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					                                Swingsations Booster Meeting
                                  April 7, 2008 - 7:00 p.m.
                                    Mt. Zion High School

The regular monthly meeting was held April 7, 7:00 p.m. in the high school choir room. Steve
Myers, President, presided and Sonya Woodrum, Secretary, acted as Secretary of the mee ting.

Secretary’s Report
The March meeting minutes were approved as sent. We received a thank-you card from the
Moser family who expressed appreciation to the Swings boosters for their thoughts and prayers
during Chris’ surgery and recovery. A thank-you letter from Matthew Moore, MTZ Project Grad
coordinator, was read to thank the Swingsations boosters for there generous donation of $50 for
this event. A printed directory with all updated parent email addresses due to the recent Comcast
switch was available at tonight’s meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Kim Graff presented the treasurer’s report as of March 31, 2008. Goal sheets were available and
should have all projects posted to date. If you have any questions regarding your goal sheets,
please contact Kim Graff. Income was received from dinner theatre ticket sales $4,736, candy
sales and Kroger certificates. We made a $25,000 transfer from the bingo account into the
general revenue account. Expenses for the month included: Year-end New York trip expenses,
$17,106, costume expense $719, equipment $509, competition expenses $3,950 & other monthly
expenses. The booster group also donated $50 to both project graduation and post prom events.
Total available funds as of March 31 are $72,506.89. The motion was made to accept the
treasurer’s report as presented and approved unanimously.

Bingo Report
Thank you to those parents who were able to cover bingo while most of the group was in New
York. We still need one more person to be a caller for the 08-09 year, please contact Melody if
interested. Reminder when taking a break at bingo, please bring your aprons and pull tab
buckets back to the pull tab booth so that we know how many pull tabs are left for individual

Director’s Report
Mr. Winslow stated that the New York trip was a success. Thank you to Lisa Jackson for taking
care of most of the arrangements for this trip and to the chaperones who managed the kids while
in New York. The students will receive a certificate from MCP for their performance at
Carnegie Hall. The group picture taken at Carnegie was an action shot of the group performing
and they’ve sent Mr. Winslow10 proofs to select from.

Dinner theatre rehearsals for the students will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-8pm.

Mr. Winslow would like for all Swings students to consider attending Dwight’s Show Choir
Camps of America that is held at Millikin University, June 15 – 21. Please have your deposit
and registration to Mr. Winslow by May 1 if your student plans to attend.
Old Business
MCP New York Trip –Since this was the first time Swingsations worked with MCP productions,
it is not be recommended that we use them in the future. It was felt that MCP dropped the ball
on several aspects of this trip and their detail to planning for such a large group. The students
were great travelers (especially with the unexpected airline delays) and the parent help
throughout the trip was appreciated. Thank you to Kerry Toothman, John Wheeler, Greg
Woodrum and Tim Brandt for driving the trailer out to New York.

New Business
Dinner Theatre – Ticket are still available for all nights, contact Tammie Myers at 423-2497.
Sign up sheets were available at tonight’s meeting, each shift is 5 hours and there are 2 shifts per
night. Each student’s family should work a total of 10 hours to share in the profit from this
event. Servers should wear all black on Friday and Saturday nights; jeans and any Swings shirt
on Wednesday night. There are also sign up sheets for parents to donate snacks for the students
each night that will be in the changing rooms. Load- in for dinner theatre will be Sunday, April
27 in the afternoon. Dinner theatre decoration work nights will be on Tuesday, Wednesday &
Thursday at 6pm at the Myers’ home. Since this year’s dinner theatre theme is the jungle, a
recommendation to donate the table tip money to a rainforest project was discussed. Motion to
approve all dinner theatre table tip money be donated to a reputable rainforest project was
approved unanimously. Terry Cunningham will research various projects and recommend
specific project for these funds.

Les Femmes dinner theatre tickets are available from Janet Hogan.

Senior Night – is scheduled for Monday, May 12 in the high school gymnasium. Senior picture
envelopes were distributed to senior parents and are due back to Denise Toothman by Monday,
April 14. Each senior is asked to submit 8-10 photos for the video.

Storage Shed Proposal – Steve Myers wanted to give the booster group some new information
to think about. The MTZ school board has approved building a 96x60 storage building north of
the football field near the bus garage area. Superintendent Brinkoetter has asked if the
Swingsations booster club is interested in using ¼ of the building for the group’s storage needs.
The total cost of this building is $88,000 and Swingations portion would be $22,000. This will
be revisited at a later date.

Scholars hips & Gold Card Membe rs – Swingsations award up to 6-$500 Dwight Jordan
scholarships to graduating seniors who will be going on to study music or dance after high
school. Any senior interested in applying for these scholarships is asked to submit a letter of
intent about their future educational plans and give it to Mr. Winslow by May 2.

Swingsations have recognized past alumni parents or community supporters by issuing Gold
Card memberships. This allows the card member to receive free tickets to the Fall Show,
Invitational and Dinner Theatre. Recommendations for gold cards this year are:

Don and Judy Pistorius
Charlie & Maryanne Platte
Steve and Cindy Lewis
Recognition will be at the final concert/senior night.

Kroger Cards – Kroger cards are available from Terry Cunningham, 429-1882.

Candy Bar Sales – always available, contact is Keri Koehler at 428-8923 or 413-1944.

With there being no further business to come before the members, meeting was adjourned.

                               Sonya Woodrum

The next Booster club meeting is MONDAY, May 5 at 7:00 p.m. at the high school.