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									                                                                                 Issue 50
                                             The Grey Outdoors Leisure          Tour Dates
                                               Newsletter & Itinerary      October 4th
                                                                           Gardening Australia Expo
                                                  October 2009
                                                                           October 6th

                                              No Wrinkles
                                                                           Mystery Tour

                                                                           October 7th

 I offer the retired / semi retired            No Ride!                    Heronswood &
                                                                           Mornington Market
 residents & friends of Geelong
    and surrounding areas the                                              October 9th
                                                                           Alcoa Power Station Tour
opportunity to get out and explore             Sydney & The                & Lunch in Anglesea
    our local region & beyond.
                                              Military Tattoo
                                                                           October 13th
Lots of people have been asking me            I have decided not to        Point Nepean Tour
how our Queensland trip went; well I         run our Sydney tour as
am very pleased to tell you that it went      it will cost me more         October 15th
very very well. We all had a great time      in time and money than        Melbourne Cemetery Tour
and everyone was so well behaved that         I believe it will be
I felt like I was on holiday with a bunch       worth. There are           October 18th
of my own friends. I even felt quite          other companies doing        Sunday Roast at Lal Lal
                                              the trip if you want         Falls Hotel
relaxed and fresh like I had just had a
holiday….. and to think I was actually       to go. I do apologize
                                              for any inconvenience        October 20th – 21st
working! Not many people get to work                                       Dandenongs Garden Tour
                                             this decision may have
in a job they love so much and see and             caused you.
do all the great things I do. I would like                                 October 22nd
to thank everyone who came to                                              Tramboat Next Stop
                                                        Holidays           Herring Island
Queensland for coming with me. Thank
you! After such a successful trip I am
                                             I will be on holidays for
                                                                           October 27th – 29th
looking forward to more longer tours.        two weeks from the 19th       Walhalla & Latrobe Valley
                                             of September til the 1st of   Tour

               My father
                                             October. We are going
                                                                           Up and Coming Tours
I would like to take this opportunity        to Fraser Island and back
to thank everyone for your support           to Tannum Sands for just      November 24th – 25th
                                                                           Phillip Island overnight
  during the month of August after           over a week. If you need
  the loss of my father. Thank you           to contact me you can on      February 2nd – 10th
 very much for your cards, flowers                                         Tasmanian
and kind words, we all appreciate it,        the mobile or better yet      North/South/East/West
    it’s nice to know you all care.          wait til I get back. Haha

     Get out of the house, come and meet lots of
        wonderful people and join in the fun!!
                                      October 4 (Sunday)
                                    Gardening Australia Expo

Hooray the Hockey season is over and now we can go on weekend tours!
So let’s start with a great one. Gardening Australia Expo, for all the
gardeners amongst us – and I know there are a lot of you.
The expo is held at the Caulfield Racecourse, a great venue, this is
where they hold the caravan and camping show, so yes I do know where
it is! The Gardening Australia Expo has something for everyone. Whether it’s the latest garden and
outdoor products, plants or simply information and advice, you’ll find everything at the expo. You will
be able to; visit the Nursery Walk and shop for all your plants (I will have a crate in the bus to keep all
the plants safe), learn at the free stage presentations and buy tools and specialty products.
            Tour Includes:         Expo entry
            Pick up:               9.00 am – 10.00 am
            Drop off:              3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
            Cost:                  $61
            Rating:                Easy (walking around the expo at your own pace)
                                       October 6 (Tuesday)
                                           Mystery Tour
Here is another one of our very famous Mystery Tours…. I have had some really wonderful feedback
on our Mystery Tours, so why don’t you judge for yourself and come along…. You will have to be fast
as they do book out quite quickly.
This months Mystery Tour is close by. I will call it;
“Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink – unless you were desperate.” And who wants to
drink water anyway?!
           Tour Includes:        Lunch and morning tea
           Pick up:              8.30 am – 9.30 am
           Drop off:             3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
           Cost:                 $70
           Rating:               Easy!
                                 October 7 (Wednesday)
                             Heronswood & Mornington Markets
As promised we are off to Heronswood this month. For those of
you who don’t know anything about Heronswood, it is a lovely
garden open to the public and owned by the Diggers Club, on
the Mornington Peninsula. The garden is on a hill facing the bay,
so you get spectacular views of the bay from just about every
spot in the garden. The garden has lovely green lawns (at this
time of year anyway), lots of very large trees, wonderful
succulent gardens, large vegetable gardens and of course lots of
Australian natives and ornamental plants as well. If you look
hard enough you will find a lovely duck pond with seating around
so you can take you time to enjoy the views!
However firstly we will go to the wonderful Mornington Wednesday markets. I am not really interested
in markets, but this is one market that I quite enjoyed. There were a lot of very different things at the
market to see and buy, but what I also liked about these markets is that if the market didn’t hold any
joy for you maybe the shops would – the market is on the footpath in front of all the shops, so I didn’t
mind stopping for a real cuppa while everyone else shopped. We will also stay in Mornington for
lunch before heading up to Heronswood.
By the way we will be driving there via freeway and around the bay on route home.
            Tour Includes:        Morning tea and entry into Heronswood
            Pick up:              8.00 am – 9.00 am
            Drop off:             4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
            Cost:                 $64
            Rating:               Moderate (garden walking – uneven paths)
                                      October 9 (Friday)
                                  Alcoa Power Station Tour &
                                      Anglesea for lunch
One for the boys (and interested girls as well!)
Today we are off to visit the Alcoa Power Station at Anglesea. Our
day will start with morning tea in Torquay, down by the water, and
then head off for our guided tour. Our tour guide will jump on our
little bus and give us a driving guided tour, so you won’t have to get
out of the bus, just sit back, relax and take in all the interesting
information that our guide gives us. We will find out how the coal is
dug out of the ground and collected, how they turn that coal into
electricity and where the power goes to. Is it brown or black coal
they use? I always find these tours very interesting as it isn’t
something we see every day…. In fact I didn’t even know there was a power station there until
recently, because it is off the highway a little way and very well hidden by all the trees. Good
After our tour we will head into Anglesea for lunch at the hotel, where we can sit back relax and enjoy
the company and great food. For those who want to stretch you legs there will be time to stroll along
the shops before we head for home. I might even do one of my famous back streets drives, so we
can see more of Anglesea than just what we see from the Great Ocean Road.
I am sure, like always we will have a great time and learn more about our local industries.
             Tour Includes:        Morning tea and tour
             Pick up:               8.00 am – 9.00 am
             Drop off:              3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
             Cost:                  $50
             Rating:                Easy

                                      October 13 (Tuesday)
                                       Point Nepean Tour
Arrr now this is another great tour. Very interesting and you will see
some great scenery also.
I ran this tour about this time last year and it was very successful,
everyone enjoyed it including myself. It is something that we all
know about, but have never really had access to until fairly recent
times, added to that they have opened up the Quarantine Station,
previously off limits to the public, so we will see even more of the site.
Point Nepean is a popular tourist destination renowned for its historic
features, outstanding coastal scenery and panoramic views of Bass Strait, the Rip and Port Phillip
Bay. Point Nepean has a long history of use by indigenous people and contains a wide number of
aboriginal archaeological sites. The density of sites is amongst the highest in Victoria. Historic Point
Nepean has old fortifications interpreted by displays and soundscapes, and spectacular views of the
Port Phillip Heads.
On 8 June 2009 the Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, the Hon. Peter
Garrett AM MP transferred the 90 hectares of Commonwealth land featuring the former Quarantine
Station to the State of Victoria. Parks Victoria has been charged with the management of the
Quarantine Station.
There is a little transporter that takes us from one sight to the other, so you won’t have to do a lot of
walking, but to make the most of the sight you will need to do a bit.
After our time at Point Nepean we will go into Sorrento for lunch at a great hotel with fantastic views,
so you will be able to sit back, relax enjoy the food and the great company and take in the views.
After lunch and it will be a later lunch, so it might pay to have morning tea on the ferry or bring along a
snack to keep you going, we will head back to the Ferry Terminal for our return trip.
             Tour Includes:          Entry and guided tour of the Aquarium
             Pick up:                7.15 am – 8.15 am
             Drop off:               3.30 pm – 4.40 pm
             Cost:                   $93
             Rating:                 Moderate (some walking around the sites)
                                 October 15th (Thursday)
                                Melbourne Cemetery Tour

As you know I am always looking for new and exciting tours
to keep everyone interested, well I think I have found a
beauty, it may not be for everyone, but I think it will be very
Our tour will start at 10am and conclude with refreshments at
12pm. There will be some walking required, but it will be at a
slow pace. Historian Helen Harris OAM and Jan Davison
take the tours through their field of expertise, the Melbourne
General Cemetery. There are more than 400,000 people
buried at the Carlton cemetery and Helen and Jan have
spent the past 25 years inspecting every tombstone and
studying the history behind them. We will be doing the “Whose Who” which will take us to the
grave sites of people like Burke and Wills, Judge Redmond Barry who sentenced Ned Kelly,
sportsmen, politicians and lots of other very interesting people. Jan and Helen will also give us
the story behind the characters…. We all love a good story!
After our tour we will find a great hotel in the area, so we can take the time to relax, enjoy our
great company and discuss further the information that we have just been given.

          Tour Includes:       Tour and refreshments
          Pick up:             8.00 am – 9.00 am
          Drop off:            3.000 pm – 4.00 pm
          Cost:                $67
          Rating:              Moderate (some slow walking required)

                               October 18th (Sunday)
                          Sunday Roast at Lal Lal Falls Hotel
What better way to spend a Sunday than having a roast lunch with friends?
Today we are heading off to Lal Lal, (for those who don’t
know where it is; it is between Meredith and Buninyong just
off the Highway). It is a very little town consisting maily of
the Lal Lal Falls Hotel and not much else, so in order for a
little country pub to survive they offer great service and of
course great food, with a warm country atmosphere, sounds
to me like a great place for a lovely Sunday Roast with
After lunch we can take a walk to the Falls, however there
hasn’t been any water flowing over them for some time, but
we have had a bit of rain lately maybe, just maybe we might
see some this time. You are welcome to stay on the bus if you don’t wish to walk to the falls,
the choice is yours.

          Tour Includes:        Lunch
          Pick up:             10.00 am – 11.00am
          Drop off:            2.30 pm – 3.30 pm
          Cost:                $67
          Rating:              Easy
                                       th       st
                        October 20 – 21 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
                                Dandenongs Garden Tour
After much frustration trying to find motel accommodation in the
Dandenongs I am very excited to find Chestnut Hill Conference
Lodge. It looks fantastic and of course being in the Dandenongs is
set amongst the most delightful garden setting. Chestnut Hill is a
conference centre so it isn’t a motel as such, so there are no TVs,
mini bars etc in the rooms, however each room does have an en
suite. The lounge area containing the TV etc is communal, tea and
coffee facilities are on hand at all times, breakfast and dinner will also
be supplied to us in the main dining room.
While we are in the Dandenongs we will be visiting lots of gardens like the, Cloud Hill Nursery,
George Tindale Memorial Garden, Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden Piriands Gardens and Hamer
Arboretum. We will also take a drive up to the main Dandenongs Lookout to see the city lights at
night. We will stop in at Miss Marples Tea rooms for morning tea and stop in Olinda to have a look
around the shops and soak up the fresh mountain air. We will also stop at Grants Café for lunch –
some of you may remember we stopped here once before, it had all the parrots and cockatoos out the
                          front waiting to be fed. It is a really lovely café, hopefully I will get to see my
                          beloved kookaburras as well.
                          This will be a wonderful trip, one that I am sure you will all really enjoy….
                          Especially the garden lovers of whom I know there are a lot. Even if you
                          aren’t into gardens so much I am sure you will find plenty to interest you, the
                          drive alone is really lovely.
                          I am sure this trip will book out quickly, so jump on the phone to ensure you
                          get a seat on the bus heading for the Dandenongs.
                          By the way if you have a specific place you would like to visit while we are in
                          the Dandenongs let me know and I will see if we can fit it in….. Remember
                          these trips are for your pleasure!!

           Tour Includes:         Morning Tea x2, Dinner/bed/breakfast                   I still have
           Pick up:               8.00 am – 9.00 am
           Drop off:              4.00 pm – 5.00 pm
                                                                                         a few
           Cost:                  $335                                                   seats left
           Rating:                Moderate some walking on uneven paths
                                     October 22 (Thursday)
                                     Next Stop Herring Island
Now this is a trip I never have any trouble filling and after our last
disappointment (the boat was in dry dock) I am sure this trip will
fill very quickly.
Our destination today is to Herring Island, a little Island in the
middle of the Yarra, up stream, clearly visible from the freeway,
but not many people know of its existence. It is run by Parks Vic
and has been made into a sort of Sculpture Park; there are some
very interesting sculptures you will find on our short walk to the
picnic grounds.
Speaking of picnics, Lisa, Anthony and the crew (all family
members) will make us a wonderful little picnic for us to take to
the picnic grounds. The surroundings are really lovely, you will be pleasantly surprised!
The only problem is that this is a one off tour so you will have to get in quickly to secure a seat.

           Tour Includes:         Tramboat tour and picnic
           Pick up:               8.00 am – 9.00 am
           Drop off:              3.30 pm – 4.30 pm
           Cost:                  $80
           Rating:                Easy (a short walk at your own pace to the picnic grounds)
                                         th      th
                          October 27 – 29 (Tuesday – Thursday)
                              Walhalla & Latrobe Valley Tour
You really are in for a treat – Gippsland is such a pretty place and Walhalla is right in the middle of the
mountains, so you will definitely see the best of it there. For those of you who don’t know what or
where Walhalla is, it is located between two very large “hills” in the middle of the Mt Erica ranges.
Walhalla was a booming gold mining town in the late 1800’s and is infamous for its steep
                                   mountainous geography, in fact it is said to be the only cemetery in
                                   the world that had to burry their dead upright, as there wasn’t enough
                                   flat ground available for burials!! It is a real must see!! And of course
                                   we simply must ride the old steam train along the very mountainous
                                   track – a real thrill!
                                   The next day we will travel past several open cut coal mines to get to
                                   the Power Works Centre in Morwell where we will be given a guided
                                   tour of the information centre and maybe get to see one of the open
                                   cut mines close up. Lunch will be served at the information centre
followed by a gentle drive up the Strezlecki ranges to Tarra/Bulga national park. Tarra/Bulga is a
spectacular rain forest with a lovely swing bridge over a lush ferny gully – again not to be missed.
The following day we will call into the Gippsland Heritage Park for a guided tour of the historic
Gippsland township museum. On the personal side I will be able to show you where I was married
and the church in which my parents where married. The Park is also going to provide us with a lovely
Devonshire morning tea before heading on our way back towards Geelong.
           Tour Includes:          Breakfast x2, Morning tea x3, lunch x1, train trip, entry into Power
                                   Works, Tarra/Bulga National Park & Gippsland Heritage Park
           Pick up:                8.00 am – 9.00 am
           Drop off:               4.00 pm – 5.00 pm
           Cost:                   $484 Single $434 Double/twin share                      I still have
           Rating:                 Moderate some walking required at own pace              a few
                                       Up and Coming Tours                              seats left
                                         th      th
                       November 24 – 25 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
                                    Phillip Island
This is a tour we have done several times now, but it continues to be a popular destination, each time
it has been really well received with some great feed back.
We will get a 3 park pass, this means a visit to the Koala
Sanctuary, where we will be able to get up close and
personal with the Koalas, and see the Penguin Parade,
(last time we paid a little extra and were taken to a
separate area with fewer people and got closer to the
penguins, so we will repeat that experience!) The third
park is Churchill Island, an island just off Phillip Island.
Churchill Island was the first European settlement in Victoria and has been maintained as a working
historic farm, where you will find the old homestead, dating back to 1872 – there was an earlier
cottage on the island built by Lieutenant James Grant built around 1801 when he first took up land to
grow corn and wheat. It is a very interesting Island with lots to see and do. A lot of old farming
equipment has been lovingly restored along with the Homestead and gardens, a great place to visit.
We will also call into the Grand Prix track, to walk around the lovely gardens and visit the rather
unique museum. This also is a very interesting place even if you aren’t into motor bike racing at all.
We will be staying at the Coachman’s Inn, where we have stayed the other visits (when we are onto a
good thing we go back again) which is only a block back from the beach and shopping centre.
As you can see there is plenty of very interesting things to do and see, not just the penguins, so jump
on board and let’s go. I always enjoy Phillip Island and I am sure you will too.
            Tour Includes:          Morning tea, 3 park pass, dinner, bed & breakfast
            Pick up:                8.00 am – 9.00 am
            Drop off:               4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
            Cost:                   Single $350 Twin share/Double $310
            Rate:                   Easy
                                    nd      th
                      February 2     – 10 (Tuesday – Wednesday)

As I mentioned earlier I have decided not to run the Sydney
tour due to the difficulties involved in organization and
So we will go to Tasmania instead, and since I am half
Tasmanian and have been there many times myself I will be
able to put together a fantastic itinerary that will appeal to
We will see the sea from all coast lines, North, South, East
and West. Our tour will start with a night trip on the Spirit of
Tasmania in twin birth cabins, with me and our little bus on board. We will then head along the
North Coast to Boat Harbour Beach for lunch, then down to Strahan for two nights, we will stop
to cruise up the Gordon River, this will be a breathtaking highlight of our tour, the views and
sights you will see are just unforgettable. We will then head to Queenstown for lunch before
going on to Hobart for 3 nights. At Hobart we will drive up to Mt Wellington, take a tour of the
                                      Cadbury Factory and cruise up the Derwent River with
                                      Peppermint Cruises. I have planned a free day in Hobart on
                                      a Saturday, so you can go to the Salamanca Markets or take
                                      a tour out to Bruny Island or maybe another day tour that
                                      may take you fancy.
                                      We will also go to Port Arthur to visit the historical penal
                                      colony; it is a very interesting site, rich in our very sordid
                                      history, well worth seeing. From here we will head to
                                      Bicheno overnight, if anyone is interested they run nightly
                                      penguin tours, where you walk amongst the penguins, you
can see them up close and personal, not like Phillip Island.
We will then drive up the East Coast, through Swansea, St Helens and then inland through
Scottsdale to Launceston.
We will spend 2 nights in Launceston, taking time to drive up the Tamar River, check out
Cataract Gorge, and visit Grindlewald the Swiss village on the Tamar. Then it is off to
Devonport for the day before catching our night cruise home again.
Our tour will be 9 days in total with a rest day in Hobart.

          Tour Includes:        Return twin share birth on Spirit of Tasmania, Bed/breakfast,
                                Morning tea, tours; Gordon River Cruise, Derwent River Cruise,
                                Cadbury Factory, Port Arthur ½ Day Pass
          Cost:                 Approximately $2000 I have completed my costings and won’t go
                                any further unless I have enough interested people, so let me
                                know if I have captured your interest.
                             Contact Kate Storr
                                33 Arthur St
                            Hamlyn Heights 3215
                           Phone: (03) 52 773616
                            Mobile: 0404837114

                     Tour Information & Conditions

Fares vary depending on each destination, activities and other inclusions eg
meals accommodation etc. All our passengers are card holders of one sort or
another, so all tour prices have already taken this into consideration, so there will
be no further discounting. Payment made by cash, money order or cheque only.
I don’t have bankcard facilities.

You will need to book on all tours as I have limited passenger numbers (11).

Non-refundable deposits are only required for tours that include the pre-purchase
of tickets or other booking fees (I will let you know at the time of reservation).
Other day trips do no longer require deposits.
Overnight tours require a non refundable booking fee of 25% as most
accommodation requires pre-booking.

Booking Cancellation
Notification of cancellation needs to be made at least four days prior to tour
departure for day trips, two week prior for overnight or extended tours. This
allows others to take your place and allows me time to make other arrangements
if need be. A cancellation fee of $20 for day trips and 25% for overnight and
extended tours will apply if you cancel after these times.

Tour Cancellation
If I am unable to run a tour due to lack of numbers or other unforseen
circumstances I will notify you 2 days prior to the tour date, your deposits are
then refunded or transferred to another trip.

Pick up / drop off times & location
Please give me a call 1 or 2 days prior to tour date for your pick up time and
location. I am more likely to be in the office in the mornings.

Office Hours
Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm, please avoid weekends & Public Holidays where
possible. Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I will return your call.

        All tours are subject to change without prior notice
     Government Regulations prohibit smoking on tourist buses

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