Biography Webquest for Third Graders

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					Biography Webquest for Third

   Created and developed by: Mrs. Andrea Francisco
    Forest Avenue School Library Media Specialist

Greetings, young researchers! You are about to embark
on an exciting biography research adventure. Mrs.
Francisco will be assisting you as you navigate through
the land of biographies (both print and online). At the
end of your journey, you are going to be presenting
your person in the Forest Avenue Library Museum. Let’s
get started!
                   The Task

 You will be choosing an interesting person who has
 made a positive impact on society. As a new researcher
 for the Forest Avenue Library museum, you will have to
 convince your classmates that your famous person is
 worthy of display.
To do so, you will create a biography cereal box to be on
 display in our museum.
                       The Process
     It’s time to choose your interesting person. Remember to choose
     carefully, your classmates will be deciding if your person is worthy of
     inclusion in our Forest Avenue Library Museum.You must have at least
     two resources. Be sure to hand in your biography research contract
     before starting.

1)   Each researcher will pick an interesting person who has made a positive
     impact society. Once you’ve picked your person, you will need to get
     approval from Mrs. Francisco and your parent or guardian.You will need
     to find an appropriate biography book.
2)   You will read the biography book.
3)   You will find an online resource on your famous person.
4)   Upon completion of your research, you will use the biography research
     worksheet to gather and record information about your interesting
5)   Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you are ready to
     get started on your cereal box display.You will follow the steps outlined
     in the cereal box directions.
6)   You will present your interesting person to your classmates.Your
     findings should convince them to include him/her in our Forest Avenue
     Library Museum.
   Forest Avenue Library
   West Babylon Public Library
   WorldBook Online
    *see Mrs. Francisco for log in & password
   Bio4Kids
      Category                    4                           3                            2                            1

Use of Class Time     Used time well during       Used time well during         Used some of the time        Did not use class time
                      each class period.          each class period.            well during each class       to focus on the project
                      Focused on getting the      Usually focused on            period. There was            OR often distracted
                      project done. Never         getting the project           some focus on getting        others.
                      distracted others.          done and never                the project done but
                                                  distracted others.            occasionally distracted
Required Elements     The cereal box              All required elements         All but 1 of the required    Several required
                      includes all required       are included on the           elements are included        elements were
                      elements as well as         cereal box.                   on the cereal box.           missing.
                      additional information.
Content - Accuracy    At least 10 accurate        7 accurate facts are          5 accurate facts are         Less than 4 accurate
                      facts are displayed on      displayed on the cereal       displayed on the cereal      facts are displayed on
                      the cereal box.             box.                          box.                         the cereal box.
Knowledge Gained      Student can accurately      Student can accurately        Student can accurately       Student appears to
                      answer all questions        answer most questions         answer about 75% of          lack knowledge about
                      related to facts on the     related to facts on the       questions related to         the facts or processes
                      biography information       biography information         facts on the biography       used to create the
                      sheet and processes         sheet and processes           information sheet and        cereal box.
                      used to create the          used to create the            processes used to
                      cereal box.                 cereal box.                   create the cereal box.
Attractiveness       The cereal box is           The cereal is attractive in   The cereal box is            The cereal box is not well
                     exceptionally attractive in terms of design, layout       acceptably attractive        organized and lacks
                     terms of design, layout,    and neatness.                 though it may be a bit       appeal.
                     and neatness.                                             messy.
Congratulations! You have completed your
biography research adventure. Mrs. Francisco will
now display the cereal boxes that have been
deemed worthy by your classmates.

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