Council Minutes for Parent Advisory Council

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					                                                    Council Minutes for Parent Advisory Council

                                                                   Date: 11-12-2008

                                      P             Robin Shutt             P          Crystal Turnmeyer
                                      P         Jacqueline Donnelly         P           Mady Rodriguez
                                      P             Carol Nutry             P             Paula Irwin
                                      P            Karen Lemons             P         Judy Kay Schroeder
                                      P            Janet Nordling           P           Tiffany Garcia
                                      P             Lora Asbury             P            Chuck Asbury
                                      P          Barrie Turnmeyer

      Topic                           Discussion                         Recommendations/Action                   Responsible       Outcomes
Make individual       May need to find funds for other             Meet with architect when they are in      Janet and Council   Meeting with
rooms warmer by       amenities in rooms, such as pictures, etc.   town                                                          architect and
painting walls or                                                  Possible corkboard in room for                                PAC
adding pictures                                                    pictures
                                                                   Magnetic area around doors to pinup
                                                                   notes (ex. Mom breastfeeding, please
                                                                   be quiet)
Daybed in rooms       Daybeds are more comfortable, parents        Everyone in agreement for Daybed          Janet and Council   Daybed in
vs. sleepchairs       would have liked the option to sleep in                                                                    rooms
Glass sliding door    Would be nice to have both, definitely       Work with architect in determining        Janet and Council   Meeting with
vs. curtain or both   curtain, sliding door a luxury               what to have                                                  architect and
in rooms                                                                                                                         PAC
Conferences           Jan. 21-24 Clearwater, FL                    Parents of staff willing to go?           To be determined    Would these
                      Aug. 17-19 Philadelphia, PA                  Would these help when meeting with                            conferences be
                      March 2-4 Boston, MA                         Wills and Perkins                                             ideal for the
                      Family Centered Care Conference                                                                            group
Hospital Board        Do we as a committee need to submit to       Janet to determine is we need to have     Janet               Parents to be
                      board for policies and to be a large         parents come in as volunteers, etc. for                       volunteers and
                      stakeholder – Follow in line with mission    HIPPA                                                         What about
                    and vision of hospital                                                                                       submitting to
                                                                                                                                 hospital board
Staff Meeting       PAC to introduce themselves to staff          PAC to explain and familiarize         PAC                     Staff aware of
November 20th at                                                  themselves with staff so everyone can                          newly formed
6:00pm                                                            work together                                                  PAC
Parent Support      Would like to take book from Magee and        Magee has given permission to use      PAC                     New parent
book for new        add a few things                              any part of book – work in progress by                         support book
parents                                                           PAC                                                            for NICU
Executive Board     Could PAC attend meetings and provide         PAC and staff to form collegial group Janet                    PAC and staff
meetings/Practice   input to assist with decision making          to help with infants in NICU                                   to work
Council/Education                                                                                                                together
Parent Support      PAC work with Karen Lemon’s NICU              Find social worker or staff Liason to   Karen Lemons and       Make parent
Group               parent support group                          assist PAC with parent support          PAC                    support groups
                                                                  meetings                                                       more well
Parent Stories      Work with print shop (Lois Kehoe)             Parents to turn individual stories to   PAC and Chuck          Finish parent
                                                                  chuck                                                          stories to put in
                                                                                                                                 parent book
Newsletter          Start newsletter to keep NICU parents         Jacqueline Donnelly to chair            Jacqueline Donnelly,   Newsletter to
                    and staff informed of changes or events       newsletter committee                    Paula Irwin and PAC    process updates
                    with PAC                                      Paula Irwin – PAC member to help
                                                                  with newsletter
Ideas from Magee    Find strength’s in our group                  Chuck – IT                              PAC                    Continue to find
                                                                  Barrie – Graphic Design (Wall of                               strengths in
                                                                  Fame)                                                          group
                                                                  Paula – Newsletters
Future PAC          Invite 5 new families a year?                 Set guidelines                          PAC                    Set guidelines
Members             Length of membership 2 years?                 Invite party for new families?                                 for future PAC
                    How long to wait before inviting family                                                                      members
                    after infant’s discharge?
Future interest     Parents stated interest into one day having                                                                  Future of
with follow-up      a f/u clinic                                                                                                 NICU?
Plans for NICU   Saw plans for new NICU- (3 pods with 12 Later decisions: Where are parents      PACS and staff
                 beds each)                              going to scrub?
                                                         How many visitors to individual
Counselor Jann   Will meet with PAC to teach good ways   Mady will set up counseling with Jann   Mady             Set up date with
Kirby            to talk with families                   and let PAC know what dates                              PAC and Jann
Social           Set up luncheon or dinner on Friday,    Details to be determined                Laura            Social Dec. 5
                 December 5th
Next meeting     Plan for Dec. 10 in System Support
                 Building at 6pm
Welcome Basket   Welcome basket with coupon and parent   Future Project                          PAC
                 support booklet                         Coupon – Daily Grind