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					                                      Shorey Walker
545 8th Ave, Suite 402 NYC 10018                212-875-7273                              

Theatrical Marketing and Sales Experience
 Jan-June     Hit Show Club – President Eric Rock – Marketing for all Broadway shows-
 2007         Marketing Director and Partner Programs
               Initiated Partnership with AAA National and over 15 AAA Show Your Card & Save locations.
               Completed partnership contracts with 20 different Times Square area restaurants.
               Created 2007 Hit Show Club Rate Card listing Marketing opportunities for Broadway productions.

 June-Oct     Machiavelli – General Managers Aruba Productions/ Carol Fishman – ArchLight Theater
 2006         Director of Group Sales
               Presented show information to numerous Italian American Organizations throughout the Tri-State area.
               Contacted all University Italian Studies, Sociology, Political Science and Theatre Arts programs.
               Created a comprehensive lead list and contacted over 2,000 individuals during the 8 week run.

 Jan-March    SIDD - Produced by Fran Kirmser- Dodger Stages
 2006         Marketing and Group Sales
               Completed Group Sales presentations to,, and Group Sales Box Office.
               Established partnerships with 10 New York Regional Arts Supervisors.

 Nov- March   RETZACH- Produced by Crooked Timber Productions- 59E59 THEATERS
 2006         Marketing and Sales
               Orchestrated a 50,000 piece direct mail of postcard through lists at Entertex Marketing.
               Organized a gorilla marketing campaign to Synagogues, Jewish Centers, Israel Film Festivals, etc.
               Structured numerous email blasts with Theatremania,, Blueprint and others.

 Sept-Nov     SLUT A Wholesome New Musical- Produced by Dena Hammerstein & Pam Pariseau
 2005         Marketing and Group Sales Manager
               Established partnerships with Gemini & Scorpio Dating Service, all New York City college RAs,
              Balllyhoo Promotions, City Hunt and other singles organizations in NYC.
               Lead the groups sales campaign to contact over 300 Tri-state colleges.
               Orchestrated print advertising with HX Magazine, The Onion and Gay City News.

 Oct 2004-    LONE STAR LOVE- Produced by Amas Musical Theatre (Assoc. Prod: Bob Boyett, Fred Vogel, Peter Alkalay)
 Feb 2005     Director of Marketing
               Supervised all grass roots marketing efforts with Country Music groups, events and retail stores; Folk
              Music Societies; Texas Alumni groups and Shakespeare Theatre companies.
               Presented product to all Group Sales agents in New York including
               Set up trade and promotions with print, radio and outdoor advertisers.
               Managed cast appearance on THE VIEW and Nickelodeon “You Pick LIVE.”

 Sept 2002-   Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre- shows included: Yentl, The Lady Next Door and Kids & Yiddish
 Jan 2003 &   Marketing and Group Sales Manager
 May 2003-     Established and maintained relationships with Jewish/Yiddish related organizations including: Board
 Jan 2004     Jewish Education, United Jewish Federation, 12 Tri-State JCC’s, and 3 Solomon Schechter Schools.
               Supervised Group ticket sales to over 200 groups in the Tri-state area.

 Aug 2001-    Martian Entertainment- shows included: Naked Boys Singing and Love, Janis
 May 2002     Marketing Associate and Group Sales Manager
               Organized all poster, flyer, postcard distribution at various events and locations around NYC.
                                          Shorey Walker
545 8th Ave, Suite 402 NYC 10018                    212-875-7273                               

                   Spearheaded the “Bachelorette Party” campaign for in-house Group Sales.
                   Set up partnerships with various restaurants in the neighborhood for packaged dinner/theatre tickets.

  April 1999-     Dodger Theatrical Productions- show included: B’way: Titanic, Footloose, Wrong Mountain, The
  Aug 2000        Music Man, BLAST! Off-B’way: Savion Glover Downtown, The Right Size and Urinetown
                  Marketing Coordinator
                   Budgeted, organized and orchestrated a promotional event at various fairs, festivals and concerts in the
                  Tri-State area. Duration- 2 full summer seasons.
                  (Footloose- 32 events in 3 months. The Music Man- 25 in 2 months. 22 employees.)
                   Managed all flyering, postering and most discount programs for all shows.
                   Facilitated all Theatre League events and promotions.
                   Worked closely with Marketing Director in strategizing long term marketing plans.

Related Experience
Sept-Nov 2005             SLUT – Off-Broadway at the American Theatre of Actors
                          House Manager
April-July 2004           Dodger Theatrical Productions- BARE – Off-Broadway at the American Theatre of Actors
                          House Manager
March-June 2000           Dodger Theatrical Productions- Urinetown – Off-Broadway at the American Theatre of Actors
                          House Manager
Jan-April 1999            Norman Rothstein and Associates- Black and Blue European Tour
                          Assistant to the Producer/General Manager-Norman Rothstein
University of Miami, Florida. BFA. Musical Theatre/Communications. Magna Cum Laude.
14 years as a working actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer in New York City.
                                   Shorey Walker
545 8th Ave, Suite 402 NYC 10018     212-875-7273

Hugh Hysell
HHC Marketing
555 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018

Donna Trinkoff
Executive Director
AMAS Musical Theatre
450 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Peter Alkalay
Associate Producer
McLaughlin & Stern
260 Madison Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Jamie Cesa
General Manager
165 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

Eric Rock
Hit Show Club
630 Ninth Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10036