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					1 Travel Agency
A travel agency arranges holidays for customers. Bookings are made directly by customers. When a customer makes an appr oach, the reser vations cler k
selects appropriate flight details and hotel details from lists which are regularly updated. The details are entered onto a Provisional Booking file.

The customer must confirm this booking within three days by sending a deposit of 10% of the costs. On receipt of the deposit, Reservations transfer the
details from the Provisional Bookings file to the Full Bookings file.

Four weeks before the flight is due, Accounts send an invoice to the customer for the remaining costs. Accounts notify Custom er services when the full
payment is received, and Customer Services then send tickets and joining instructions to the customer.


Draw a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) of this system.
2 Cheapotick
Cheapotick is a ticket agency dealing in Concert and Theatre tickets. Concert and theatre venues pr ovide Cheapotick with a co nstant stream of
information on forthcoming events, which is then used by the Manager to compile a fixture list for use by the sales staff in responding to customer calls.
The manager selects some events for which Cheapotick will purchase a number of tickets in advance, thereby benefitting fr om discounts negotiated with
the venues. He personally sends the orders for the tickets together with the agreed payments to the venues, and once tickets are received, he files them
in the ticket File.

When customers ring the sales team, their ticket requests are checked against the ticket file. If pre-purchased tickets are available they are put in an
envelope mar ked with the customer's name and address, and filed in a provisional orders file. If not, the sales team fill out a ticket request form and put
it in a tray for collection by the post clerk.

The payments section check the provisional orders file daily. They send an invoice to the customer and await payrment. A copy of the invoice is kept on
file. When a payment is received, the payments section match the payment with the appropriate invoice, and if satisfied place another copy of the
invoice in a despatch file with instructions to despatch the tickets.

The post clerk checks the despatch file each day, and retrieves the appropriate tickets fr om the provisional orders file and sends them to the appropriate


Create a physical Data Flow Diagram (DFD) for the system described above for handling pre-purchased
3 Scargill Ltd
Scargill Ltd is a distributor of imported ironmonger y with a manual accounting system in which sales orders and invoicing are carried out as follows

    1.   Orders are received by the sales or der/invoicing department, mainly by telephone.
    2.   On receipt, an official order form is prepared and passed to the sales ledger cler k to be vetted for creditworthiness of the customer.
    3.   From there it is passed to the despatch department to prepare prenumbered despatch documents and assemble the goods for despa tch.
    4.   The despatch department then prepares a deliver y schedule for delivering the various or ders by its own transpor t. After delivery a copy of each
         deliver y note, signed by the customer, is returned to the despatch department for matching with the original.
    5.   The despatch department accounts for all despatch note numbers and passes executed notes to the sales or der/invoicing depar tment for invoice
    6.   The invoicing department despatches top copy invoices direct to the customers and the second copies go to the ledger clerk fo r entry into the
         sales journal and posting to the sales ledger.


Prepare a physical DFD showing the activities of the various departments described above and the
movement of documents.
4 Martin & Trainor
Martin & Trainor are two well qualified and experienced chiropodists with a flourishing practice in Saundersfoot. They employ a receptionist and an
accountant. Both chiropodists maintain detailed records of therapy sessions. In addition, they maintain detailed patient reco rds held in reception. When a
patient arrives, the receptionist enters new patient details and checks that old patient details are correct. If they ar e not, she updates them. The
receptionist also reminds patients if their account needs paying, and receives payments w here offered. She records details of payments and sends them
to the accountant. Each week the par tners send details of therapy sessions to the accountant. T he accountant costs them, and sends a bill to each
patient, together with a statement of unpaid fees w here appropriate. An overdue balance repor t is prepared and sent to each partner. Patients may send
payments by cheque in the mail, or pay by cheque or cash at reception. Credit cards are not accepted. Payments are banked dai ly. Once a week the
accountant tracks the payments. She updates the ledgers and recor ds the updated balance on the patient recor ds for the receptionist. She sends a list of
transactions to each chiropodist. Twice a year, a breakdown of therapy administered has to be prepared by each chiropodist an d dispatched to the
Depar tment of Health.


Draw a physical Data Flow Diagram (DFD) of this system.

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