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6468-SC.DOC - Miami-Dade County

VIEWS: 130 PAGES: 47

									                                                                          BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                                                          OPENING: 2:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY
                                                                            SEPTEMBER 1, 2004

                           MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA

                                            INV ITAT IO N
                                               TO B ID


  BID DEPOS IT AND PERFORMANC E BOND: ..................................                             S EE S ECTION 2.0, PARA. 2.13
  CATALOGUE AND LIS TS :...................................................................
  CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY: ..................................................
  EQUIPMENT LIS T:................................................................................
  INDEMN IFICATION/INS URANCE: ...................................................                   S EE S ECTION 2.0, PARA. 2.11
  LIVING WAGE                                                                                        S EE S ECTION 2.0, PARA. 2.24
  PRE-BID CONFERENCE/WALK-THRU: ..........................................
  RAC E-CONS CIOUS NESS MEAS URE: ...............................................
  S AMPLES /INFORMATION S HEETS : ................................................
  S ECTION 3 – MDHA:.............................................................................
  S ITE VIS IT/AFFID AVIT: ......................................................................
  US ER ACCESS PROGRAM:.................................................................             S EE S ECTION 2.0, PARA. 2.21
  WRITTEN WARRANTY: ......................................................................

                                             FOR INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                          SHERRY Y. CROCKETT @ (305) 375-4693
                                               IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BIDDERS
                                         MIAMI-DADE COUNTY
                               DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT
                                     BIDS AND CONTRACTS DIVISION

                            MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA

                                    INVITATION TO BID

                            Bid Number: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW
                             Title: Transportation Services

                      Procurement Agent: Sherry Y. Crockett

Bids will be publicly opened. The County provi des equal access and does not discriminate on the basis of
disability in its programs or services. It is our policy to make all communicati on avail able to the public,
including those who may be visually or hearing i mpaired. If you require informati on in a non -traditi onal
format please call 305-375-5278.

Instructions: Each Bid submitted to the Department of Procurement Management shall have the
following information clearly marke d on the face of the envelope: the Bidders name, return
address, Bid number, opening date of the Bid and the title of the Bid. Included in the envelope shall
be an original and three copies of the Bid Submittal, plus attachments if applicable. Failure to
comply with this requirement may result in your Bid not being considered for award.

All Bids must be submi tted in a sealed envelope or container and will be opened promptl y at the time
indicated in this solicitation document. Any Bi d recei ved after the first Bid has been opened will be returned
to the Bi dder unopened. The County does not accept responsi bility for delays, natural or otherwise.

Mi ami-Dade County Secti on 1 – General Terms and Condi tions                                    Bid No.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                                 SECTION 1
                                        GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITION

1.1. DEFINITIO NS                                                          becoming a Registered Vendor with Miami-Dade County, the
Bid – shall refer to any offer(s) submitted in response to this            vendor confirms its knowledge of and commitment to comply with
solicitation.                                                              the following:
Bidder – shall refer to anyone submitting a Bid in response to this        1. Disclosure of Employment – pursuant to Section 2-8.1(d) of
solicitation.                                                                    the County Code.
Bid Solicitation – shall mean this solicitation documentation,             2. Disclosure of Ownership Affidavit – pursuant to Section 2-
including any and all addenda.                                                   8.1(d) of the County Code.
Bid Submittal Form – defines the requirement of items to be                3. Drug-Free Affidavit – pursuant to Section 2-8.1.2(b) of the
purchased, and must be completed and submitted with Bid. The                     County Code.
Bidder should indicate its name in the appropriate space on each           4. W-9 and 8109 Forms – The vendor must furnish these forms
page.                                                                            as required by the Internal Revenue Service.
County – shall refer to Miami-Dade County, Florida                         5. Social Security Number – The vendor must provide a copy of
DPM – shall refer to Miami-Dade County‟s Department of                           the primary owner‟s social security card if the social security
Procurement Management, Bids and Contracts Division.                             number is being used in lieu of the Federal Identification
Enrolle d Vendor – EFFECTIVE JULY 8, 2002, shall refer to a                      Number (F.E.I.N.).
firm that has completed the necessary documentation in order to            6. Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) Affidavit – It is the
receive Bid notifications from the County, but has not yet                       policy of the County to comply with all requirements of
registered.                                                                      County Resolution R182-00 and the A.D.A.
Re giste re d Vendor – shall refer to a firm that has completed the        7. Collection of Fees, Taxes and Parking T ickets Affidavit –
Miami-Dade County Business Entity Registration Application and                   pursuant to Section 2-8.1 (c) of the County Code.
has satisfied all requirements to enter in to business agreements          8. Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics – pursuant to Sections
with the County.                                                                 2-8.1(i) and 2-11.1(b) (1) through (6) and (9) of the County
                                                                                 Code and County Ordinance No. 00-1 amending Section 2-
For additional information about on -line vendor enrollment or                   11.1(c) of the County Code.
vendor registration contact the Vendor Information Center at               9. Code of Business Ethics – pursuant to Section 2-8.1(i) of the
111 N.W. 1st Street, Suite 112, Miami, FL 33128, Phone 305-                      County Code.
375-5773. EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2002, vendors will be able to                  10. Debarment Disclosure Affidavit – pursuant to County Code
enroll and register online by visiting our web site at                           10-38. and click on “Business”.                              11. Office of the Inspector General Pursuant to Section 2-1076 of
                                                                                 the County Code.
                   O                                                       12. Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. The
                                                                                 County endeavors to obtain the participation of all minority
A. Bidder Qualification                                                          and disadvantaged business enterprises pursuant to Sect ions
It is the policy of the County to encourage full and open                        2-8.2, 2-8.2.3 and 2-8.2.4 of the County Code and T itle 49 of
competition among all available qualified vendors. All vendors                   the Code of Federal Regulations.
regularly engaged in the type of work specified in the Bid                 13. Individuals and Entities Doing Business with the County not
Solicitation are encouraged to submit Bids. Vendors may enroll                   current in their obligations to the County – pursuant to
with the County to be included on a mailing list for selected                    Sections 2-8.1 (h) and 2-11.1(b)(8) of the County Code.
categories of goods and services. To be eligible for award of a            14 Nondiscrimination pursuant to Section 2-8.1.5 of the County
contract (including small purchase orders), Bidders must complete                Code.
a “Miami-Dade County Business Entity Registration Application”.            15 Family Leave - Pursuant to Section 11A-30 of the County
Only Registered Vendors can be awarded County contracts.                         Code.
Vendors are encouraged to register with the County anytime by              16 Living Wage – Pursuant to Section 2-8.9 of the County Code.
contacting the Vendor Information Center at 305-375-5287. The              17 Domestic Leave – Pursuant to Section 11A-60 of the County
County endeavors to obtain the participation of all qualified                    Code.
minority and disadvantaged business enterprises. For information           18 Antitrust Laws – By acceptance of any contract, the vendor
and to apply for certification, contact the Department of Business               agrees to comply with all antitrust laws of the United States
Development, at 175 N.W. 1st Avenue, 28 th Floor, Miami, FL                      and the State of Florida.
33123-1844, or telephone at 305-349-5960. County employees
wishing to do business with the County are referred to Section 2-          C. PUBLIC ENTITY CRIMES
11.1(d) of the Miami-Dade County Code.                                     To be eligible for award of a contract, firms wishing to do business
                                                                           with the County must comply with the following:
B. Vendor Registration
To be recommended for award the County requires that vendors               Pursuant to Section 287.133(2)(a) of the Florida Statutes, a person
complete a Miami-Dade County Business Entity Registration                  or affiliate who has been placed on the convicted vendor list
                                                                           following a conviction for a public entity crime may not submit a
Application with all required disclosure affidavits. The Miami-            Bid on a contract to provide any goods or services to a public
Dade County Business Entity Registration Application must be               entity, may not submit a Bid on a contract with a public entity for
returned to the Department of Procurement Management (DPM),                the construction or repair of a public building or public work, may
Bids and Contracts Division within Fourteen (14) days of                   not submit Bids on leases of real property to a public ent ity, may
notification of the intent to recommend for award. In the event the        not be awarded or perform work as a contractor, supplier,
Miami-Dade County Business Entity Registration Application is              subcontractor, or consultant under a contract with any public
not properly completed and returned within the specified time, the         entity, and may not transact business with any public entity in
                                                                           excess of the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017 of the
County may award to next lowest responsive Bidder. The Bidder is           Florida Statutes, for CATEGORY TWO for a period of 36 months
responsible for obtaining the Miami-Dade County Business Entity            from the date of being placed on the convicted vendor list.
Registration Application and all affidavits by downloading from
DPM‟s website at and click on “Business” or           D.   Request for Additional Information
from the Vendor Information Center, located in the lobby of the            1.   Pursuant to Section 2-11.1(t) of the County Code, all Bid
Stephen P. Clarke Center at 111 N.W. 1 st Street, Miami, FL. In                 Solicitations, once advertised and until an award

                                                                  - II -                                                        Revised 04-04
Mi ami-Dade County Secti on 1 – General Terms and Condi tions                                        Bid No.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

     recommendation has been forwarded to the appropriate                     G.   Conflicts Within The Bid Solicitation
     authority are under the “Cone of Silence”. Any                                Where there appears to be a conflict between the General
     communication or inquiries, except for clarification of                       Terms and Conditions, Special Conditions, the Technical
     process or procedure already contained in the solicitation, are               Specifications, the Bid Submittal Section, or any addendum
     to be made in writing to the attention of the Procurement                     issued, the order of precedence shall be: the last addendum
     Agent identified on the front page of the solicitation. Such                  issued, the Bid Submittal Section, the Technical
     inquiries or request for information shall be submitted to the                Specifications, the Special Conditions, and then the General
     procurement agent in writing and shall contain the                            Terms and Conditions.
     requester‟s name, address, and telephone number. If
     transmitted by facsimile, the request should also include a              H.   Prompt Payment T    erms
     cover sheet with Bidder‟s facsimile number. The requestor                1.   It is the policy of Miami-Dade County that payment for all
     must also file a copy of this written request with the Clerk of               purchases by County agencies and the Public Health Trust
     the Board, 111 NW 1st Street, 17 th Floor, suite 202, Miami,                  shall be made in a timely manner and that interest payments
     Florida 33128-1983 or email                           be made on late payments. In accordance with Florida
2.   The Department of Procurement Management may issue an                         Statutes, Section 218.74 and Section 2-8.1.4 of the Miami-
     addendum in response to any inquiry received, prior to Bid                    Dade County Code, the time at which payment shall be due
     opening, which changes, adds to or clarifies the terms,                       from the County or the Public Health Trust shall be forty-five
     provisions or requirements of the solicitation. The Bidder                    (45) days from receipt of a proper invoice. The time at which
     should not rely on any representation, statement or                           payment shall be due to small businesses and minority and
     explanation whether written or verbal, other than those made                  women business enterprises shall be thirty (30) days from
     in this Bid Solicitation document or in any addenda issued.                   receipt of a proper invoice. All payments due from the
     Where there appears to be a conflict between this Bid                         County or the Public Health Trust, and not made within the
     Solicitation and any addenda, the last addendum issued shall                  time specified by this section, shall bear interest from thirty
     prevail.                                                                      (30) days after the due date at the rate of one percent (1%)
3.   It is the Bidder‟s responsibility to ensure receipt of all                    per month on the unpaid balance. Further, proceedings to
     addenda, and any accompanying documentation, The Bidder                       resolve disputes for payment of obligations shall be
     is required to submit with its Bid a signed “Acknowledgment                   concluded by final written decision of the County Manager,
     of Addenda” form, when any addenda have been issued.                          or his or her designee(s), not later than sixty (60) days after
                                                                                   the date on which the proper invoice was received by the
E.   Contents of Bid Solicitation and Bidders’ Responsibilities                    County or the Public Health Trust.
1.   It is the responsibility of the Bidder to become thoroughly              2.   The Bidder may offer cash discounts for prompt payments;
     familiar with the Bid requirements, terms and conditions of                   however, such discounts will not be considered in
     this solicitation. Pleas of ignorance by the Bidder of                        determining the lowest price during bid evaluation. Bidders
     conditions that exist or that may exist will not be accepted as               are requested to provide prompt payment terms in the space
     a basis for varying the requirements of the County, or the                    provided on the Bid submittal signature page of the
     compensation to be paid to the Bidder .                                       solicitation.
2.   This solicitation is subject to all legal requirements contained
     in the applicable County Ordinances, Administrative Orders,              1.3. PREPARATION O F BIDS
                                                                              A. The Bid submittal form defines requirements of items to be
     and Resolutions, as well as all applicable State and Federal
                                                                                   purchased, and must be completed and submitted with the
     Statutes. Where conflict exists between this Bid Solicitation
                                                                                   Bid. Use of any other form will result in the rejection of the
     and these legal requirements, the authority shall prevail in the
                                                                                   Bidder‟s offer.
     following order: Federal, State and local.                               B. The Bid submittal form must be legible. Bidders shall use
3.   It is the responsibility of the Bidder/Proposer, prior to                     typewriter, computer or ink. All changes must be crossed out
     conducting any lobbying regarding this solicitation to file                   and initialed in ink. Failure to comply with these
     the appropriate form with the Clerk of the Board stating that                 requirements may cause the Bid to be rejected.
     a particular lobbyist is authorized to represent the                     C. An authorized agent of the Bidder‟s firm must sign the Bid
     Bidder/Proposer. The Bidder/Proposer shall also file a form                   submittal form. FAILURE TO SIGN THE BID
     with the Clerk of the Board at the point in time at which a                   SUBMITTAL FO RM SHALL RENDER THE BID NO N-
     lobbyist is no longer authorized to represent said Bidder/                    RESPONSIVE.
     Proposer. Failure of a Bidder/Proposer to file the appropriate           D. The Bidder may be considered non-responsive if bids are
     form required, in relation to each solicitation, may be                       conditioned to modifications, changes, or revisions to the
     considered as evidence that the Bidder/Proposer is not a                      terms and conditions of this solicitation.
     responsible contractor.                                                  E. The Bidder may submit alternate Bid(s) for the same
                                                                                   solicitation provided that such offer is allowable under the
F.   Change or Withdrawal of Bids                                                  terms and conditions. The alternate Bid must meet or exceed
1.   Changes to Bid - Prior to the scheduled Bid opening a Bidder                  the minimum requirements and be submitted on a separate
     may change its Bid by submitting a new Bid, (as indicated on                  Bid submittal marked “Alternate Bid”.
     the cover page) with a letter in writing on the firms                    F. When there is a discrepancy between the unit prices and any
     letterhead, signed by an authorized agent stating that the new                extended prices, the unit prices will prevail.
     submittal replaces the original submittal. The new submittal
     shall contain the letter and all information as required for
     submitting the original Bid. No changes to a Bid will be
     accepted after the Bid has been opened.
2.   Withdrawal of Bid – A Bid shall be irrevocable unless the                1.4. CANCELLATIO N O FBID SOLICITATIO N
     Bid is withdrawn as provided herein. Only written a letter               Miami-Dade County reserves the right to cancel, in whole or in
     received by the DPM Bids and Contracts Division prior to                 part, any Invitation to Bid when it is in the best interest of the
     the Bid opening date may withdraw a bid. A bid may also be               County.
     withdrawn ninety (90) days after the Bid has been opened
     and prior to award, by submitting a letter to the contact                1.5. AWARD O F BID SO LICITATIO N
     person identified on the front cover of this Bid Solicitation.           A. This Bid may be awarded to the responsible Bidder meeting
     The withdrawal letter must be on company letterhead and                       all requirements as set forth in the solicitation. The County
     signed by an authorized agent of the Bidder.                                  reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, to waive

                                                                    - III -                                                         Revised 04-04
Mi ami-Dade County Secti on 1 – General Terms and Condi tions                                        Bid No.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

     irregularities or technicalities and to re-advertise for all or          1.9. NO N-EXCLUSIVITY
     any part of this Bid Solicitation as deemed in its best interest.        It is the intent of the County to enter into an agreement with the
     The County shall be the sole judge of its best interest.                 successful Bidder that will satisfy its needs as describe herein.
B.   When there are multiple line items in a solicitation, the                However, the County reserves the right as deemed in its best
     County reserves the right to award on an individual item                 interest to perform, or cause to be performed, the work and
     basis, any combination of items, total low Bid or in                     services, or any portion thereof, herein described in any manner it
     whichever manner deemed in the best interest of the County.              sees fit, including but not limited to: award of other contracts, use
C.   The County reserves the right to reject any and all Bids if it is        of any contractor, or perform the work with its own employees.
     determined that prices are excessive, best offers are
     determined to be unreasonable, or it is otherwise determined             1.10. LOCAL PREFERENCE
     to be in the County‟s best interest to do so.                            The evaluation of competitive bids is subject to Section 2-8.5 of
D.   The County reserves the right to negotiate prices with the low           the Miami-Dade County Code, which, except where contrary to
     bidder, provided that the scope of work of this solicitation             federal and state law, or any other funding source requirements,
     remains the same.                                                        provides that preference be given to local businesses. A local
E.   Award of this Bid Solicitation will only be made to firms that           business shall be defined as:
     have completed the Miami-Dade County Business Entity
     Registration Application and that satisfy all necessary legal
     requirements to do business with Miami-Dade County. Firms
                                                                                         a business that has a valid occupational license, issued
                                                                                          by Miami-Dade County at least one year prior to bid or
     domiciled in Miami-Dade County must present a copy of                                proposal submission, that is appropriate for the goods,
     their Miami-Dade County issued Occupational License.                                 services or construction to be purchased; and
F.   Pursuant to County Code Section 2-8.1(g), the Bidder‟s
     performance as a prime contractor or subcontractor on
     previous County contracts shall be taken into account in
                                                                                         a business that has physical business address located
                                                                                          within the limits of Miami-Dade County (or pursuant
     evaluating the Bid received for this Bid Solicitation.                               to any Interlocal Agreement that may be in effect)
G.   To obtain a copy of the Bid tabulation, Bidder(s) shall                              from which the vendor operates or performs business.
     enclose an appropriately sized self-addressed stamped
                                                                                          Post Office Boxes are not verifiable and shall not be
     envelope. Bid results will not be given by telephone or                              used for the purpose of establishing said physical
     facsimile. Please allow ten (10) calendar days after Bid                             address.
     opening for mailing.
H.   The Bid Solicitation, any addenda and/or properly executed               When the bid from a Miami-Dade local business is within 10% of
     modifications, the purchase order, and any change order(s)               the lowest price submitted by a non-local business, the local
     shall constitute the contract.                                           business, and the non-local business that submitted the lowest
I.   In accordance with Resolution R-1574-88 the Director of                  initial bid, shall have the opportunity to submit a best and final bid
     Bids and Contracts Division will decide all tie Bids.                    equal to or lower than their initially submitted pricing. Other
J.   Award of this Bid may be predicated on compliance with and               actions pursuant to existing InterLocal Agreements may be applied
     submittal of all required documents as stipulated in the Bid             as well.
                                                                              1.11. CONTINUATION O F WORK
1.6. CONTRACT EXTENSIO N                                                      Any work that commences prior to and will extend beyond the
A. The County reserves the right to exercise its option to extend             expiration date of the current contract period shall, unless
     a contract for up to ninety (90) calendar days beyond the                terminated by mutual written agreement between the County and
     current contract period. In such event, the County will notify           the successful Bidder, continue until completion at the same prices,
     the successful Bidder(s) in writing of such extensions.                  terms and conditions.
B. This contract may be extended beyond the initial ninety (90)
     day extension upon mutual agreement between the County                   1.12. BID PRO TEST
     and the successful Bidder(s).                                            A.    A recommendation for contract award or rejection of award
                                                                                    may be protested by a Bidder in accordance with the
1.7. WARRANTY                                                                       procedures contained in Sections 2-8.3 and 2-8.4 of the
All warranties, express and implied, shall be made available to the                 County Code, as amended, and as established in
County for goods and services covered by this Bid Solicitation.                     Administrative Order No.3-21.
All goods furnished shall be fully guaranteed by the successful               B.    To initiate a Bid protest, the protester shall present to the
Bidder against factory defects and workmanship. At no expense to                    Clerk of the Board a non-refundable filing fee, payable to
the County, the successful Bidder shall correct any and all apparent                the Clerk of the Board, in accordance with the schedule
and latent defects that may occur within the manufacturer‟s                         provided below:
standard warranty. T he Special Conditions of the Bid Solicitation                            Award Amount                      Filing Fee
may supersede the manufacturer‟s standard warranty.                                           $25,000-$100,000                  $500
                                                                                              $100,001-$500,000                 $1,000
1.8. ESTIMATED Q UANTITIES                                                                    $500,001-$5 million               $3,000
Estimated quantities or dollars are for Bidder‟s guidance only. No                            Over $5 million                   $5,000
guarantee is expressed or implied as to quantities or dollars that
will be used during the contract period. T he County is not                          In the event a Bidder wishes to protest any part of the
obligated to place any order for a given amount subsequent to the                    General Conditions, Special Conditions and/or Technical
award of this Bid Solicitat ion. Estimates are based on the County‟s                 Specifications contained in the Bid Solicitation it must file a
actual needs and/or usage during a previous contract period. The                     notice of protest in writing with the issuing department no
County may use these estimates to determine the low Bidder.                          later than 48 hours prior to the Bid opening date and hour
Estimated quantities do not contemplate or include possible                          specified in the solicitation. Failure to file a timely notice
additional quantities that may be ordered by other government,                       of protest will constitute a waiver of proceedings.
quasi-governmental or non-profit entities utilizing this contract             C.     For award recommendations greater than $100,000 the
under the Joint Purchase portion of the County User Access                           following shall apply:
Program (UAP) described at Section 2.21 of this contract                             When a letter of intent to award a Bid Solicitation has been
solicitation and the resulting contract, if that section is present in               communicated (mail, faxed or emailed) to each competing
this solicitation document.                                                          Bidder and filed with the Clerk of the Board, a Bidder
                                                                                     wishing to protest said award recommendation shall file a

                                                                     - IV -                                                         Revised 04-04
Mi ami-Dade County Secti on 1 – General Terms and Condi tions                                     Bid No.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

       protest with the clerk of the Board within ten (10) working          performance of the agreement by the successful Bidder or its
       days of the date of award recommendation letter. Within              employees, agents, servants, partners, principals or subcontractors.
       two (2) days of that filing, the protester shall provide the         The successful Bidder shall pay all claims and losses in connection
       County Attorney and each Bidder with a copy of each                  therewith, and shall investigate and defend all claims, suits or
       document that was filed with the protest. Failure to timely          actions of any kind or nature in the name of the County, where
       file the written protest shall constitute a waiver of the right      applicable, including appellate proceedings, and shall pay all costs,
       to protest the award recommendation.                                 judgments, and attorney‟s fees which may be incurred thereon.
                                                                            The successful Bidder expressly understands and agrees that any
D.     For award recommendations from $25,000 to $100,000 the               insurance protection required by this Agreement or otherwise
       following shall apply:                                               provided by the successful Bidder shall in no way limit the
       Each Monday, in the lobby of the Stephen P. Clark Center,            responsibility to indemnify, keep and save harmless and defend the
       located at 111 N.W. 1 st Street, award recommendations are           County or its officers, employees, agents and instrumentalities as
       posted. Participants may also call the Awards Line at 305-           herein provided.
       375-4724, or 800-510-4724, or the contact person as
       identified on the cover page of the Bid Solicitation. Any            1.20. COLLUSION
       Bidder wishing to protest such recommendations shall file a          Where two (2) or more related parties, as defined herein, each
       protest with the Clerk of the Board within five (5) working          submit a Bid for any contract, such Bids shall be presumed to be
       days of the posting and submit a $500 non-refundable filing          collusive. T he foregoing presumption may be rebutted by the
       fee.                                                                 presentation of evidence as to the extent of ownership, control and
                                                                            management of such related parties in preparation and submittal of
1.13. RULES, REGULATIO NS AND LICENSES                                      such Bids. Related parties shall mean Bidder or the principals
The successful Bidder shall comply with all laws and regulations            thereof which have a direct or indirect ownership interest in
applicable to provide the goods and/or services specified in this           another Bidder for the same contract or in which a parent company
Bid Solicitation. The Bidder shall be familiar with all federal, state      or the principals thereof of one (1) Bidder have a direct or indirect
and local laws that may in affect the goods and/or services offered.        ownership interest in another Bidder for the same contract.
                                                                            Furthermore, any prior understanding, agreement, or connection
1.14. PACKAGING                                                             between two or more corporations, firms, or persons submitting a
Unless otherwise specified in the Special Conditions or Technical           bid for the same materials, supplies, services, or equipment shall
Specifications, all containers shall be suitable for shipment and/or        also be presumed to be collusive. Bids found to be collusive shall
storage and comply with Resolution No. 738-92.                              be rejected. Bidders who have been found to have engaged in
                                                                            collusion may be considered non-responsible, and may be
                                                                            suspended or debarred, and any contract resulting from collusive
1.15. SUBCONTRACTING                                                        Bidding may be terminated for default.
Unless otherwise specified in this Bid Solicitation, the successful
Bidder shall not subcontract any portion of the work without the            1.21. MO DIFICATIO N O F CONTRACT
prior written consent of the County. The ability to subcontract             The contract may be modified by mutual consent, in writing
may be further limited by the Special Conditions. Subcontracting            through the issuance of a modification to the contract, purchase
without the prior consent of the County may result in termination           order, change order or award sheet, as appropriate.
of the contract for default. When Subcontracting is allowed the
Bidder shall comply with County Resolution No. 1634-93, Section             1.22. TERMINATIO N FOR CONVENIENCE
10-34 of the County Code and County Ordinance No. 97-35.                    The County, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate
                                                                            this contract without cause upon thirty (30) days written notice.
                                                                            Upon receipt of such notice, the successful Bidder shall not incur
1.16. ASSIGNMENT                                                            any additional costs under this contract. The County shall be liable
The successful Bidder shall not assign, transfer, hypothecate, or           only for reasonable costs incurred by the successful Bidder prior to
otherwise dispose of this contract, including any rights, title or          notice of termination. T he County shall be the sole judge of
interest therein, or its power to execute such contract to any              “reasonable costs.”
person, company or corporation without the prior written consent
of the County.                                                              1.23. TERMINATIO N FOR DEFAULT
                                                                            The County reserves the right to terminate this contract, in part or
1.17. DELIVERY                                                              in whole, or place the vendor on probation in the event the
Unless otherwise specified in the Bid Solicitation, prices quoted           successful Bidder fails to perform in accordance with the terms and
shall be F.O.B. Destination. Freight shall be included in the               conditions stated herein. The County further reserves the right to
proposed price.                                                             suspend or debar the successful Bidder in accordance with the
                                                                            appropriate County ordinances, resolutions and/or administrative
1.18. RESPONSIBILITY AS EMPLO YER                                           orders. The vendor will be notified by letter of the County‟s intent
The employee(s) of the successful Bidder shall be considered to be          to terminate. In the event of termination for default, the County
at all times its employee(s), and not an employee(s) or agent(s) of         may procure the required goods and/or services from any source
the County or any of its departments. T he successful Bidder shall          and use any method deemed in its best interest. All re-
provide competent and physically employee(s) capable of                     procurement cost shall be borne by the successful Bidder.
performing the work as required. The County may require the
successful Bidder to remove any employee it deems unacceptable.             1.24. FRAUD AND MISREPRESENTATIO N
All employees of the successful Bidder shall wear proper                    Pursuant to Section 2-8.1.4 of the Miami-Dade County Code, any
identification.                                                             individual, corporation or other entity that attempts to meet its
                                                                            contractual obligations with the County through fraud,
1.19. INDEMNIFICATIO N                                                      misrepresentation or material misstatement, may be debarred for
The successful Bidder shall indemnify and hold harmless the                 up to five (5) years. The County as a further sanction may
County and its officers, employees, agents and instrumentalities            terminate or cancel any other contracts with such individual,
from any and all liability, losses or damages, including attorney‟s         corporation or entity. Such individual or entity shall be
fees and costs of defense, which the County or its officers,                responsible for all direct or indirect costs associated with
employees, agents or instrumentalities may incur as a result of             termination or cancellation, including attorney‟s fees.
claims, demands, suits, causes of actions or proceedings of any
kind or nature arising out of, relating to or resulting from the            1.25 ACCESS TO RECORDS

                                                                     - V-                                                        Revised 04-04
Mi ami-Dade County Secti on 1 – General Terms and Condi tions                                        Bid No.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

The County reserves the right to require the Contractor to submit                         Bidder/Proposer and reasonable assurances that
to an audit by Audit and Management Services or other auditor of                          IIHI/PHI will be held confidential;
the County‟s choosing at the Contractor‟s expense. The Contractor                   5.    Making Protected Health Information (PHI) available
shall provide access to all of its records, which relate directly or                      to the customer;
indirectly to this Agreement at its place of business during regular                6.    Making PHI available to the customer for review and
business hours. The Contractor shall retain all records pertaining                        amendment; and incorporating any amendments
to this Agreement and upon request make them available to the                             requested by the customer;
County for three years following expiration of the Agreement. The                   7.    Making PHI available to Miami-Dade County for an
Contractor agrees to provide such assistance as may be necessary                          accounting of disclosures; and
to facilitate the review or audit by the County to ensure compliance                8.    Making internal practices, books and records related to
with applicable accounting and financial standards.                                       PHI available to Miami-Dade County for compliance

                                     O                                        PHI shall maintain its protected status regardless of the form and
Miami-Dade County has established the Office of the Inspector                 method of transmission (paper records, and/or electronic transfer
General, which is authorized and empowered to review past,                    of data). The Bidder/ Proposer must give its customers written
present, and proposed County and Public Health Trust programs,                notice of its privacy information practices including specifically, a
contracts, transactions, accounts, records and programs. The                  description of the types of uses and disclosures that would be made
Inspector General (IG) has the power to subpoena witnesses,                   with protected health information.
administer oaths, require the production of records and monitor
existing projects and programs. The Inspector General may, on a
random basis, perform audits on all County contracts. The cost of
random audits shall be incorporated into the contract price of all
contracts and shall be one quarter (1/4) of one (1) percent of the
contract price, except as otherwise provided in Section 2-
1076(c)(8) of the County Code.

The County may conduct a pre-award inspection of the bidder‟s
site or hold a pre-award qualification hearing to determine if the
bidder is capable of performing the requirements of this bid

Bidders are hereby notified that all information submitted as part
of, or in support of bid submittals will be available for public
inspection after opening of bids in compliance with Chapter 119 of
the Florida Statutes; popularly know as the “Public Record Law.”
The bidder shall not submit any information in response to this
invitation, which the bidder considers to be a trade secret,
proprietary or confidential. The submission of any information to
the County in connection with this invitation shall be deemed
conclusively to be a waiver of any trade secret or other protection,
which would otherwise be available to the bidder. In the event that
the bidder submits information to the County in violation of this
restriction, either inadvertently or intentionally, and clearly
identifies that information in the bid as protected or confidential,
the County shall endeavor to redact and return that information to
the bidder as quickly as possible, and if appropriate, evaluate the
balance of the bid. The redaction or return of information pursuant
to this clause may render a bid non-responsive.

Any person or entity that performs or assists Miami-Dade County
with a function or activity involving the use or disclosure of
“ individually identifiable health information (IIHI)     and/or
Protected Health Information (PHI) shall comply with the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and
the Miami-Dade County Privacy Standards Administrative Order.
HIPAA mandates for privacy, security and electronic transfer
standards, that include but are not limited to:

      1.    Use of information only for performing services
            required by the contract or as required by law;
      2.    Use of appropriate safeguards to prevent non-
            permitted disclosures;
      3.    Reporting to Miami-Dade County of any non-
            permitted use or disclosure;
      4.    Assurances that any agents and subcontractors agree to
            the same restrictions and conditions that apply to the

                                                                     - VI -                                                         Revised 04-04
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                             BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
                          SECTION 2.0 SPECIAL CONDITIONS

                               TRANSPORTATION SERVICES


      The purpose of this Invitation to Bid is to establish a contract for Rental of Full Size Bus
      and Mini Bus Shuttle Service in conjunction with the needs of Dade County's Parks and
      Recreation Department on an as needed when needed basis.

2.2   Intentionally Omitted

2.3   Intentionally Omitted


      This contract shall commence on the first calendar day o f the month succeeding approval
      of the contract by the Board of County Commissioners, or designee, unless otherwise
      stipulated in the Notice of Award Letter which is distributed by the County's Department
      of Procurement Management, Bids & Contracts Divisio n; and contingent upon the
      completion and submittal of all required bid documents. The contract shall remain in
      effect for twelve (12) months and upon completion of the expressed and/or implied
      warranty period.

      Adjustme nt:

      The initial contract prices resultant from this solicitation shall prevail for a one (1) year(s)
      period from the contract‟s initial effective date. Prior to, or upon completion, of that
      initial term, the County shall have the option to renew this contract for an additional four
      (4) year(s) period on a year-by-year basis. Prior to completion of each exercised contract
      term, the County may consider an adjustment to price based on changes in the following
      pricing index: CPI.

      It is the vendor‟s responsibility to request any pricing adjustment under this provision.
      For any adjustment to commence on the first day of any exercised option period, the
      vendor‟s request for adjustment should be submitted 90 days prior to expiratio n of the
      then current contract term. The vendor adjustment request should not be in excess of the
      relevant pricing index change. If no adjustment request is received from the vendor, the
      County will assume that the vendor has agreed that the optional ter m may be exercised
      without pricing adjustment. Any adjustment request received after the commencement of
      a new option period may not be considered.

      The County reserves the right to reject any price adjustments submitted by the vendor
      and/or to not exercise any otherwise available option period based on such price
      adjustments. Continuation of the contract beyond the initial period, and any option
      subsequently exercised, is a County prerogative, and not a right of the vendor. This

                                              Page 1
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                            BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
       prerogative will be exercised only when such continuation is clearly in the best interest of
       the County.

       Should the vendor decline the County‟s right to exercise the option period, the County
       may consider the vendor in default which decision may effect that vendor‟s eligibility for
       future contracts.

                               GIVEN CONTRACT, ANY OPTIONS TO RENEW WILL BE
                               RESTRICTED TO THE SPECIFIC ITEMS OF WORK
                               INITIALLY AWARDED TO ANY SPECIFIC VENDOR.

2.6    METHOD OF AWARD: To a Single Lowest Priced Vendor In The Aggregate

       Award of this contract will be made to the responsive, responsible vendor who submits
       an offer on all items listed in the solicitation and whose offer represents the lowest price
       when all items are added in the aggregate. If a vendor fails to submit an offer on all items,
       its overall offer will be rejected. The County will award the total contract to a single


       If the bidder is awarded a contract under this bid solicitation, the prices proposed by the
       bidder shall remain fixed and firm during the term of contract.

2.8    Intentionally Omitted

2.9    Intentionally Omitted

2.10   See Section 3.0, Paragraph 3.13


       Provider shall indemnify and hold harmless the County and its officers, employees,
       agents and instrumentalities from any and all liability, losses or damages, including
       attorneys‟ fees and costs of defense, which the County or its officers, employees, agents
       or instrumentalities may incur as a result of claims, demands, suits, causes of actions or
       proceedings of any kind or nature arising out of, relating to or resulting from the
       performance of this Agreement by the Provider or its employees, agents, servants,
       partners principals or subcontractors. Provider shall pay all claims and losses in
       connection therewith and shall investigate and defend all claims, suits or actions of any
       kind or nature in the name of the County, where applicable, including appellate
       proceedings, and shall pay all costs, judgments, and attorney‟s fees which may issue
       thereon. Provider expressly understands and agrees that any insurance protection required
       by this Agreement or otherwise provided by Provider shall in no way limit the
       responsibility to indemnify, keep and save harmless and defend the County or its officers,
       employees, agents and instrumentalities as herein provided.

                                              Page 2
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                          BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
     The vendor shall furnish to the Vendor Assistance Section, Department of Procurement
     Management, Bids and Contracts Division, 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 1300, Miami,
     Florida 33128-1989, Certificate(s) of Insurance which indicate that insurance coverage
     has been obtained which meets the requirements as outlined below:

     A.     Automobile Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $300,000
            combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury and property

     All insurance policies required above shall be issued by companies authorized to do
     business under the laws of the State of Florida, with the following qualifications:

            The company must be rated no less than “B” as to management, and no
            less than “Class V” as to financial strength, by the latest edition of Best‟s
            Insurance Guide, published by A.M. Best Company, Oldwick, New Jersey,
            or its equivalent, subject to the approval of the County Risk Management

            The company must hold a valid Florida Certificate of Authority as shown
            in the latest “List of All Insurance Companies Authorized or Approved to
            Do Business in Florida” issued by the State of Florida Department of
            Insurance and are members of the Florida Guaranty Fund.

     Certificates will indicate no modification or change in insurance shall be made without
     thirty (30) days in advance notice to the certificate holder.

     Not withstanding the above, if the policy has a deductible or self- insured retention, the
     following provisions apply:

     1.     Bidder/Vendor must meet the requirements of the Florida Financial
            Responsibility Law. A Certificate of insurance showing limits of
            $10,000 per person, $20,000 per accident for bodily injury and $10,000 for
            property damage (or $30,000 combined             single    limit)     must   be
     2.     If the Bidder/Vendor has a larger deductible or self- insured retention
            than the Florida Financial Responsibility Law (in addition to the
            certificate required in #1), the financial stability and ability to pay claims
            must be demonstrated as follows:

 In an amount not less than the difference between the State approved self- insurance
     certificate and the beginning threshold of the approved auto liability insurance
     policy, the bidder/vendor must submit one of the following:

                    a.     Irrevocable Letter of Credit
                    b.     Surety Bond (Bond Form Attached)
                    c.     Cash Deposit

                                           Page 3
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                            BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
       If a claim is paid utilizing one of the above, the limit must be fully reinstated and
       kept in force throughout the term of the agreement.


                                           111 NW 1ST STREET
                                           SUITE 2340
                                           MIAMI, FL 33128

                          Department of Procurement Management
                                Bids and Contracts Division
                               111 NW 1st Street, Suite 1300
                                Miami, Florida 33128-1989

2.12   Intentionally Omitted


       The bidder to whom a contingent award is made shall duly execute and deliver to the
       County a Performance and Payment Bond in the amount of $175,000.00 per sector. The
       Performance and Payment Bond Form supplied by the County shall be the only
       acceptable form. The completed form shall be delivered to the County within 15
       calendar days after award by the Board of County Commissioners. If the bidder fails to
       deliver the payment and performance bond within this specified time, including granted
       extensions, the County shall declare the bidder in default of the contractual terms and
       conditions and the bidder shall surrender its Bid Bond, and the County shall not accept
       any proposal from the Bidder for a twelve (12) month period following such default.

       The following specifications shall apply to the bond required above:

       A.     All bonds shall be written through surety insurers authorized to do business in the
              State of Florida as surety, with the following qualifications as to management and
              financial strength according to the latest edition of Best's Insurance Guide,
              published by A.M. Best Company, Oldwick, New Jersey:

              Bond Amount                    Best Rating

              500,001 to 1,500,000                    B   V
              1,500,001 to 2,500,000                  A   VI
              2,500,001 to 5,000,000                  A   VII
              5,000,001 to 10,000,000                 A   VIII
              Over 10,000,000                         A   IX

                                             Page 4
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                          BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
       B.     On contract amounts of $500,000 or less, the bond provisions of Section
              287.0935, Florida Statutes (1985) shall be in effect and surety companies not
              otherwise qualifying with this paragraph may optionally qualify by:

              1. Providing evidence that the surety has twice the minimum surplus and capital
                 required by the Florida Insurance Code at the time the invitation to bid is
              2. Certifying that the surety is otherwise in compliance with the Florida
                 Insurance Code; and
              3. Providing a copy of the currently valid Certificate of Authority issued by the
                 United States Department of the Treasury under ss. 31 U.S.C. 9304-9308.

              Surety insurers shall be listed in the latest Circular 570 of the U.S. Department of
              the Treasury entitled " Acceptable Sureties on Federal Bonds", published
              annually. The bond amount shall not exceed the underwriting limitations as
              shown in this circular.

       C.     For contracts in excess of 500,000 the provisions of Section B will be adhered to
              plus the company must have been listed for at least three consecutive years, or
              holding a valid Certificate of Authority of at least 1.5 million dollars and on the
              Treasury List.

       D.     Surety Bonds guaranteed through U.S. Government Small Business
              Administration or Contractors Training and Development Inc. will also be

       E.     In lieu of a Performance Bond, an irrevocable letter of credit or a cash bond in the
              form of a certified cashier's check made out to the Board of County
              Commissioners will be acceptable. All interest will accrue to Metro Dade County
              during the life of this contract and as long as the funds are being held by Dade

       F.     The attorney-in- fact or other officer who signs a contract bond for a surety
              company must file with such bond a certified copy of power of attorney
              authorizing the officer to do so. The contract bond must be counter signed by the
              surety's resident Florida agent.

2.14   Intentionally Omitted


       The County shall provide periodic payments for services rendered by the vendor. In
       order for the County to provide payment, the vendor shall submit a fully documented
       invoice that provides the basic information set forth below. The invoice shall be
       submitted to the County department within thirty (30) calendar days after the service has
       been rendered. It shall be understood that such invoices shall not be submitted for

                                            Page 5
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                           BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
       payment until such time as the service has been completed and a County representative
       has reviewed and approved the service.

       All invoices shall contain the following basic information:

       I.     Vendor Information:

              •       The name of the business organization as specified on the contract
                      between Miami- Dade County and vendor
              •       Date of invoice
              •       Invoice number
              •       Vendor‟s Federal Identification Number on file with Miami- Dade County
       II.    County Information:

              •       Miami- Dade County Release Purchase Order or Small Purchase          Order
       III.   Pricing Information:

              •       Unit price of the goods, services or property provided
              •       Extended total price of the goods, services or property
              •       Applicable discounts
       IV.    Goods or Services Provided per Contract:

              •       Description
              •       Quantity
       V.     Delivery Information:

              •       Delivery terms set forth within the Miami- Dade County Release
                      Purchase Order
              •       Location and date of delivery of goods, services or property
       VI.    Failure to Comply:
              Failure to submit invoices in the prescribed manner will delay payment,
              contractor may be considered in default of contract and its contract may be


       All bidders shall quote prices based on F.O.B. Destination and shall hold title to the
       goods until such time as they are delivered to, and accepted by, an authorized County
       representative at Parks and Recreation.

2.17   Intentionally Omitted

                                             Page 6
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                           BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
2.18   Intentionally Omitted

2.19   Intentionally Omitted


       For any additional information regarding the terms and conditions of this solicitation and resultant
       contract, Contact: Sherry Y. Crockett, at (305) 375-4693 email –


       User Access Fee

       Pursuant to Miami-Dade County Budget Ordinance No. 03-192, this contract is subject to
       a user access fee under the County User Access Program (UAP) in the amount of two
       percent (2%). All sales resulting from this contract, or any contract resulting from this
       solicitation and the utilization of the County contract price and the terms and conditions
       identified herein, are subject to the two percent (2%) UAP. This fee applies to all contract
       usage whether by County Departments or by any other governmental, quasi-
       governmental or not-for-profit entity.

       The vendor providing goods or services under this contract shall invoice the contract
       price and shall accept as payment thereof the contract price less the 2% UAP as full and
       complete payment for the goods and/or services specified on the invoice. The County
       shall retain the 2% UAP for use by the County to help defray the cost of the procurement
       program. Vendor participation in this invoice reduction portion of the UAP is mandatory.

       Joint Purchase

       Only those entities that have been approved by the County for participation in the
       County‟s Joint Purchase and Entity Revenue Sharing Agreement are eligible to utilize or
       receive Miami- Dade County contract pricing and terms and conditions. The County will
       provide to approved entities a UAP Participant Validation Number. The vendor must
       obtain the participation number from the entity prior to filling any order placed pursuant
       to this section. Vendor participation in this joint purchase portion of the UAP, however,
       is voluntary. The vendor shall notify the ordering entity, in writing, within 3 work days of
       receipt of an order, of a decision to decline the order.

       For all ordering entities located outside the geographical boundaries of Miami-Dade
       County, the successful vendor shall be entitled to ship goods on an “FOB Destination,
       Prepaid and Charged Back” basis. This allowance shall only be made when expressly
       authorized by a representative of the ordering entity prior to shipping the goods.

       Miami- Dade County shall have no liability to the vendor for the cost of any purchase
       made by an ordering entity under the UAP and shall not be deemed to be a party thereto.
       All orders shall be placed directly by the ordering entity with the vendor and shall be paid
       by the ordering entity less the 2% UAP.

                                             Page 7
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                           BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
       Vendor Compliance

       If a vendor fails to comply with this section, that vendor may be considered in default by
       Miami- Dade County in accordance with Section 1, Paragraph 1.8 o f this contract
       solicitation and the resulting contract.


       Although this Solicitation is specific to a County Department, it is hereby agreed and
       understood that any County department or agency may avail itself of this contract and
       purchase any and all items specified herein from the successful bidder(s) at the contract
       price(s) established herein. Under these circumstances, a separate purchase order shall be
       issued by the County, which identifies the requirements of the additional County
       department(s) or agency (ies).


       The vendor shall obtain and pay for all licenses, permits and inspec tion fees required for
       this project; and shall comply with all laws, ordinanc es, regulations and building code
       requirements applicable to the work contemplated herein. Damages, penalties and or
       fines imposed on the County or the vendor for failure to obtain required licenses, permits
       or fines shall be borne by the vendor.


       Bidders are advised that the provisions of Section 2-8.9 of the Code of Miami-Dade
       County (also known as the Living Wage Ordinance) will apply to any contract(s)
       awarded pursuant to this bid. By submitting a bid pursuant to these specifications, a
       bidder is hereby agreeing to comply with the provisions of Section 2-8.9, and to
       acknowledge awareness of the penalties for non-compliance. A copy of this Code
       Section may be obtained from the department issuing the specifications for this bid.

       This Supplemental General Condition is organized with the following sections:

       1.     Definitions

       2.     Minimum Wages and Posting of Information

       3.     Liability for Unpaid Wages; Liquidated Damages; Withholding

       4.     Payrolls, Records and Reporting

       5.     Subcontracts

       6.     Complaints and Hearings; Contract Termination and Debarment

                                             Page 8
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

     A.   “Administrative hearing officer” means a qualified arbitrator appointed by the
          County Manager to resolve disputes arising from the enforceme nt of the Living
          Wage Ordinance.

     B.   “Applicable department” means the County department(s) using the service

     C.   “Complaint” means any written charge/allegation presented to the Compliance
          Officer alleging a practice prohibited by the Ordinance.

     D.   “Compliance officer” means the County Manager or his/her designee to review
          compliance with the Living Wage Ordinance and this Administrative Order.

     E.   “Contract” means an agreement for services covered by the Living Wage
          Ordinance involving the County or Public Health Trust, or approved by the
          County, the Procurement Director or his/her designee, or the Public Health Trust.

     F.   “Contracting officer” means the Department of Procurement Management and
          Public Health Trust staff or any other County perso nnel responsible for issuing
          County service contracts.

     G.   “County” means the government of Miami- Dade County or the Public Health

     H.   “Covered employee” means anyone employed by any service contractor, as
          further defined in County Code Section 2-8.9, either full or part time, as an
          employee with or without benefits that is providing covered services pursuant to
          the service contractor's contract with the County.

     I.   Covered employer means any and all service contractors and subcontractors of
          service contractors providing covered services. Service contractor is any
          individual, business entity, corporation (whether for profit or not- for-profit),
          partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, or similar business that is
          conducting business in Miami-Dade County or any immediately adjoining county
          and meets the following criteria:

          (1)    the service contractor is paid in whole or in part from the County's general
                 fund, capital projects funds, special revenue funds, or any other funds
                 either directly or indirectly, for contracted covered service whether by
                 competitive bid process, informal bids, requests for proposals, some form
                 of solicitation, negotiation, or agreement, or any other decision to enter
                 into a contract; and

          (2)    the service contractor and any subcontractor is engaged in the business to
                 provide covered services either directly or indirectly for the benefit of the
                 County; or

                                        Page 9
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

         (3)    the service contractor is a General Aeronautical Service (GASP) Permittee
                or otherwise provides any of the Covered Services defined herein at any
                Miami Dade County Aviation Department facility including Miami
                International Airport pursuant to a permit, lease agreement or otherwise.

    J.   Covered services are services purchased by the County that are subject to the
         requirements of the Living Wage Ordinance which are one of the following:

         (1)    County Service Contracts - Contracts awarded by the County that involve
                a total contract value of over $100,000 per year for the following services:

                (i)     food preparation and/or distribution;
                (ii)    security services;
                (iii)   routine maintenance services such as custodial, cleaning, refuse
                        removal, repair, refinishing and recycling;
                (iv)    clerical or other non-supervisory office work, whether temporary
                        or permanent;
                (v)     transportation and parking services including airport and seaport
                (vi)    printing and reproduction services; and,
                (vii)   landscaping, lawn and/or agricultural services.

         (2)    Services Provided To Miami-Dade County Aviation Facilities: Any
                service that is provided by a GASP Permittee to a Miami- Dade County
                Aviation Department Facility or any other service Contractor that provides
                any of the following services to a Miami-Dade County Aviation
                Department facility is a covered service without reference to any contract

                (i)     Ramp Service: Guiding aircraft in and out of Airport; aircraft
                        loading and unloading positions, designated by the Aviation
                        Department; placing in position and operating passenger, baggage
                        and cargo loading and unloading devices, as required for the safe
                        and efficient loading and unloading of passengers, baggage and
                        cargo to and from aircraft; performing such loading and unloading;
                        providing aircraft utility services, such as air start and cabin air;
                        fueling; catering; towing aircraft; cleaning of aircraft; delivering
                        cargo, baggage and mail to and from aircraft to and from locations
                        at any Miami- Dade County Aviation Department facility; and
                        providing such other ramp services approved in writing by the
                        Aviation Department;

                (ii)    Porter Assistance Services: Handling and transportation through
                        the use of porters, or other means, of baggage and other articles of
                        the passengers of contracting air carriers or aircraft operators, upon
                        request of the passenger, in public access areas of the Airport
                        Terminal Complex. The Living Wage shall not apply to employees

                                       Page 10
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
                         performing tip-related porter assistance services,         including
                         curbside check-in;

                (iii)    Passenger Services: Preparing such clearance documents for the
                         baggage and cargo of aircraft passengers, as may be required by all
                         governmental agencies; furnishing linguists for the assistance of
                         foreign-speaking passengers; passenger information assistance;
                         arranging in- flight meals for departing aircraft with persons or
                         companies authorized by the Department to provide such meals;
                         and providing assistance to handicapped passengers;

                (iv)     Dispatching and Communications Services: Providing ground to
                         aircraft radio communication service; issuing flight clearances;
                         sending and receiving standard arrival, departure and flight p lan
                         messages with appropriate distribution of received messages;
                         providing standby radio flight watch for aircraft in flight; and
                         calculation of fuel loads and take-off and landing weights for

                (v)      Meteorological Navigation Services: Providing information based
                         on the analysis and interpretation of weather charts; planning
                         aircraft flights in accordance with the latest accepted techniques;
                         providing appropriate prognostic weather charts; and generally
                         providing information appropriate for enroute aerial navigation;

                (vi)     Ticket Counter and Operations Space Service: The operation of
                         ticket counter and airlines' operations space; ticket checking, sales
                         and processing; weighing of baggage; operation of an information,
                         general traffic operations and communications office for air
                         carriers and aircraft operators with whom the Service Contractor
                         has contracted to supply such services;

                (vii)    Janitorial Services;

                (viii)   Delayed Baggage Services;

                (ix)     Security Services unless provided by federal government or
                         pursuant to a federal government contract; and,

                (x)      Any other type of service that a GASP permittee is authorized to
                         perform at any Miami-Dade County Aviation Department Facility
                         will be considered a covered service, regardless of whether the
                         service is performed by a GASP permittee or other service

    K.   “Debar” means to exclude a service contractor, its individual officers, its principal
         shareholders, its qualifying agent or its affiliated businesses from County

                                        Page 11
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
          contracting and subcontracting for a specific period of time, not to exceed five (5)
          years, pursuant to section 10-38 of the Code of Miami- Dade County.

     L.   “Living wage” means the minimum hourly pay rate with or without health
          benefits as further described in Section 2-8.9 of the Code of Miami-Dade County
          and as indexed from year to year.

     M.   “Living Wage Commission” means a fifteen person advisory board established by
          the County Commission for the purpose of reviewing the effectiveness of the
          Living Wage Ordinance, reviewing certifications submitted by covered
          employers, reviewing quarterly reports on complaints filed by employees and
          making recommendations to the County Mayor and Commission.

     N.   “Project manager” means the person assigned under a contract, usually a
          department director of the using agency or his/her designee, who has primary
          responsibility to manage the contract and enforce contract requirements.


     A.   All covered employees providing covered services shall be paid a living wa ge of
          no less than $10.59 per hour or $9.25 per hour with qualifying health benefits, as
          described in this section and in the Living Wage Ordinance. When the covered
          employer seeks to comply with the Living Wage Ordinance by choosing to pay
          the wage rate applicable when also paying qualifying health benefits, such health
          benefits shall consist of at least $1.34 per hour towards the provision of health
          care benefits for employees and their dependents. Proof of the provision of such
          benefits must be submitted to the applicable department to qualify for the wage
          rate for employees with health benefits.

     B.   Pursuant to Section C of County Code Section 2-8.9, the Living Wage rate must
          be annually indexed based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculated by the
          U.S. Department of Commerce as applied to the County of Miami-Dade.

     C.   Covered employees shall be paid by company or cashier‟s check, not less than bi-
          weekly, and without subsequent deduction or rebate on any account. The covered
          employer shall pay wage rates in accordance with federal and all other applicable
          laws such as overtime and similar wage laws.

     D.   Covered employers must post in a visible place on the site where such contract
          work is being performed, a notice specifying the (1) wages/benefits to be paid; (2)
          the amount of liquidated damages for any failure to pay such specified combined
          overall hourly wage rate and benefits; and (3) the name and address of the
          responsible official in Miami- Dade County to whom written complaints should be
          sent. Posting requirements will not be required where the employer prints the
          following statements on the front of the covered employee's paycheck and every
          six months thereafter: "You are required by Miami- Dade County law to be paid at
          least [insert applicable rate under this Chapter] dollars an hour. If you are not
          paid this hourly rate, contact your supervisor or a lawyer." All notices will be

                                        Page 12
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
          printed in English, Spanish and Creole. Any complaints of underpayment must be
          filed in writing with the Director of the Department of Business Development,
          175 Northwest First Avenue, 28th Floor, Miami, FL 33128, (305) 349-5960.

     E.   Covered employers must refrain from terminating or otherwise retaliating against
          an employee performing work on the contract even though a complaint of
          practices has been filed by the employee or other investigative or enforcement
          action is being taken regarding such service contractor.


     A.   In the event of any underpayment of required wage rates, the contractor may be
          liable to the underpaid employee for the amount of such underpayment within
          thirty (30) days of the findings of violation. Covered employers found to be in
          violation of the requirements of Section 2-8.9 may also be required to pay
          liquidated damages of up to $500 to the County for each employee of the covered
          employer who performs any portion of the contract work for each week, or
          portion thereof, that is paid less than the specified applicable living wage rate.
          Request for appeals of violations must be filed in writing with the compliance
          officer within ten (10) days of receipt of the violation.

     B.   Any wages not collected by underpaid employees shall be remitted, by the
          employer responsible for paying the wage debt, to the Department of Business
          Development (DBD) for depository into the DBD Trust Fund. Proceeds from the
          “Trust Fund” shall be held for one (1) year and if not claimed by the underpaid
          employee, shall be transferred to the State of Florida.

     C.   The County may withhold from a service contractor any moneys payable on
          account of work performed under the contract, such sums as may be determined
          to be necessary to satisfy any liabilities for unpaid wages and penalties as
          provided herein. In order to preserve the rights of the affected workers under
          Section 2-8.9, the project manager may withhold or cause to be withheld from the
          service contractor under this agreement so much of the accrued payments or
          advances as may be considered necessary to pay employees of the covered
          employer the full amount of wages required by the contract. In the event of
          failure to pay any covered employee, employed or working on the project, all or
          part of the wages required by the contract, the project manager may, after written
          notice to the service contractor, take such action as may be necessary to cause the
          suspension of any further payment, until such violations have ceased. The
          withheld monies shall be remitted to the covered employee only in accordance
          with the provisions of Section 6, "Complaints and Hearings; Contract Termination
          and Debarment".

     D.   In addition to the payment of penalties and backwages, repeat offenders may be
          debarred from doing business with the County for a period of up to five years
          and/or have their contracts terminated.

                                       Page 13
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                        BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

     A.     Each covered employer shall maintain payrolls for all covered employees and
            records relating thereto and shall preserve them for a period of three (3) years.
            The records shall contain: the name and address of each covered employee, the
            job title and classification, the number of hours worked each day, the gross wages
            earned and deductions made; annual wages paid; a copy of the social security
            returns and evidence of payment thereof; if applicable, a record of health benefit
            payments including contributions to approved plans; and any other data or
            information the Living Wage Commission or compliance officer should require
            from time to time.

     B.     The service contractor shall provide a certificate to the app licable department,
            with every invoice or requisition for payment, that includes the name, address,
            and phone number of the covered employer, a local contact person, and the
            specific project for which the service contract is sought; the amount of the
            contract and the applicable department the contract will serve; a brief description
            of the project or service provided; a statement of the wage levels for all
            employees; and a commitment to pay all employees a living wage as set forth in
            the contract specifications; and the name and social security number of every
            employee that provided service for that requisition for payment.

     C.     The covered employer shall submit the information required hereunder every six
            (6) months, to the applicable department a complete payroll showing the
            employer's payroll records for each covered employee working on the contract for
            covered services for one payroll period.

     D.     The covered employer shall file with the applicable department, every six months,
            reports of employment activities to be made publicly available, including: race
            and gender of employees fired and terminated; zip codes of employees hired and
            terminated; and wage rates of employees hired and terminated.

     E.     The covered employer shall make the records required to be kept hereunder
            available for inspection, copying or transcription by an authorized representative
            of the County, and shall permit such representative to interview employees during
            working hours on the job. Failure to submit the required reports upon request or
            to make records available may be grounds for debarment. The service contractor
            is responsible for the submission of the information required hereunder and for
            the maintenance of records and provision of access to same by all subcontractors.


     The service contractor shall insert in any subcontracts the clauses set forth in
     paragraphs 1 through 6 of this provision and also a clause requiring the subcontractors
     to include these clauses in any subcontracts. The service contractor shall be
     responsible for compliance by any subcontractor with the clauses set forth in
     paragraphs 1 through 6 of this provision.

                                         Page 14
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

     A.   Appeals of findings of violation and imposition of penalties by the compliance
          officer shall be heard by an administrative hearing officer. Upon the receipt of a
          written appeal, the compliance officer shall notify the County Manager in writing
          and the County Manager shall appoint an administrative hearing officer and set a
          time for an administrative hearing. Failure to appeal within the specified time
          shall be considered a waiver of the appeal process provided for in Section 3.A and
          an admission of the complaint/violation.

     B.   Notification of hearing date shall be served by the compliance officer upon the
          covered employer against whom the complaint is made within ten (10) working
          days of the appointment of the administrative hearing officer. Such notice shall
          be by certified mail, return receipt requested. Such notice shall include:

          (1)    A copy of the written complaint, including reasons and causes for the
                 proposed administrative hearing outlining alleged prohibited practices
                 upon which it is based;

          (2)    The penalties assessed;

          (3)    That an administrative hearing shall be conducted before an administrative
                 hearing officer on a date and time not to exceed thirty (30) business days
                 after service of the notice. The notice shall also advise the covered
                 employer that they may be represented by an attorney, may present
                 documentary evidence and verbal testimony, and may cross-examine or
                 rebut evidence and testimony presented against them; and,

          (4)    A description of the effect of the issuance of the notice of the proposed
                 administrative hearing and the potential effect(s) of this administrative

     C.   The compliance officer or his/her designee shall, with the assistance of the project
          manager, present evidence and arguments to the administrative hearing officer.

     D.   No later than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled hearing date, the covered
          employer must furnish the compliance officer a list of the defenses the covered
          employer intends to present at the administrative hearing. If the covered
          employer fails to submit such list, in writing, at least seven (7) days prior to the
          administrative hearing, or fails to seek an extension of time within which to do so,
          the covered employer shall be deemed to have waived the opportunity to be heard
          at the administrative hearing. The administrative hearing officer shall have the
          right to grant or deny an extension of time, and the decision may only be reviewed
          upon an abuse of discretion.

     E.   Hearsay evidence shall be admissible at the administrative hearing, but shall not
          form the sole basis for finding a violation of Section 2-8.9. The administrative

                                        Page 15
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                           BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
              hearing shall be transcribed, taped or otherwise recorded by a court reporter, at
              the election of the administrative hearing officer and at the expense of the County.
              Copies of the hearing tape or transcript shall be furnished at the expense and
              request of the requesting party. The cost of such transcription may be assessed,
              by the hearing officer, against a service contractor that has been found to violate
              Section 2-8.9.

       F.     In addition to the payment of penalties and back wages, the County Manager may
              debar, for a period not to exceed five (5) years, a service contractor or
              subcontractor and the principal owners and/or qualifying agents thereof found to
              have violated the requirements of Section 2-8.9 a second time. If the County
              Manager determines a covered employer failed to comply with these provisions a
              third time, the non-complying covered employer‟s service contract with the
              County may be terminated.

       G.     The County Manager may order the withheld amount equal to any underpayment
              remitted to the employee. In addition, the County Manager may order payment of
              a penalty to the County. If the required payment is not made within a reasonable
              period of time, the County Manager may order debarment as described above.

A breach of the clauses contained in this Supplemental General Condition shall be deemed a
breach of this contract and may be grounds for termination of the contract, and for debarment,
and any other remedies available to the County.


       While the County has listed all major items on the bid solicitation which are utilized by
       County departments in conjunction with its operations, there may be ancillary ite ms that
       must be purchased by the County during the term of this contract. Under these
       circumstances, a County representative will contact the primary vendor to obtain a price
       quote for the ancillary items. If there are multiple vendors on the contract, t he County
       representative may also obtain price quotes from these vendors. The County reserves the
       right to award these ancillary items to the primary contract vendor, another contract
       vendor based on the lowest price quote or to bid the items through a separate solicitation.

                                            Page 16
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                       BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                          TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

3.1       SCOPE OF WORK

          The purpose of this contract is to obtain a fixed route shuttle full- size bus and
          minibus service from qualified Contractor(s) during the period January 1, 2002
          through December 31, 2002 for a Tennis Tournament to be held in Crandon Park
          at Key Biscayne, Florida. The shuttle bus service route will be from Virginia
          Beach to the running track at Crandon Park. Contractor(s) to provide all tolls,
          labor, equipment, supplies and facilities required to operate this service as
          specified herein.

          A maximum of fifteen (15) full-size buses will be needed daily during the above
          time period. Service will operate generally from 8:00 a.m. to approximately 12:00
          midnight, or one (1) hour after the last tennis match of the day is over. The
          County reserves the right to vary the hours of operation and the number of buses
          as directed by authorized Miami-Dade County personnel to meet passenger
          demands, which could include additional buses above the maximum number

          A full size bus shall have a minimum of 47 passenger seats or more and be fully
          air-conditioned. Two (2) supervisors are required during all hours of service and
          will be reimbursed by the County at a rate of $15.00 per man-hour.

          A maximum of four (4) minibuses shall have a minimum of 16 passenger seats or
          more and will be needed daily during the above time period. Service will operate
          generally from 9:00 a.m. to approximately 12:00 midnight or one (1) hour after
          the last match of the day is over. Hours of operation and number of minibuses will
          vary daily as directed by authorized Miami Dade County personnel to meet
          passenger demands.

          The County will not reimburse toll charges.


3.2 (a)   Fixed-Route Service

          This type of service is characterized by vehicle Trips that follow a specified
          geographic Route and time schedule, with service having daily start and end time
          and operating in specified days of the week. However, although a fixed route is
          designated, the alignment of schedule may be changed from time to time by
          Parks. The County reserves the right to increase or decrease service without
          change in the hourly rate to the extent described in the Contract.

                                       Page 17
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                       BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
3.2 (b)   Supervisory/Starter Personnel

          This service is to provide management of street service by Contractor
          management employees either at specific locations or in cars. These Contractor
          employees shall monitor on-time performance, safety, and other issues to assure
          excellent delivery of service. This type of service is over and above routine
          management and supervision.


          The Contractor shall be required to indemnify and save the County, and its agents
          and employees, harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses and causes of
          action which arise or may arise out of acts or omissions of a third party or of the
          Contractor, or its agents or employees, during the performance of this agreement.
          The Contractor shall pay all claims and losses of any nature whatever in
          connection therewith, and shall defend all suits, in the name of the County when
          applicable, and shall pay all costs and judgments which may issue therefrom,
          except those caused by the sole negligence of County officers or employees.

3.4       CHANGES

          It is understood that Miami- Dade County may at any time during the progress of
          the work increase or decrease the quantities of work to be performed, make
          alterations in the details of the work within the general scope of the services. Such
          increase, decrease or alteration shall not invalidate the Contracts nor release the
          surety, and the Contractors agree to accept the work as altered, the same as if it
          had been a part of the original Contract. Such changes and alterations will be
          authorized in writing by the County authorized representative, and payment or
          credit for increased and decreased quantities of work will be made in accordance
          with the Contractor‟s hourly rate. Contractor hourly rates shall remain fixed for
          up to and including 30% variation (increase or decrease) in the initial revenue
          service hours authorized by the County. When County authorized service hours
          vary by more than 30%, the hourly rate of compensation payable to the Contractor
          shall be subject to negotiation between the County and the Contractor. In the
          event that the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be
          resolved pursuant to the procedure provided in Item 3.21.


          All vehicles to be utilized in providing the services specified in this Contract are
          subject to the approval of the County.

          Vehicle specifications contained in this Contract shall apply. Vehicles may be
          leased or Contractor owned. The low bidder(s) recommended for award are
          subject to a pre-award inspection of its fleet by county representatives to
          determine whether the fleet is in suitable condition for passenger transport.

                                        Page 18
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
         Manufacturer‟s name, model and/or catalog part numbers are used in these
         specifications for the sole purpose of establishing minimum requirements of level
         of quality, standards of performance, and design required are in no way intended
         to prohibit the proposing of other manufacturers‟ items of equal serviceability.
         The Contractor may propose other manufacturers‟ items of equal serviceability
         provided the unit so proposed is submitted to the County for prior approval. The
         County shall be sole and final judge of equality in its best interest.

3.6      General Vehicle Standards

         The Contractor shall provide vehicles which comply with all applicable local,
         State, or Federal codes, including but not limited to Chapter 31, Article III of the
         Code of Metropolitan Dade County and FDOT Rule 14-90, and safety standards
         which comply with or exceed manufacturers safety and mechanical standards for
         the particular vehicle and model used in the provision of services under this

         All vehicles provided must:

         a.     Have a rear- view mirror and side-view mirrors mounted on both sides of
                the vehicle.

         b.     Have a functioning interior light within the passenger compartment.

         c.     Have a functioning speedometer indicating speed in miles per hours and a
                functioning odometer correctly indicating distance in tenths of a mile.

         d.     Be equipped with operable air conditioning systems. If the air
                conditioning system becomes inoperable during the day, the Contractor
                shall replace the vehicle within one hour. The vehicle shall not again be
                used for service under this Contract until the air conditioning system has
                been repaired.

         e.     Have exterior free of grime, oil or other substances and free from cracks,
                breaks, dents and damaged paint that noticeably detract from the overall
                appearance of the vehicle.

         f.     Be clean in the interior and free from torn floor coverings, damaged or
                broken seats, and protruding sharp edges.

         g.     Have unobstructed vision on at least three (3) sides of the vehicle.

         h.     Not have leaks of any kind.

         i.     Be equipped with a functioning horn.

         j.     Meet all vehicle requirements identified in Florida Department of
                Transportation Rule 14-90.

                                       Page 19
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                      BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

3.7       Vehicle Inspections

          For each vehicle to be used in service, including subcontractor vehicles, the
          Contractor shall submit proof of vehicle permit, licensing and vehicle inspections
          performed by PTRD if applicable, upon issuance of a Work Order and before
          placing vehicle into service. Updated proof shall be supplied to the County upon
          request. All vehicles shall be made available for inspection at any reasonable time
          ordered by the County at its discretion. Any vehicle found no t in conformity with
          the above standards must be removed from service until subsequent inspections
          verify correction of deficiencies. The County further reserves the right to order
          the immediate removal from service any vehicle not in compliance with any
          vehicle standards referenced herein. Failure to comply with this requirement may
          be cause for disallowance of compensation for services rendered in the violating


          The Contractor shall ensure that its drivers shall adhere to the following

3.8 (a)   Personal Appearance

          Cleanliness and neatness are required at all times. A driver‟s uniform (which must
          be required by the Contractor) must be clean, pressed and in good repair at all
          times; shoes must be shined. Driver‟s hair, mustache and beard must be well
          groomed or drivers who do not have mustache or beard must be clean-shaven.
          The wearing of non-uniform apparel will not be permitted, except during cold
          weather when drivers will be permitted to wear a non-uniform jacket or coat.

3.8 (b)   Personal Habits

          The following acts are not permissible by drivers when providing services under
          this Contract:

          a.     Use of intoxicating liquors, narcotics or controlled substances of any kind
                 while on duty or reporting for duty in uniform while under the influence of
                 liquors, narcotics or controlled substance of any kind (excluding doctors‟
                 prescriptions which do not adversely affect the driver‟s ability to perform
                 his or her duties).

          b.     Gambling in any form upon Parks premises or while on duty or providing
                 services under this Contract.

          c.     Smoking and other uses of tobacco while on duty except in places or at
                 times designated for that purpose.

                                       Page 20
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                       BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
          d.     Carrying of pistols, firearms or concealed weapons while on duty or on
                 Park‟s premises.

          e.     Resorting to physical violence to settle a dispute with a fellow employee
                 or the general public while on duty or on Park‟s premises. In self-defense
                 an employee may use no more force than is reasonably necessary to
                 defend him or herself.

          f.     Spitting in prohibited places or any other unsanitary practices.

          g.     Drivers must be able to communicate with passengers in English in order
                 to announce destination points. No solicitation for gratuities, either verbal
                 or written, shall be authorized.

          h.     Use of loud, indecent or profane language and/or making threatening or
                 obscene gestures toward passengers or other employees.

3.8 (c)   Driver‟s Responsibility

          It shall be the responsibility of the driver to devote full attention to the safe,
          smooth and efficient operation of equipment and to avoid discomfort or
          inconvenience to the passengers. Subject to orders of persons of higher authority,
          the driver has charge of the vehicle and shall be responsible for:

          a.     Adherence to route, schedules and time points.

          b.     Knowledge and observance of traffic laws and safety regulations.

          c.     The safety of boarding and alighting passengers.

          d.     Proper display of all required signs and identifications.

          e.     The adjustment of lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling for the
                 comfort of passengers.

          f.     Performance of such other duties as may from time to time be prescribed
                 by the County.

3.8 (d)   Driver History

          Drivers shall not have a criminal history, which might impair the service to
          customers, including convictions for crimes involving assault, battery and moral

3.8 (e)   Driver Registration

          Drivers shall have and maintain a current, valid Miami Dade County Chauffeur
          Registration and State of Florida Chauffeur License.

                                        Page 21
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                        BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

3.8 (f)    Driver Physical

           Drivers shall have physical examinations as required by Florida Department of
           Transportation Rule 14-90.

3.9        SCHEDULES

           For Fixed Route Service, the vehicle must leave no earlier than the scheduled
           departure time and no later than five (5) minutes after the sched uled departure


           The Contractor‟s Communication System shall consist of:

3.10 (a)   Telephone System

           The Contractor shall make available sufficient telephone capacity to ensure
           accessible communication between the County and the Contractor‟s facility for
           the purposes of canceling trip requests as well as handling other emergencies.
           Should the County determine that telephone access is inadequate, the Contractor
           must provide a dedicated telephone line.

3.10 (b)   Two-Way Radio System or Alternative Two-Way Communication System

           The Contractor, through a base station or a County approved alternative
           communication system (e.g., mobile phones) is required to be in regular radio
           communication with all vehicles providing transportation service.


           In the event of any natural disaster such as hurricanes, floods, or other acts of God
           or civil disturbances, the County shall notify the Contractor if and when to
           suspend scheduled service for the duration of such emergency. Service will be
           restored as directed by the County in conjunction with the restoration of Park‟s

           The Contractor will make available to the County all vehicles, drivers, and
           supervisory resources for emergency purposes per notification by the County.

           The Contractor is responsible for structuring work rules in order to ensure that
           employees report to work, or in the event that they are already at work, continue
           to perform their duties for emergency related operations as directed by the

                                         Page 22
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                           BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
               Compensation for expenses incurred during the emergency in excess of the
               normal expense of operating shall be reimbursed by the County.

3.12           COMPENSATION

               Requests for payment shall be in the form designated by the County and filed
               after the tournament by the Contractor with the County. Each request shall be in
               invoice form, with a daily breakdown of vehicles and hours worked. Each request
               for payment shall be attested to by an original signature of an officer (if a
               corporation) or by a principal (if a partnership, sole proprietorship or joint
               venture) of the Contractor.

3.12 (a)       Payment for Services

               The County agrees to pay the Contractor according to the fixed hourly rate for the
               services accepted. The Contractor will receive payment within thirty (30) calendar
               days of receipt of a properly completed and executed invoice.

               The fixed hourly rates established are to cover all direct charges, overhead and
               general administrative expenses and are total compensation to the Contractor(s)
               for services provided.

3.12 (b)       Prompt Payment

               The County shall pay for services rendered in accordance with Ordinance No. 94-
               40, providing for expedited payment to small businesses by County agencies;
               creating dispute resolution procedures for payment of County obligations; and
               requiring the prime contractor to issue prompt payments, and have the same
               dispute resolution procedures as the County, for all small business subcontractors.
               Failure of the prime contractor to issue prompt payment to small businesses, or
               adhere to its‟ dispute resolution procedures, may be cause for suspension,
               termination, and debarment, in accordance with the terms of the County contract
               and debarment procedures of the County.

3.12 (c)       Pricing Calculation – Time

3.12 (c) (1)   There will be no compensation for deadheading. Time calculation begins when
               the first passenger enters the vehicle or at the first scheduled pickup location and
               continues until there are no passengers in the vehicle, or the scheduled trip or
               route is concluded.

3.12 (c) (2)   Time will be calculated in ten (10) minute increments, based on actual service
               time. Portions of ten (10) minutes will be rounded up to the next ten (10) minutes.


               The County reserves the right to assess liquidated damages to be applied against
               the Contractor‟s charges for services to the County as follows:

                                             Page 23
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                       BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

3.13 (a)   For missed runs, failure to pull out or failure to have a back- up vehicle in place
           within one hour of reported vehicle failure, liquidated damages shall be charged
           for each hour, including the initial hour, or any portion thereof of missed service
           for the time missed at a rate of twice the prevailing hourly rate.

3.13 (b)   Failure to adhere to schedules defined in Item 3.9 for Fixed Route Service, as
           monitored by the County and deemed to be within reasonable control of the
           Contractor, shall result in liquidated damages of $25.00 for each one way trip.

3.13 (c)   Operating in service for longer than one hour without an operable air conditioning
           system will result in liquidated damages of $25.00 per vehicle, per day.

3.13 (d)   The sum of liquidated damages (if any) will be deducted from the payments made
           to the Contractor. Whatever sum of money may become due and payable to
           Miami Dade County by the Contractor under this Section may be retained out of
           money belonging to the Contractor(s) in the hands and possession of Miami Dade
           County. It is agreed that this Section shall be construed and treated by the parties
           to this Contract not as imposing a penalty upon said Contractor for failing fully to
           complete said work as agreed to in these Sections, but as liquidated damages to
           compensate Miami Dade County because of the failure of the Contractor to
           complete said work fully as specified in this Contract.


3.14 (a)   The County‟s Contracting Officer for the project will be the Parks Director or his
           designee, and the Contractor shall accept instructions and approvals from the
           person so designated.

3.14 (b)   The Contractor shall submit in writing to the County, the name of the Contractor‟s
           project Coordinator who may be designated corporate officer or other individual
           employed by the Contractor. The County will notify the Contractor if the
           Contractor project Coordinator is acceptable and approved.


           Required Records For Contractors Providing Transportation Services

           The Contractor shall maintain such records and accounts including property,
           personnel, and financial records as are deemed necessary by the County to assure
           a proper accounting for all project funds. The system of accounting for project
           funds will be in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
           (GAAP) and practices, consistently applied, and in accordance with any
           applicable local, federal, state laws or regulations. Data items which the
           Contractor will be required to submit to the County included, but are not limited

                                         Page 24
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                     BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
         (1)    County provided original daily drivers‟ logs, which may include any of the
                following information:

                a.      Vehicle trip origin
                b.      Scheduled leave time
                c.      Actual leave time
                d.      Each timed stop scheduled time
                e.      Each actual arrival and leave time
                f.      Each trip destination
                g.      Scheduled arrival time
                h.      Actual arrival and leave times
                i.      Scheduled hours of service
                j.      Actual hours of service
                k.      Ridership per vehicle trip, if required
                l.      Vehicle number
                m.      Driver‟s Name and Chauffeur Registration Number

         (2)   Weekly Invoice Form

         (3)   Cancellation and no-show logs


         The County reserves the right to purchase back- up service from other contractors
         when the original Contractor fails to perform service. The Contractor who failed
         to perform will be charged two times the difference between the amount charged
         to the County for the back-up service and the amount that would have been paid
         to Contractor. In addition, the original Contractor will not be paid any sum for
         missed services. Whatever sum of money may become due and payable to t he
         County by the Contractor under this Section will be retained and applied against

         Contractor‟s charges for service to the County. It is agreed that this Section shall
         be construed and treated by the parties to this Contract not as imposing a penalty
         upon said Contractor for failing fully to complete said work as agreed to in these
         Sections, but to compensate Miami Dade County because of the failure of the
         Contractor to complete said work fully as specified in this Contract.


         In the event funds paid to the Contractor under this Contract are subsequently
         properly disallowed by County agencies within three years because of accounting
         errors or charges not in conformity with this Contract, the Contractor shall refund
         such disallowed amounts to the County promptly.

                                       Page 25
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                        BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
3.18       DISPUTES

3.18 (a)   Disputes Procedure

           Except as otherwise provided in this Contract, any dispute concerning a question
           of fact or dispute arising under this Contract which is not disposed of by Contract
           shall be decided by the County‟s authorized representative who shall mail or
           otherwise furnish a written copy of the decision to the Contractor. The decision of
           the County‟s authorized representative shall be final and conclusive unless, within
           thirty (30) days from the date of the receipt of such copy, the Contractor mails or
           otherwise furnishes to the County a written appeal addressed to the Director. The
           decision of the Director or duly authorized representative, for the determination of
           such appeals, shall be final and conclusive unless determined otherwise by a court
           of competent jurisdiction. In connection with any appeal proceeding under this
           provision, the Contractor shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard and to offer
           evidence in support of the appeal. Pending final decision of a dispute hereunder,
           the Contractor shall proceed diligently with the performance of the Contract and
           in accordance with the County‟s decision.

3.18 (b)   Penalty

           Failure to comply with this Disputes Procedure shall be cause for ter mination in
           accordance with Item 3.20 of this Contract.

3.19       PERSONNEL

           In submitting their Statement of Qualifications, Contractors are representing that
           the personnel in their Statement of Qualifications shall be available to perform the
           services described, barring illness, accident or other unforeseeable events of a
           similar nature in which case the Contractor must be able to provide a qualified
           replacement. All replacements must be approved by the County prior to providing
           services. Furthermore, all personnel shall be considered to be at all times, the sole
           employees of the Contractor under its sole direction, and not employees or agents
           of the County.


3.20 (a)   The Contractor shall not be an employee of Miami-Dade County.

3.20 (b)   No member, officer or employee of the County during their tenure or for two
           years thereafter shall have any interest, direct or indirect, in this Contract or the
           proceeds thereof in violation of Section 2-11.1 (q), Code of Metropolitan Dade

3.20 (c)   The Contractor warrants that no person or company has been employed or
           retained to solicit or secure this Contract upon a contract or understanding for a
           commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee, excepting bona fide
           employees; nor has the Contractor paid or agreed to pay any person, company,

                                         Page 26
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                     BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW
         corporation, individual or firm other than a bona fide employee, any fee,
         commission, contribution, donation, percentage, gift or any other consideration,
         contingent upon, or resulting from award of this Contract. For any breach or
         violation of this provision, the County shall have the right to terminate this
         Contract without liability and, at their discretion to deduct from the Contract
         price, or otherwise recover, the full amount of such fee, co mmission, percentage,
         gift or consideration and any other damages and shall be responsible for reporting
         the details of such breach or violation to the proper legal authorities, where and
         when appropriate.

         No employee, officer, or agent of the County sha ll participate in selection, or in
         the award or administration of this Contract if a conflict of interest, real or
         apparent, would be involved. Such a conflict would arise when:

         a.     the employee, officer or agent,

         b.     any member of his immediate family,

         c.     his or her partner, or

         d.     an organization that employs, or is about to employ, any of the above, has
                a financial or other interest in the firm selected for award.

         County officers, employees or agents shall neither solicit nor accept gifts,
         gratuities, favors or anything of monetary value from contractors, potential
         contractors, or parties to subcontracts.

                                         Page 27
MIAMI DADE COUNTY                                                  BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

Submit Bid To:                                                                    OPENING: 2:00 P.M.
CLERK OF THE BOARD                                                                      WEDNESDAY
Stephen P. Clark Center                                                              September 1, 2004
111 NW 1 st Street
                                                                             INVITATION TO BID
17 th Floor, Suite 202
                                                                                 SECTION 4.0
Miami, Florida 33128-1983
                                                                            BID SUBMITTAL FORM

                            MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA
NOTE: Miami-Dade County is exempt from all taxes (Federal, State, Local). Bid price should be less all
taxes. Tax Exemption Certificate furnished upon request.

Issued                 DPM                 Date Issued: 08/04/04          This Bid Submittal Consists of
by:           Bids & Contracts Division                                   Pages 28 thru 31 +Affidavits

Sealed bids subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Invitation to Bid and the accompanying Bid
Submittal. Such other contract provisions, specifications, drawings or other data as are attached or
incorporated by reference in the Bid Submittal, will be received at the office of DPM, Bids and Contracts
Division, Vendor Assistance section at the address shown above until the above stated time and date, and
at that time, publicly opened for furnishing the supplies or services described in the accompanying Bid
Proposal Requirement.
                      TO RENEW FOR FOUR (4) ADDITIONAL YEARS
         A Bid Deposit in the amount of N.A of the total amount of the bid shall accompany all bids
 A Performance Bond in the amount of $175,000.00 of the total amount of the bid will be required upon
             execution of the contract by the successful bidder and Miami-Dade County

               DO NOT WRITE IN THIS S PACE

 ACCEPTED _____             HIGHER THAN LOW _____
                                                            FIRM NAME: ______________________________

 DATE B.C.C. ___________    NO BID _____

 ITEM NOS. ACCEPTED _________________________________

 COMM ODITY CODE:        975-14




                                              Page 28                                       Revised 04-04
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                  BID S UB MITTAL FOR:

                            TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

       FIRM NAME:______________________________________________________________

ITEM    QUANTITY                 DES CRIPTION               UNIT PRICE          TOTAL

1.     1 Lot        15 Full Size Buses for 14 Days                       $__________

2.     1 Lot        4 Mini Buses for 14 Days                             $__________

                    TOTAL ITEMS 1 THRU 2                                 $__________

                                      Page 29                                Revised 04-04
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                  BID NO 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                               BID SUBMITTAL FOR:
                            TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

                       ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ADDENDA


                      CONNECTION WITH THIS BID

                    Addendum #1, Dated

                    Addendum #2, Dated

                    Addendum #3, Dated

                    Addendum #4, Dated

                    Addendum #5, Dated

                    Addendum #6, Dated

                    Addendum #7, Dated

                    Addendum #8, Dated

                    Addendum #9, Dated



  AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE:                                      DATE:

                 TITLE OF OFFICER:

                                         Page 30
                                                                     Revised 04-04
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                                           BID NO.:6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                                        BID S UB MITTAL FORM


By signing this Bid Submittal Form the Bidder certifies that it satisfies all legal requirements (as an entity) to do business with the County,
including all Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics provisions in Section 2-11 of the Miami-Dade County Code. Any County employee or
member of his or her immediate family seeking to contract with the County shall seek a conflict of interest opinion from the Miami-Dade County
Ethics Commission prior to submittal of a Bid response or application of any type to contract with the County by the employee or his or her
immediate family and file a copy of that request for opinion and any opinion or waiver from the Board of County Commissioners with the Clerk
of the Board. The affected employee shall file with the Clerk of the Board a statement in a form satisfactory to the Clerk disclosing the
employee‟s interest or the interest of his or her immediate family in the proposed contract and the nature of the intended co ntract at the same time
as or before submitting a Bid, response, or application of any type to contract with the County. Also a copy of the request for a conflict of
interest opinion from the Ethics Commission and any corresponding opinion, or any waiver issued by the Board of County Commissioners, must
be submitted with the response to the solicitation.

In accordance with Sec. 2-11.1(s) of the County Code as amended, prior to conducting any lobbying regarding this solicitation, the Bidder
must file the appropriate form with the Clerk of the Board stating that a particular lobbyist is authorized to represent the Bidder. Failure
to file the appropriate form in relation to each solicitation may be considered as evidence that the Bidder is not a responsible contractor.

The Bidder confirms that this Bid is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting
a Bid for the same goods and/or services and in all respects is without collusion, and that the Bidder will accept any result ant award. Further, the
undersigned acknowledges that award of a contract is contingent upon vendor registration. Failure to register as a vendor within the specified
time may result in your firm not being considered for award.

Pursuant to Section 2-8.6, any individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture or other legal entity having an officer, director, or executive who
has been convicted of a felony during the past ten (10) years shall disclose this information prior to entering into a contra ct with or receiving
funding from the County.

     □     Place a check mark here to affirm compliance with this disclosure requirement.

COUNTY USER ACCE PROGRAM (UAP): Joint purchase and entity revenue sharing program
For the County‟s information, the bidder is requested to indicate, at „A‟ and „B‟ below, its general interest in participating in the Joint Purchase
Program of the County User Access Program (UAP) described in Section 2.21 of this contract solicitation, if that section is present in this
solicitation document. Vendor participation in the Joint Purchase portion of the UAP is voluntary, and the bidder‟s expression of general interest
at „A‟ and „B‟ below is for the County‟s information only and shall not be binding on the bidder.

     A.    If awarded this County contract, would you be interest in participating in the Joint Purchase portion of the UAP with respect to other
           governmental, quasi-governmental or not-for-profit entities located within the geographical boundaries of Miami-Dade County?

                                              Yes                     No
     B. If awarded this County contract, would you be interested in participating in the Joint Purchase portion of the UAP with respect to
     other governmental, quasi-governmental or not-for-profit entities located outside the geographical boundaries of Miami-Dade County?

                                              Yes_____________            No

Firm Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different): ______________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone No. _______________________________                                   Fax No. _________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________                         FEIN No. __/__-__/__/__/__/__/__/__

Prompt Payment Terms: _____% _____ days net _____days
          (Please see paragraph 1.2 H of General Terms and Conditions )

Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
                                              (Signature of authorized agent)

Print Name: _____________________________________                    Title: ____________________________________________

Failure to sign this page shall render your Bid non-responsive.

                                                                    Page 31
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                  BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW


                     FORMAL BIDS

                                                   Revised 04-04
           MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                          BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                    MIAMI-DADE COUNTY BID AFFIDAVITS
                      (Resoluti on R-385-95)

           I, being duly first sworn, state that this firm, corporation, or organization is in co mpliance with and agrees to
           continue to comply with, and assure that any subcontractor, or third party contractor under this contrac t complies
           with all applicable requirements of the laws listed below including, but not limited to, those provisions pertaining to
           emp loyment, provision of programs and services, transportation, commun ications, access to facilit ies, renovations,
           and new construction.

           The Americans with Disabilit ies Act of 1990 (ADA), Pub. L. 101-336, 104 Stat 327, 42 U.S.C. Sections 225 and
           611 including Title I, Emp loy ment; Title II, Public Services; Title III, Public Acco mmodations and Services
           Operated by Private Entit ies; Title IV, Teleco mmunications; and Title V, M iscellaneous Provisions.

           The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. Section 794

           The Federal Transit Act, as amended 49 U.S.C. Section 1612

           The Fair Housing Act as amended, 42 U.S.C. Section 3601 -3631

                      (Ordinance 93-129) See Section 1 (1.3 H)

           I, being duly first sworn, upon oath deposes and says that the bidder of this contract or his agents, officers,
           principals, stockholders, subcontractors or their affiliates are not debarred by Miami-Dade County.

                      (Ordinance 95-178) Section 1 (1.3 E)

           I, being first duly sworn state that in comp liance with the procedures contained in Section 2-8.1(c) of the Code of
           Miami-Dade County, and as amended by Ordinance 95-178, this firm hereby certifies that the foregoing statements
           are true and correct.

           That all delinquent and currently due fees or taxes (including, but not limited to, real and personal p roperty taxes,
           convention and tourist development taxes, utility taxes, and occupational license taxes) collected in the normal
           course by the Miami-Dade County Tax Co llector and County issued parking tickets for vehicles registered in the
           name of the above firm, have been paid.

                      MIAMI-DADE COUNTY (Ordinance 99-162) See Section 1 (1.3 N)

           I, being first duly sworn state that in compliance with County Ordinance 99-162, the bidder is not in arrears in any
           payment under a contract, promissory note or other loan document with the County, or any of its agencies or
           instrumentalit ies, including the Public Health Trust (hereinafter referred to as “County”), either direct ly or indirectly
           through a firm, corporation, partnership or joint venture in which the individual or entity has a controlling financial
           interest as that term is defined in Section 2-11.1(b)(8) of the County Code.

c:\bid package affidavits\informal bids.doc               Page 1 of 8                                    Revised 10/24/01
           MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                       BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                      AFFIDAVIT (Ordinance 99-5 & Resolution R-185-00)
           That in compliance with Ord inance No 99-5, Resolution No. R-185-00 and the Code of Miami-Dade County,
           Florida, the follo wing information is provided and is in compliance with all items in the aforementioned legislation.
           As an employer having, in the regular course of business, fifty (50) or more emp loyees working in M iami-Dade
           County for each working day during each of twenty (20) or more calendar work weeks in the current or preceding
           calendar year, do hereby certify to be in compliance with the Domestic Leave Ord inance, codified at 11A -60 et.
           Seq., of the Miami-Dade-County Code, and that the obligation to provide domestic violence leave to emp loyees
           shall be a contractual obligation.



By:                                                                                          20
                       Signature of Affiant                                Date

               Printed Name of Affiant and Title                 Federal Employer Identification Number

                                               Printed Name of Firm

                                                  Address of Firm

           SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO (or affirmed) before me this ______ day of ________, 20___

          He/She is personally known to me or has presented                                           as identification.
                                                           Type of identification

                         Signature of Notary                                    Serial Number

                 Print or Stamp Name of Notary                                 Expiration Date

           Notary Public – State of
                                                                                            Notary Seal
c:\bid package affidavits\informal bids.doc                 Page 2 of 8                                       Revised 10/24/01
           MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                           BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                                LIVING WAGE AFFIDAVIT
                                                         (County Ordinance 99-44)

I, being first duly sworn hereby state and certify that in compliance with County Ordinance 99-44 and Section 2-8.9 of the
Miami-Dade County Code, by accepting award of th is contract, the bidder or proposer agrees to pay the living wage required
by County Ordinance 99-44 to all emp loyees assigned to this contract. The bidder or proposer further understands that the
current living wage applied to this contract is $9.25 per hour plus health benefits as described in the ordinance, or $10.59 per
hour without health benefits. The Living Wage required by Ordinance 99-44 is subject to indexing as set-forth in Section “C”

           By:                                                                                        20
                                 Signature of Affiant                                   Date

              Printed Name of Affiant and Title                     Federal Employer Identification Number

                                                        Printed Name of Firm

                                                          Address of Firm

           SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO (or affirmed) before me this ______ day of ________, 20___

He/She is personally known to me or has presented                                                             as
                                                                         Type of identification

                         Signature of Notary                                         Serial Number

                 Print or Stamp Name of Notary                                      Expiration Date

           Notary Public – State of

                                                                                       Notary Seal

c:\bid package affidavits\formal bids.doc                           Page 3 of 8                              Revised 10/29/02
           MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                                    BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                      (Code of Mi ami-Dade County Section 2 -8.1.5) (Ordinance No. 98-30)

           I, being duly first sworn, hereby state that the bidder of this contract:

                   has a current Affirmative Action Plan and Procurement Po licy, as required by Section 2-8.1.5 of the Code of
                   Miami-Dade County, processed and approved for filing with the Miami-Dade County Department of Business
                   Develop ment (DBD) under the file No.                                                      and           the
                   expirat ion date of                           .

                   had annual gross revenues in excess of $5,000,000.00 fo r the previous year and does not have a current
                   Affirmative Action Plan and Procurement Policy as required by Section 2-8.1.5 of the Code of Miami-Dade
                   County, processed and approved for filing with the Miami-Dade County DBD. I will contact DBD at 305-349-
                   5960 regard ing this requirement.

                   had annual gross revenues less than $5,000,000.00 for the previous year; therefore Section 2-8.1.5 of the Code
                   of Miami-Dade County is not applicable. However, I will contact DBD at 305 -349-5960 in order to submit the
                   required affidavit and exempt ion request.

                                              Signature                                                                  Signature

           Witness:                                                                By:
                                              Signature                                                             Legal Name and Title

           The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _____ day of __________________, 20 _____




           By:                                                              having the title of

           with                                                                                 .

               a                              corporation              partnership                  joint venture

           PLEASE NOTE:

           Section 2-10.4(4)(a) of the Code of Miami-Dade County (Ordinance No. 82-37) requires that all properly licensed architectural, engineering,
           landscape architectural, and land surveyors have an affirmative action plan on file with the County.

           Section 2-8.1.5 of the Code of Miami-Dade County requires that firms that have annual gross revenues in excess of five (5) million dollars
           have an affirmative action plan and procurement policy on file with the County. Firms that have a Board of Directors that are representative
           of the population make-up of the nation may be exempt.

           For questions regarding these requirements, please contact the Miami-Dade County Department of Business Development at 305-349-5960.

c:\bid package affidavits\informal bids.doc                          Page 4 of 8                                                 Revised 02/04
         MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                                BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                              CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS
                                                    Code of Miami-Dade County Section 2-8.1(i)

I, being duly sworn, hereby state and certify that this firm has adopted a Code of Business Ethics that is fully comp laint with
the requirements of Section 2-8.1(i) of the Code of Miami-Dade County as amended. I further acknowledge that failure to
comply with the adopted Code of Business Ethics shall render any contract with Miami-Dade County voidable, and subject
this firm to debarment fro m County work pursuant to Section 10-38(h)(2) of the Code of Miami-Dade County as amended. I
further acknowledge that failu re to submit this affidavit shall render this firm ineligib le for contract award.

         By:                                                                                              20
                               Signature of Affiant                                        Date

           Printed Name of Affiant and Title                             Federal Employer Identification Number

                                                           Printed Name of Firm

                                                              Address of Firm

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO (or affirmed) before me this ______ day of ________, 20___

He/She is personally known to me or has presented                                                 as identification.
                                                                       Type of identification

                       Signature of Notary                                             Serial Number

               Print or Stamp Name of Notary                                          Expiration Date

         Notary Public – State of

                                                                                          Notary Seal

      c:\bid package affidavits\informal bids.doc                 Page 5 of 8                                   Revised 08/23/01
        MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                          BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                   FAIR SUBCONTRACTING PRACTICES
                                                               (Ordinance 97-35)

In compliance with Miami-Dade County Ordinance 97-35, the Bidder shall submit with the bid proposal a
detailed statement of its policies and procedures (use separate sheet if necessary) for awarding
subcontractors in accordance with Section 1, Paragraph 1.15


                                                   Signature                                Date

     c:\bid package affidavits\informal bids.doc                  Page 6 of 8                       Revised 01/15/04
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                            BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW
                                                          SUB CONTRACTOR/S UPPLIER LIS TING
                                                                       (Ordinance 97-104)

Firm Name of Prime Contractor/Respondent:

Bid No.:                                                            Title:
This forms, or a comparable listing meeting the requirements of Ordinance No. 97 -104 MUST be completed, signed and submitted by all bi dders and respondents
on County contracts for purchases of supplies, materials or services, including professional services which invol ve expenditures of $100,000 or more, and all
bi dders and res pondents on County or Public Heal th Trust construction contracts which invol ve expenditures of $100,000 or mor e. A bi dder or respondent who
is awarded the contract shall not change or substitute first tier subcontractors or direct suppliers or the porti ons of the c ontract work to be performed or
materials to be supplied from those i dentified, except upon written approval of the County.
This form, or a comparable listing meeting the requirements of Ordinance No. 97 -104, MUS T be completed, signed and submi tted even though the bi dder or
proposer will not utilize subcontractors or suppliers on the contract. The bi dder or proposer shoul d enter the word “ NONE” under the appropriate heading of
sub form 100 in those instances where no subcontractors or suppliers will be used on the contract.

Business Name and Address of First Tier Principal Owner                                        Scope of Work to be Performed by                   (Princi pal Owner)
     Subcontractor/Subconsultant                                                                 Subcontractor/Subconsultant                       Gender      Race

  Business Name and Address of Direct              Principal Owner                              Supplies/Materials/Services to be                 (Princi pal Owner)
               Supplier                                                                              Provided by Supplier                          Gender      Race

              I certify that the representati ons contained in this Subcontractor/Supplier Listing are to the best of my knowledge true and accurate

 Prime Contractor/Respondent’s Signature                                 Print Name                                   Print Title                        Date
                                                              (Duplicate if additional space is needed)                                  FORM 100
c:\bid package affidavits\formal bids.doc                                                        Page 7 of 8                   Revised 01/15/04

                                                                                                                         Revised 04-04
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY                                                                               BID NO.: 6468-4/09-OTR-LW

                                   MIAMI-DADE COUNTY
                              CERTIFICATION OF RECYCLED
                                  PRODUCT CONTENT
                                                         RESOLUTION (R-738-92)

                                                            MINIMUM CERTIFIED CONTENT
 Bid Item               RECYCLED PRODUCT S                         RECOVERED MATERIALS                               RECYCABLE PRODUCT S
 Number            % Composition   Type of Material             % Composition  Type of Material                  % Composition  Type of Material

                                                                   DEFINITIO NS

                   “ Recycled Material” shall be defined as any waste material or by-products that have been recovered or diverted
                   from solid waste.

                   “Recycled Product” shall be defined as any product which is in whole or in part composed of recovered

                   “Recyclable Product” shall be defined as the ability of a product and its packaging to be reused,
                   reconditioned for use, or recycled through existing recycling collection programs.

                   “Waste Reducing Product” shall be defined as any product which will result in less waste generated due
                   to its use rather than another product designed to serve the same function with a greater waste
                   generation rate. This shall include, but not limited to those products that can be reused, refilled or have a
                   longer life expectancy and contain a lesser amount of toxic constituents.

         I have the knowledge to certify and do so by certify that the Minimum Materials Content in our product(s) are as specified on
                                          this form and conform with the definitions as shown above.



            CITY                                                           STATE                             ZIP

            SIGNATURE                                                      TITLE

 c:\bid package affidavits\informal bids.doc                         Page 8 of 8                                                     Revised 08/23/01

                                                                                                                               Revised 04-04

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