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					?Consulting has gained a lot of prominence in India and other countries these days.
This sudden spurt in consulting services may be attributed to the present dynamic
times. The global economies have become unpredictable ever since the prolonged
economic meltdown took place last year.

The changes due to globalization were earlier thought to be a key reason for need of
consultation but today it is recession. Consultants are the field experts who provide
advice in a particular area like Management, IT and Technology, Human Resources,
Marketing, Accountancy, Law, Finance, Communication and others. They have wide
knowledge of the subject matter and usually work for a consultancy firm or are
self-employed. They engage with multiple clients who have access to deeper levels of
expertise and may purchase as much service from consultants as desired.

Consulting Jobs in India are on a rise given the uncertain market scenario prevalent
today. Management consulting or strategy consulting is one of the commonest forms
of consulting popular in India. Many Indian companies are seen revising their
marketing strategies in the wake of increasing competition from MNCs. It is here that
consulting services come into picture and help them gain an edge over competitors.

Apparently, there is a huge scope for Jobs in consulting with various companies
coming forward to employ consultants. Management or strategy consulting begins
with defining the scope of the activity concerned which requires a diagnostic study or
a brainstorming session with the client's team. The next step is to define the approach
or methodology that should be adopted during the consulting process. The focus of
the consultants remains on using the relevant tools and techniques from a vast array
and to customize the approach to the client company's needs.

Consultancy jobs require a good understanding of the assignment through evaluation
of facts and situations. Let's take a look at the process, the profile, the scope and the
responsibilities of a consultant:
-The integrity and relevance of data followed by the sophistication of analysis is
extremely important and relevant in the consulting business. A considerable number
of checks and cross checks become necessary here.
-But then providing the right perspective and insights adds value to analysis of a
consulting firm. The wide knowledge and experience of the consulting firm across a
range of industries enables them to provide value added analysis to their clients.
-After all the research and checks conducted, the findings and thoughts of the
consulting firms are presented with clarity and absolute independence.

The best part about consulting jobs is that most of the clients maintain a continuing
relationship with their consulting firms that usually last for long. So, a consultant
basically works in sync with the top management and employees at all corporate
levels. Newly-hired professionals generally work on:
(a) Gathering and collating data,
(b) Processes figures for the client's senior management,
(c) Taking interviews of clients and other individuals,
(d) Researching external sources, etc.

Senior consultants are usually part of a larger team or lead the medium scale, lower
complexity, lower risk or specialized assignments or pre-sales assignments that may
lead to significant revenue opportunities. He/she usually has a good working
knowledge of at least one specialist area that is key to the company's business.

A qualified management consultant can specialize in areas like:
-Feasibility Survey and analysis,
-Marketing consulting,
-Strategic planning,
-Technology consulting,
-Organizational development,
-Human resources consulting,
-E-business consulting,
-Small business consulting,
-Health care consulting,
-IT consulting and others.

In brief, consulting jobs require management professionals to:
(a) Assemble data and analyze it,
(b) Create proper understanding of the nature of the problem,
(c) Consider potential options and develop objective conclusions and specific
recommendations for the client.

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