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                           ‘Shaping the Future Agenda for
                                        Conflict Research’
Invitation Programme

                                                        Dates: 1- 4 September 2003
                                                   Location: Hoddesdon, Herts., UK
                           The Conflict Research Society is the meeting place of choice
                           for professionals working from all disciplines who share a
                           desire to develop a better understanding of the processes,
                           implications and management of conflict in all arenas.

                           An exciting, varied and challenging programme of papers has
& Booking Form

                           been contributed for this 4-day residential conference which
                           will provide a forum in which the future agenda for conflict
                           researchers and others working in increasingly conflictual
                           global and organisational contexts will be teased out.
                           Contributions have been organised thematically – themes
                           include processes for conflict resolution, terrorism, public
                           participation and conflict research methodology - and within
                           each themed session plenty of time has been allowed for
                           general discussion.

                           We are delighted that Dr Andrew Williams from the University
                           of Kent - author of "The Victors and the Vanquished: the
                           ending of wars", a study of the different strategies employed
                           over the last century by (mainly) liberal democratic regimes
                           after wars to try and prevent future ones - has agreed to give
                           a plenary address. Other plenary sessions will also address
                           the main conference theme of the future. A special feature
                           this year is a general poster session to which we hope all
                           attendees will wish to contribute.

                           Social time has been built into the programme, but following
                           last year’s successful precedent, one evening has been set
                           aside for an optional visit to London including a theatre

                           The Society is particularly keen to obtain input from student
                           researchers and so has set the all-in registration fee at what
                           we believe will be an extremely attractive level for a
                           residential conference.

                           For further details please contact the CRS Secretary, David
                           Maxwell (

          Secretary: David Maxwell, Flat 6, 68 Chaucer Rd., Bedford, MK40 2AP. (tel. 01234 352273)
               ‘Shaping the Future Agenda for Conflict Research’:
                              1-4 September 2004
The conference is open to both members and non-members of the CRS. We are
keen to see a good mix of participants in terms of disciplinary background,
perspective, experience and skills, so as to achieve the richest possible debate and
discussion. We shall be delighted to welcome you to this wide-ranging meeting
which will provide a unique opportunity to share your ideas with or to learn about both
the theory and practice of conflict research.

A full programme will be provided approximately one month before the Conference.
The following paper titles give a flavour of the contributions accepted:
    •   Conflict resolution and the civil war in Sri Lanka
    •   Sidaama traditional methods and mechanisms of conflict resolution
    •   Peacebuilding as conflict management or political engineering
    •   The skilful process of one-to-one dispute resolution in the workplace
    •   Learning from the poets: solving oppositions in conflict resolution
    •   National minorities in Rumania: public policies between 1990 and 2002
    •   Binary STV: an electoral system for Northern Ireland
    •   Theorizing connections between the public, citizenship and politicians
    •   The challenge of war against terror
    •   Potential contributions of peace psychology to terrorism research
    •   New approaches to conflict research
These and other contributions will be explored through themed discussion sessions

All participants, whether or not presenting papers, are encouraged to offer either a pre-
prepared or an impromptu poster at the conference. These will be included in the
record that will appear in the Transactions of the Conflict Research Society.

The conference will run as a single stream and overall residential numbers are strictly
limited so you are encouraged to apply early to be sure of obtaining a place. Day
attendance is available, but is not encouraged as the intention is to build a
community through the four days.

The all-in cost of this 4-day residential conference is just £150.
This includes accommodation as well as all meals, teas and coffees from Monday
dinner until Thursday lunch. It also includes the conference handbook.
Attendees must make their own travel arrangements including local transfers to High
Leigh. See the High Leigh website ( for
further details of the conference centre

For those who would like to join the optional visit to the Almeida Theatre for a performance of
the new play I.D. by and starring Anthony Sher, tickets are available (numbers limited) at £12
and £15. Playgoers will also have to cover the cost of return travel to the theatre (about £10).

Discounted conference rates are available for fully paid-up CRS members
(£140) and bona-fide students (£110)
For those who are unable to attend the whole conference, the non-residential daily
rate, which includes two meals and the conference handbook is £30.

A non-refundable deposit of £60 (or the full amount for day bookings) should
be sent with all conference bookings by 8 August: the balance (including
payment for theatre tickets) is due on arrival.

 Secretary: David Maxwell, Flat 6, 68 Chaucer Rd., Bedford, MK40 2AP. (tel. 01234 352273)
                 ‘Shaping the Future Agenda for Conflict Research’:
                                1-4 September 2004

Please use the form below to register. You are advised to retain a copy

I wish to attend the CRS Conference and enclose with this application
my non-refundable deposit of £60. I understand that circumstances may
cause the conference organisers to vary the programme from that

Personal Information


Organizational Affiliation:

Postal Address:

E-Mail:                                          Telephone:

Special residential/dietary requirements:

Theatre ticket required (delete as appropriate): YES/NO                  £12/15

I enclose herewith my non-refundable deposit of £60. Payments should
be made by cheque payable to the Conflict Research Society.

•     Please send this completed form and direct any queries to the
      Secretary at the address below
•     All bookings will be acknowledged and joining instructions provided
      prior to the conference

    Secretary: David Maxwell, Flat 6, 68 Chaucer Rd., Bedford, MK40 2AP. (tel. 01234 352273)