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					                             LONGCROFT SCHOOL
                                   a Performing Arts College
                                 Burton Road, Beverley, HU17 7EJ
                  Telephone: Upper School: 01482-862171; Lower School: 01482-398280
                           Fax:               01482-862872
                           E-mail:            School@Longcroft.eriding.net
                           Website:           www.longcroft.eriding.net
                            Headteacher:         Mrs. L. R. Hughes

                                                                            Reference:   LHU/LTA

                                                                            Date:        8th October 2008
Dear Parent

It is my pleasure to report that the recent period of nominations to the Governing Body is now complete
and we are pleased to see the return of Mr Bill Godson and Mr Adrian Smith. Thanks to them for their
continuing commitment to our work. Bill and Adrian have been joined by Mr Alan Cowley, parent of
two sons in school and of a daughter who has progressed to higher education. The Governing Body is
strong, creative and focussed and will lead school through next steps as they unfold.

Thank you also to the Friends of Longcroft School who are celebrating the many successes of 2007/8
which have funded additional facilities in school. I am pleased to attach a letter from Mrs Sheenagh
Rollison, Chair, to all parents and to thank both her and the Committee for their support. Do join us and
also share any ideas. It is time for ventures new.

I have reported previously to parents about plans to develop support for students’ personal and health
issues on site. This is an important development and a report of the Westwood Centre project is

Limited progress can be reported concerning updates of test and examination results. At Key Stage 3,
we still have a number of missing results, especially in Science. Similarly there are significant gaps in the
Pathfinder Year 8 entry. Also, re-marks of GCSE discrepancies are awaited. I do apologise for this. We
keep in regular touch with the National Assessment Agency and hope that progress can be achieved.

However, the good news is that there are many successes to report at all levels and the results of the 2008
Year 8 Pathfinder group are outstanding. We must also note the exceptional achievement of one former
Year 11 student, Natalie Greenfield whose GCSE Religious Education score came in the top ten out of
94,361 entries. Congratulations! And also huge commendations to Law which has been recorded in the
Good Schools Guide as the best school nationally for girls studying A’level Law, based on numbers
involved and the value-added factor of their results in Law compared to all-subject averages. Well done
to all concerned.

And finally, a reminder that tickets for the MELSA Choir concert together with our own Gospel Choir
are now on sale in Upper School Reception. The concert will take place on Friday 17th October at 7.30pm
in the Theatre. Tickets are priced at £8 which includes wine and nibbles. Do come along and join us.
Proceeds will be donated to the excellent Samaritans charity.

Thanks you and best wishes

Yours sincerely


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                       Friends of Longcroft School
                                             Registered Charity

Longcroft School a Performing Arts College
                                                Burton Road
                                        HU17 7EJTel: 01482 862171
                                     E-mail: school@longcroft.eriding.net

Dear Friends

I am writing to let you know that we have had to cancel the Murder Mystery Evening due to lack of
ticket sales.
Obviously, I am very disappointed, but understand the constraints placed on families especially in the
current economic climate. Our ultimate aim is to continue to raise money for the various funds requested
throughout the school year and to be able to purchase a new mini bus before 2010.

Tickton Grange Hotel have been very generous and allowed us to reserve our deposit as long as we use it
by March 2009.

We have had an idea of holding a fashion show, in conjunction with a local and affordable boutique in
Beverley, at the hotel, possibly in November. Please indicate below if this would be something that
would interest you as well as your own ideas. Please complete the tear off slip and hand it in to the
school office.

I have been in touch with ‘Jealousy’, a clothes shop in Hull, who are happy to open the shop on an
evening to provide a private party. They will give 15% of the sales towards our funds. They also sell
black trousers which are popular with pupils and are happy to give a donation for every pair sold – let me
know if this is an interesting idea.

We are planning to set up a connection with a fundraising website, so that when you do your shopping on
line, FOLS will benefit. Watch this space!!!

Why not join our 200 Club? This is a great way to support the school and have the opportunity to win
between £20 - £100 in our monthly and quarterly prize draws. For just £12 a year (just 23p per week),
you will be allocated a number, and that number will be entered into our monthly and quarterly prize
draws. The monthly draws are for a prize of £20 and the quarterly prizes can be up to £100. You can buy
as many numbers as you wish. If you would like to join, please complete the tear off slip below and
return to the school office with your cheque, made out to ‘Friends of Longcroft’.

Kind regards

Sheenagh (Rollison)
Chair of FOLS

Sheenagh Rollison Tel: 01482 870322 Mobile: 07884001465 e-mail: sheenagh@rollison.karoo.co.uk
200 Club: Name ………………………… Pupil’s Name …………………… Year …………

Address ………………………………………………………………………. Postcode …………
Jealousy Evening      I would be/would not be interested in attending a party at the above shop

Name ………………………………… Pupil’s Name …………………..                                       Year ………….
‘Fundraising ideas’ Fashion Show Yes/No             Casino Night Yes/No      Murder Mystery Yes/No

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                              The Westwood Centre
This is a new project due to open in Autumn 2008.
The Westwood Centre is a Health Centre based on the school site which operates at lunchtime.
The Centre has health professionals who attend at lunchtime who will see young people as
individuals or in small groups. Contraceptive advice is provided by the school nurse, the child
welfare officer and the PSHEE co-ordinator, and all have received recent sexual health training
up to level 3. There is always at least one of these staff members on site at all times if further
support or guidance is required.
"It's about getting help, information and advice to the young people of Longcroft School and
Performing Arts College and discussing issues on a one-to-one basis."

Aims and Objectives
For The Westwood Centre the aims are to provide a service that:
   •   focuses on teenagers' needs

   •   is easily accessible

   •   is confidential and non-judgemental

   •   is user friendly and promotes health in a welcoming atmosphere

The Objectives:
   •   To provide a confidential service where all personal and health issues can be discussed in a friendly, non-
       judgemental manner, but not treating illness. A condom distribution service is available.

   •   To provide somewhere where young people will go, where issues addressed are those which young people
       want addressed, at convenient times where young people can get there - and in confidence.

   •   To provide easy access, a user friendly and non-judgemental service with approachable staff in a friendly,
       relaxed atmosphere tailored to teenage needs.

   •   To provide a confidential listening and health promotion service.

It is hoped that The Westwood Centre will encourage young people at Longcroft School and
Performing Arts College, through ongoing support, to take responsibility for their own
behaviour, healthcare and lifestyle.

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