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									Financial Aid

I know it's hard to believe, but the price of attending a Wisconsin private
college or university is actually dropping—for the third year in a row.

Our financial aid is generous. In 2008-2009 (the latest year for which
comparable statistics are available), our average freshman financial aid
package was $18,478 (71% grants and 29% loans), leaving out-of-pocket
tuition costs of just $4,737 -- about $500 less than the previous year.

Going to college is an investment in your future. With a bachelor's degree,
you'll make about $26,000 a year more than someone with only a high
school diploma. During your career, that means you could make an extra
$910,000 by finishing college.

Financial aid falls into the following categories:

      Scholarships and grants are money that you do not have to
      Loans are additional funds that you must repay, but in most cases,
       payments won’t start until you finish college.
      Work-study is money you can earn while working on campus. You
       do not have to repay those funds because you are working to earn
       the funds.

Private college is affordable:

Tuition - Financial Aid = "Net Tuition"
Net tuition is the out-of-pocket cost paid by students and their families to
attend a Wisconsin private college.

In addition to the net tuition, students must pay for books and room and
board; these costs are roughly comparable in the public and private sectors.

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