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									                  MCSE training
                                in Sunny South Africa
Ever considered training for your MCSE in a holiday paradise?

Well, with the unbelievable is now a reality.
                                                                   Where do I stay? offers you the unique opportunity of training for
                                                                   You have the choice of completing your training in either
the internationally recognised certification as a Microsoft
                                                                   Johannesburg or Cape Town. Each city has its unique blend
Certified Systems Engineer, MCSE. And while you’re doing
                                                                   of local and regional attractions. You will stay in luxury
this, you can explore the diverse and interesting country of
                                                                   accommodation with breakfast included. Spending money is
South Africa.
                                                                   required for lunch and dinner, which can be enjoyed at South
                                                                   Africa’s world-class restaurants.
What’s the catch?
The only catch is that you may catch a tan. You see, the           How do I get around and what do
programme is constructed in such a way that during your
intensive MCSE training, you’ll have the opportunity to clear
                                                                   I do in my leisure time?
your head by spending leisure time at the world-renowned           Each venue has its own transport which will carry you safely
Kruger Park, razzle it up at the tropical paradise of Sun City,    and in comfort to local and regional attractions. A number of
or simply spend lazy days on the country’s world class             entertainment options are included such as South Africa’s
beaches.                                                                                         internationally acclaimed show
                                                                                               “African Footprint” staged at the
How does it work?                                                                             Gold Reef City Casino and Leisure
                                                                                                 Complex. Transport for elective
Programmes are designed to suit the
                                                                                               evening entertainment out of the
individual tastes of each visitor. You
                                                                                                   city centre is easily arranged
may choose from one of many
                                                                                                     with the hotel at a nominal
leisure-time options, all of
                                                                                                    cost. Your accommodation is
which include the
                                                                                                  within walking distance of the
mandatory minimum 6
                                                                                             training centre, restaurants, movie
weeks training
                                                                                                              theatres and pubs.
component as follows:
• MCSE Training by
     Microsoft Certified
                                                                                    What will it cost me?
     Trainers                                                                  The entire programme costs an unbelievable
• 4 Weeks training at                                                      £6 400.
     Microsoft Solution Provider
• 7 Vouchers for the certification                                 What is not included?
     exams                                                         •   Airfare to and from your country
• Excellent study facilities                                       •   Refreshments and alcoholic beverages (pint of beer
                                                                       costs 50p in a pub)
The training is split into 3 logical phases each separated by      •   Dinners (3 course restaurant meal in a good restaurant
exciting tours in South Africa as follows:                             £7, world class red wine per bottle £6, pizza £2.50)
• Phase 1 - MCSE Core Modules followed by 3-Day                    •   Shopping and entertainment (Theatre tickets £7,
     outbound trip.                                                    Cinema £2)
• Phase 2 - MCSE Design Module followed by 2-Day                   •   Personal travel arrangements not included in the
     outbound trip.                                                    leisure time options
• Phase 3 - MCSE Electives followed by return to home
     for self study or stay-on option.                             How do I register?
                                                                   To secure the booking delegates must register for the course
Will I get a quality education?                                    by signing and submitting the registration form, and paying
South Africa’s IT industry is globally competitive. In fact, the   a 10% deposit of the course fee.
international demand for qualified IT personnel has led many
South Africans to the UK, Europe and the US to apply their         More information?
technology skills. Every trainer is fully Microsoft Certified
(MCT) to international standards (references are available on      ✉

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