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					General Rules / Clarifications:

1. Blood Bonds
   1.1. Contrary to the description in the book, a Thrall knows instantly if their Regnant is dead and vice
        versa. The blood bond “snaps” in such an event. However, other things may also cause the bond
        to “snap”, so it should not be used as a determinant that someone has met Final Death. However,
        if either the Thrall or Regnant takes steps to break the bond over time (as per the book), the bond
        fades slowly and is not “snapped”.
   1.2. Clarification: You may blood bond a mortal without making them a ghoul. Instead of feeding
        them a full Blood Trait, you need only feed them a smaller portion of blood for the bond to take
   1.3. Clarification: If you begin play with the Bound Flaw, you must go through the standard
        procedure for breaking the bond (as per LotN:R) AND spend the 4 XP to buy off the Bound
        Flaw. If you are blood bound during active play, you are not required to purchase the Flaw.

2. Awakening a Kindred from “self-inflicted” Torpor requires blood of sufficient strength. Use the
   following formula: The torpored Kindred‟s Generation, minus their humanity score, equals the
   minimum generation required to awaken them. (Ex. An 8th generation Vampire with Humanity 3 can
   be awakened by 11th generation or better.) Characters who enter torpor from damage can be
   awakened with any blood (human, animal, Kindred, etc).

3. Clarification: Linguistics: Each point of Linguistics represents one language that the character is
   fluent in: reading, writing and speaking. The maximum number of languages a character can speak is
   equal to their maximum number of Mental Traits based on Generation.

4. Trait Renewal
   4.1. Willpower traits refresh at a rate of one per week at sunset on each Sunday.
   4.2. Influence traits refresh at the beginning of each Dallas Generations -game.
   4.3. Attribute and Ability Traits refresh at sunset every night.


1. Out of clan non-physical disciplines require a teacher. Both players must inform the head-ST of the
   teaching which will take place, this relationship will also be documented in the character‟s Grapevine
   file. Celerity, Fortitude and Potence do not require a teacher however you can only learn one dot
   among the three every two weeks unless an ST approves otherwise.Out of clan disciplines cost

2. You cannot learn disciplines from Kindred that you have the staked/torpored bodies of. Additionally,
   you cannot learn Disciplines from a subject you have Conditioned as they no longer have the mental
   capacity to teach.

3. You must have an in-clan advanced before learning an out-of-clan advanced.

4. If you do not have Blood Magic in-clan you cannot teach Blood Magic.

5. In order to learn a Clan- or Bloodline-specific discipline (ex. Protean, Melpominee, etc), you must
   ingest one Blood Trait from your teacher, thus creating a one-step Blood Bond. This Bond should be
   roleplayed appropriately. You can only begin the process of breaking the bond after you have learned
   the discipline to the full extent allowed/desired. If, for some reason, you break the bond sooner, you
   must re-ingest blood from your teacher before you begin learning again.

6. Specific Disciplines

   6.1. Animalism:
        6.1.1. Feral Whispers: When a vampire is in Subsume or Shape of the Beast they may be
               understood by others with Feral Whispers.
        6.1.2 Quell the Beast: Please inform an ST if you use this power on a player as they will need
               to turn in all available Will Power tickets.

   6.2. Auspex:
       6.2.1. Telepathy: Line of sight is required for all uses of telepathy.
       6.2.2. Psychic Projection: May not use Blood Magic, or any blood expenditures.
       6.2.3. Obfuscate vs. Auspex vs. Chimestry: When both individuals are using contrasting
                powers the parties may add their levels of the discipline to their traits. (ST required)

   6.3. Chimestry:
       6.3.1. All uses of Chimestry require a Storyteller to be present.
       6.3.2. Obfuscate vs. Auspex vs. Chimestry: When both individuals are using contrasting
              powers the parties may add their levels of the discipline to their traits. (ST present)
       6.3.3. If one person disbelieves a Chimerical illusion, it only breaks the illusion for that
              individual. They can still see the illusion, but they know it is not real. However, if
              someone who has already disbelieved an illusion breaks that illusion (ex. Putting their
              hand through an illusory wall), it breaks the illusion for everyone present.

   6.4. Dementation:
       6.4.1. All uses of dementation: Voice of Madness and Total Insanity require a
              Storyteller to be present.

   6.5. Dominate:
       6.5.1. Forgetful Mind: Requires a Storyteller to be present to note the action and reflect the
              effect in the affected characters grapevine file.
       6.5.2. Mesmerism: Requires a Storyteller to be present to note the action and reflect the effect
              in the affected characters grapevine file.

   6.6. Fortitude:
       6.6.1. Aegis: To prevent staking, you must "blow" aegis before you throw the two simple
               challenges. Any character affected by Quell the Beast must burn 3 physical traits to enact

   6.7. Melpominee:
       6.7.1. All uses of Intermediate or Advanced levels require a Storyteller to be present.

   6.8. Necromancy:
       6.8.1. Soul Stealing: If you are soul stolen, for every level of lethal damage you receive, it is a
              simple test vs. the Necromancer's Social Traits to return to your body.

   6.9. Obeah:
       6.9.1. All uses require a Storyteller to be present.

   6.10. Obfuscate:
    6.10.1. Obfuscate vs. Auspex vs. Chimestry: When both individuals are using contrasting
            powers the parties may add their levels of the discipline to their traits. (with ST present)
    6.10.2. Obfuscate does not trick technology (barring merits).
    6.10.3. Mask of 1000 faces allows you to change your clothing as well as your physical features.
    6.10.4. Vanish from the Minds Eye requires a declaration to the Storytellers at the beginning of
            the round.

6.11. Obtenebration:
    6.11.1. All new Obtenebration effects happen at the end of the round. (summoning new
            tenticles or summoning a shourd. Players will move shroud and control Arms fo the
          Abyss on their turn.
    6.11.2. Arms of the Abyss: The maximum number of arms you can have is your levels in
            Obtenebration and Occult divided by two and rounded down. Each arm still costs a social
            trait to produce. Level 5Ob +5Occult = 10 /2 = 5 arm limit at 1blood 5 socials. The arms
            are considered to attack as a Mob and will be treated as such. You may only imbue your
            Arms with Fortitude.
    6.11.3. Black Metamorphosis: This is not a shape changing power.

6.12. Potence:
    6.12.1. Prowess: May be used to refresh Brawny, Ferocious, Stalwart, Tough and Wiry
    6.12.2. Might is your last retest. Not the last retest for the challenge.
    6.12.3. Puissance causes an additional lethal damage.
    6.12.4 Any use of Potence above 4 with a weapon requires a static challenge to see if the
          weapon breaks (fail the weapon shatters). Any use of Potense 5 requires two         static
          challenges to see if the weapons breaks (single fail and the weapons       shatters).

6.13. Presence:
    6.13.1. Awe can also give you eye contact in combat with the expenditure of a social        trait.
    6.13.2. You cannot be summoned back into combat. This does not mean that you cannot be
             summoned into a dangerous situation. This rule is at Storyteller discretion as to what
             constitutes combat vs dangerous situation.
    6.13.3 Majesty: You may force the focus of those in combat to gaze upon your
    greatness with the use of a full turn and speaking a short speech to grab the
    attention of those who failed to resist the application of Majesty.

6.14. Protean:
    6.14.1. Shape of the Beast: Gangrel (and only Gangrel) use the optional rules on pg. 67-9 of the
            Revised Gangrel Clan book.

6.15. Serpentis:
    6.15.1. Form of the Cobra is run out of Faith and Fire.
            “You can complete the transformation begun by Skin of the Adder, becoming a giant
            black and gold cobra. Expend a Blood Trait- it takes three full turns to transform into a
            cobra. As a cobra, you have all of the advantages of the Skin of the Adder, you can fit
            through even tighter spaces and you get a free retest in all grappling challenges. Finally
            your bite is poisonous to mortals, causing seven levels of aggravated damage. This form
            last until dawn or you decide to discard it. It takes three turns to return to human shape.”

6.16. Thanatosis:
    6.16.1. All uses of this discipline require a Storyteller.
6.17. Vicissitude:
    6.17.1. All uses of this discipline require a Storyteller.
    6.17.2. Horrid Form: This is a physical manifestation of your inner famori. It cannot be
            changed to look like something else. The extra level of damage, per the book, is only
            inflicted in brawling combat.
    6.17.3 Attempting to move your heart is a risky task. You must posses atleast 3 ability points in
            Medicine and the process takes one month to complete. Your heart must retain is original
            shape and can only be moved to the following areas. Right upper chest, right or left
            abdominal areas.

         Blood Magic:
        6.18.1. All uses of Blood Magic require a Storyteller to be present.
        6.18.2. All uses of Blood Magic require blood expenditure.
        6.18.3. All uses of Blood Magic require both verbal and somatic components.
        6.18.4. Any and all Blood Magic not found in a Minds Eye Theater Book must be present at
                game to be used. It is highly suggested that you bring a write up with you.
        6.18.5. Homegrown paths and rituals are subject to Storyteller review and discretion.
        6.18.6. Blood Magic will not affect beings on other planes of existence by default. There are
                some paths that are obvious exceptions to this rule.
        6.18.7. Unless otherwise noted in the power description, all uses of Blood Magic require a full
                round. The effect goes off on your action.
        6.18.7a Using Dual Thought from Path of the Focused Mind: You must spend a single Will
                Power at the start of each round when you wish to use Dual Thought. Dual Thought
                allows a second Thaumaturgical action in the same round. You can not use Celerity in
                rounds when you use Dual Thought. The second Thaumaturgical action happens at the
                end of the round
        6.18.8. Weapons can only have one type of enhancement(s) placed on them. For example: You
                cannot have a warded weapon with a spirit bound into it using Entrap Ephemera, but you
                can have Ward vs Kindred and Ward vs Lupine on the same weapon.
        6.18.9. The following rituals do not work in Dallas Generations :

                    Blood Allergy
            Soul Contract
            Court of the Hallowed Truth
            Chill of the Windsaber
            The Gift
            Paper Flesh
            Severing Sands
            The Deserts Thirst
            Pebble from the Mountain
            Dead Mans Hand
                     Touch the Earth

        6.18.9a Ritual changes
                 Paviss the Foul Presense: This ritual is expended after it is first used. The
          thaumaturgist may select when it is used and if they wish to use it after failing in
          a challenge. (if they use after failing a challenge they retain all traits, abilities         and
         Will Power they may have expended in an attempt to defend, the agressing                       player
         loses the challenge and the bid traits as well as the abilities expended               attempting the
         challenge except for Majegty)
                 Vitae Infussion: A thaumaturgist may only have "blood stones" equal to their
          blood pool minus their humanity traits.

    6.19. Combination Disciplines NO COMBINATION DISCIPLINES ARE ALLOWED
          WITHOUT EXTENSIVE RP, written ST permission and all Combination Disciplines requires
         an ST to be present when used! No exceptions.
        6.19.1. All Combination Disciplines, regardless of source/origin, are subject to Storyteller
                  review and discretion.
        6.19.2. Combination Disciplines require a learning time of 3 months and a player character
           6.19.3.      Combination Disciplines from the Anarch Guide are not clan specific.
           6.19.4.      If there is not an MET rule for the combo discipline, it is not allowed at Dallas
                        Generations - games (characters based at Dallas Generations - cannot learn it, and
                        visiting characters may not use it while signed into the game).
           6.19.5.      Dark Ages combination disciplines are not allowed in Dallas Generations -.
           6.19.6.      Combo Disciplines from Archons and Templars will only be allowed if there is a MET
                        write up in a genre packet for the discipline and the character requesting it is an Archon
                        or Templar. A character must have their Coord‟s approval to learn a combo discipline
                        from Archons and Templars.
           6.19.7.      Home-Grown Combination Disciplines will not be allowed unless/until they are
                        propped and included in a Genre Packet. At that point, the staff will review it and make
                        a decision and the House Rules will be modified appropriately.
           6.19.8.      You must have at least one of the required disciplines In-Clan to be able to learn a
                        combo discipline.
           6.19.9.      The following list of combo disciplines are not allowed at Dallas Generations -:

                  7th Chinese Brother
                           Soul Decoration
                           Pater Szlachta
                           The Iron Glare
                           Animal Magnetism
                Under the Skin
                 Mood Shift
                   Distant Friend
                   Approximation of Loyalty Absolute
                   Alpha Glint

           6.19.10. The following chart shows available and allowed combination disciplines, their source,
                    the discipline levels required, XP cost, and whether or not they are restricted by clan.

Name                          Required Disciplines                Source                      Clan(s)    XP
Burning Wrath                 Celerity 3, Potence 3               Clanbook:   Brujah p 66     Brujah     8
Iron Heart                    Potence 3, Presence 3               Clanbook:   Brujah p 66     Brujah     9
Pulse of Undeath              Auspex 1, Potence 3                 Clanbook:   Brujah p 66     Any        3
Thaumaturgical Sight          Auspex 2, Thaumaturgy 1             Clanbook:   Tremere p 47    Thaums     3
Forced March                  Celerity 2, Fortitude 2             Clanbook:   Assamite p 71   Any        6
Shadow Feint                  Celerity 2, Obfuscate 2             Clanbook:   Assamite p 72   Any        6
Sympathetic Agony             Chimesty 2, Fortitude 2             Clanbook:   Ravnos p 67     Ravnos     10
Heart‟s Desire                Auspex 4, Chimestry 2               Clanbook:   Ravnos p 68     Ravnos     10
Mask of Cathay                Animalism 3, Chimestry 3            Clanbook:   Ravnos p 68     Any        7
Bliss                         Dominate 2, Presence 2              Clanbook:   Toreador p 73   Toreador   7
Soul Painting                 Auspex 4, Presence 2                Clanbook:   Toreador p 74   Toreador   9
Double Talk                   Auspex 2, Celerity 1, Obfuscate 1   Clanbook:   Toreador p 75   Any        5
Denial of Aphrodite‟s Favor   Dominate 3, Fortitude 3             Clanbook:   Ventrue p 77    Ventrue    10
Lifesong                      Dominate 1, Presence 1              Clanbook:   Ventrue p 77    Any        4
True Love‟s Face              Obfuscate 3, Presence 3             Clanbook:   Setite p 69     Any        9
Typhonic Beast                Potence 3, Serpentis 4              Clanbook:   Setite p 69     Setite     11
Weigh the Heart               Auspex 3, Serpentis 5               Clanbook:   Setite p 70     Setite     12
Claw Immunity                 Animalism 2, Fortitude 4            Clanbook:   Gangrel p 72    Any        9
Flesh Wound                   Fortitude 2, Obfuscate 3            Clanbook:   Gangrel p 72    Any        8
See the Reflected Form        Auspex 4, Protean 4                 Clanbook:   Gangrel p 72    Gangrel    12
Aspect of Beast            Animalism 3, Dominate 3          Anarch Guide p. 55          Any         8
Badger‟s Hide              Fortitude 1, Protean 4           Anarch Guide p. 56          Any         6
Call Upon the Blood        Animalism 5, Auspex 4            Anarch Guide p. 57          Any         9
Chaos Fold                 Dementation 5, Dominate 4        Anarch Guide p. 57-8        Any         12
Give „Em Hell              Fort. or Potence 1, Presence 3   Anarch Guide p. 58          Any         6
Guardian Vigil             Auspex 1, Celerity 1, Fort. 1    Anarch Guide p. 58-9        Any         7
King of the Hill           Fortitude 5, Presence 3          Anarch Guide p. 59-60       Any         8
Memory Rift                Obfuscate 5, Presence 3          Anarch Guide p. 60          Any         5
Retain the QuickBlood      Celerity 5, Quietus 5            Anarch Guide p. 61          Any         10
Sensory Overload           Auspex 1, Dementation 3          Anarch Guide p. 61-62       Any         8
Smiling Jack‟s Trick       Dominate 5, Obfuscate 5          Anarch Guide p. 64          Any         9
Suck it Up                 Animalism 1, Protean 5           Anarch Guide p. 64-65       Any         5
Tenebrous Veil             Obfuscate 2, Obtenebration 1     Anarch Guide p. 65          Any         3
Phobic Affliction          Dementation 3, Dominate 3        Malk Genre Packet p. 26-7   Malkavian   9
Scalpel Tongue             Presence 1, Celerity 1           Toreador Genre Packet       Toreador    4
Focused Reflexes           Celerity 5, Auspex 4             Toreador Genre Packet       Toreador    9
*Random Patterns           Auspex 2, Dementation 2          Malk Genre Packet p. 25-6   Malkavian   7
*Anticipatory Visage       Auspex 4, Obfuscate 3            Malk Genre Packet p. 27     Malkavian   12
*Anticipatory Locution     Auspex 4, Obfuscate 3,           Malk Genre Packet p. 27     Malkavian   10
                           Anticipatory Visage
Catch a Whiff of Madness   Dementation 2, Auspex 3          Malk Genre Packet p. 26     Malkavian   9
Shroud of Absence          Dominate 3, Obtenebration 3      Clanbook: Lasombra p 72     Lasombra    tbd

(Please note: Shroud of Absence is still under review. Players will be notified when a final decision is
* Indicates a Combo Discipline from Archons & Templars.

Merits & Flaws:

1 All Merits & Flaws require ST approval and active role playing to show the merits.

2 The following Merits & Flaws are not allowed in Dallas Generations without ST permission. All Merits
& Flaws are subject to change or removal if abused. This list is not intended to be a complete listing of all
Merits & Flaws.

Iron Will
True Faith
Magic Resistance
Natural Leader (or any other trait boosting merit)
True Love
Nine Lives


3 Clarifications:
         3.1.0 Lucky: You have three retests at any time for any reaons. These DO NOT refresh. Once
they are all spent the merit is removed from your character sheet and cannot be earned again for the
same character.