammer      throw
                Pole vault, Middle
                                     8:00     10:00           7:00                 10:15
                Distance and Long
                Sprints,   Relays
                and Hurdles.
                Shot put, Javelin,   10:00    12:00          09:00                 12:15
  12-13-14      High jump and
    July        Triple jump.
                Open      (Except
                Javelin       and    16:00    18:00          15:00                 18:15
                Hammer throw)

                 Open      (Except
                Javelin       and    18:00    20:00          17:00                 20:15
                Hammer throw)

6.2.     During competition

The warm-up area is placed 300m. away from the competition stadium at the “José María
Escriba de Balaguer Boulevard”. At this location a pre-call room will be installed. The athletes
will travel directly from their hotels to the warm-up area, and afterwards, to the competition
LOC will provide transportation to the athletes and coaches from the hotel to the warm-up
area, from the warm-up area to the Stadium (competition area) and to the hotel.

The LOC is responsible for providing all medical care to athletes, other team members and
officials at the 1st NACAC Senior Championships. These services will be provided by health
professionals during the dates included in your stay in San Salvador. The services will be
provided in the following areas:

(a)      Competition area
             Emergency services during the competition
             First aid
             Services will be available at the start of each day of competition until 30 minutes
              after the competition concludes.
Doctors designated by the LOC will evaluate and take care of any emergency in the
competition site. According to the case, they will refer the patient to the corresponding
specialist. No medical assistance from the participating countries will be allowed in this area;
only those provided by the LOC

(b)     Warm-up area
           Tables for massage and intervention
           Ice treatment
           Medical emergency evaluation

(c)     Hotels
           Medical assistance will be offered 24 hours a day by the LOC at the hotels where
            the participants are accommodated. This service will be provided from July 12 to

(d)    Insurance coverage
NACAC has secured comprehensive travel insurance covering all participants from the time
of their departure to their return home. Team leaders should carefully inspect the Insurance
Policy which was sent to each federation by NACAC upon payment of their dues for the
current year.

8.1.    Training Area
The track at the Universidad de El Salvador will be available for training on the 12th, 13th and
14th. Transportation to and from the team hotel will be provided as per the schedule provided
in chapter 6.1. The facility has an 8-lane Conica surface (similar to that in the main stadium),
long/triple jump runways and shot put circle.

8.2.    Warm up area
The warm-up track is located at the Gimnasio Nacional, 300 meters away from the stadium. A
Call room will be located in this area where an announcer will call the events in both English
and Spanish. All athletes must report to this area at the times given in Appendix 5. Each
group of competitors will then be taken to the Estadio Nacional Jorge “Mágico” Gonzalez by
the stewards and/or judges. . While within ready walking distance, a shuttle service will be
provided for the competitors. .

8.3.    Competition Area:

The 1st NACAC Senior Championships will be held in the National Stadium Jorge “Magico”
Gonzalez in San Salvador.      The competition arena has a total capacity of 35,000 seats.
The TIC, Call Room and Medical Center are located at the stadium. A seating area has
been allocated for the teams. Further information will be available at the CICs and TIC.
The competition arena (see map) has a:

     1. CONICA SW surfaced 8-lane track
     2. Class II IAAF Certificate.
     3. Two Long/Triple Jump Areas.
     4. Two Javelin Throw Areas.
     5. One Hammer/Discus Throw Area.
     6. Two Shot Put Rings.
     7. Two Pole Vault Areas.
     8. Two High Jump Areas.
     9. Musculation Gym.
     10. One sauna room for each gender.

8.4.    Race walk
The race walking events will be held on an asphalted surface on the Boulevard de los
Heroes. The competition will be held in accordance with the IAAF Rules and will be
conducted over a two kilometer circuit.

8.5.    Technical Information Center (TIC)
Teams may obtain information in the TIC which will be located in the west wing of the
stadium, close to the central offices of the LOC. The TIC’s objective is to facilitate
communication between delegations, the LOC and the Technical Delegate. The TIC shall be
in charge of, but not limited to the following:
                 Written appeals to the Jury
                 Urgent written notices to the delegations from the Technical Delegate and
                  the Competition Management
                 Pigeonholes which will be provided for each delegation
                 Technical information
                 Publication of the start lists/results
                 Distribution of coaching passes for field events and/or combined events
                 Distribution of number bibs

The Technical Meeting will be held at the RADISSON Hotel and Convention Center, San
Salvador on Thursday, July 12th at 1900 hours. Not more than two (2) representatives from
each participating Member Federation may attend the meeting (in addition to an interpreter or
attaché if required). The LOC will organize transport from the team hotel.
9.1.   Procedure for the Technical Meeting
The Technical Delegate will preside over the meeting, which will be conducted in Spanish
with translation into English.

The preliminary agenda for the technical meeting is:
                Welcoming words by the LOC President
                Opening words by the NACAC President
                Introductions: Technical Delegates, Jury of Appeal, Medical Delegate, Anti-
                 Doping Delegate, Area Technical Officials and Walking Judges, LOC
                 Completion Director, Main Competition Officials, LOC Technical Officials
                Items on the agenda
                 a) Timetable
                 b) Qualifying rounds for the races
                 c) Raising of the bars
                 d) Protests/appeals
                 e) Race walk information
                 f)    Doping Control procedures
                 g) Advertising on athletes’ clothing
                 h) Opening and closing ceremonies
                 i)    Answers to delegations questions

9.2.   Other Technical Points
Any enquiries concerning the Championships must be made in writing (in English or
Spanish). These questions will be answered at the Technical Meeting. The forms on which
the questions should be written will be distributed upon your arrival at the Competition
Information Center (CIC). These forms must be returned to the CIC in the team hotel no later
than 18:00 hours on Thursday, July 12th .


11.1. Entry standards
The entry standards that apply for this Championship are listed in Appendix 3. Each country
may enter one athlete in each event, irrespective of whether or not he/she has met the entry
standard, and one relay team in each event. To enter a second competitor, both athletes
must have achieved the entry standard

11.2. Numerical confirmation
Each Member Federation shall confirm its participation to the LOC by March 16th at the latest.
The numerical confirmations (number of participants and accompanying officials, by sex)
must be sent to the LOC by May 1st, 2007 on the official forms which will have been provided
by the LOC.
11.3. Final entries
Final entries (by name) are due on June 28, 2007 and must be submitted on the official forms
provided by the LOC. Both the numerical and the final entry forms are to be sent to:

       Federacion Salvadoreña de Atletismo
       Estadio Nacional Jorge “Magico” González
       Colonia Flor Blanca, Apartado Postal No. 1362
       San Salvador, El Salvador
       Telephone numbers (503) 2-298-0842 or 2-263-2431
       Fax number: (503) 2-245-2407


       NACAC Offices
       P.O. Box 11040
       San Juan, Puerto Rico 00910-2140
       Telephone number: (787) 724-0782
       Fax number: (787) 721-5236

11.4. Final confirmation
Team chiefs or their representative must confirm the athlete(s) that will take part in the
competition before noon on the day preceding the event, except for the first day of
competition for which individual entries will be confirmed at the Technical Meeting.

11.4. Participant’s ages
The competition is open to all eligible athletes who are at least 16 years of age on December
31, 2007 (born in 1991).


12.1   Call Room

All competitors must present themselves at the Call Room according to the scheduled check-
in times indicated below. These will also be announced over the Public Announcement
system as well as shown in the warm up area.
Competitors who fail to appear on time at the Call Room without a valid reason (e.g., a
medical certificate delivered by the official doctor of the Championships) shall be excluded
from participating in this and all subsequent events in the Championships, including relays.
Team officials are not allowed to enter the Call Room.

Athletes who compete in combined events shall report to the Call Room before the start of
the first event on each day of competition. The rest room for combined events is near to and
on the same level as the Competition Arena. The athlete control for the subsequent events
will take place in this rest room before the start of each event. Athletes will be escorted to
the competition site by stewards and/or judges.

A final check prior to the competition will take place at the interior warm up area on the
southwest part of the stadium. Athletes will be taken to the competition area as follows:

              Track events, 10 minutes before the event starts
              Hurdles, steeplechase and relays, 15 minutes before the event
              Field events, 40 minutes before the event
              High jump, 50 minutes before the event
              Pole vault, 60 minutes before the event

The procedure in the Call Room shall be as follows:

              Identification of the competitors by means of their accreditation cards and bib
              Checking of athletes’ uniforms
              Checking of the spikes on the athletes’ shoes (number and size)
              Inspection of personal belongings

12.2    Starting heights
The starting heights for the vertical jumps are listed below as well as the progression

       Event        Gender                                   Progression

   High jump          M          1.90, 1.95, 2.00, 2.05      2.08, 2.11, 2.14, 2.17   2.19, 2.21, 2.23, etc.

   High jump           F         1.60, 1.65, 1.70, 1.75      1.78, 1.81, 1.84, 1.87   1.89, 1.91, 193, etc.

   Pole Vault         M        4.35,4.50, 4.65, 4.80, 4.95      5.05, 5.15, 5.25      5.30, 5.35, 5.40, etc.

   Pole Vault          F            3.00, 3.15, 3.30            3.40, 3.50, 3.60      3.65, 3.70, 3.75, etc.
12.3   Protests
Protests concerning the results or the conduct of an event shall be made within 30 minutes of
the official announcement of the result of that event. Protests shall in the first instance be
made orally to the Referee by the athlete himself/herself or by someone acting on his/her
behalf. After the decision by the Referee, there shall be the right of appeal to the Jury of
Appeal. An appeal to the Jury of Appeal must be made within 30 minutes of the official
announcement of the decision made by the Referee, in writing, signed by a responsible
official on behalf of the athlete, and shall be accompanied by a deposit of US$100 which will
be forfeited if the protest is not upheld.

13.1   Number bibs
All competitors must wear the number bibs they have received. The numbers shall coincide
with the numbers in the start list. Every competitor must wear two (2) numbers during the
competition on the chest and on the back, except in the pole vault and the high jump events
where only one number may be worn during the competition. One number must be worn on
the back of the track suit. Track athletes must wear the hip numbers provided at the Call
Room. Four (4) number bibs per athlete will be distributed at the Technical Meeting.

13.2   Starters’ commands
The starter’s commands will be given in English up to and including the 400 meters. The
following commands will be used:

                     On your mark
                     Set
                     Firing of the gun

For races 800 m and over, the following commands will be used:

                     On your mark
                     Firing of the gun

13.3   Timing

Timing will be provided by the Mac Finish Photo finish system. A fully automatic false start
system will be used.

13.4   Measurement
All measurements will be done with calibrated manual measuring devices.
13.5   Official implements

a)     List of implements
The approved list of implements which will be used during the 1 st NACAC Senior
Championships will be made available at a later date. Athletes wishing to use their personal
implements must submit these to the TIC 24 hours prior to the start of the event for review
and certification after which they will be included in the pool of implements and available to all
the competitors in the event.

b)     Vaulting poles
The LOC will take care of the transportation and storage of the poles. All poles or bags of
poles shall bear the identification of the athlete. All poles will be inspected on the morning of
the competition. If a pole does not comply with the rules, the Team Leader will be informed
immediately. The Technical Management will bring the poles on to the in-field in time for the

14.1   Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony will take place on Friday, July 13th at the Estadio Nacional Jorge
“Magico” Gonzalez. The national flag, the IAAF flag and the NACAC flag will be raised in the
Competition Arena. This will also include the playing of the national and the IAAF anthems.
Further information about the ceremony will be given to teams during the Technical Meeting.

14.2. Medal Ceremonies
The first three (3) athletes in each individual event or the first three (3) teams in each relay
race (four persons in each relay team) will be presented with a gold, silver or bronze-plated
medal as appropriate. The medal presentation will usually take place before the doping
control procedures. The first three (3) athletes or relay teams will be gathered together by an
official in the Mixed Zone and taken to the ceremony area where they will wait for the
ceremony. When a delegation competes in relay semi-finals and finals with more than four
athletes, only the four athletes in the final will be awarded medals in the official ceremon y.
The other athletes will receive their medals later. Diplomas for the finalists will be handed out
after the competition

The athletes must wear their delegation’s approved uniform at victory ceremonies. During the
playing of the anthem and the raising of the flags, they shall face the flags and conduct
themselves in a dignified manner.
14.3   Closing Ceremony
The Closing Ceremony will take place on Sunday, July 15 th together with the last medal
ceremony. The IAAF and NACAC flags will be lowered and the official handover to the next
organizer of the NACAC Open Championships will take place. Further information about the
ceremony will be given during the Technical Meeting.
                                                                                                                      ANNEX 2
                                                                                             Programa de Competencias
                                                                                                              Competition Timetable
Viernes 13 de julio de 2007 / Friday July 13, 2007               Mañana / Morning   Sábado 14 de julio de 2007 / Saturday July 14, 2007               Mañana / Morning   Domingo 15 de julio de 2007 / Sunday July 15, 2007               Mañana / Morning

Hora / Time                Evento / Discipline       Rama / Gender Fase / Round     Hora / Time               Evento / Discipline         Rama / Gender Fase / Round     Hora / Time               Evento / Discipline        Rama / Gender Fase / Round

    9:05                         100 mts.                H/M        Decatlón -1         8:50          100m con vallas / 100m hurdles         M/W        Heptatlón -1         6:00        20 k. Caminata / 20 k. Race Walk         H/M           Final

    9:15           Salto con Pértiga / Pole Vault        H/M           Final            9:10          110m con vallas / 110m hurdles          H/M        Decatlón -6         6:15        10 k. Caminata / 10 k. Race Walk        M/W            Final

    9:25          100m con Vallas / 100m Hurdles        M/W         Semi Final          9:30          110m con vallas / 110m hurdles          H/M        Semi Final         10:30         4 X 100 Relevos / 4 X 100 Relay         H/M        Semi Final

    9:45                         800 mts.                H/M        Semi Final          9:35             Salto de Altura / High Jump         M/W        Heptatlón -2        10:50         4 X 400 Relevos / 4 X 400 Relay         H/M        Semi Final

    9:50            Salto de Longitud / Long Jump        H/M        Decatlón -2         9:40             Salto Triple / Triple Jump          M/W            Final           11:05                      1500 mts.                  H/M        Semi Final

    10:10       Lanz. de Jabalina / Javelin Throw        H/M           Final            9:45           Lanz. de Disco / Discus Throw          H/M        Decatlón -7

    10:05         400m con Vallas / 400m Hurdles        M/W         Semi Final          9:55                        400 mts.                  H/M        Semi Final

    10:25         400m con Vallas / 400m Hurdles         H/M        Semi Final          10:10                       200 mts.                 M/W         Semi Final

    10:45                        100 mts.               M/W         Calificación        10:30                       200 mts.                  H/M        Calificación

    10:55             Impulso de Bala / Shot Put         H/M        Decatlón -3        10:50            3000 obstáculos / 3000 SC             H/M           Final

    11:05                        100 mts.                H/M        Calificación        10:55           Salto con Pértiga / Pole Vault        H/M        Decatlón -8

    11:30       Lanz. de Martillo / Hammer Throw        M/W            Final            11:10                       800 mts.                 M/W         Semi Final

                                                                                       11:30         400m con vallas / 400m hurdles           H/M           Final

Viernes 13 de julio de 2007 / Friday July 13, 2007                Noche / Evening   Sábado 14 de julio de 2007 / Saturday July 14, 2007                Noche / Evening   Domingo 15 de julio de 2007 / Sunday July 15, 2007                Noche / Evening

Hora / Time                Evento / Discipline       Rama / Gender Fase / Round     Hora / Time               Evento / Discipline         Rama / Gender Fase / Round     Hora / Time               Evento / Discipline        Rama / Gender Fase / Round

    17:35         Lanz. de Disco / Discus Throw          H/M           Final            17:10                       200 mts.                  H/M        Semi Final         15:00       Lanz. de Martillo / Hammer Throw          H/M           Final
    17:40            Salto de Altura / High Jump         H/M        Decatlón -4         17:25        Lanz. de Jabalina / Javelin Throw        H/M        Decatlón -9        16:00          Salto de Longitud / Long Jump         M/W        Heptatlón -5
    17:45                        100 mts.               M/W         Semi Final         17:30         110m con vallas / 110m hurdles           H/M           Final           16:30         400m con vallas / 400m hurdles         M/W            Final
    18:05                        100 mts.                H/M        Semi Final          17:35            Impulso de Bala / Shot Put          M/W        Heptatlón -3        16:50                       400 mts.                  H/M           Final
    18:20                      10000 mts.               M/W            Final           17:45                      10000 mts.                  H/M           Final           17:05         Lanz. de Jabalina / Javelin Throw      M/W        Heptatlón -6
    18:30          Salto con Pértiga / Pole Vault       M/W            Final           18:05         Salto de Longitud / Long Jump            H/M           Final           17:10                      1500 mts.                  H/M           Final
    18:50            Impulso de Bala / Shot Put         M/W            Final           18:40                        400 mts.                 M/W            Final           17:30                      5000 mts.                  H/M           Final
    19:00             Salto Triple / Triple Jump         H/M           Final           18:55            3000 obstáculos / 3000 SC            M/W            Final           17:35         Salto de Longitud / Long Jump          M/W            Final
    19:20                        400 mts.               M/W         Semi Final         19:05            Salto de Altura / High Jump          M/W            Final           17:45           Salto de Altura / High Jump           H/M           Final
    19:40                        400 mts.                H/M        Decatlón -5         19:15                       200 mts.                 M/W        Heptatlón -4        18:00                       800 mts.                 M/W            Final
    19:40       Lanz. de Jabalina / Javelin Throw       M/W            Final           19:25          Lanz. de Disco / Discus Throw          M/W            Final           18:00            Impulso de Bala / Shot Put           H/M           Final
    19:55                       1500 mts.               M/W            Final           19:30                       1500 mts.                  H/M       Decatlón -10        18:20                       800 mts.                 M/W        Heptatlón -7
    20:10        100m con vallas / 100m hurdles         M/W            Final           19:45                        800 mts.                  H/M           Final           18:40         4 X 100 Relevos / 4 X 100 Relay        M/W            Final
    20:25                        100 mts.               M/W            Final           20:00                       5000 mts.                 M/W            Final           19:00         4 X 100 Relevos / 4 X 100 Relay         H/M           Final
    20:40                        100 mts.                H/M           Final           20:30                        200 mts.                 M/W            Final           19:20         4 X 400 Relevos / 4 X 400 Relay        M/W            Final
                                                                                       20:45                        200 mts.                  H/M           Final           19:40         4 X 400 Relevos / 4 X 400 Relay         H/M           Final
                                          ANNEX 3
                            ENTRY STANDARDS
      MUJERES / WOMEN                       EVENTO / EVENT                HOMBRES / MEN

               11.50                              100m                            10.40
               23.80                              200m                            21.00
               53.00                              400m                            46.25
              02.07.0                             800m                           01.49.0
              04.25.0                            1500m                           03.48.0
              17.00.0                            5000m                           14.20.0
              35.30.0                           10000m                           29.50.0
               14.00                    100 Vallas / 110 Hurdles                  14.40
              1:00.40                     400 Vallas (Hurdles)                    52.00
    Sin Marca / No Entry Standard   3000 Obstáculos (Steeplechase)               09.00.0
    Sin Marca / No Entry Standard       Relevos 4 X 100 (Relays)       Sin Marca / No Entry Standard

    Sin Marca / No Entry Standard       Relevos 4 X 400 (Relays)       Sin Marca / No Entry Standard
                                     10 km. / 20km. Caminata (Race
    Sin Marca / No Entry Standard                                      Sin Marca / No Entry Standard
               1.75                   Salto de Altura (High Jump)                 2.12
               6.10                  Salto de Longitud (Long Jump)                7.60
               13.00                   Salto Triple (Triple Jump)                 16.50
               3.50                   Salto con Pértiga (Pole Vault)              5.00
               14.40                   Impulso de Bala (Shot Put)                 17.00
                                     Lanzamiento de Disco (Discus
               48.00                                                              53.00
                                    Lanzamiento de Jabalina (Javelin
               49.00                                                              71.00
                                    Lanzamiento de Martillo (Hammer
               55.00                                                              60.00
               4.800                      Heptatlón / Decatlon                    6.750

The following considerations must be made:
1-   Performances must be achieved during the period January 1st 2006 to June 28th 2007.

2-   Performances must be achieved          during an official    competition organized in
     conformity with the IAAF rules.

3-   Performances must be achieved during competitions organized or sanctioned by the
     IAAF, its Area Association or its National Member Federations. Thus, results achieved
     at university or school competitions must be certified by the National Federation of the
     country in which the competition was organized..

4-   No mixed gender competition results will be accepted for competitions held completely
     in the stadium.

5-   Wind assisted performances will not be accepted.

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