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     FROM:              Dr. M. Zucker – Director, Undergraduate Medical Education
     DATE:              March 21, 2011

     The 2- week pediatric medicine outpatient care rotation provides a wide variety of opportunities for students. Each area will have its own specific objectives.
     You may also be required to be involved with some in-patient activities (ie consultations, procedures, team conferences, etc). All pediatric medicine outpatient
     clinical areas will potentially include clinical activities scheduled in the evening and on weekends. Please complete the following information and return to
     Bonnie Landon by email at landon@cheo.on.ca by Friday, April 1st, 2011

     NAME: ____
     GROUP: ___
     All Languages spoke (fluently): _____

     Please rank the following pediatric outpatient choices from 1 - 8 to with number 1 representing your top choice (descriptions are below):

     Cardiology                          ___               Community Pediatrics                ___
     Child & Youth Protection            ___               Endocrinology                       ___
     Gastroenterology                    ___               Hematology/Oncology                 ___
     Nephrology                          ___               Respirology                         ___
                                     CONTENT & SCHEDULE                                                         LEARNING OBJECTIVES
                                (all schedules are subject to change)
                       *Attendance at Academic Half-Day (Mandatory) on
                                        Wednesday afternoons
  CARDIOLOGY       Monday             Rounds with attending cardiologist              1.   To develop an approach to cardiovascular history and physical in children
                                       Cardiology clinic (pm)                         2.   To develop an approach to common cardiac symptoms in children (murmur,
                   Tuesday            Cardiology clinics (am and pm)                       palpitations, chest pain)
                   Wednesday*         Catheterization laboratory (am)                 3.   To have exposure to common procedures in Pediatric Cardiology
                   Thursday           Echo lab (am); clinic (pm)
                   Friday             Team Conference (am); Clinic (pm)
  COMMUNITY        This selective will take place in a community placement in the     1.   Acquire basic knowledge of growth and development, knowledge of
                   Ottawa (Gatineau) area, scheduling dependent on placements              common acute and chronic illnesses and the well baby/child visit.
                   office hours, but may include days, evenings and weekends          2.   Develop communication skills, competency in the physical examination,
                                                                                           problem solving skills and strategies for health promotion.
CHILD & YOUTH      Monday            Historical Sexual Abuse Clinic (pm)              1.   Exposure to the Multidisciplinary Team approach to child maltreatment
                   Tuesday           CYPT Meetings (am)                               2.   Understand the medico legal implications of caring for these patients
                   Wednesday*        Historical Sexual Abuse (am)                     3.   Understand of the Child Welfare & Police role in the investigation of Child
                   Thursday          To be determined                                      Abuse
                   Friday            To be determined                                 4.   Observation of assessment of acute (variable) and historical child
                                                                                           Sexual abuse cases
                                                                                      5.   Involvement in consultation requests from the child protection service
 ENDOCRINOLOGY     Monday             Diabetes Clinic (am)                             1.   Approach to disorders of growth & puberty
                                      Neuro-Oncology Clinic (3rd Mon) (pm)             2.   Approach to child/adolescent with Type I Diabetes
                   Tuesday            Teaching Session with staff on call (am)
                                      Insulin Pump Starts (am/pm)
                   Wednesday*         Endocrine Clinic (C1) 09:00 – 12:00
                   Thursday           Endocrine Clinic (C1) 08:30 – 12:00
                                      Growth Clinic (C1) (1st Thurs) (pm)
                                      Diabetes Patient Conference (pm)
                   Friday             Diabetes Clinic (am)
GASTROENTEROLOGY   Monday             Endoscopy am & pm (OR 3rd Floor)                 1.   To participate with clinical staff in clinical care of children and young
                   Tuesday            am clinic                                             with various Gastroenterology, nutrition and liver diseases.
                                      pm clinic
                   Wednesday*         am clinic
                   Thursday           am clinic
                                      pm clinic
                   Friday             am clinic
                                       GI Rounds 1230 – 1330
   HEMATOLOGY/     Monday             Oncology Clinics 09:00 – 16:00                   1.   General hematology subjects – anemia, ITP
                   Tuesday            Oncology Clinics 09:00 – 16:00                   2.   Principles of care of oncology
                   Wednesday*         Oncology Clinics 09:30 – 12:00
                   Thursday           Oncology Clinics 09:00 – 16:00
                   Friday             Hematology Clinic 09:00 – 16:00
                   Speciality clinics are held on various afternoons (students to
                   consult the “on call list” in the clinic for scheduling) include:
                   ACT (followup), Bone Marrow Transplant, Neuro-Onc, Ortho-
                   Onc, 0-24 month, Thalassemia/Sickle Cell, Clot,
    NEPHROLOGY     Monday              am Transplant Clinic                            1.   The student will join the Nephrology Team in the management of renal
                                        pm Nephrology Clinic                                problems in children in the ambulatory, renal replacement therapy.
                   Tuesday              am Renal Biopsy/Nephrology Clinic
                                        pm clinic
                   Wednesday*           am Dialysis Rounds
                   Thursday             am Transplant Clinic
                                        pm Nephrology clinic
                   Friday              Ward Rounds/Team Meeting
                   Other learning opportunities
                         In-patient Consultation Service
    RESPIROLOGY    Monday            To be determined                                  1.   Understand how to assess the severity and level of control of children with
                   Tuesday           Chest Clinic (pm)                                      asthma, using a directed history and physical, and pulmonary function
                   Wednesday*        Pediatric Grand Rounds (am)                            testing
                                      Neuromuscular Clinic (1st & 3rd week)(am)        2.   appreciate the differential diagnosis of chronic cough and wheezing in
                   Thursday           Cystic Fibrosis Clinic (am), followed by              children
                                      post-clinic meeting                              3.   develop a knowledge of the complications of cystic fibrosis
                                      Chest/Sleep Disorder Breathing Clinic            4.   develop an approach to the management of the child with chronic aspiration
                   Friday            Chest Clinic (am)                                 5.   develop an approach to the management of the child with chronic lung
                                                                                            disease and/or the technology-dependent child
                   Other learning opportunities:                                       6.   learn how to diagnose and manage obstructive sleep apnea in children
                        Interpreting pulmonary function tests
                        In-patient consultation service

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