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					Choose Your EV SSL Certificate

                                  What is EV SSL Certificate?

                                  An Extended Validation SSL Certificate is ideal for High level
                                  Encryption option. Website that carries out green address bar in URL
                                  section of web browser is a secured with Extended Validation (EV)
                                  SSL Certificate. To purchase EV SSL Certificate requires verifying
                                  multiple pieces of identifying information about Extended Validation
                                  Certificate Approver.

EV SSL certificate offers Green Address Bar feature and this makes the EV SSL highly trusted. EV SSL
installed websites access on HTTPS:// turns the browser address bar in to Green color. This Green Bar is
eye Cather and also display website owner Company Name and Locals. Thus EV SSL expresses more
trust to buyer and makes websites more trust worthy.

EV SSL certificate is recommended for the websites selling high value products and also accepting Credit
Card and payment details on website (Instant Check Out).

If you are accepting payments on payment gateway provider website, you may install regular domain
validation SSL certificates.

Which Certificate Authorities provides EV SSL Certificate?

Following is the list of CAs authorized issuing EV SSL certificates. However you may purchase EV SSL
from respective CAs resellers also. Purchasing EV SSL from VeriSign and Geotrust resellers is same as
you buy SSL direct from CA website.

VeriSign -VeriSign offers Extended Validation SSL Certificates for purchase as individual certificates
and for multiple certificate purchases.

GeoTrust - GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV (Extended Validation) is our premium business-class SSL
security product.

Thawte - Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates with EV enable the most visible security indicator: the
green address bar in high-security browsers.

Comodo - Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL certificate requires a rigorous validation performed by
Comodo, a registered Certificate Authority (CA).

What is the difference in GeoTrust reseller and GeoTrust CA?

GeoTrust rollers are authorized selling and renewing the same certificates to their clients. Like is authorized to issue new EV SSL certificates and renewing existing GeoTrust EV SSL
Certificate. The only difference in price - offers fair discount pricing for Geotrust EV
SSL certificate.
EV SSL Certificate price Comparison

   ●   Thawte         $599
   ●   GeoTrust       $299
   ●   VeriSign       $995
   ●   Comodo         $449

       SSLMatrix - GeoTrust EV SSL $120 only. Save $179 on GeoTrust regular price.

Features of EV SSL Certificate

   ●   It is being supported by any advanced browsers. Also supported with Chrome, FireFox 4.0, IE
       9.0, Opera 10, etc.
   ●   It provides high level up to 256 bit strong encryption. Industry Highly Secured SSL
   ●   By using EV SSL Certificate number of customer increases because EV SSL Certificate shows
       the real identity of the business (included business name and locals)
   ●   It is more user friendly than any other SSL Certificate because it turns address bar to green
   ●   It provides highest protection against website phishing, because EV SSL is required strong
       business validation process and business owners required submitting business existence
       documents to CA for validation process.

About SSLMatrix - Global reseller of trusted SSL certificate from GeoTrust, RapidSSL and Thawte.
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