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                      Deer Isle, Maine

Originally constructed about
1870 by a retired sea captain,
Ashcroft House is located on
Deer Isle, the second largest
island off the coast of Maine.
The land surrounding the
house was originally
farmland, but is now densely
wooded, with a mixed forest
of deciduous trees and
evergreens. The property
includes 32 acres of forest,
some federally-protected
wetlands, and approximately 1200 feet of granite ledge beach frontage along
the Eggemoggin Reach.

                                          Extensively renovated in the
                                  summer of 2002, the house now includes
                                  a fully-equipped modern kitchen and
                                  bath. It sleeps 10 people in three upstairs
                                  bedrooms and on two daybeds
                                  downstairs. (A sofa bed in the living
                                  room will accommodate two additional
                                  persons.) Features of the house include a
                                  working wood stove in the living room, a
                                  family game table in the sun porch, and
                                  satellite television in the downstairs TV
                                 ASHCROFT HOUSE
                                   Deer Isle, Maine

       Ashcroft House and Deer Isle
are about an hour's drive from Bar
Harbor and Acadia National Park.
Slightly off the beaten tourist path,
Deer Isle has a variety of family-
friendly options for visitors.
Stonington, the largest town on the
island, is a working fishing and
lobstering village. Pilgrim's Inn in
Deer Isle village is a bed and
breakfast that has operated since the
1700s, and its public restaurant
serves some of the finest cuisine in Hancock County.
       Visitors can take the ferry from Stonington Harbor to Isle au Haut, a
wilderness island that is part of Acadia National Park. Peter Beerit's
sculpture garden at Nervous Nellie's
Jams and Jellies is a delight. Deer
Isle also offers sea-kayaking, hiking,
biking, fishing, clamming on pebble
beaches, and spectacular scenes of
coastline, sheltered coves and open
water from almost anywhere along
the miles of relatively quiet roads.

       Our offering is a week's stay.
Ashcroft House is about a six-hour
drive from Boston, a three-hour
drive from Portland, or, most conveniently, an hour-and-fifteen-minute drive
from the Bangor Airport.

NOTE: Ashcroft House is not available the week from July 18 - July 25

Beds and Linens
The house has three bedrooms upstairs.
      1—The master bedroom has a king-size bed. Linens are in the armoire in the
      master bedroom. [It is possible to divide the master bed into two twin size beds.
      Linens for twin-size mattresses are kept downstairs (see below).]
                                   ASHCROFT HOUSE
                                     Deer Isle, Maine
       2—The larger bedroom has two full-size beds, and the smaller bedroom has one
       full-size bed. All linens for full-sized mattresses are stored in the triple armoire in
       the smaller bedroom.

There are twin beds downstairs in the sunroom and in the TV room.
       1—Linens for twin-size mattresses are kept in the drawer under the daybed in the
       TV room.

       2—There is also a twin-size air mattress in the drawer with the twin linens.

The living-room sofa has a full-size mattress that can be folded out, but it is old and

Three bathrooms in the house are available for use. The downstairs bath (completed in
2002) has radiant heat in the floors that is controlled by the wall thermostat. Operate the
hand shower in the soaking tub by pressing DOWN on the ring at the base of the faucet.
There are twelve sets of towels in the downstairs bath.

The upstairs bath (added in 2004) is heated by the wall radiator, which is controlled by
the thermostat near the sink. The bathroom in the mudroom area is of 1950s vintage and
has not been renovated, so its radiator does NOT function, but its plumbing is all in good
working order.

***There is NO temperature control on the hot water boiler, so the hot water is VERY
hot. Water from the cold water tap may run hot when it is first turned on if hot-water
appliances are in use or if someone else is running hot water in another room.***

Water and Septic Systems
There are no public water or wastewater systems on Reach Road. We have our own well
and our own septic system on the property.

All water for the farmhouse comes from our private well. The well is tested regularly for
safety. Please use water conservatively-- if the well runs dry, we can’t make more!

All wastewater from the house enters the leach field of our septic system. To protect the
health and functioning of the septic system, avoid overloading it. Run a load or two of
laundry a day instead of doing all wash at once. Do NOT use chlorine bleaches. Don’t
flush anything down toilets other than tissue.

The well pump operates on electricity. If power is out, there is NO WATER to the house.
                                  ASHCROFT HOUSE
                                    Deer Isle, Maine

The washer is a high-efficiency water-saving model. Please use only laundry detergents
specifically designated as LOW-SUDSING (HE) in the machine. Regular detergents will
produce too much suds and the machine will stop running.

Do NOT use chlorine bleaches as chlorine will damage the septic system.

The kitchen plate rack and silverware drawer contain a complete service for 12.
To conserve water, please run the dishwasher only when it is full. Please hand-wash the
stainless steel cooking pots, the mixer bowl and the beaters, and the knives.

When the house is unoccupied, we close the storm windows. If the storm windows are
down, you must raise them and lower the screens in order to ventilate the rooms. If you
raise the storm windows, please put them back down when you leave.

Some of the windows in the house have sash locks and proper sashes. Unlock the sashes
in order to raise the windows. Windows without functioning sashes or sash locks have
small pieces of wood in them to hold the windows up when they are raised. Please leave
the wood in the windows for later use.

Waste Disposal
There is no garbage collection on Deer Isle. We have a dump permit in the kitchen
drawer that enables us to dispose of trash at the Deer Isle landfill.

There is a compost pile at the back of the farmhouse lawn, just at the edge of the woods.
Organic material other than meat may be disposed of on the compost pile.

Heating and Cooling
The house has radiant heat in the floors downstairs. Adjust the thermostats in the living
room, sunroom, kitchen and bath to make the heat come on if you are chilly.

The house has no heat upstairs except for the bathroom radiator.

There are fans in the bedrooms for cooling if opening the windows is not sufficient.
(Only the fan in the larger bedroom has a remote control.) Be sure the storm windows
are raised and the screens have been lowered so air is coming through the windows. (See
section on windows for more information.)

Enjoy your visit in our home. Please remember it is a private home, not a timeshare or
commercially managed property. If you have questions or concerns about the property,
                                  ASHCROFT HOUSE
                                    Deer Isle, Maine
please reach us in Katy at 281.395.2241 or contact Hubert Billings, the Deer Isle resident
who looks after it for us when we are away, at 348.6677.